Toronto Sports Media Radio Ratings

Toronto Sports Media Radio Ratings


So, my early holiday present to you all is the most recent radio ratings for the 2 sports radio stations in Toronto.


Aug. 29-May 30-Aug 28Aug. 29-May 30-Aug 28
Nov. 27Nov. 27
M- Fri. 6a-9a
Fan 5907.27.111.812.5
TSN 10500.
M- Fr. 9a-12p
Fan 5909.31014.912.5
TSN 10500.
M- Fr. 12p-1p
Fan 5904.28.96.711.8
TSN 10500.60.954.8
M- Fr. 1p-4p
Fan 5905.
TSN 10500.612.34.1
M- Fr. 4p-7p
Fan 59010.18.214.810.1
TSN 10501.


*The above chart is a brief overview of share figures from the latest PPM 2016 Numeris release courtesy of David Bray, ​David Bray of Bray & Partners Communications

Blah blah blah, the system sucks. Blah, blah, blah it’s the only system we have.

A friend whom I’ve known for years (and is not conversely an old friend) always told me about these “books” that you can’t look at one standing alone ,that you must instead look at trends.

Never before has it been more apparent that you need to look at this as only as a snapshot because it’s the most muddling book I’ve seen in a long time.

Couple of things to keep in mind:

We are comparing the most recent book August 29th – November 27th to the previous one, May 30 – August 28th.

The earlier book wrapped up the Leafs season, had all the draft frenzy, free agent day, the Raptors playoff run and a big chunk of the Blue Jays season. There were few Blue Jays day games in that session that would have impacted the book during working hours.

The new book includes the tail end of the Blue Jays regular season, the playoff run, the World Cup of Hockey, Maple Leafs training camp and the start of their season and same for the Raptors.

Here’s some random thoughts:

I am surprised that the Fan morning show got no bump whatsoever in the key demo from book to book. A pt. 1 increase is stunning (7.1-7.2)

The .7 drop for the Blair show is even more stunning to me in the key demographic (reminder that Blair and Brunt are on 9-11, baseball central 11-12) 10-9.3 Where did people go?

What I don’t get is the huge jump in Blair’s number in the younger demo. Why were younger people suddenly the biggest audience share either station had (14.9 from a 12.5)

Have people misinterpreted the effect of the wins/losses on the market given the slaughter the fan saw at lunch time ?? Wow! what happened here? (8.9 – 4.2 older) and (11.8 – 6.7 younger)

Andrew Walker had a nice jump in the younger demo from 7.4 to an 8.1

Mccown had a nice jump in both demo’s as Bob was engaged on both the Jays front and the early Leafs prospects.

The TSN numbers again barely make a dent.

Summers are clearly a total wasteland for TSN, as the entire listening audience is Jays focused and least so far TSN has no answer.

Clearly, based on numbers alone the TSN morning show is not playing well with listeners in either demographic (see first note on the system) I can’t imagine after a long, successful career this is the type of reception Landsberg was expecting.

I still don’t understand how the morning show is losing it’s Blue Jays fans in the am. How is it that the morning drive takes it big time on the chin from the Blair show? How much bigger could the Blair show be with a more listened to morning show.

No, these numbers do NOT include those of us who listen via podcast.

The Overdrive drop is not concerning UNLESS it continues in the next book. If the 1.5 drops to like a 1.0 there is trouble. Real trouble.

That is all for now, I am sure your comments (please no more about the TSN signal or JEff Blair’s voice) will stir some more thoughts and debate.

Happy Tuesday.


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    The big drop off on 590 in the noon timeslot from summer (when it was Baseball Central) to fall (when it was Hockey Central) is interesting………….I guess this proves that Kevin Barker is more popular than guys like Daren Millard, Colby Armstrong and Todd Hlushko

    Hard to believe that Hockey Central can't do better than that given a popular lead in (Blair Show) and relatively weak competition (Leafs Lunch)

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    'please no more about the TSN signal or JEff Blair's voice'

    Good luck with that. 

    Interesting to see all the complaining about the Fan on here, yet book after book they dominate. At some point reasonable and responsible people need to look at the numbers and see that TSN can't hold a candle to the Fan. Even the awful morning show dominates. The 'he sucks now' Bob McCown is killing it. 

    At some point the two years of complaining about the Fan and giving a pass to TSN must come to an end, no? 

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    TSN's mid-day schedule is a wasteland. It's surprising they don't sink more money into hiring compelling and marketable hosts for those time slots – Blair and Walker are being handed great ratings on a silver platter.  

    TSN's morning show isn't perfect but it's still far better than Blundell on 590 (and better than Mike Richards' show as well). Surprised the ratings aren't higher given how comically horrible 590's morning show is. Biggest issue with 1050's show is the lack of chemistry between Naylor and Lansberg – listening to the chemistry of Overdrive (and the old Brady/Walker show for that matter) compared to their show is like night and day. I still far prefer to it to 590 and it's my go-to show in the morning, sports or otherwise. 

