Has Donald Trump Turned You Off Of Sports Too?

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Hello sports fans.

Thank you for patience as we try to spruce the place up a little bit.  Like everything else around here, it take a village.

Lots to talk about so let us get to it.

Mrs. TSM is an addict.  No matter the time or day our television is turned to HGTV.  Despite the fact she hates moving, can’t stand decorating or upgrading homes she lives, eats and breathes “home” shows.

A funny thing has happened along the way to the Donald taking the Oval (sorry, Scandal reference).  CNN is now on our TV all the time!  Seriously, I haven’t seen a home show in about a month.  It’s 24/7 Donald in our home.

The funny thing is, I can say it has started to effect me too.  As I’ve written before, the podcast catchers of the world has made living outside of Toronto really easy to remain a Toronto sports fan.  All the shows get downloaded to my Samsung edge (no, not a note!) multiple times per day and then anytime I am in the car I don’t have to suffer through local radio (all Seahawks all the time).  The biggest benefit is that I can pick and choose the segments I want to listen to the 5-6 times per day I am in the car.  However, thanks to my friends at TuneIn Radio, I now can listen to CNN in the car!

With the Leafs in a lull of the season, the Raptors in a swoon and the Blue Jays just being at the start of spring training, I haven’t listened to a whole lot of sports radio.  I look all the time and there just doesn’t seem to be much to listen to compared to the sh!t show going on in the real world of news.

Maybe with the trade deadlines almost being upon us and the games starting to matter I will get re-engaged but for now, I am totally re-engaged in the political world.

Are you paying less attention to sports media these days too?

I will say, I am on the verge of actually subscribing to a few physical newspapers too by the way!

Did you happen to catch Dean Blundell’s post Fan exit on Twitter?

Here are some gems:

This one is more recent, but clearly not much love lost between Dean and Simmons.

Nor with Bruce Arthur.  Strong comment to put in writing that “no one” likes them.  I wonder if he can defend that.

Now this is fascinating!  No one that I am aware of has ever said that Rogers on air staff have been directed with regards to Blue Jays content.  I am not saying it’s never happened, but rather no one has ever said it’s happened.

I hope Dean discusses this more on his podcast.  The audience would love to know what he was told to say (or not say) about The Blue Jays, Raptors, or Maple Leafs.  The who, what, where would be awesome to hear.  It takes guts to tweet it, let’s see if he finishes the job.

Rumors were true.  Kollins was going to let Dean be Dean until he pulled the rip cord.  It doesn’t sound like Dean got along to well with those in charge after Kollins left.

Rumor was he hated doing the show.  I guess, once again we should believe what we hear.

Wow, I wonder why he felt ignored.

Meanwhile.. Mike Richards has been hinting for a while that his non-compete was about to be up and that he’d be free to take on TSN 1050.



So what did Mike announce?

“No more BS, no more corporate BS, no more listening to people who don’t know what they are talking about”

Ok then… So Mike is going to be launching a raw website where he claims to be talking sports unplugged.  Interesting idea.  Let’s see what it looks like come April.

Speaking of interesting…


Nice to see everyone getting along in the radio sandbox.  Will it last????


But even if all of those factors had not been at play, acquiring Ibaka for this moderate price was a no-brainer decision for Ujiri and his staff.

The Raptors made a trade this week!

That quote from the best local article on the deal IMHO.

The best online video on the Raptors deal?


from the Vertical and our friends at yahoo.com

Nice to see Tyler Dellow is back to putting fingers to keys and another great get by The Athletic Toronto. Hat tip to James Mirtle for landing top talent to the upstart sports subsite.  It’s awesome seeing another Jonah, this one way more renowned than I, on screen tapping sports.  In case you are wondering, landing Keri is a big get.

So, with new morning shows at both Toronto based radio stations having been granted in the last “little” while can we wish for and receive a new Tsn.ca???

Ouch!  Did you read this quick Q&A with Paul Godfrey???

I know it’s been a few weeks since the Superbowl, but has a single word been written in any real format about SimSub?  Seriously, what happened to the lawsuit? Not seriously, did the sky fall???


Long before Facebook, Al Gore’s Internet even we kids of the 70’s and 80’s grew up on WWF Wrestling. Sport or entertainment (or both) I don’t care, my childhood was fuller as a result of watching those matches on TV or yes, at Maple Leaf Gardens or even a Wrestlemania down at Skydome. To this day I can still rattle off the names of all the characters I grew up watching. Many are gone now, no doubt some the result of the hard life associated with entertaining kids like me. So it was with a hint of sadness that I read:

The animal was one of the best characters on TV. Let’s be honest though, we liked him a lot more when he was bad then when he was good.

Finally, I happened to be back in Toronto last week for a quick stint. My dad celebrated his 80th bday. Not that he’s ever read this site, but it was great being home for such an amazing day. Happy Birthday dad! Looking forward to the next 80.


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