Should The NHL Kill Trade Deadline Day?



“Nothing happens. Nobody comes, nobody goes. It’s awful.”

No, not the fans after another dull NHL trade deadline day, that’s from Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, but it certainly fits doesn’t it?

Like many good things, over time, the players involved figure out the system and the resulting product sucks.

What was at one point a frenzy of activity making for must see television has now become more boring than the annual All Star Game.

A league that strives for competitive balance, seems to hate dynasties, now has a salary cap and this year add in an expansion draft suggested that it’s time to kill the non event.

Countless hours of speculation, gobs and gobs of dollars spent and in the end, nothing.

Why bother?

The answer from most industry types is that it’s a payback to the rights holders.

We the fans are idiots you see, and despite the fact the day has turned out to be duller than a Tiger Woods less golf event people still watch.

So despite the fact that people know that nothing is going to happen, they tune in and watch the talking heads ramble on for hours about nothing.

What’s the solution?

Well, I’m not really sure the idea of a trade deadline makes any sense at all.  Why not institute a deadline for which each team has to submit a playoff roster.  After that days trades can be made but any player moved after that date would not be eligible to play for their new team.

One expert told me that the NHLPA would not go for it.  The players would want to negotiate this and they are not crazy about late season trades I was told.  Ok, so negotiating it shouldn’t be a big deal.  As for the late season trade, it appears to me that many of the deals get done simply because there is a deadline to begin with.  I wonder if we would actually see less moves down the stretch then we do now.

A few folks wondered why I was suggesting it be tinkered with at all.

Simple, it’s dull and boring.

Sooner or later the ratings will tumble and the non event will be totally irrelevant.

Why not be proactive and fix it before the league looks totally stupid.

Just a thought.

On the topic of stupid, both TSN and Rogers had more people working the deadline day desks then Trump had at his inauguration (and we know how YUGE that was).  Yet on their respective airwaves it was business as usual.

The dumbest comment I saw as to why the radio stations should not pick up the tv fan fest feed is that “people listening in on the radio would miss out on the visuals”.

Let that gem sink for a minute.

I love the talk that radio is different and TV doesn’t translate well to it.

Pretty cool thing Tunein Radio is, or this other thing called satellite radio. During election season I was able to listen to CNN and MSNBC or even Fox News in my car and boy I really missed out on those visuals.

Look, I get radio is different.  I am one of the few who still listens to sports radio. My point is that you have rooms full of experts why not share that audio on the radio?

Look at both stations on the air right now, name one that has a unique profile that makes it alone worth listening to?

Prime Time.

I agree, there is no reason for the Fan to put the post deadline portion of TV on the radio (nothing happens anyways so to hear the experts talk about that which didn’t happen is beyond moronic).

There is not a single minute on either station that day that was unique enough to draw a fly to listen to that could not have been replaced by a simulcast of TV.

Star, Sun, Globe and Post.  Those are the 3 dailies that have been around forever with the later addition of the post.

While so many have been focused as to what the future of newspapers are in general, the Toronto sports section has been dying. Take a look at the 4 pamphlets and look at both the number of scribes left and then the actual names remaining and you will see the death of an industry right before our very eyes.

To those writers who see this (because no one admits to reading it) this is not a swipe at you.  It’s actually a written prayer.  You, the physical print sports writer in Toronto are officially endangered.

The Globe is uber full funded and fully focused on digital subscriptions as a whole.  Sports? Yawn… not their audience.  What was once (recently) the gem of the bunch is now barely worth checking out even on a monthly basis.

The Post?? Ha! That’s funny.



Forget sports, they’ve gutted everything over there.


The Star? The paper we all thought was untouchable has been in it’s own death spiral.  The once large sports section is dwindling in numbers.

The Sun? There’s a good number of veterans left but after that??

So, before our eyes our print media outlets have taken away the sports section.

