The Blue Jays Season Ends

The Blue Jays Season Ends



It's been like forever since we've had a story worth doing a wrap up on but what the @#@!#@! here we go:



I know he takes a lot of crap, but I give the guy a ton of credit.  Wilner, good or bad takes every call, and responds to what appears to be every tweet and does so with a hell of a lot more patience than I could.

Staying on the radio side, hats off to the entire radio crew from the Fan 590.  Maybe I am a homer, but I will say having lived in a lot of different places the Blue Jays radio crew do as good a job if not better than anyone other group I've heard RECENTLY.

Question for you, if not Jerry, then who?

Although they haven't been doing games in the playoffs I think we give positive grades across the board on the TV side too don't we?  I mean having Toronto's own Dan Shulman doing Jays game back just seems right doesn't it.  I am not  huge fan of Buck doing pbp and prefer him as an analyst however I think he's improved as time has gone on.  

Did you like the 3 man booth this year?  If not, what changes would you make?

Me?  I'd like some more Matt Devlin doing Jays games.

Special hats off to Zaun who has become one of the most entertaining guys on air in Toronto if not Canada.

Sticking with radio, not sure anyone talks more day to day x's and o's of baseball than Andrew Walker.  I wonder if he could figure more into the broadcast side of games.

Scott MacArthur does a really good job on the TSN side.  Don't be surprised if he starts appearing more on your radio dial in some way.

No one is more controversial than McCown, but no one is better on the radio when they Jays are in the news.  There is a common theory out there that broadcasters can't be fans, well McCown throws that out the proverbial window doesn't he.  He is clearly a Jays fan and he is at his best when they are in the thick of things.  

Credit where credit is due, Cox has been much better in the co-host seat during the Jays run.  Let's see where things go now that the season is over and things turn to the Maple Leafs and Raptors.

I've saved Blair for last as he's become the Rogers baseball MVP.  His show with Brunt is must listen to for all things Blue Jays.  I don't give a rats a!@ about the stuttering that so many of you complain about.  In terms of content the show is awesome.  Add in the hour with Barker and it's a real cherry on top.  I have no clue if what Barker is selling is legit or not, but he is entertaining.  

Across the dial, I give the TSN folks credit for getting good guests talking baseball.  The morning show's regular rotation of guests, Arthur, Simmons et all in addition to steady rotation (like the pun?) of baseball guests made for a good stretch of listening over the last couple of weeks.

Kudos to the OD team for talking baseball when it's really not their preferred cup of tea.  They brought the same energy and focus on the Jays and it made for really good radio.

"But we’ll always look back with fondness on the Jays teams that made people care, that brought out so much emotion. It was nice, you know. It was nice when this franchise, so content in the meaningless middle for so damned long, finally tried to do too much."

That from Bruce Arthur in the Toronto Star capped off the feeling pretty well for me too. 

I refuse to link to it but I remain baffled at how the Star employs Rosie or allows her to write about important things like the Blue Jays.  If what she has put on Twitter recently is really from her account I suggest she'd be fired at any other publication.  

"The Jays may have been talented enough to advance to the World Series, but they did not play well enough to advance to the final level, shut out by the Indians twice and scoring a total of just eight runs in five games."

Not the best article written by the Star's Richard Griffin but it tells the story accurately too.

"What must hurt most is that this looked like a genuine chance. Not a just-happy-to-be-here moment, but an opportunity to take a strong across-the-board team into a World Series with home-field advantage and maybe win it.

That chance is probably gone. Several key cogs on this team will leave. Even assuming whatever replaces them is of equal or greater quality, it will take time to gel."

That from Cathal Kelly at the Globe and Mail

"In the Toronto Blue Jays clubhouse on Wednesday night, as players exchanged hugs and packed up lockers, GM Ross Atkins walked in. He stood near Marcus Stroman, who was busy putting things in a bag. Moments ticked by. Then Stroman realized someone was standing there, and looked up. Atkins reached out a fist. Stroman bumped it. The whole scene was laboured and awkward, which makes it a fine metaphor for the Jays’ upcoming offseason. There is a lot to sort out, and it won’t be easy."

An interesting start to a very good article by Scott Stinson in the National Post

"Jose Bautista was the last man to leave. He walked slowly, singularly towards the Blue Jays dugout. He didn’t wave, didn’t tip his cap, didn’t look up, wasn’t sure at the moment what to do or what to think.

