It’s The End Of The Trump As we Know It…



"Eye of a hurricane, listen to yourself churn
World serves its own needs, don't misserve your own needs
Feed it up a knock, speed, grunt, no, strength
The ladder starts to clatter with a fear of height, down, height
Wire in a fire, represent the seven games
And a government for hire and a combat site
Left her, wasn't coming in a hurry with the Furies breathing down your neck

Team by team, reporters baffled, trumped, tethered, cropped
Look at that low plane, fine, then
Uh-oh, overflow, population, common group
But it'll do, save yourself, serve yourself
World serves its own needs, listen to your heart bleed
Tell me with the Rapture and the reverent in the right, right
You vitriolic, patriotic, slam fight, bright light
Feeling pretty psyched"



To quote The Church Lady, "well, wasn't THAT special"

So I've just wrapped listening to the podcasts for the Jeff Blair Show, OverDrive and Prime Time Sports and I'll admit I'm impressed with what I heard.

These three shows are the only sports shows I heard all day but based on the little I expected in terms of election discussion im very surprised. 

Blair and Brunt talked election while weaving in Blue Jays and other sports stores that balanced each other well.

OverDrive didn't spend a ton of time on it but they covered it enough so that at least you knew that they knew. Highlight today btw as interview with Edwin's agent.

McCown and Cox went all in and it was really impressive. It's as good a complete 3 hours you will get from them. Kudos to their guest choices in Larry King who didn't disappoint and Richard Deitsch was great as well.

I for one like the shows to fish where the fish are and chase topics that make sense. Some folks perspective I will be more inclined to listen to while others not so much.

Did you think sports radio should wander on days like today? September 11 type days are clearly exceptions when other networks break in. Me? I want the diversity. Am I alone? Were you mad at hearing too much politics on sports radio?

Im telling you now, any hate filled comments will get gonged immediately. Keep it classy as usual.






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    I enjoy and find it important when sports talk intersects with real life, as long as the people have a good sense of the topic and are not just mouthing off. Larry King on PTS was a great case in point. Having the King speak to McCown and Cox was a great interview.

    What did get to me was all 'the world is ending' stuff on Twitter on election night. Can't say I'm a fan of either Clinton or Trump, but some of the tweets coming out by sports media folks was over the top IMO. The sun did still come up on Wednesday morning, even with a President-elect Trump.

    The one good part off all the hyperbole, like Steve Simmons "this is the worst day in American history" tweet (really? Did you forget about 9/11?), is that it allowed me to clean-up my Twitter follows.

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    Brian 11 months

    Wednesday's post-election PTS was great. Mansbridge, Deitsch, and Frum were quite insightful. Larry King was good but is showing his age. I think it's important to note that Shannon was not on in the 4 pm hour and the show was better for it. 

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    Anthony 11 months

    +1, fantastic radio

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    Antonio 11 months


    Did anyone get a chance to read Bruce Arthur's timeline? A classic meltdown – even better than I thought it would be.


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    Steve 11 months

    As long as they discuss politics in general and don't get into "my candidate was robbed" type talk, then I'm fine with it. I don't and no one else gives a shit about individual political opinions.

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    I have no problem with PTS devoting a significant portion of their show yesterday to the U.S. election results………… was good radio…………..PTS doesn't do something like that very often so for the people who don't want to hear that type of discussion on a sports show it was pretty easy for them to tune out for a few segments

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    I am OK with it as long as it is fairly brief and as long as its a political ‘discussion’. Unfortunately from what I have seen its only been one viewpoint. But like a poster said this whole ‘world is ending’ talk is annoying and doesnt belong on sports radio. I am glad the election is over and hope the talk starts to slow down. I dont remember the Canadian election getting this much talk on Canadian radio, I understand Trump and Clinton are polarizing figures, and USA policies have a direct effect on us, but still. I didnt listen to much radio yesterday except for Macarthur interviewing Bruce Arthur and you can imagine how that went.

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    It certainly was drama and theater watching things unfold with Twitter.  It is refreshing to see people at their rawest moments wouldn't you say that.  It's more authentic in many ways.