The literal source for many of us in how we learned about the games is clearly on it’s way out in Toronto. We, the audience started to turn to other online avenues a while back and the papers have quit, they’ve given up on sports. That’s sad and unfortunate.

Trump has brought back the news in the Untied States. Is there anything that could do the same for sports writers in Toronto or Canada?

To those effected in Vancouver this week, best of luck finding work.

To those smart enough to have joined other media outlets you were very smart or very lucky.


Did you happen to hear a couple of different sessions on PTS recently on the topic of podcasts?  It’s hard to tell sometimes when McCown really doesn’t understand something or McCown is playing the role of uninformed for audience sake.  To his credit he said he’s never listened to a podcast and he knows that his show has been available as a podcast for years. You could literally here is ears perk up when the mention of individual pecuniary gain was mentioned.

The real highlight of the conversations was when he mentioned that he had run into Stephen Brunt recently and that McCown thinks that Brunt is still made at him.  I somehow find that hard to believe.

Joe Bowen made the rounds this week celebrating his 3000th maple leafs game. His appearances on radio were good.

Without question my favorite Bowen call ever:

It has been said by some that we are too critical of the media on this website.  I present for you exhibit A that suggests those so critical take a look down the 401 to where we could be.  I think we are preeeeeety fair as comparison.

As I’ve said before, we hold no expertise here nor have we ever claimed to be experts.  Everything is opinion.  We may not be right in your eyes but these opinions are ours and we’ve always tried to be fair and balanced.

Lots more good stuff coming down the road.


Happy Weekend!



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Jim Lang
Jim Lang
March 11, 2017 1:53 pm

As usual, required reading for a Saturday.
Here is the problem facing all forms of written media in North America, not just Sports.
We the reader/consumer are not willing to wait anymore to find out what happened after a game. So, thanks to Twitter and team’s own websites, we the sports fan can relive all the highlights, get all the quotes and essentially write our own post-game story.
The same quotes from Mike Babcock that you read in the Star, Sun et al are usually posted minutes (seconds) after he uttered them. So unless you’re WiFi is down or are camping in Nunavut, chances are you already have all the information that you were seeking.
So with less people actually buying a paper anymore and reading it, revenue is going down. When revenue goes down the respective papers have less money spend. It is a trend that, sad to say, is unlikely to end.
I can only speak for myself, but I like reading my stories and papers online now. And if need be, (The Athletic for example) I am willing to pay to read a certain story, or series of stories.
Technology has placed the media industry (not just sports) into a vortex of change the likes of which they could not have possibly seen coming.
For those affected by all of this change, it isn’t fair and it isn’t pretty. But there is nothing they can do to stop it.
The halcyon days of expense accounts and unlimited travel for sports departments are a thing of the past. If the money isn’t coming in, there is just no way for a newspaper to justify sending four writers to some faraway locale when only one or two will do.
That means less people doing more work for the same, or sometimes less money.
Since most people have a mountain of bills to pay, they have no choice but to suck it up and do the work.
Hopefully all of the quality writers and journalists who are being pushed aside from their respective newspapers end up in quality websites so that we can continue to read their work.
At this point, that’s all we can hope for.
Bob Dylan nailed it years ago when he uttered those famous words:
Then you better start swimmin’
Or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’

March 11, 2017 1:53 pm

I think what’s killed the entertainment value of Trade Deadline Day in the NHL is the salary cap. When teams could “load up” in the run to the playoffs, you were always left wondering “What would Team X do?”

Now you’re left with “what gimmick will X try to keep you tuned in”?

On PTS recently McCowan has been banging the drum for the idea of “trading cap space” to facilitate more trades, while I’m not sure that it would work as intended, I think it’s an interesting idea.

That is something that the Leafs have been doing to some degree with some of the moves that they have made in the last two seasons, in getting picks for accepting bad player contracts and then burying said players on the Marlies.