    Overdrive remains the best show on Toronto sports radio, provided all 3 regulars are in that day. Absolutely love the banter between the hosts and Hayes is a great interviewer. The feed off each other better than any show I've heard in ages. It's fun and easy listening. Issue is, when big non-hockey news breaks, I automatically default to Mccown to hear what he has to say. He has much more authority on non-hockey topics, and although it's not an issue for Overdrive day-to-day like some on this site make it out to be, it can be at times. Still a great show that I listen to daily and I'm happy about the extra 2 hours TSN gave this crew. 

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    Where does TSN turn if Overdrive becomes a flop for them as the slippage in ratings suggest might happen?  The Leafs Lunch schtick can't be carried over to that time slot.  Nor can the hockey-centric theme, which quite frankly is completely exposing Noodles and to a lesser extent O'Neill.  

    The gap between the new Leafs Lunch and Hockey Central for the 18-34 demo is really tightening.

    TSN might be better served playing dead air between 9 and 12.  Cauz is decent (I use that term loosely), but Wheeler is enough to turn anybody away. 

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    I was listening to the Lebatard podcast.  He was saying how his show started on a new Miami station, going up against an established sports radio incumbent (WQAM).  He said they overtook the WQAM in a couple years, which is really rare in sports radio.  And he attributed it to his show being unique, unconventional, 'dangerous' programming that don't typically hear on sports radio.  And if you  ever catch Lebatard, it makes sense…it's very different sports radio.  They don't take sports seriously, they make fun of 'hot takes' and sports radio in general, they get deep into social issues like race/homosexuality/politics.  

    Here it is 5(?) years in and TSN hasn't made a dent in any way.  TMaybe TSN needs to take a page from Lebatard's book and look at doing sports radio differently and unconventionally.  And not just in a way where bros are talking about Brazzers or whatever.  Right now they just seem to be doing what The Fan is doing but not quite as well.

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    Didn't the noon slot go from Baseball Central to Hockey Central around Labour Day? That would explain why the two books were so off, they were different shows.

    Overdrive gets a better share while Noodles & O-dog were at the cottage all summer than when they were on the air. Go figure. 

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    It depends on what TSN's motivations are. In many ways, TSN Radio is just another platform to push their TV programing, so are they motivated to 'push the limit'? 

    Its pretty damning that they haven't even made a small move towards the Fan, if this was a stand alone station I wonder if they'd even be in operation right now. They have shown nothing to suggest that they have the tools to turn it around and to this point, what faith could anyone have in their management? 

    Its too bad, I still prefer TSN's on air TV product, but it has not translated at all to radio. 

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    Objectively, TSN’s signal is worse and must cost less and they pay their talent less. They must see some value in using radio to promote their television product. So their return on investment is comparable to 590’s? If not, then not sure why they exist. Perhaps 1050 is losing money or breaks even and Bell justifies it because 1050 is just one of eight TSN radio stations across the country.

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    'please no more about the TSN signal'

    Good luck with that. 

    ' TSN’s signal is worse'

    Called it 😉

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    Thanks for the read. I can't believe TSN is still around, no other reason other than Rogers had a all sports station . But how much longer only they really know. These numbers are a true embarrassment.

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    Some point-form thoughts on these ratings:

    1. Don't know how to guess at how demoralizing it is at 1050, if you really cared about it, put a bunch of weeks in doing shows, and know so few people are listening.  Either that, or there's a few people feeling quite fortunate to be able to speak into a microphone every day for money and they're just hoping the numbers aren't as humilating to the bosses as you would think they would be.

    2. Nothing more needs to be said about the 9am show and whatever they do before Overdrive.  New people are needed.  That stands whether "Makko" comes back or not.  He was an instant dial-turner for me when he was on with Cybulski or on his own.  Get people that have done it before and hope it catches fire.  

    3. Naylor.  Not sure whether others feel the same.  But it ain't happening and never was going tgo and never will.  This isn't his thing.  2-3 years in afternoon drive, now over (about?) a full year in morning drive, and no one has tuned in despite lots of promotion at the ACC or wherever.  If you want to do right by Landsberg, end this partnership and move Naylor to a different part of day where he might be a better fit.  At least people write about what Landsberg says on here.

    4. That's a really interesting observation that more people listened in the summer to Overdrive than the fall when hockey was back on and you had a best-vs-best tournament in the city.  I am a Hayes fan, I am a O'Neill fan.  I despise hearing McLennan's voice and if he's there, I'm way, way, way less likely to listen.

    5. The Fan. That is utterly a gut-punch to have lower ratings for your morning show during the Blue Jays playoffs than you did in the summer, when Blundell would have taken alot of vacay time or in the spring when the season was just starting.  And it's obviously way down from last year's playoffs.  It isn't exactly an elephant in the room.  It was a huge mistake and people have already paid for it.  Now, the ratings will be even softer over the winter and probably the spring also.  I don't listen.  The people who write on this site don't listen.  No one I know listens with any consistency.  Lots of complaining about shows because it's what guys do and I moved to Toronto in the late 90s when Derringer and Marsden, then Landry, then Stellick, then eventually Brady and Lang did it.  All far preferred.  All more professional.  The Andrew krystal thing was terrible, but it only lasted a few months.  It feels like Dean's been on the air forever but I trained myself very early on in my commute to not even bother checking it out.  I would just get mad, or even worse, bored.  The show just has nothing going for it, and in an era when Blair and McCown, guys way older than me -38 – -are delivering good ratings and good shows.  Surely, anyone can see this and Rogers should see fit to repair it and make their customers happy again.  