This was the end."

That from Steve Simmons in the Toronto Sun.

Scott Mitchell had a nice piece about RA Dickey, the Jays forgotten man:

"I’ve tried to hold it lightly, but it’s hard, in particular because of the relationships,” Dickey said. “The relational component to this is something that most people on the outside of this room don’t really get, but that’s the thing that’s most valuable to me, all the relationships I’ve been able to establish and grow over time here. That’s hard for me. That’s going to be the most difficult part.

The aforementioned Scott MacArthur filed a report after the game:

"There are two more names which will eventually adorn the façade between the third and fourth decks in Rogers Centre: Jose Bautista and EdwinEncarnacion. The future of these two men and whether they remain Toronto Blue Jays into the future will be determined in the coming months. Neither seemed particularly inclined, understandable given they’d just tasted playoff defeat moments earlier, to discuss his future."

Shi Davidi filed his usual great work post game:

"So what happens next with the pending free agencies of Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista – and let’s be clear, they’ve had Level of Excellence careers in Toronto – is going to be tricky for the Blue Jays to navigate. Especially given the sentiment around a fanbase eager to see some reciprocity after leading the American League in attendance at 3,392,099."

Jeff Blair wrote what I think was the best article summarizing the Jays season and outlook on this day:

"There will be stories that come out in the next few weeks, I’m sure, that shed light on what happened during that players-only meeting in early September, and probably touch on some of the competing agendas brought on by the free agency of Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista. Only then will we be able to fully appreciate Gibbons’ steady hand."

Michael Grange offers an ominous look at things with the Jays:

"The Blue Jays season is over, and more significantly, this era of Blue Jays baseball, the one where the script flipped almost overnight from tumbleweeds blowing around the Rogers Centre on a Tuesday night to 15 months of Toronto and Canada re-emerging as one of the most dynamic baseball markets in the game, might be over too."

So, I think that just about sums it up…

The day certainly seems darker, with a lot less hope sans Blue Jays to cheer for.  It's funny, for me anyway, the hope and energy around the Leafs hasn't sunk in yet. Maybe it will soon.

Here's hoping there's a stead flow of Jays news over the next couple of weeks to keep our interest up as we head into the dark days of winter.




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    Faseeshuss4 years ago

    It’s interesting, this fandom. I have been a die hard fan since 1985. I was 12 and 13 in the World Series years and have loved baseball all along. But the last 15 months were invigorating in a way I didn’t know was possible. I am disappointed the ride ended last night as many are. But I am also very thankful for this most recent run because, now, I have the perspective that playoff runs are not promised to anyone. I am very excited to see what this team looks like opening day 2017 against Baltimore. It will be another great year to be a Blue Jays fan.

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    Steve in Waterloo4 years ago

    I think the TSM coverage of the Jays is at a high quality level.  The addition of Joe Siddel, Barker and Zuan has really upped the anti. 

    I found that Pat Tabler seemed to become a bit of an outlier over the season.  With so much quality analysis, his contributions seemed a bit soft.

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    I think there is a possibility that the Blue Jays may be on the market as Rogers is slimming down  it's media portfolio. Rogers and shareholders stand to reap a substantial return if such a sale takes place. Rogers without the jays still has a wealth of broadcast deals.

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    I hate this saying, but, The Indians play the "right way". They Pitch well, catch the ball well and not only can hit the long ball when warranted, but also know how to manufacture runs. You know, having productive outs, moving runners along, putting pressure on the opposing team's defense, etc. Next Seasons' version of the Jays, at least the lineup 1-9 will look drastically different, Shapiro & Atkins will make sure of that. 2 years in a row the Jays got beat out of the playoffs by simply better, all around teams, you live and win with those long balls all regular season long and come to find out that the strategy sucks in the playoffs, good luck to the Indians in The World Series, they're going to be a tough team to beat.

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    Tabler is the weak link.  His contributes little and has a penchant for stating the obvious;  without adding anything new to the play being discussed.


    One example:  when the camera catches two players talking on the field,  Buck will offer a few words concerning what he thinks they might be saying to each other;  Tabler on the other hand goes on and on with a lengthy fictional conversation that justs wastes time.

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    Pants Go Brown4 years ago

    Best parts of Jays' coverage on 590 are Blair, Barker and Brunt although he has become a bit too much of an Ed McMahon to Blair.