Paul G.
Paul G.
March 11, 2017 1:57 pm

re: Exhibit A

You guys do a good job by avoiding the vitriol and profanity that other websites seem to regard as necessary content. Keep up the fine quality. Dissent and opposing ideas can (as you demonstrate weekly) be presented without “lowering the bar”.

March 11, 2017 2:40 pm

You wrote this piece as if trade deadline day is a “problem” for someone. If it is, you didn’t identify them. (Maybe it’s just you?)….If I’m running Sportsnet then yes, it’s a real problem because Sportsnet keeps getting spanked by TSN and I want sportsnet to be the “go to” network for hockey info – and It’s not…In fact Sportsnet is far from it. TSN is so far above them, it’s kind of pathetic. Nobody in hockey watches Sportsnet, they all know TSN is the only real choice.

You answered your own question when you wrote : “Sooner or later the ratings will tumble and the non event will be totally irrelevant”…..Until then, TSN will keep broadcasting it – and Sportsnet will too (even though nobody’s watching).

Both networks have multiple channels to find content for – and deadline day provides them with a little during the daytime in mid week.

The overused: “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it” may sound obvious, but it applies here…

March 11, 2017 2:46 pm

Count me among the idiots. I will tune in each and every year with a small hope of something worth while for my team. I don’t care if nobody else does anything as long as my team got that 1 trade I was hoping for. This is why most people tune in. does it work out? usually not but sometimes you get one. I remember the Habs getting Vanek just aster 3pm for a 2nd a prospect. I was thrilled that day, the waiting was 100% worth while. This year not so much, but I’ll still be glued to TSN next year with hope.

For most of you being Leafs fans the deadline was about selling until this year. but as the Leafs get better I am sure a lot of you will be sitting in front of your screens hoping for the Dman that can help you make a run at a cup,

I don’t want it scrapped I just want my GM to get better.

March 11, 2017 3:18 pm

Why not institute a deadline for which each team has to submit a playoff roster. After that days trades can be made but any player moved after that date would not be eligible to play for their new team.

This is essentially what the trade deadline already is. Teams CAN still make trades post-deadline (see: Brandon Gormley from NJ to OTT days after this yrs deadline). Its rare, but it can & does happen. Gormley is eligible to play regular season games for OTT, but cannot play playoff games.

March 11, 2017 3:52 pm

I’m not too sure either who thinks deadline day is a problem. Sure, not many great trades have happened in the last couple of years, but I enjoy TSN’s show, even if just for the quality hockey talk and occasional comedy break.

Bob Canuck
Bob Canuck
March 11, 2017 3:58 pm


I liked the line from Waiting for Godot; let’s continue with some more quotes.

First, your suggestion of a cut-off date to determine playoff rosters is a deadline. Won’t playoff-bound teams treat the roster-setting deadline as a date by which they must complete any pre-playoff trades? In other words, a trade deadline. Wouldn’t TSN and Sportsnet devote air time to cover your suggested deadline if they believe the audience is large enough to warrant the cost?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”
Romeo and Juliet

Second, the NFL, NBA, and MLB have trade deadlines; however, the national television coverage for the trade deadline in those leagues, as well as U.S.-based coverage of the NHL’s deadline, is not nearly as extensive as the airtime given to the NHL’s trade deadline by TSN and Sportsnet. I think your issue is with the two Canadian broadcasters and not the league or the use of a trade deadline.

“The fault dear Brutus, lies not within the stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.”
Julius Caesar

Third, for those who think that TSN and Sportsnet are covering a dull and boring event, I recall this quote from my childhood.

“Turn the TV off.”

March 11, 2017 4:06 pm

I cannot honestly say I do watch some parts of trade deadline day off and on, but how the both networks keep doing this year after year for a better part of at least 8 hours that day is beyond me with so little activity. I guess the rating show it must make money for both of them. Here’s hoping Barry Davis formally of SN is back on TV or radio soon. I remember him in his early years on radio and has paid his dues . Maybe TSN or 1050 surly can use him on radio.