    6. A lot of Bob retirement talk has been here before.  Why would he?  Is this as well as he's done in a long time?  People seem to only complain about co-hosts and not him on here.

    7. Greg Brady.  When is his deal up with Rogers?  Can he do no work for the other station even if he doesn't sign a contract?  I ask because that's just such an obvious move for TSN to make.  I will confess to being a fan of Brady and Walker but couldn't listen much when they replaced Tim and Sid who I liked equally, I'd say.  I did run into Brady at my daughter's cross-country meet in Pickering.  He couldn't have been nicer, and seemed happy with the paid time off (I would be also) and I gave him a good opportunity to complain about Dean's show or Rogers or whatever and he wouldn't take it.  Said he understood the business well enough and may have needed the change anyway and said he loved his time there.  I bring this up not to embarrass him, but he's too good to sit out for very long after his severance ends, but he'd be pretty motivated to get to 1050 and go against Blundell.  If I'm The Fan, how can I let that happen unless Dean has another couple years?  Just speculating.

    8. Damien Cox.  Not a huge fan but I give him credit and the Fan credit.  It's the best match for McCown in years, since Brunt, and Cox seems a little more engaged even, given Brunt seemed bored by the end of most of McCown's antics anyway.  

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    I agree – having Cox be the cohost has worked out surprisingly well.

    Also – yeah.  Brady should be a no brainer for TSN.  With the numbers TSN has they might as well start from scratch from the morning show up to 4pm.

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    Here's the thing that I think really sinks TSN Radio, the inability of the mothership (Bell) to realize, accept and try to grow alternate methods for listeners to consume the content that they are creating.  The Fan pushes podcasts, online listening, hell even Sportsnet NOW

    TSN 1050 is lucky if their *conventional* AM signal reaches even half of the number of potential listeners and so should be trying harder than even the Fan to push the new media angle.

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    Agreed. I was a diehard McCown listener, for years. I find Damien Cox to be annoying (if I want to hear politics, I'll tune into another station). So. 1050 got my ears on the drive home. I really enjoy Overdrive. Laugh out loud at least once, every listen. Ray Ferraro is must listen radio. He is well spoken (the anti-Kypreos) and when he and O-Dog, relate hockey anecdotes, I don't want Ferraro's sequence to end. I for one, hope their ratings increase, for I would miss this show.

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    Regarding Greg Brady – I was listening to him and Walker one afternoon when he went on a cringe worthy rant about how superior their ratings were to TSN and added numerous incendiary comments about the rival network. It was so over the top that it was embarrassing. Sure enough the next day he assumed the mea culpa position but I couldn't help thinking that he had permanently burned a future bridge with the competition.

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    Hi Anthony.  I can't speak for everyone who comments, but I think you are painting with a pretty broad brush.  I have written too many times to count that McCown, for example is the best on air when it's a topic he is interested in.

    I think people are passionate about the media and that comes across in their comments.  Having said that I don't think we will ever see  time when everyone is totally happy with hosts at a station or writers at an outlet.  

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    Thanks Justin.  While I may not agree with all of your comments, I respect them nontheless.

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    Hi Pete:

    I don't think the OD ratings are going to continue to plunge.  I was stating it would be alarming if they do.  Leafs Lunch has certainly caught up to HCAN with the younger audience.  It's surprising to say the least.  Curious why you think that is.

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    Thanks Daniel:

    While not as obvious as a podcast, I think TSN 1050 has tried to go a little bit unconventional.  I think they should continue to be un-fan590 in attempt to gain a different audience.  Similarly, I wonder if the Fan shouldn't be looking at the other stations in the market, non sports stations to see what they can do to steal more audience.

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    Im pretty sure Baseball central was on from 11-12.  HC started on Sept 6.

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    Baseball Central was on at noon from July to Labour Day. 

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    Thanks Mike S.


    Baseball Central was on at noon from July to Labour Day.  The new book started August 29th. Baseball central then moved to 11am.

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    Good point Anthony.

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    True, the numebrs are bad. The question is how much are they selling ads for and is anyone buying them.

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    Great post James M.

    So here's my question for you:  If you could build two radio lineups, one at TSN and one at the Fan what would they look like?

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    5:30 Blundell & Co. (anyone but Rusic)
    9:00 Blair
    BC Blair/Barker
    HC Marek/Colby/MacLean
    1:00 Walker
    4:00 Bob (eventually Friedman)

    5:30 Brady/rotating co-hosts
    9:00 Cabbie
    LL Andi/Poulin/(recently retired player)
    1:00 Scott Macarthur
    4:00 Hayes/O/Beirness

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    WestDale Rocks4 years ago

    If these numbers are anywhere near accurate (and I've always had my doubts about radio ratings), then I'm convinced you could put Dan "The Man" Levitan (from Good Morning Vietnam fame) as host of TheFan590 morning show and he would win the ratings.  I'm not sure what a Fan590 morning show listener is….it certainly isn't somebody who craves intelligent sports conversation in the morning.  The anchor on the TSN morning show is Landsberg.  Too many cringeworthy moments trying to be funny when he isn't, and he's too hyper.  Scotty Mac and Naylor or even Hayes and Naylor in the AM would be really good.   