    Worst part is John Shannon and anything he says on baseball.  Dude is an NHL apologist full stop.

    Runner up Bob McCown and his constant refrain of 'managers don't win games'.  Total BS.  Only a megalomaniac like Bob would believe this.  

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    Don't forget his constant rumblings on how it's stupid to invest money in your bullpen. Cause, you know, KC and Cleveland won and are winning in spite of their bullpens.

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    Tuned it at 4:00 to hear post-game 5 talk.  Bob said he would take calls today because of the game.  Although not a fan of call-in segments,  I understood why he was doing it.  Could not however,  accept that his co-host for this baseball hour was……yes the one and only unqualified MLB expert Shannon!

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    Original Mitch4 years ago

    Good read, but let's not go too crazy with our praise of the Rogers Media folks. 

    Andrew Walker's twitter antics continue to be insufferable and childish. He reaction to Bauer are exactly what is wrong with today's wannabe hot-taker Rogers employees. Divert attention from real issue and take something like what he did personally, as if it had anything to do with you. He's teetering on Mike Wilner level of insecurity and shilling and its pathetic. 

    Blair is GREAT. But yes, the stuttering is a problem. Its an audio medium, which makes the voice matter. He's a great writer. Knows his baseball. Maybe he would be better served as co-host, so he wouldn't talk as much. 

    Buck and Pat are not good. I agree Buck should be color and Pat should go, period. Rogers invests too much in this team to have shoddy broadcasters like this. 

    I find the radio side of things very good, Jerry is a pro and consummate professional. 

    I hope Scott Macarthur gets more air-time. he's great and tells it like it is. Some of these Rogers guys take is so damn personally sometime you'd think they worked for the same company. oh right. 

    I liked Barry Davis. Was he at all part of the playoffs? I didn't see him, though I mainly streamed the games so I didn't see the Canadian version. 


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    Buck is doing colour for MLB International for the WS. I have to say that's a good call – Buck is a very strong analyst. Unfortunately, he's an awful play-by-play guy and the biggest reason why I subscribe to (Well, he and Tabler.) Maybe Shulman will continue to work more Jays games with Buck in the analyst role (and punt Tabler). That would be a good listen. Those who make decisions at Rogers must do all they can to keep "Matty D" away from a microphone. Zaun had a very strong year imo. On a station stacked with shills and apologists, Zaun is the only one who isn't afraid to call bs.

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    MontfromLondonOnt4 years ago

    You lost me at Mike Wilner

  • comment-avatar

    Andrew Walker puts me to sleep during my lunch from 1-2.  He and JD Budkiss, Buttkiss whatever his name is so painful most of the time I just switch over to 680 News.

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    Poker Guy4 years ago

    Putting MacArthur on the radio side would be a good idea.  That way we don;t have to see the the tips of his collared shirt curled in anymore,

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    Patrick Melbourne4 years ago

    I think if Jerry retired, my idea would be to move Buck and Pat to radio (Keep the fan favorites and the chemistry) and hire Shulman full time alongside Siddall for TV. I also wouldn’t mind Wilner full time at pbp.

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    Original Mitch: Your point about Andrew Walker is dead-on. His banging the drum on and on about an at-most minor issue (Bauer) is a page right out of the Mike Wilner chapter on trying way too hard to come across as a legitimate broadcast journalist. Instead of focusing on real issues of concern in this market, issues that might actually turn some heads in and outside Rogers, they go for the low-hanging fruit and chew on it incessantly.

    Are they shilling? Honestly, perhaps not. But when they are accused of such, it is awfully difficult to argue otherwise when they continually revert to childish, amateurish sniveling about a marginal pitcher from Cleveland or a bench boss from Baltimore.


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    This is of course a possibility (especially with the leadership change at Rogers). But who is the buyer? Maybe, as has been speculated, the Rogers family or one of this nation's 1%? But other than as an ego stroke, why would they want to own this club and it's very cyclical business?  

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    More pearls of positivity from GreyCounty 😉

    Ill ask again, If you truly dislike Wilner as much as you say, lord knows you beat that drum post after post, why do you listen? Why do you surround yourself with something you dislike. That sort of thought process is forgiven to me…

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    Tighthead4 years ago

    As long as he has his present gig with ESPN, I don't see Shulman coming to Canada full time.  He has a nice professional LE and portfolio there. 