March 11, 2017 8:23 pm

Great article, but that call was Bob Cole, not Joe Bowen. Classic nonetheless.

Mike S
Mike S
March 12, 2017 12:49 am

The only thing wrong with the NHL trade deadline is that TSN/Sportsnet still think (or at least hope) that all or most of the interesting trades will happen on deadline day……….but in recent years most of the noteworthy trades happen a few days before the deadline or earlier

There were plenty of recognizable names traded this year (Bishop, Hanzal, Eaves, Boyle, Burrows, Oduya, Shattenkirk, etc) but all of them had been traded before deadline day………same thing happened last year (Ladd, E. Staal, Hudler, Schultz, Reimer, etc)

March 12, 2017 9:48 am

There is something entertaining in itself, seeing both networks’ mobs of people standing at the ready at 8am, ready to gobble up the most minor of trades like a german shepherd eating a bowl of custard! Same with July 1 and free agency day, when a fourth line winger gets the only airtime of his career. Getting rid of trade deadline day isn’t the answer. It’s not the NHL’s fault the networks treat the day like they do.

March 12, 2017 1:02 pm

Deadline day is a welcomed distraction near the end of winter, and I enjoy taking the day off work. The only thing annoying about Deadline day is the whining about the lack of activity, especially from those paid to chat about it. The audience knows what to expect at this point so nobody should really claim disappointment. This year I exclusively watched TSN’s coverage because, quite frankly, there is nobody on Sportsnet that I’m not tired of hearing from.

I do listen to the Prime Time podcast on occasion, and have heard McCowan go on about his latest bout of brilliance. I’d be surprised if the players signed off on the idea of trading cap space as it would just reduce their own individual paycheques. Even if a team acquires unused cap space from another team, the players still get the same share, and the pie doesn’t get any bigger.

March 12, 2017 1:16 pm

@Randy – the middle of the video is the Bowen radio call

Trade deadline – I used to watch it. Now nothing happens. But it’s not like TSN/SN could be doing anything else so who really cares. It’s pretty cheap for them to do it, people are watching, so why not. When people stop watching, they’ll stop doing it.

It’s (sadly) telling that there’s (I think) only 1 comment about newspapers. I just don’t see how newspapers can compete with online in terms of content.

Unless you are a Leafs/Jays fan or the NFL as the Sun seems to have some coverage, why would you buy a Toronto paper?

If your main sports interest is anything from the English Premier League or any other soccer, or NCAA football/basketball, or car racing, golf, rugby, lacrosse, etc. to all sorts of other sports, or even the Argos/CFL, or even like the Habs or the NBA, why would you buy a Toronto newspaper?

(Obviously I mean why would you buy a paper if your main reason is sports).

Frankly, even for the Leafs/Jays and/or NHL/MLB there is so much more online, why would you buy a paper?

Unfortunately, I just don’t see how newspapers can compete in print or online.

March 12, 2017 2:17 pm

The World Cup of Hockey was created by the NHL & their TV partner to generate revenue as was The Winter Classic. If both start to slide then both can go. But the NHL trade deadline is an administrative necessity that wasn’t created to garner ratings and won’t go away if ratings go down. While ratings are lower than they used to be, they are by no means a failure. I didn’t watch any of it, but hey, like most here, I was working all day. TSN was the number one watched specialty cable channel on a WEDNESDAY. Even though they trumped Sportsnet’s ratings by almost double, it was also a success for Sportsnet. Trade deadline day has become a secondary ‘hockey day in Canada’ and can be fun to watch at times. In 2016 #tradedeadline had 61 million mentions on Twitter; a big number.