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    On this blog we (me included) frequently comment on the on-air talent in both positive and negative ways. We attribute ratings to the ability or lack thereof of said talent. For me, the biggest reason for the disparity in ratings is simply branding. The Fan is an established brand. It was the first station to do this and as  a result will always have a leg up on TSN. The best TSN can hope for to improve on their numbers. Oh, I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but TSN’s signal is also a factor. After all would, you watch a TV station that kept fading out for no apparent reason???


    Just as Pepsi came after Coke, the initial product (if done right) will always be the big house on the block. To this day, no one ever orders a “Rum and Pepsi” ….

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    Your not wrong after year 1, 2 and 3, but were what, almost 6 years in and they continue to make zero gains. Not expecting them to win, but make progress, to this point there hasn't been any of it, and no reason to believe that there will be. 

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    You're right, they need to keep improving. Reasons for not improving likely are the signal issue and the fact men in their 40s & 50s (their main demo) are creatures of habit. Once we find a product or service we like, we stick with it ("if it aint broke, dont fix it").


    The best they can hope hope for is to attract young male listeners – who have never listen to the Fan other than for a game broadcast.

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    Jonas Siegel’s take on the Cavaliers vs The Raptors: ‘The problem, is like, Cleveland’s too good and they’re too much better. They’re too much better than the rest of the east.’ Overdrive, Dec 13, 4 mins left in Hour 1 Podcast. The signal on 1050’s Podcast is great.

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    You call Cox more engaged, but 90% of his non-guest conversations with Bob are about meaningless (their latest golf game) crap. THAT IS NOT GOOD RADIO!!!!!!! 


    They are ALWAYS names I have never seen before he became co-host. I suspect you will find the IP address comes from Sportsnet…

  • comment-avatar

    Mike, I hate having to suggest this but…here we are….

    I honestly believe many of the commenters praising Cox lately are Sportsnet shills. They are almost always names that are new to this site. I suspect an IP address check will reveal an interesting trend among those commenters…….

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    PTS vs Overdrive: The drop in Overdrive ratings is not surprising. The show has lost something. It's the best show on TSN BUT only during 4 to 6 pm. So during TWO HOURS after 9 am, 1050 offers listeners something consistently better than the FAN.

    The 6 pm hour on Overdrive often feels like the guys are done and just want to go home. The co-hosts also have TV duties so the 6 pm hour usually gets off to a choppy start. I think the 6 pm slot needs a consistent guest like Ferraro that pulls in listeners and holds them. I also think O'Dog is a little bored. He hasn't had his usual edge in some time. Meanwhile, the FAN trots out thoroughbred guests every day in this slot and the ratings don't lie.

    Bob seems to be more engaged this fall than he has in some time. The show is often very good, although his plug for his Tragically Hip wine earlier this week was the worst thing I've heard on the FAN in some time. 

    Blundell vs Naylor and Landsberg: I think Landsberg/Naylor is consistently better than the FAN from 7-9 am. Dreger is solid, Breakfast Club roundtable (Tues + Fridays) and the range of other outstanding guests keep you from thinking about the poor chemistry between the two hosts. Even they don't seem to like each other. At least once per week, Landsberg and Naylor manage to avoid each other. And the show is better when it's Naylor and Simmons or Landsberg and Cauz.

    JB vs Cauz+Wheeler: Blair easily beats Cauz + Wheeler. But Roger Lajoie with a cold is better than Cauz and Wheeler. The show is dirt and requires an overhaul.

    HC@N vs Leafs Lunch: Hockey Central beats Leafs Lunch only because Petrillo doesn't work as a host. It's not because of her gender. It's because she's not funny, her opinions are weak and her co-hosts are dull. The show also needs better guests/producer. Hockey Central is ready to be beaten. Mallard is a TV-only-in-small-doses guy. He tries too hard to be funny on HC@N or find segues but it rarely works. Shannon returned last week and I have no words. Kypreos still can't form cohesive sentences. Hlushko has a voice that is far more grate than great. TSN just needs to be a little better and it wins this slot. 

    Walker vs McCarthur/Hogan: Um, TSN seems to have conceded this slot to the FAN. Scotty Mac for three hours is too much Scotty Mac. In his case less is more. I also think Overdrive doesn't get much of an audience carryover from his show. Walker, although not my taste, is clearly a superior talent to any afternoon talker on 1050. That said, he would be well served by a co-host. But then maybe the show becomes too good for an afternoon slot. Walker may be worth plucking for TSN, especially if he were to be reunited with Brady on a morning show (which could move Naylor to mid-mornings and see Landsberg shipped off to TSN Winnipeg).





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    Do you hate to suggest it? 

