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Happy weekend!

Lot's happening so let's get this party started:

"Rogers Media laid off 27 staff at its English-language magazine publications Wednesday, a day after it announced 60 layoffs at its publications in Quebec."

Unfortunately, this is becoming all too common in the media world in Canada. While no specifics have been given, I am told that more layoffs are coming and that the #'s could be equally as big with the teams to be effected to be numerous. Sounds to me like Rogers is cleaning the house up big time before the new CEO arrives.


Another sign of troubling times as one the best in the business Cam Cole has agreed to an offered buyout from the struggling Post Media.


Meanwhile, on the upside…

This is fascinating news as the AthleticTO lands another well respected scribe to offer a subscription based alternative to newspapers in the world of sports.  Yanking Mirtle from the grips of the Globe sports is a big get and one that I am sure grabbed the newbie a ton of attention.

For those of you who haven't been reading the Athletic you are missing out. Mirtle joins Eric KoreenJohn Lott, Sean Fitz-Gerald, David Alter and others.  For a low fee, it's well worth it. Fresh content written by great writers.  What more do you want?

Speaking of David Alter, I think this article on Milan Michalek he wrote is without question his best work and the best article to appear on the site yet.  

Speaking of best. While most of the baseball world was fawning all over labor peace, Jeff Pasan over at Yahoo! threw cold water all over the high-fives:

"Because baseball is barreling toward a potentially nuclear negotiation in 2021, when this current deal expires, that could see a confluence of factors – massive revenue increases, a growing chasm between big and small markets, continued international strife – lead to a far more tortuous and torturous path toward a deal."

Ben Nicholson-Smith has been on the radio quite a bit talking Blue Jays these days.  He's getting better and is fun to listen to.

Did you hear (or see) Brian Burke in Toronto this week?  The former Leafs head hauncho was at his media best.  First ( I think) with Leafs Lunch and then with Andrew Walker.  You can listen here

Congrats to TorontoFC on making it to the MLS Cup.  Can't wait to see the Toronto/Seattle final. It has special meaning to me personally.  I'l admit it.  I've been to two TFC games in their history and a handful of Sounders games since their inception.  A soccer fan I am not, but I have been watching and cheering on the Toronto team- call me a bandwagoner all you want, I will admit it.

Tons fo credit to the fans and media who have loved and covered this team through some lean years. It's great to see.

"Why are things so positive on your website?" I've been asked recently…

Simple, Blue Jays 2x in playoffs, Raptors advancing in playoffs, Leafs tanking and drafting right and now TFC in the finals.  The media don't have a whole lot to bitch about these days which makes their jobs and therefore ours much more interesting.

Once and for all can we agree that there is nothing wrong with being a CFL fan.  What I find offensive are those who think that they need to defend or even recruit others to the game.  It's totally cool to the rest of us that it's your thing and you love it.  We respect that you do; now leave us alone.

If you build it they will come.  Not so much with the Argos eh?  Steve Simmons who was a season ticket holder this year at BMO is the one of the only mainstream scribes who wrote a non-technical piece on the Grey Cup.  When Steve goes, so to will print media coverage of the game in Toronto.

"It’s an awful feeling going to a game that everyone else has skipped. You begin to think you’ve lost touch with your neighbors and their tastes. It makes you feel uncool."

I am old that the article which contained that quote from Cathal Kelly was viewed as being overly negative by industry types, especially those at TSN.  Cathal hit the nail on the head.  I guess the truth really does hurt.

On many occasions I had a debate with Nelson Millman about the future of sports radio and the lack of young talent on air.  The problem, Nelson would tell me, is that the kids today don't want to put in the effort to work in smaller markets to get trained to work in larger markets.  One look at how lousy sports radio is in Edmonton and well, Nelson once again you were right. Imagine a station of full of Russics.

Back to print for a moment.  The Toronto Star, amidst it's own layoffs is looking for a sports editor.  Allow me to get on my soapbox and throw a name into the circle (not that one that matters reads this).  The best candidate for the role is former Globe and Mail sports editor and Yahoo! Sports Canada GM Steve McAllister.  The guy ran a print department and now an online department.  Get the union issues fixed and hire the right person for the gig.

Speaking of Yahoo! It sounds like it's game over for several of their Canadian focused sports blogs.  If that's the case, that's too bad.

I have no clue how the Toronto Raptors TV crew is viewed across the league, but I'd put them up against any team doing play by play in the NBA.  Fun, informative and just downright entertaining night in and night out.

Curious, are you watching more Rogers hockey because Ron is back hosting?  Didn't think so.

Did you hear Doug MacLean this week on the firing of Gallant in Florida?  More importantly did you read Mac on Twitter?? Raw passion.  We need more of it.

Here in the USA the American's just celebrated Thanksgiving.  In that spirit let's hand out the turkey award to without question the worst sports tweet, perhaps EVER!  I mean really.  If there was a contest for such a thing, this one wins hands down, game set match:

I'd like to think there is some degree of sarcasm here but I am pretty sure there was none.  Comparing a 108 year old drought in MLB to 40 years in the CFL, where the team was defunct not once but 2x???????? You have to be kidding.  And by the way, yes I hate the Ottawa Senators with a passion but I have nothing but respect for their suffering fans winning the Grey Cup.  I think it's great.  Comparing it to the Cubs??????




Scott MacArthur has been getting some radio time and big kudos to him for landing the big fish, Bob Elliott on TSN Radio. Elliott has been a long time guest of one Robert McCown and landing the Canadian Hall of Famer on TSN is a big deal.

And finally, on the topic of Elliott.  Please add in your questions for ask the MSM here Bob's going to answer questions from you and me on all things baseball, Blue Jays and Tom Cheek too!!


Happy weekend.




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