You think if TSN had some guy calling darts at 2 pm on a Wednesday afternoon yelling ‘One hundred and eighty!’ every 30 seconds that anybody would be watching? Or how about Sportsnet carrying some lame poker event on 5 of it’s channels with 6 motionless overweight mutes in sunglasses slumped in a chair around a poker table? TSN peaked at 332,000 viewers a minute. Trade deadline coverage isn’t going away even if Frankie Corrado is the only one traded next year.

Also, the networks have turned the day into a staff party. This is likely the last day when all anchors/colour peeps/commentators will be in the same building on the same day before they all scatter for the push for the playoffs and then the playoffs themselves. They get the booze and the food flowing after the show and that has a positive value to it as well for company morale.

Bob Canuck
Bob Canuck
March 12, 2017 3:25 pm

Historically, newspaper subscriptions accounted for approximately 20% of newspaper revenues; now it is up to 30% or so. Accordingly, I think too much importance is placed on the impact of the decline in readership on the financial fortunes of newspapers.

If you look at U.S. industry data from 2003 to 2012, circulation was fairly stable yet revenues declined by over 40%, due almost entirely to the collapse of revenues from advertising and classified ads. Technological changes have wreaked havoc on newspapers. For example, eBay, Craigslist, and other services contributed to a 71% reduction in classified ad revenues during that period. Despite a stable readership base between 2003 and 2012, advertisers and others have found other platforms to use.

As Andrew Coyne said:

“But now advertisers have deserted us en masse. And so the industry now faces the challenge of persuading readers, not only to read us rather than the thousands of other alternatives that are now available online, but to pay something closer to the full shot for something they have been used to getting at a heavy discount, historically, or more recently for free.”

January 25, 2016 – National Post

So, even if newspapers had maintained or improved the quality of writing such that more people would pay for the services, there are more important factors contributing to the financial woes of newspapers.


March 13, 2017 12:17 pm

Thanks for the hard info (ratings) in your post yaz. You made great points The numbers say it all…If in fact it was 300,000 + viewers during the day on a Wednesday, I am sure it’s a windfall for TSN.

If deadline dsy helps TSN, then I am sure Sportsnet would love for it to go away, simply because they don’t have anything that can compete and it further proves how badly they do compared to TSN in covering hockey.

Just like the draft lottery last year. TSN didn’t have the rights and they still drew great ratings. That has got to be a kick in the teeth to Sportsnet.

I guess the one thing Sportsnet have going for them is the playoffs won’t be such a downer this year. If the Leafs make it in, that could be a big deal.

March 13, 2017 12:58 pm

Leafs making it and 5 of 7 teams total. Also a good chance of 2 all Canadian matchups in the 1st round. It could even be the 2 biggest rivalries in the country with Edmonton vs. Calgary and a potential Montreal vs. Toronto for the 1st time since the 70s. If not MTL vs. Tor you misght still get Tor vs Ott. And if you do get 2 All Canadian matchups you guarantee at least 2 Canadian teams in the 2nd round. You might even get a all Canadian match up in the 2nd round too, which would mean a Canadian team in the 3rd round.

This year could be absolutely HUGE for sportsnet.

March 13, 2017 2:28 pm

This week’s post was painful to read. Not the content, but the formatting. I would presume an educated professional such as yourself TSM could do better than writing one sentence paragraphs that requires endless scrolling.

March 13, 2017 2:34 pm

The real highlight of the conversations was when he mentioned that he had run into Stephen Brunt recently and that McCown thinks that Brunt is still made at him. I somehow find that hard to believe.

I assume you meant “mad”, and I’m not sure why you would find that so hard to believe. Brunt hasn’t been on PTS ONCE since Bob threw him under the bus in the article Shoalts wrote, yet has no problem appearing, and sometimes co-hosting T&S which is in the same time-slot. On occasion, Brunt will still take subtle passive aggressive swipes at Bob when given the chance on Blair’s show. Keeping those things in mind, I have no problem believing Brunt still holds a grudge. McCown essentially ‘fired’ Brunt from PTS in a newspaper article.