  • comment-avatar
    MontfromLondonOnt4 years ago

    I am another one that dislikes Wilners approach and personality – I never listen but every now and then I can't get to the dial fast enough  – I made a point of trying to listen to his post game show a while back to see if anything had changed – Nope nothing changed – He is still the same condescending jerk – Blair and Brunt(or McMahon as someone so correctly pointed out) are becoming the same way – They solicit the phone calls and then if the caller dares to have a contrary opinion they are shouted down and treated as fools – Hardly an inviting scenario – As for Blair he is certainly not improving as a radio voice – As baseball savvy as he likes to think he is he comes across as a stammering incoherent stumblebum a lot of the time and has been suggested should perhaps be relegated to a secondary role on HIS show –

  • comment-avatar

    We are well aware of your personal grudge against Wilner, you tell us every single week, sometimes twice….

  • comment-avatar

    Baseball coverage in Toronto was kind of embarrassing as recently as a few years ago.  But, I agree with you TSM, it's really become quite strong.

    Blair and Brunt are fantastic on baseball.  I didn't like Barker at first, but he's improved a lot as a broadcaster.  He's kind of like a less 'out there' Zaun at this point.  McCown is solid, and I am fine with the play by play crews.  Such a treat when Shulman is there.  The At The Letters podcast is also quite good for a more statistical minded analysis.

    I think Macarthur is great as well.  TSN Radio has really improved its Jays coverage.  When they launched it seemed like they were going to ignore the Jays and focus on the Argos.  I get the whole Rogers/Bell thing but it was a pretty big misread of the market.

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    If Jerry retired, I'd be fine with Wilner taking over play by play.  I think Siddall is fine, but I've liked Dirk Hayhurst or Duane Ward in the past as colour guys.

  • comment-avatar
    MontfromLondonOnt4 years ago

    How can it be personal if I never met the guy – If I offend your sensibilities don't read my posts as you seem to have little to add to these discussions other then censuring other posters – It appears I am not alone in my opinion of Wilner and some are touting him for a full time PBP guy – Everyone has their favourites – It just continually amazes me that he appears to be the best they can get in a talent pool as large as Toronto –

  • comment-avatar
    WestDale Rocks4 years ago

    The Buck and Tabler duo sounds awfully bored for most of the games.  And their insight, especially from June onwards, was pretty lame.  Buck is more concerned with his own voice and how it sounds rather than what he is actually saying.  When was the last time Buck said anything that was worth remembering?  I realize doing 162 games is a hellish excercise, but geez….the only thing they didn't do, which we should thankful for, is yawn on air!

    If not Jerry, then who?  Hopefully it's his choice and not Rogers.  Jerry has a great call and there's nobody local who would come close.  Wilner?  NOOOOOOOO!!  When the time comes for Jerry to hang 'em up, hopefully Rogers is looking beyond Toronto, 'cause there's nobody here.

    Finally, off the topic of baseball.  I understand that radio hosts and producers read the comments section.  Good, because here's some advice that Darren Millard, Damien Cox and their producers need to heed:  When someone else is talking, BE QUIET AND DON'T INTERRUPT.  Mics are not multi-directional.  You have one speaker that carries all the audio.  Therefore, when you two interrupt somebody, which you two do OFTEN, both the point of the speaker you interrupted and you are lost to the listener.  Producers, please take this advice and ride these guys mics.  If they aren't speaking, turn the mic off.  Furthermore, until they learn how radio works, tell them they are only allowed to speak when you cue them to speak.  If I was producing their shows, that is what I would do.  Mallard and Cox are both HUGE detriments to their shows because of this.  

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    Original Mitch4 years ago

    @anthony @montfromLondonOnt

    If a person isn't particularly good at their jobs (Tabler for example) and someone comes on here every week to bash them, then yes it may get a little tiring. But the truth is, Wilner is such an a-hole to the callers and the tweeters that he doesn't deserve to have his job. It has NOTHING to do with skills or knowledge, but personality. He's a grade A jerk and for that reason alone shouldn't be anywhere near a microphone. 

    I wish people would simply stop calling, forcing Rogers to cancel his gig. I really do. However people still call. Now, has it all become a game for callers? I.e. I have three buddies who call in literally just to troll him and hear his condescending, petulant reaction. Maybe that's what it has come too. Or maybe people just like hearing their voices on radio. I don't know. 

