Should The NHL Kill Trade Deadline Day?



“Nothing happens. Nobody comes, nobody goes. It’s awful.”

No, not the fans after another dull NHL trade deadline day, that’s from Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, but it certainly fits doesn’t it?

Like many good things, over time, the players involved figure out the system and the resulting product sucks.

What was at one point a frenzy of activity making for must see television has now become more boring than the annual All Star Game.

A league that strives for competitive balance, seems to hate dynasties, now has a salary cap and this year add in an expansion draft suggested that it’s time to kill the non event.

Countless hours of speculation, gobs and gobs of dollars spent and in the end, nothing.

Why bother?

The answer from most industry types is that it’s a payback to the rights holders.

We the fans are idiots you see, and despite the fact the day has turned out to be duller than a Tiger Woods less golf event people still watch.

So despite the fact that people know that nothing is going to happen, they tune in and watch the talking heads ramble on for hours about nothing.

What’s the solution?

Well, I’m not really sure the idea of a trade deadline makes any sense at all.  Why not institute a deadline for which each team has to submit a playoff roster.  After that days trades can be made but any player moved after that date would not be eligible to play for their new team.

One expert told me that the NHLPA would not go for it.  The players would want to negotiate this and they are not crazy about late season trades I was told.  Ok, so negotiating it shouldn’t be a big deal.  As for the late season trade, it appears to me that many of the deals get done simply because there is a deadline to begin with.  I wonder if we would actually see less moves down the stretch then we do now.

A few folks wondered why I was suggesting it be tinkered with at all.

Simple, it’s dull and boring.

Sooner or later the ratings will tumble and the non event will be totally irrelevant.

Why not be proactive and fix it before the league looks totally stupid.

Just a thought.

On the topic of stupid, both TSN and Rogers had more people working the deadline day desks then Trump had at his inauguration (and we know how YUGE that was).  Yet on their respective airwaves it was business as usual.

The dumbest comment I saw as to why the radio stations should not pick up the tv fan fest feed is that “people listening in on the radio would miss out on the visuals”.

Let that gem sink for a minute.

I love the talk that radio is different and TV doesn’t translate well to it.

Pretty cool thing Tunein Radio is, or this other thing called satellite radio. During election season I was able to listen to CNN and MSNBC or even Fox News in my car and boy I really missed out on those visuals.

Look, I get radio is different.  I am one of the few who still listens to sports radio. My point is that you have rooms full of experts why not share that audio on the radio?

Look at both stations on the air right now, name one that has a unique profile that makes it alone worth listening to?

Prime Time.

I agree, there is no reason for the Fan to put the post deadline portion of TV on the radio (nothing happens anyways so to hear the experts talk about that which didn’t happen is beyond moronic).

There is not a single minute on either station that day that was unique enough to draw a fly to listen to that could not have been replaced by a simulcast of TV.

Star, Sun, Globe and Post.  Those are the 3 dailies that have been around forever with the later addition of the post.

While so many have been focused as to what the future of newspapers are in general, the Toronto sports section has been dying. Take a look at the 4 pamphlets and look at both the number of scribes left and then the actual names remaining and you will see the death of an industry right before our very eyes.

To those writers who see this (because no one admits to reading it) this is not a swipe at you.  It’s actually a written prayer.  You, the physical print sports writer in Toronto are officially endangered.

The Globe is uber full funded and fully focused on digital subscriptions as a whole.  Sports? Yawn… not their audience.  What was once (recently) the gem of the bunch is now barely worth checking out even on a monthly basis.

The Post?? Ha! That’s funny.



Forget sports, they’ve gutted everything over there.


The Star? The paper we all thought was untouchable has been in it’s own death spiral.  The once large sports section is dwindling in numbers.

The Sun? There’s a good number of veterans left but after that??

So, before our eyes our print media outlets have taken away the sports section.

The literal source for many of us in how we learned about the games is clearly on it’s way out in Toronto. We, the audience started to turn to other online avenues a while back and the papers have quit, they’ve given up on sports. That’s sad and unfortunate.

Trump has brought back the news in the Untied States. Is there anything that could do the same for sports writers in Toronto or Canada?

To those effected in Vancouver this week, best of luck finding work.

To those smart enough to have joined other media outlets you were very smart or very lucky.


Did you happen to hear a couple of different sessions on PTS recently on the topic of podcasts?  It’s hard to tell sometimes when McCown really doesn’t understand something or McCown is playing the role of uninformed for audience sake.  To his credit he said he’s never listened to a podcast and he knows that his show has been available as a podcast for years. You could literally here is ears perk up when the mention of individual pecuniary gain was mentioned.

The real highlight of the conversations was when he mentioned that he had run into Stephen Brunt recently and that McCown thinks that Brunt is still made at him.  I somehow find that hard to believe.

Joe Bowen made the rounds this week celebrating his 3000th maple leafs game. His appearances on radio were good.

Without question my favorite Bowen call ever:

It has been said by some that we are too critical of the media on this website.  I present for you exhibit A that suggests those so critical take a look down the 401 to where we could be.  I think we are preeeeeety fair as comparison.

As I’ve said before, we hold no expertise here nor have we ever claimed to be experts.  Everything is opinion.  We may not be right in your eyes but these opinions are ours and we’ve always tried to be fair and balanced.

Lots more good stuff coming down the road.


Happy Weekend!



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