Mike V
Mike V
March 13, 2017 4:17 pm

Only the peak was 332,000, that’s for one minute over a 10 hour show. The average audience was much, much less than that, probably in the 150-160,000 range – can’t know for sure because for the first time ever Bell has refused to say and it hasn’t leaked from another source. Neither network can make much of a windfall considering the resources sunk into the day compared to free filler that will still get tens of thousands tuning in.

Switching over to radio, you can really spot the Blue Jays off-season when looking at Fan 590 ratings books for M25-54: 8.1, 5.3, 7.2, 8.2, 7.8, 5.7.

Bob Cagin
Bob Cagin
March 13, 2017 7:18 pm

It’s always sad when people lose their jobs but it’s ironic “don’t ya think” that Postmedia employees are now turning to unions for help.

The rightwing blowhard rags have been bashing unions and unionized workers since the very beginning. Now, the tables have turned.

No offence, but the decline of newspapers and the media in general is just capitalism at work: fewer readers = less revenue, meaning frontline workers pay the price while the robber barons in the corporate offices line their pockets.

That’s the way capitalism works and always will…

March 14, 2017 5:53 am

How does everyone feel about the Leafs ticket price increase? I’ll admit, it doesn’t affect me much because when i go to a game, I go to Buffalo, but do they think the public is that stupid to believe their reasoning?

Corus Employee #99112
Corus Employee #99112
March 14, 2017 7:10 am

hey @Mike V …. at what point do you think you should disclose which branch of Rogers you work in? Just did a search of yr posts and 99% of them involve inside industry language that is negative about Bell. C’com man.

Mike V
Mike V
March 14, 2017 9:07 am

Don’t work for Rogers. Or any media company for that matter. I call out Bell Media for using deceptive wording in their press releases recently as they should be. The people writing them know exactly what they are doing and it only started in the past year or so. As a Corus Employee, do you think it makes sense to boast about a show’s ratings without disclosing the Average Minute Audience of it when that is the standard TV is judged on?

“Insider language”? Sure I guess if you mean learning a handful of terms by reading this website and others (TVBTN was a great resource) over the years. Definitely need to be an insider to understand “reach”, “AMA”, “peak”, “demo”. No way a layperson could figure those out. C’mon man, it’s not that difficult to understand how ratings work.

You want Rogers criticism? I was highly critical of the Dean Blundell experiment, thought Walker not Brady was the one to let go and Bob McCown jumped the shark a while ago – let him walk up to 1050 if he doesn’t want to retire at the end of his contract next year. He’d be Canada’s Skip Bayless IMO. Zaun, Cherry, Reid, Shannon, Cox, T&S, Kypreos… Don’t have any use for any of them and have said so previously. True, I don’t have absolute love for everything TSN/absolute hate for Sportsnet like some others on this site so I may stand out for that. And I continue to believe that the NHL TV deal was not a gigantic overpay in this era of rising content costs but that’s true no matter which media conglomerate signed it.

Mike V
Mike V
March 14, 2017 9:34 am

Cirroc, don’t think they believe the public is not that stupid. Had to know everyone would seen right though it already – real reason it’s going through is because the team is much better than expected and because they can. Pro-sports are a business and every dollar left to scalpers on the secondary market is one not going to MLSE. A $10/ticket across the board increase adds about $8 million in revenue over the season, which flows right through to the bottom line. They are free to set prices where they see fit and the only way they’ll stop is if they see renewals drop off.

BUT… coming out and being that blatantly greedy is bad PR. Think Ted Roger’s Bills announcement. So having a stupid cover is better than no cover at all.

Mickey b
Mickey b
March 14, 2017 9:37 am

For me, anytime I can watch the talent that tan puts out there to talk hockey, I enjoy watching. Trade deadline is great only because it puts a lot of really knowledgeable hockey guys together for the day. I’d watch those guys talk hockey on any day of the year. If you’re referring to the forced awkward show that sports net puts out, it’s a complete waste of time. It’s a complete joke having kypreos and Shannon try to compete with tsn’s guys. I couldn’t care less about picking an allegiance to tsn or rogers. My opinion is strictly based on quality and I honestly feel if anyone who knows the slightest about hockey and isn’t biased knows the quality between the 2 networks is night and day difference.

