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So, my early holiday present to you all is the most recent radio ratings for the 2 sports radio stations in Toronto.


Aug. 29-May 30-Aug 28Aug. 29-May 30-Aug 28
Nov. 27Nov. 27
M- Fri. 6a-9a
Fan 5907.27.111.812.5
TSN 10500.
M- Fr. 9a-12p
Fan 5909.31014.912.5
TSN 10500.
M- Fr. 12p-1p
Fan 5904.28.96.711.8
TSN 10500.60.954.8
M- Fr. 1p-4p
Fan 5905.
TSN 10500.612.34.1
M- Fr. 4p-7p
Fan 59010.18.214.810.1
TSN 10501.


*The above chart is a brief overview of share figures from the latest PPM 2016 Numeris release courtesy of David Bray, ​David Bray of Bray & Partners Communications [email protected]

Blah blah blah, the system sucks.  Blah, blah, blah it’s the only system we have.

A friend whom I’ve known for years (and is not conversely an old friend) always told me about these “books” that you can’t look at one standing alone ,that you must instead look at trends.

Never before has it been more apparent that you need to look at this as only as a snapshot because it’s the most muddling book I’ve seen in a long time.

Couple of things to keep in mind:

We are comparing the most recent book August 29th – November 27th to the previous one, May 30 – August 28th.

The earlier book wrapped up the Leafs season, had all the draft frenzy, free agent day, the Raptors playoff run and a big chunk of the Blue Jays season.  There were few Blue Jays day games in that session that would have impacted the book during working hours.

The new book includes  the tail end of the Blue Jays regular season, the playoff run, the World Cup of Hockey, Maple Leafs training camp and the start of their season and same for the Raptors.

Here’s some random thoughts:

I am surprised that the Fan morning show got no bump whatsoever in the key demo from book to book. A pt. 1 increase is stunning (7.1-7.2)

The .7 drop for the Blair show is even more stunning to me in the key demographic (reminder that Blair and Brunt are on 9-11, baseball central 11-12) 10-9.3 Where did people go?

What I don’t get is the huge jump in Blair’s number in the younger demo.  Why were younger people suddenly the biggest audience share either station had (14.9 from a 12.5)

Have people misinterpreted the effect of the wins/losses on the market given the slaughter the fan saw at lunch time ?? Wow! what happened here? (8.9 – 4.2 older) and (11.8 – 6.7 younger)

Andrew Walker had a nice jump in the younger demo from 7.4 to an 8.1

Mccown had a nice jump in both demo’s as Bob was engaged on both the Jays front and the early Leafs prospects.

The TSN numbers again barely make a dent.

Summers are clearly a total wasteland for TSN, as the entire listening audience is Jays focused and least so far TSN has no answer.

Clearly, based on numbers alone the TSN morning show is not playing well with listeners in either demographic (see first note on the system) I can’t imagine after a long, successful career this is the type of reception Landsberg was expecting.

I still don’t understand how the morning show is losing it’s Blue Jays fans in the am.  How is it that the morning drive takes it big time on the chin from the Blair show? How much bigger could the Blair show be with a more listened to morning show.

No, these numbers do NOT include those of us who listen via podcast.

The Overdrive drop is not concerning UNLESS it continues in the next book.  If the 1.5 drops to like a 1.0 there is trouble. Real trouble.

That is all for now, I am sure your comments (please no more about the TSN signal or JEff Blair’s voice) will stir some more thoughts and debate.

Happy Tuesday.

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