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    Justin 11 months

    I listened the podcasts of PTS earlier today. Fantastic stuff. Mccown has proven time and time again that when he’s engaged, even on non-sports topics, there’s hardly anyone better. Even though I’m a Trump guy and disagreed with most of the opinions being thrown around, it was great radio. Mccown and even Cox were measured and insightful – a far cry from the hysterical drama queens like Bruce Arthur (had there ever been more of a “sick to sports!!” guy?) and some CNN contributors. Mansbridge was especially good and it was a treat to hear King again, especially on local Toronto radio. Excellent job Fan 590.

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    For anyone who enjoys the daily Ray Ferraro segment on 1050 you might want to listen to OverDrive today because he is in studio for two hours from 4 PM to 6 PM

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    If Bruce Arthur has even an ounce of professionalism, he will consider this commentary posted on the CBS News site:


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    Mike V 11 months

    That CBS piece is a horrible take from Tuesday's results.  

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    yaz 11 months

    I turned to Sports radio to get away from the election tsunami. Blair and Brint wouldn’t stop and I turned it off. Mention it but don’t dwell on it. I cancelled my cable news package because of the election a few months ago. I couldn’t stomach either candidate. With a gun to my head I’d choose Billary but it didn’t happen. The U.S. is in dire need of an actual news network. CNN won the last two elections. It was time for Fox to win. Praying we get through next four years without a World War.

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    yaz 11 months

    @Mike yes there was a different and better chemistry with Ferraro in studio. I like it regardless and when I go to my Pods at the end of my day the 5 pm Overdrive hr is my first go-to. And they were talking a lot about behind the scenes personal stuff which was great. The Big E nterview was really good but wish it was longer.

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    (Another) Andrew 11 months

    McCown and Cox actually interviewed David "Axis of Evil" Frum last night. That must be the lowest level any sports radio program has ever sunk to. This is the same David Frum who launched a witch-hunt against anyone – left or right – who opposed his precious Dubya's Iraq war. Did you oppose the invasion of Iraq?  Don't you know that makes you an anti-Semitic Nazi scumbag? That's how Frum actually argued at the time yet Bob has no problem at all with him.

    I think I'm pretty much done with double digiter corporate jock-sniffers like Bob.  I remember Bob attacking George W Bush back on election day 2008 but I guess he didn't really mean it. If a filthy Bush neocon slimeball like Frum can suddenly be a Bob favourite –  he described him as smart, even though Frum has been consistently wrong for about 25 years on every topic – I guess we can assume Bob is either a moron or an out-an-out American imperialist like Frum. (Now that I think of it Bob has made anti-Russian remarks throughout the years. I guess he was cheering for Russophobic McCarthryite warmongering Hillary). 

    Anyhow… looking on the bright side this makes Trump's anti ruling class victory all the sweeter.  

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    Mullah_Kintyre 11 months

    The Wednesday PTS was the first in a long time that made me want to listen to the whole show.
    Does anyone recall Larry King being interviewed on The Fan (Toronto, not sure if it was by McCown or maybe Stellick) years ago, maybe in the 1990s, when King said as a kid he was taken to see hockey at the old Madison Square Gardens and saw the Leafs as the visiting team when they had still green jerseys, before they changed the team colour to blue? That was 1927. Wikipedia says he born Nov. 19, 1933. If his memory is not faulty, then he must be at least about 11 or 12 years older than he claims.

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    Robert 11 months

    Maybe he was there on throwback jersey night!

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    Louis 11 months

    Larry King also used to say he was a childhood friend of Sandy Koufax. Only problem is it wasn't true.

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    WestdaleRocks 11 months

    I suggest looking up the Jeff Blair/Stephen Brunt interview today (Remembrance Day) with Dr. Harry Edwards around 11:30am. It is the best post election synopsis you will find anywhere. Dr. Edwards is a remarkable man and we would do well to heed his wisdom.

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    dogpounder 10 months

    I found it odd that the urban/rural divide seemed like some sort of revelation to Bob. Although maybe that’s just news to many city folk. Hence the result.