    What's wrong with just liking someone who holds Bob McCown to task for things he says? He's the reason why Bob has been more engaged because he's forcing Bob to be more thoughtful with what he says. I think the authors of the site mention how better it is, are they 'Rogers Schills' as well? Damien Cox is awful at twitter, he was bad on Toronto Mike's radio and not good on CBc, but he's found a niche and he's good at it, no more, no less. 

    Why can't we just have good dialog here? Why does it always come down to 'anyone who disagrees with my view is a shill'? Its old and tired. 

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    Very interesting points re: Overdrive vs. PTS. You make a very good point about the 6:00pm hour. It's funny, whenever I download podcasts I always look to the 4:00pm hour of Overdrive first and the 6:00pm hour of PTS first. Whereas PTS tends to have the best guests and most interesting discussions during the big 6:00 hour, Overdrive seems to come flying out of the gate and loses steam after Ray's interview is over. It's partly because of co-hosts having sometimes TV duties after 6:00, and partly because the banter I enjoy usually comes most at the top of the show, but your observation that the 6:00 hour "feels like the guys are done and just want to go home" is right on the money. 

    Your comments about TSN 1050's morning show also hit the nail on the head. Still way better than 590, but a lot of improvement to be had. Chemistry issues are plaguing a show with two hosts who otherwise tend have solid and well-informed opinions. I'd like 1050 to move Naylor to a different slot and try Bob Mackowycz with Lansberg. I recall them saying on-air they're good friends off-air and Maco's interview spots on the morning show have been quite entertaining with some obvious chemistry between him and Lansberg. It'd be a marked improvement IMO. 

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    Agreed. I used to not be fan of Cox in his prior co-hosting stint because he was sharing the duties with the far superior Brunt. It was always a bit of a letdown when I heard Damian as opposed to Brunt when I flipped on the show. But now than Brunt has been jettisoned, Cox is FAR better than Reid, Shannon, and whoever else they've trotted out there. 

    As an aside, Arash Madani is the best substitute co-host I've heard in a long time. Blair should stay in his time-slot and god help us if Joey Vendetta is substituting for Bob. They guy sounds like he belongs as the weekend afternoon host of a metaphorical "104.3 THE GAME – JOCK TALK SPORTS RADIO" in South Carolina, not PTS. 

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    Let's be clear: I don't like Damien Cox in general. He's arrogant. He doesn't treat "little people" well. And he has strange eyebrows. BUT if you give me the choice between Cox or John Shannon or Ken Reid or Brad Faye, I will choose Cox each time. He stands up to Bob and makes reasonable arguments. His voice is good for radio. And his experience as a columnist also helps. Would I prefer Brunt? Sure. But Cox had proven to be better than expected, which could be in part because he knows this is his last chance at SN.

    Replacements for Bob? Note to PD: Please stay away from Jeff Blair. He's somewhat good in small doses but that's not enough. His voice is not an easy listen and he has trouble forming an argument in short order. Friedman/Madani would be an excellent combination. 


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    Cabbie?  It would be three hours of whatever hugging a professional athlete sounds like.

  • comment-avatar

    After a passionate argument about getting rid of hazing in sports, led most vigorously by O'Neill who admitted he had experienced some things he wouldn't disclose – I caught the 6 pm hour of Dec. 13 Overdrive on TV. Open the hour with Hayes alone at their three mics talking NFL with Trent Dilfer of ESPN. 6:10 PM O'Neill strolls in and sits far screen right sipping a coffee. It's as if the producer or director realized how odd this looked and quickly cut ( too late ) to a single shot on Hayes – then back to the uncomfortable wide shot. O'Neill doesn't say a word until the interview ends 5 minutes later. Absolutely a dead 15 mins of TV and radio. When Hayes is alone talking NFL with himself or anyone, it's just a droning monotone deadness. Bring in two or three other guys and talk about a missed goalie interference call (4 pm hour today) and suddenly everyone is engaged and engaging.

    Overdrive is my favourite Toronto sports radio show. If Wilner was reviewing it, he'd say 'it's too early'. It's a work in progress. The NFL talk on the show seems forced on them and their delivery feels like it. 

  • comment-avatar

    5:30 – Tim and Sid (their schtick would work way better in the AM)
    9:00 Blair/Brunt
    BC Blair/Barker
    HC Marek/Friedman/Kypreos
    1:00 Walker/(new talent) – someone we haven't heard, need fresh voices here, perhaps a female/minority 
    4:00 Bob/Cox 

  • comment-avatar

    As with others I am no fan of Damian Cox. I find him to be an arrogant, self-rightous, self-important petty little man who, like Steve Simmons, thinks he's a bigger deal in the Toronto Sprts scene than he really is. I aslo find his constant soapboxing and grandstanding on the women in the hockey hall of fame issue to be pandering at best and disingenious at worst. I truly think he's doing it less on the issue  and more so when it does happen he can cry out "see, see what I did? It was me who got them to change it. Praise me for this and all my greatness and put me in as a builder".

    That all said, when he came back to PTS after his CBC stint I was surprised to see him humbled and even grateful to be there. Maybe he realized he's only on PTS because the Rogers beancounters think it's better vaule to have him somewhere rather than sitting at home on the rest of that conract. Whatever it is his return was a breath of fresh air, despite the signs of the arrogance returning, and as others have noted he's taking Bob to task on many issues with his return as well as others, namely forcing John Shannon to out himself as an NHL shill, in his role of Co-host that even the great and mighty Brunt was hesitant to do at times.