Mickey b
Mickey b
March 14, 2017 9:38 am


March 14, 2017 9:46 am

Thanks for that clarification Mike V. I did say ‘peaked’. I guess you could argue using the average number of viewers would skew perspective in Rogers’ favour, peak viewers in TSN’s favour. While 20-30,000 viewers watching Poker or Darts coverage costs little, it adds nothing to their brands. Not sure I agree that massive resources are dedicated to Trade Deadline coverage. All employees are under contract. There would be some additional tech crew and to get everyone in on the same day would add to travel costs but travel would be part of an annual travel budget. Maybe the catering budget would kill them.

I would say remove the 332,000 from my argument and insert the average number and I still think my logic holds water. Not saying it is a ‘windfall’ but it is a day with revenues that likely exceed expenses and contributes to their individual brands. I don’t know what value execs place on social media but it is significant, whether it is justified or not is a separate argument. 61 million #tradedeadline mentions doesn’t directly contribute a nickel of hard revenue but does have value. Also ( in 2016 ) TSN increased 30 percent on the digital side and Sportsnet 20 percent.

Consider the resources put into covering some events the same week as 2016 Trade Deadline: the 2016 Alumni game ( 159,000 viewers ) Raptors at Pistons, ( 165,000). Trade Deadline coverage isn’t going anywhere soon. I think both networks just need a different way to frame it next year – the glib mocking by commentators on both sides in the days/weeks leading up to it grew old a couple of years ago.

March 14, 2017 2:19 pm

Its disappointing that anyone who offers a different view from what you think is ‘right’ is automatically accused of being an employee. We’re all adults here, can we not lower ourselves to the lowest common denominator discussion points. If you disagree with someone, debate them, don’t accuse them of being an employee, its a cop out.

Mike S
Mike S
March 14, 2017 9:16 pm

McCown on the PTS roundtable last Friday: “Crosby plays McDavid tonight. But it’s not like they go head to head. They don’t play the same position”

Shannon: “Yes they do. They’re both centers”

McCown: “Oh right. Of course”

Never known as The Kid
Never known as The Kid
March 15, 2017 9:47 am

Re. Mike S and McCown

If you are a regular listener, it’s pretty apparent that Bob doesn’t really watch / attend any sports any longer. His confusion about the positions that McDavid and Sid share is only the most recent example. But he is good for references to the Runnin’ Rebels of the 80’s or talking about when he was a Little League pitcher back in the ’30’s.

Remember when he convinced himself that LeBron was going to sign as a UFA with the Raptors because the flight home from TO to Cleveland was short? Uh yeah, how’d that work out?

Dileno Bertossi
Dileno Bertossi
March 15, 2017 12:10 pm

“Trump has brought back the news in the Untied States. Is there anything that could do the same for sports writers in Toronto or Canada?”

At first I thought you misspelled the United States, but on second thought, you got it right.

March 15, 2017 5:17 pm

I finally caught the PTS round table from last Friday…that first hour was about as bad an hour of the Friday roundtables I’ve heard in some time. A half hour talking about the WBC (which no one cares about), and then 10 minutes debating the merits of Dalton Pompey, and then 10 minutes on Vince Young joining Saskatchewan in the CFL. You could hear Damien audibly sigh when Bob started talking about Pompey, and then when they Vince Young discussion began, Damien made some crack about how boring the show was.

That Dalton Pompey discussion was embarrassing. Do they really need to squeeze in something about the Blue Jays in every episode of PTS? We get it…Rogers…Blue Jays…we get it. But seriously…we don’t need to hear about the Jays every hour.

