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Good morning sports media watchers. With the holidays upon us I thought I would mix things up a little. Some of you will have no time for internet things while others will have lots. As such, I am going to post a topic that could be a topic of discussion over the next couple of weeks until real sports media news cranks up again. If this works out well then we can do more of this kind of thing in the future. Stay safe on the roads and for the love of all this holy put snow tires on your car.


Forum: Tim & Sid


I miss Tim & Sid's Score podcast. Perhaps this is rose-coloured reminiscing. However I thought it provided a fresh and independent voice for hardcore sports fans. It was clearly something the two of them put work into.


The first year at the FAN was pretty good. After that it became apparent to my ears that having to do 3 hours a day while also promoting the work of other Sportsnet personalities diluted the quality of the product. Then Sid went viral and Tim settled into his current role of setting up their bits and providing the laugh track while his partner does his thing. That's when I stopped listening and writing about them here.



This would sign their ticket back to TV and make them some of the best paid sports personalities in the country. As we have discussed at length here, the timing of this move was sub-optimal since it put them in direct competition with last decade's most powerful Sportsnet personality Bob McCown. That was, however, necessitated by the Don Kollins decision to bring in Dean Blundell to do mornings, which displaced the successful Brady & Walker show.


With the growing possibility that Dean might be taking his talents elsewhere I'd like to raise the question:


Would Sportsnet ever move Tim & Sid back to radio to take over mornings?


Let's leave aside the question of whether Tim & Sid would agree to it for the sake of argument. The main reason against this move would be that TV is where the money is (at least that's the conventional wisdom from the time before the internet) and radio is a pittance by comparison.


Here's why I find this argument unconvincing: ESPN has a hugely successful syndicated radio show in "Mike & Mike" that they also show on television. Awful Announcing has a story collecting info from various published sources stating that Mike Greenberg is one of the highest paid people at ESPN and that his contract includes provisions for various roles at the network. 


This is a model Sportsnet could use with Tim&Sid. I would argue they are getting poor value for their investment currently. I am almost never home from 5-7 and if I am I am not watching TV. To be fair, I understand they have spent more time trying to be a place where serious sports talk happens.


This might explain their new branding, to which a reader recently drew my attention:



Now, it's not clear to me whether this is sincere or intended as a joke. In light of the content they feature on the show's website, I'm leaning towards the latter:



With the news this week that Rogers is abandoning their IPTV plans and taking a half billion dollar write-down as a result it seems reasonable to think the company might be looking to create efficiencies elsewhere to prevent analysts and investors from souring on the stock. We saw the same pressure following the disappointing hockey ratings. Further, Sportsnet Mag delivered its final issue this month as Rogers looks to reduce its presence in the unprofitable world of print magazines. This will add a lot of people to Sportsnet's already stuffed roster of writers and editors at the website. 


In light of all of this it might be the time to revisit the sports media division and see where personalities are miscast or could be used more "synergistically" (I have been reading too many press releases). Tim&Sid jumps out to me as a prime candidate in that discussion.


Over to you:


1) Do you still find Tim&Sid credible sports voices or have they become something else since their move to TV?


2) Would you listen to them on your morning commute?


3) Do you tune in to watch their TV show or would you be just as happy with Jackie Redmond's clip show on repeat?




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