  • comment-avatar

    I'm both surprised and glad you left Blundell in the morning spot.  Surprised because I think it is evident that Dean and sports talk are not a good mix and I think the show is really bad.  

    Glad because it does lead in to a point I want to make about the show, which is that I thought that leaving the "& Co." in the title of the show it gave management at least one bullet to use to shake things up.  Nearly two years in to the show and I am genuinely shocked they have stuck with Rusic.  On his own, when he was with Sammut, or when he is now with Bastl or Ennis, Rusic is tolerable and relatively good.  But acting like a puppy dog to Blundell whereas Blundell needs someone to bring the best out of him, Rusic's not the person for the job.  I figured by now they would have tried at least something to boost ratings and salvage something out of Blundell's hefty salary that isn't delivering results worthy of such salary.

  • comment-avatar

    That's pretty rich.  Almost the first positive things ever written about Cox in the history of these, at times, brutal, comment pages, and some anonymous dude ripping Sportsnet, no less, thinks people's IP addresses should be investigated.  Irony, that's what that is.

    In fact, almost universally, and i agree with this, the comment is "Not a huge fan of Cox, seems like a jerk, but far preferable with Bob to Ken Reid or John Shannon" and without question, Reid and Shannon have been the most universally-ripped people on this website, and it's because they're not very good at radio.  But somehow that is considered a Damien Cox lovefest.

    No, it shows that when something is awful, and a radio program director actually makes a slight touch-up or improvement, people are happier.  Andrew Krystal was on the Fan morning show for however long he was on, then he wasn't and people stopped complaining about it for a couple years anyway.

    Ron MacLean replaces George Strombo and people stop complaining but they'll complain about MacLean soon enough again anyway.

    As for the ratings listed here, some of it is quite interesting.  No question I'd bet it's against the grain for a radio station to have a team in the MLB playoffs and not see a bump from its summer or spring.

    TSN is a mess.  The compliments and criticisms of OverDrive are the same.  Fun when it's on target, too often it isn't and the other two guys cannot talk about anything other than hockey.

    Everything else is a wasteland and I do agree, Landsberg the one who needs a better partner, not the other way around.

    Meanwhile, I noticed something and I think this is how the math works.

    Look at the total share of afternoon listeners that "sports" has in the market:

    11.6 percent when you combine both stations.

    Morning shows?  8.0 percent.

    So almost 4 percent off of afternoons.  It's the only slots I would guess you can compare because people are in their cars in this damned city quite a while for both.  That tells you a huge amount right there because about 25-30 percent of the people who listen in the afternoon don't bother listening in the morning.  Says it all about the quality of shows and especially Blundell, given a guy who sometimes mails it in in his 60's who broadcasts while many people are already home eating dinner is doing that much better.  You can't fool all the people all the time, can you?  That's really incredible, and there are just as many options in the afternoon as the morning, and people have become apathetic about it and I'm one of them.  Naylor and Landsberg occasionally for me, but haven't given Fan a spin before I get to work in ages.


  • comment-avatar

    Wednesday gave us a glimpse of life without Bob on PTS. Marek joined Shannon and Madani to talk puck. Only Shannon talked for 75% of the time Marek was on. His repetitive spoon-deep analysis made me delete the podcast. Scott Moore are YOU listening?


  • comment-avatar

    This post is related to Numeris.

    My neighbour works in the radio industry, 27 years, he is dismissive of, "the book". He states that, "the book", is less relevant today than it was 10 years ago; “ad buys are more negotiable than ever before, no sales rep lets a "buy" walk or shop for rates. So many decisions in radio are now based on $ out, not who might be listening and when.”  He also alleges that Numeris in Toronto still rely on paper diaries rather than PPMs. So he's very "skeptical" of accurate survey results. 

    A colleague's son works part-time for Numeris. His son regularly has to call in before his shifts to confirm that there is enough work for his shift; and even then, he's been sent home early due to lack of "work".

  • comment-avatar

    I'd gut both rosters….

    AM Drive: John Gallagher, let him have creative control, ie, format, co-host & producer.
    9-11: Mary Ormsby, smart lady, who knows her sports, give her a solid producer who can
    wrangle quality guests.
    11-1: Dan Shulman and whomever he deems appropriate.
    1-4:  Kathryn Humphries & David Amber.
    4-7: Mark Hebscher, again, give him creative control, same deal as Gallagher.

  • comment-avatar

    John Gallagher?  Da hell….

  • comment-avatar

    Ha Ha John Gallagher… Bringing it back from the old school. Love it. always liked the guy, met him a few times he's a lot of fun.


  • comment-avatar

    I agree on on a few points Pete.

    1. I agree Blundell and Sports don't mix well.

    2. The show is awful… One of the big reasons for me is the long update segments. it breaks the show into part 1 Blundell blabbering, part 2 long update… then rince and repeat every 20 minutes. It doesn't lend to good conversation. it's too segragated.