March 16, 2017 5:20 am

“(which no one cares about)”

Many of the full stadiums suggest otherwise. Don’t be so North American-centric.

And as for the Jays on every episode of PTS…the Jays are arguably the most popular sports in Canada, why wouldn’t they talk about them, FFS?

Please, next time, get some serious complaints or just don’t post at all, okay?

Robert Sanchez
Robert Sanchez
March 16, 2017 6:13 am

The NHL is really popular in so many countries ,we don’t have to underestimate the power of our sports.

March 16, 2017 11:08 am

The FAN should’ve just stuck with the replacement group (Wong, Riccio, Bastl) that were there in the morning transition from Blundell to Brady.

IMO they were similar quality wise and it’s about time we get some fresh blood going. It’s not like Brady has these unique takes that we’re all dying to hear. He has experience but nothing special.

In general the slate of hosts skews way too old on both stations.

March 16, 2017 6:17 pm

Whoever is in chàrge of thìs blog – you missed the boat as I wrote extensively on your TSM blog last week on the debacle that has been NHLTrade Deadline day on TSN and Sportsnet,

Ii’m convinced NHL teams intentionally make a concerted effort to get their big trades out of the way before deadline day, so they are not pestered by phone,text or having to deal with TSN and Sportsnet correspondents hanging around rinks at team practices like dogs waiting for meat bone to be tossed to them.

To those of you who claim talking ‘experts’ heads salaries already paid for to talk babble due to lack of trades –if I ran one of those networks I’d rather run darts, tug of war or tiddlywinks rather than pay for technicians, lighting and catering and watching people bobbleheads scrolling tablet phones with ZERO trades to report on.

Don’t start ANY trade deadline show til 12 noon earliest. No trades occur 800-12 noon and if by fluke trade occurs in repetitive highlight reel, get a roaming studio host to make the announcement and then elaborate in detail when coming full blast on air at high noon.

March 17, 2017 11:34 am


Agree completely. Ricco, Bastl and Wong should have stayed in that slot. IMO they are far better than Brady, Price and Buril. As you said the fan’s lineup does sound far too old and the morning show really comes off that way. Brady and Price sound like Grumpy old men bickering back and fourth shouting over each other. Brady has always been annoying to me but I’m even tred of Price already. I don’t no what it is, I have always like Price but he sounds like he has aged 20 years since he left TSN 690. He also sounds like he is trying way to hard to be Toronto guy and fake a passion for the Toronto teams that is just not there. Maybe it’s because i know he’s a Chicago Black Hawks fan but It comes off so fake when he tries to pretend to love the Leafs.

Ricco, Bastl and Wong sounded much younger and the show was lighter and flowed better. Like 3 guys just having fun hanging out. I much prefer that feel. It’s a big part of why people like Over Drive so much.

Original Mitch
Original Mitch
March 17, 2017 5:54 pm

I think that anybody that defends Sportsnet will be accused of being a Rogers employee (as I have been in the past) because SN universally sucks (the tv side). So if someone says something positive about them, it raises eyebrows.
If SN gets their big playoff matchups (remember though, two years ago 5 Canadian teams also made the post season), it will obviously be on CBC and while we know SN gets the revenue, it won’t translate to people tuning into Connected afterwards.
Bottom line, as the trade deadline continues to show: Canadians prefer TSN. Only way for SN to win is to buy out TSN outright. And if you laugh, remember the Score and the CBC. Even the mighty Bell has a price.

March 17, 2017 11:42 pm

“In general the slate of hosts skews way too old on both stations.”

@Mike – I agree. I think part of the problem is neither station seems to give young guys the chance to cut their teeth, and take risks on their own shows in evenings/late nights/weekends like The Fan used to. I remember at different points in the 90s you might hear Strombo, Eliotte Friedman, Jim Richards and others doing unique/weird/unorthodox sounding shows at odd hours and weekends.

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