    That's why I don't mind folks coming on here and bashing him on a regular basis, because he's one of the few media personalities who are public A-holes and deserve to be fired, unless they dramatically changed their approach and treat callers with respect, even when disagreeing with them. 

    This guy has a very high profile gig and this is what young future broadcasters are listening too and learning from. That's pathetic and dangerous IMO.

  • comment-avatar

    I just don't understand the need to personally attack people, and media personalities. If you dislike them, have at is, but personal shots from a computer desk? That's just pointless. If you have an issue with the guy, man up and email him, otherwise, keep the personal attacks out of it. Im not a fan of Wilner either, yet somehow I can manage to not make it personal, imagine that. 

    Mind you, I have a feeling the poster in question is a former not so liked journalist trying to make a living ripping Rogers, so of course he'll rip Rogers. Ces le vie, just lacks much in the way of fortitude to anonymously (or not) attack. 

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    I don't like Blundel, I don't listen to him and don't involve myself with him. I don't like Reid, I don't listen to him and don't involve myself with him. Once a month if they are brought up I may comment on them (haven't for months) but I don't obsess over them, week after week.

    I can't for the life of me understand why any one poster would constantly be on here talking about all the evils of a radio broadcaster, every single week. If you don't like him, why are you listening? Some people seem to thrive with negativity, not sure why but if you hate something, yet keep listening, it doesn't sound like you hate it, sounds the Howard Stern effect (I need to hear what he says next). If that's not the case, then its a personal attack, which I believe TSM/MIB said shouldn't be on here. 

    Can't be both. 

    If you don't like someone, you don't obsess over them.

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    Original Mitch4 years ago

    well, I certainly agree with personal attacks. That's why I wrote that he's a 'public a-hole'. I have no idea, he could be the nicest, warmest human being ever outside of work. 

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    Original Mitch4 years ago

    I won't speak for others, but personally I did tune Mike Wilner off years ago after he made what had to be the most insensitive of comments to a caller and I had had enough. However, even if I don't listen to his call in show, I still hear him on the Fan 590, therefore perhaps others here who constantly complain about him don't listen to his show, but listen to the Fan and they happen to hear when he's a guest or during the Jays broadcast, etc. They see his face in that sportsnet promo, etc. Again, just spit-balling here, but as easy as it is to tune him out, the Fan makes it very difficult for listeners to forget about him. 

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    MontfromLondonOnt4 years ago


    "I have a feeling the poster in question is a former not so liked journalist " Just to be clear you are not referring to me are you?


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    MontfromLondonOnt4 years ago

    @Original Mitch

    As I explained above that is exactly how I happen to hear/see Wilner – I certainly don't seek him out –

  • comment-avatar


    If that where the case, the references to his radio show, what he said and such confuse me. How would anyone know how he was treating callers (present tense, not past), if they proclaim not to listen?

    Secondly, why the need to be so vie and aggressive (which is soppise to be against the rules). I not line Wilber much either but I’m not making it personal, I don’t like Blindell but you’ll never hear a personal attack/insult from me. If you dislike someone, articulate why and move on. Making it personal, week after week makes it just that, personal. It’s no longer a critique, its a personal attack.

    I guess I don’t understand the need for it, especially when TSM/MIB have stated they don’t want that crap on here.

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    I must say many, but obviously not all, comments made on this site in the past few months, from one or two select poster, have been offside. Not sure the motivations, won’t pretent to know, but it is somewhat disheartening and disappointing that those select yet quite active posters would chose to take this route to voice displeasure. I would think adults would act with a certain level of maturity.

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    Robinauroa4 years ago

    There is no accounting for preference or taste. I have to say that I have abandoned anything on the Fan 590 as I find it mostly unlistenable… I find the writers here are biased towards the Fan 590 (it’s as if they’re on the payroll).

    I do find that 1050 TSN has generally a better offering, but there are some awful shows there too (How does Gareth Wheeler keep a job? And where is Bob Mackowicz?). Naylor and Landsberg are a failure too, however when they have their roundtable a couple times per week, it’s pretty decent. (Landsberg isinsufferable and always will be).

    If you’re sleeping on Overdrive, you’re making a mistake. Very informative and entertaining…the strip joint humour isn’t funny, it’s creepy and it has to go. Even if O’Neil goes with it, (which would be a shame as he is really engaging). It’s just not acceptable on the radio.

    Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. I find 1050 gets overlooked here and the writers of this blog seem to favour the Fan. I needed to give 1050 equal time…

    By the way, Dan Patrick on 1150 is better that anything else from 9 to noon in the GTA. But if you only want Toronto centric sports info, you won’t like that show. They stick to NCAA, NFL, NBA and MLB…Hockey is virtually ignored.

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    The thing I've noticed with tabler is that he's only as good as though who are around him and those that set him up for his 'commentary'. For instance – I found during the playoffs with Campbell and Zaunhis contributions to be either on point, if not obvious, or actually adding something. Contrast that with Buck in the booth where it seems like Tabler is just trying to add something to justify his being there because Buck isn't leaving him or giving him anything to go on. I'd further add in that during those few times with it was just Shulman and Tabler that Pat was a bit better than he was with Buck.

    Makes ne wonder if Tabler's issues isn't necessarly him but that Buck isn't helping much. Personally, I get the vibe listening at times that it seems like Buck would be quite content to be both play by play and colourman all alone.


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    Can we all agree that the majority of Sportsnet employees are just plain brutal?  With the exception of Blair and Brunt, I have no use for any of them.

  • comment-avatar

    Both are Rogers shills.

  • comment-avatar

    Larry Tanenbaum comes to mind as a perspective buyer, good friends with the Rogers family, a big sports fan, not to mention very wealthy and part owner of MLSE. or Maybe Edward would purchase controlling interest in the Jays  with Larry as a minority owner, Larry would then have a piece of all Toronto sports. You mention the club being a cyclical business, I'm not sure this is a problem when the team is doing well.

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    Robinauroa4 years ago

    My long winded rantbwas supposed to eventually preface my original point which was that the postmortem on sportster was an embarrassment…brunt was dropping hints that Encarnacion won’t be back and it makes sense…Steve Phillips made similar comments on TSN, but was implying that the roster could be retooled rather than rebuilt…Brunt’s comments sounded like he was told to go brace the audience for major change (sounding more like topropoganda than journalism).

    Jay’s fans are well served getting their opinions from

  • comment-avatar
    Robinauroa4 years ago

    (My phone posted my comment prematurely)…anyway…Jay’s fans are better served listening to the opinions of non-Rogers employees. Steve Phillips was really good on TSN radio and TV. Same with Richard Griffin in print and TSN radio…

  • comment-avatar

    True, but i find them at least listenable.

  • comment-avatar
    New User4 years ago

    Thanks for the wrap-up Jonah. This site is great!

  • comment-avatar

    @ Original Mitch

    Barry Davis was there throughout the playoffs…………..he was front and center during the champagne celebrations with his ski goggles and his toothy grin

  • comment-avatar

    Shulman makes ESPN money doing MLB and NCAA basketball for them. No chance Rogers could match that.

  • comment-avatar

    I am baffled by the criticism of Wilner.

    A great many Jays Talk callers are mindless buffoons. They rarely use facts or numbers to construct their arguments, but rather their feelings of what is going on. Their illogic echoes that of conspiracy theorists and UFO proponents.

    I'm glad that Wilner calls them on their inane BS. It is educational and very entertaining.

    As for play-by-play, Wilner was rather horrible as a fill-in years back: too excitable, and pitchy in tone. He now has a calmer tone and easier manner that suits baseball on the radio. In five years, I could see him succeeding Jerry, though I'm fine with Wilner staying in his current role.

  • comment-avatar

    > not sure anyone talks more day to day x's and o's of baseball than Andrew Walker

    There must be two Andrew Walkers on the radio.

    For most of September, he came on the air gasping about the collapse of the Jays, casting about desperately for an explanation, repeating a lot of the melodramatic babble of Jays Talk callers. His attempts at analysis were usually no more than a sequence of incomplete sentences. He kept shifting and shifting his thoughts in hopes one of them made sense.

    Walker is a hopeless broadcaster.

    > I've saved Blair for last as he's become the Rogers baseball MVP

    I would like Blair to replace Walker at 1-4 PM.

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    With proven revenue from post-Price acquisition to increased 2017 season ticket sales combined with sports ratings in general on the decline – Rogers has a fiduciary responsibility to explore selling the Jays. The Jays are at peak value. Not enough Canadian billionaires around to grab them. Perhaps Joe Natale can sweeten up the 3rd Baron Thomson of Fleet David Thomson with some 50 year old Bowmore Scotch and get him to bite.

  • comment-avatar

    Thank you, nice read.