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Do you remember this:

"After leading the league in penalty minutes for the second consecutive season, Avery was suspended by the Kings for the last three games of the 2005-2006 season as a disciplinary measure. In 2007, he was fined $2,500 for comments made about a Toronto Maple Leaf player, Jason Blake, who was battling leukemia. Avery did later win a libel suit against Toronto radio personality Howard Berger, who retracted his statements in reference to the incident. The win in court did not matter to his fellow players; Avery had made his mark and was universally disliked."

Well, I wonder if this segment by Jeff Blair could land another Toronto radio personality in hot water.


This is the quote in Warmington's column that set Blair off:

"From behind it looked like something different, with each player standing with their hands behind their back and positioned as if they were handcuffed."

The consensus this morning is that at least 20% of the workforce at Postmedia is going to get slashed this week as the media dismantling continues in Canada. If I ran post media here's what I would do: combine the sports section of all of it's papers and stop printing them, go online online and take on the other sports "portals".  Then print only one paper and combine staffs.  Here's what i do know, hard working folks are going to be out of work this week, joining their fellow staffers who fell before them.  What's needed is better management not a government handout. Layoffs looming at the Post and the Globe and Mail looking for people to raise their hand… not good.

Wow has covering sports media in town changed. I don't remember the business as being as personal as it is now. I've always expected a basic level of competitiveness from one outlet to the other.  What I didn't expect, and maybe it's just me being naive but wow there is general dislike amongst those in the business.  All I will say right now is that there are some seriously polarizing personalities in the business.

Watching college football in the USA, it's no wonder there are so many penalties in the NFL.  They call nothing in the college game.

Yes, I heard Andrew Walker talk about Kevin Pillar yesterday on the Fan.  Yes I heard him rattle off the reasons Pillar is so "Sneaky" (Walkers word not mine) being the most popular Blue Jay.  No, I don't think there's anything wrong with what Walker said.  Basically he said that Pillar is popular in 4/5 demographics: 1. Pillar is appealing to women 2. Pillar is very popular to kids 3. Pillar is Jewish and that covers a cultural minority, 4 Pillar appeals to what Walker called the modern "dumb" baseball fan who is mostly intrigued by HR's and diving catches (as opposed to what Walker deems the more important statistics/accomplishments). The only missing demographic for Pillar is that he is not Canadian.  Again, this is what Walker said.  He also said that this is part of the reason he believes that if (and I repeat, IF) Pillar was to depart the Blue Jays fans ( I presume the dumb ones) would be more upset than if Bautista left.

No, I don't believe there was an anti semitic intent in what Walker said.

TSN Radio needs to do a better job of updating their podcasts.  The Fan get's them up (that's wha she said) shortly after a show airs.  It seems to take TSN longer.

Meanwhile, Overdrive had a good week.

The Raptors have recaptured my imagination right out of the gate.  I've watched both their games nearly in their entirety.  Those covering the Raps didn't miss a beat and man oh man I love Sam Mitchell on the games!

The best of the week was Bob Cole on PTS.  Fascinating to note that McCown had NEVER met Cole before this interview.  I'll be honest with you, Cole is NOT the best interview subject, but the stories he tells and the ones other folks tell about him make the interviews must listen to.  Kudos, to all those who told great stories this week.  Glen Healy in the segment immediately following the hour long interview was especially good.

Speaking of Cole, if Rogers was trying to fix it's NHL coverage why isn't Cole back on Toronto Maple Leaf games on Saturday nights.  I don't care if he doesn't get it right every time ( no one does), we will only blessed with Bob's ability to call games for so long and selfishly I want as much as I can get.  McCown said it best, Cole is an iconic voice.  Why the powers that be insist on depriving us of our icon is nothing other than shameful.  Hughson and others can do the other games (or not) but Leafs vs. Habs should be Bob Cole.  Put Cole back on Rogers.

You can buy Cole's book here 

We'll leave this be with the best of Bob via Jeremy MacLaine.


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