    3. Blundell if he does stay on does need someone to bring more out of him, Rusic doesn't do this. i felt Bastl did a great job in the limited time they had together and i actually found the convo to be more free flowing and on topic. Actually found Blundell tolerable.

    Here is where I don't fully agree. I don't think rustic is a good host. When he is in the chair with Sammut, Enis or Bastl … he is enconsistent. There were time he and Bastl were great togther really. On Sundays I really enjoy inside the lines. I think Rustic does great with Bastl and Rapp. When he has 2 cohosts it works well. But when he was just with Bastl this past week I wasn't feeling it. I am a huge Bastl fan as everyone here knows I think he did a great job as always… but Rustic wasn't moving the show along or using Bastl at all.  

    It was simply a 1 man mic hog show and Bastl I'll let you talk at update time. Rusic got caught up on this impending doom of the raptors facing the Cavs thing. (which is a stupid topic in December  when the team is winning btw) And he just kept repeating the same point and catch line on repeat. he wouldn't let Bastl. When Bastl tried to chip in Rusic talked over him and cut him off. Rucis even asked Bastl a question and then just answered it him self in a long winded repeat of his previous points. It was really awful. 

    If the fan is going to make a change to the morning show, I'm all for it.. but I don't want Ruscic in the big chair and certainly not with only 1 cohost.

    I really hope bastl will be part of it though,

  • comment-avatar
    Steve Kee4 years ago

    This is the radio only information — wondering if more people might be accessing the shows via TV and on phones — and if that is captured in the BBM ratings.  I find while I tune in and out of the two sports stations — I cannot, for the life of me, understand how someone can listen for hours.  It gets to be repetitive.  McCown is still the key for me — he brings a perspective and interesting stories that others have no clue about.  

  • comment-avatar

    Hey Art…thanks for the response.  

    Perhaps I poorly worded it, but I sure as heck don't want, nor think, Rusic could handle the big chair.  And certainly not in the mornings.  What I was trying to imply/get at, is that Rusic is a good radio personality when he is himself on the air.  This whole schtick/persona he has to put on to fit in with some edgy Blundell morning show isn't cutting it.  It actually makes him sound really bad.  So much so it's made me dislike him.  He was thrust in a role he never should have been in and should be moved elsewhere where he can be himself talking sports with some other level-headed person.  That's where he is best.  

    I'm indifferent to Bastl because he played a similar role with Richards on TSN.  He's another guy I grew to dislike based on the out-of-element image he portrayed.  Now that he too has been put in a position where he just has to concentrate on sports primarily, his star is shining through.  I don't know if he fits in with the type of show the Fan seems to want in the mornings, but Bastl certainly is a talent the Fan would be smart to utilize as part of their programming,  Maybe as Walker's co-host?  I don't think one-person radio shows really work anymore.

  • comment-avatar

    No just zero gains… TSN 1050 is losing listeners. The Morning Show used to get much better ratings under Richards. TSN never did great but I remember seeing some 2s 3s and even 4s in there numbers book with the old line up.

    seeing numbers under 1? Good God save the money and just play the audio of TSN TV, you will probably do at least a 1.0.


  • comment-avatar

    I absolutely can't stand Cox (And Simmonds too). i have no use for him what so ever. Having said that I too am annoyed with the if anyone likes this guy he must either work for the same company or be the guy himself garbage.

    We all have different opinions.  Some people like guys you hate. and some people hate guys you like. 

  • comment-avatar

    'I have no use for him what so ever. Having said that I too am annoyed with the if anyone likes this guy he must either work for the same company or be the guy himself garbage.

    We all have different opinions.  Some people like guys you hate. and some people hate guys you like.'

    Bingo, nothing wrong with different opinions, it just gets down to silliness if your only way to add to a debate is 'they must work for Rogers/Bell'!!! Like, really? Is that the best you can offer. What's wrong with intelligent debate, not silly accusations. 

  • comment-avatar

    The big picture with the latest radio ratings for Toronto is that TSN1050 finished second last amongst all the stations with a dismal 0.5 rating. The FAN's rating was eight times larger in the overall market and the FAN is dominant in the sports radio niche in all time slots. A few people might prefer one host to another between the FAN and TSN1050 but the message of this rating period, just like the last, is very clear and overwhelming; GTA listeners are not interested in TSN1050.

    The only reason that Bell/TSN would keep the current format at TSN1050 is that the big cheeses want to maintain a presence in the largest radio market in the country. Fair enough but it has to be embarrassing that TSN could buy beers for every TSN1050 listener and pay for the tab out of petty cash.

    I suspect that 2017 will bring major changes to TSN1050, perhaps a complete revamp to complement and enhance TSN1-5's TV programming and audience. I'm not sure exactly how TSN/Bell would go about this but Bell is not afraid to make significant changes if we look at their other properties. And when will the few stars of TSN1050 decide that they are tired of being big fish in a wading pool?

    It is interesting that the ratings by time slot demonstrate that in the younger demographic the only show that has made any inroads is Leafs Lunch with Andi Petrillo. In fact, amongst the 18-34 males group, at 5.0 Leafs Lunch is closing in on Hockey Central (6.7). Yes, the roof is literally falling in on the predictable ancients at Hockey Central. I find Petrillo and especially O'Sullivan to have a different take on things; the show is developing into something very good.

