Jay & Dan’s Excellent Adventure- Slow Death Of Highlight Shows?



Well, wasn’t that INTERESTING…..

It was only May 3, 2013 when we had the story that Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole ‘said “Californy is the place you ought to be”

So they loaded up the truck and they moved to Beverly

Hills, that is. Swimmin pools, movie stars.

Today we are learning via the sports business journal that the duo’s contracts won’t be renewed and they are both free agents come March. WOW. Is this another example of the slow march of death of the highlight show? Is Chris Berman’s retirement a signal that the format that he helped create as a sports highlight show anchor has forever lost it’s luster?

As you know I use my own kids and their friends as the measuring stick.  They don’t watch highlight shows at all.  With their phones in hand they have instant updates and highlights.

Do you think this is the really the beginning of the end? Do you want either TSN or Sportsnet to bring the duo back, back,back or should they be GONE?

Mike in Boston, adding on:

Jonah has sources saying that Jay has already signed with TSN ….

In the Tim&Sid Forum post I said this about their show:


“One thought I had was how doing a radio show could be compatible with doing their current TV clip show. What I am imagining is them doing 1 hour in their current format on TV leaving 2 hours for them to be on radio. One of those hours could be simulcast on TV but it would be a radio show first and a TV show second. This could work in the PTS slot: 4-5 on TV only (change the mid-afternoon slot to 2-5), 5-6 on both TV and radio, 6-7 on radio only. Same model could be adjusted for mornings: 6-8 radio only, 8-9 both TV and radio, 9-10 TV only.”

No one has really committed to this model yet in Canada, despite evidence from ESPN that this can be very successful if done right. TSN should try it: give them a 3 hour slot and divide it up between radio and TV with some overlap. I have no interest in watching them on TV, but I could imagine giving them a try on radio. I feel the same way about Tim&Sid. Once it is a TV show then the focus is on the visual shenanigans. As long as it is a radio show then the interviews matter as do the sports takes.

Some other quick thoughts:


  • Can you plop Jay and Dan right back where they were? Is Beirness too big of a star for that to happen? Would viewers care? Do the ratings for clip shows matter?


  • Where would Jay and Dan make the biggest impact for TSN? They are in a battle with Sportsnet on the cable side, and getting drubbed on the radio side. Would you want to tarnish Jay and Dan by putting them on Titanic1050?


  • Bad timing for Sporstnet 1: what decisions would they have made if J&D were free when they were trying to replace Blundell?


  • Bad timing for Sporstnet 2: this kind of sucks some of the fanfare away from the launch of their brand new morning show that launches next week.


  • More general topic for those of you who watch: who is the face of each network right now? I guess Sportsnet is trying to make Tim and Sid their lead personalities. As for TSN … McKenzie? O-Dog? Kind of hard to sell that when you control so few hockey games.


  • Jay and Dan would instantly rocket to the top of TSN’s priority list. Wonder how that goes over with all the people who have been working their way up over the last few years.


  • This provides 1050 with the perfect opportunity to do the right thing and move Overdrive back to lunchtime.


  • We are kind of seeing the death throes of the shock jock model of sports media. Does Jay and Dan’s humour still play in 2017?


Over to you:

Happy Thursday!

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