    Overdrive is, unfortunately for TSN1050, a dog (or an O'Dog). When the boys did Leafs Lunch, it seemed successful. In the new drive time slot, the three amigos sound like unknowledgeable amateurs compared to the King over at the Fan. The old Leafs Lunch bunch in Overdrive is destined to be the Bay City Rollers of Toronto radio, living off nostalgia when the act no longer works.

  • comment-avatar

    More Scott Mac! I don't like Walker, Too arrogant. Thinks he is god's gift to sports. A lot of hot air.

  • comment-avatar

    O’Neill knows as much about baseball as McCown knows about hockey. But at least O’Neill watches Jays games. Can’t say the same for McCown and the Leafs or the NHL and he anchors the ‘Home of Hockey’ Network.

  • comment-avatar

    Leafs Lunch and Andi P is TERRIBLE!!! How it gets any ratings at all is beyond me

  • comment-avatar

    The Overdrive boys in the PM seem to have lost a bit of their magic. They said it last night – maybe they are maturing a bit. They don't have the spark they did with the midday show.

    Naylor/Landsberg just don't seem to resonate with fans well. I haven't heard a single person I know say something positive about either in a long, long time. (18-34 demo). I'd also suggest they get stiff competition from regular talk radio from those who are avoiding Blundell & aren't fans of these two.

    I'd love to listen to Overdrive longer than 4-5pm in the PM but TSN continues to have serious signal strength issues….north of Hwy 7 that station is practically static by 5pm. Surprising since the rest of the day it comes in clear.

  • comment-avatar

    If you have a data plan with a smartphone, you can listen to any radio station anywhere. iHeartRadio is one app. I use TuneIn. Listening to TSN works out to about 20 MB an hour, so that's 100 MB/week if you only need an hour per night. Less than 1 GB per month if you're using it 2 hours/day on your work commute. I also use an app to closely monitor my data usage. 

    Having these options makes the commute seem less onerous. TuneIn also has a "driving" screen that makes all the necessary buttons much larger. 

  • comment-avatar

    I looked at Tunein subscriptions and seeing how they compare to the radio ratings

    TSN 1050
    Naylor Landsberg – 377 followers
    Game Day – 270 followers
    Leafs Lunch – Negligible as it has Overdrive Episodes
    TSN Today – 28 followers
    Overdrive – 806 + 2900 (Leafs Lunch)

    Total — 4381

    Fan 590
    Dean Blundell – 415 followers
    Jeff Blair – 1000 followers
    Hockey Central – 6500 followers
    Andrew Walker Show – 629 followers
    Prime Time Sports – 6400 followers

    Total – 14,944

    Now these numbers may not be any good as it doesn't indicate unique subscribers. You could have one person subscribed to all of the shows. 

  • comment-avatar

    I do listen to 1050 quite a bit while driving. I get it via their website then into my car's speakers on my bluetooth. I used it quite a bit last month when I was working way up north in Markham.

  • comment-avatar

    Me too. The sound is so much better over the Internet. Now if only the sports talk content could catch up…

    Same goes for podcasts. If TSN were to go to FM, that would help a lot. Or if Bell could offer free streaming for Bell-owned stations…

  • comment-avatar

    I didn't realize it was so little (20mb per hour). I'll have to explore that more. Thanks.

  • comment-avatar

    Siegel is absolutely terrible, and makes me wonder if OverDrive are tanking on purpose.  Hayes is the best host of his generation, and O'Neil makes the show a riot.  McLennan adds nothing, and giving his spot to someone like Scott MacArthur who can speak intelligently about baseball would really balance the show and boost the quality of the product.

  • comment-avatar

    Never heard of Tunein radio. Just downloaded it. Found Overdrive and clicked on it. Only thing that showed up were all Brian Hayes Episodes. Latest episode is from Sept 12, 2014. When you click on ‘more’ the episodes just get older. I guess I’ll stick to Podcasts. In case you’re wondering- Wheeler was sitting in because Hayes, McLennan & O’Neill were on the road to the Beef Baron in London.

  • comment-avatar

    Go to Browse and search Local Radio. I have several sports stations listed among my favourites. I tend to shift through different stations throughout the day. Select TSN 1050 and click the green play button. Should start playing, if you're connected to wifi or you have allowed the app to use your data plan. 

    I also use "Standard" in terms of audio quality. 

    Another cool feature is when you hit Browse and small car icon appears near the top of the screen. This makes icons more accessible when driving.

    I use TuneIn exclusively for streaming — not for podcasts. I have an iPhone so my Apple podcast app suffices for all my podcasting needs. 

  • comment-avatar

    I don't subject myself to either station as I find US national shows much better listening and informative so I have no programming comments.

    The notion of book ratings though in 2016 is preposterous. Thousands of people listen now on podcast and TV simulcast (hundreds if you're TSN), and while you have different advertisers for different platforms, if you're trying to get an idea of who is listening to your show, someone using a pencil and pad isn't going to do it.