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by TSM

Happy Weekend.

Sad to hear about the passing of Adam West today. I grew up on TV Batman and as I have been watching Gotham, I’ve been hoping he would have made an appearance. RIP caped crusader.

Let me start with a story about just how nuts sports parents are these days.

My daughter is on a community volleyball team. I have no shame. They are not very good. In fact, they have not won a single match (2/3 games) all season. I have no problem with that. The girls like playing and the fact they don’t win is pretty much over their heads.

So, today was the final weekend, the “playoffs”.

We joked that we only had to worry about the first match in that this team would likely follow the pattern to date and lose the first match.

Nope, these girls decided to change their course of history and won their first match.

That was not enough for this group, they then won the next match ending up in the finals.

Prior to the start of the last round, I was outside taking in some sun and I happened to observe a daughter with her dad and family from the team we just beat. The daugher was in TEARS crying over losing. The dad literally was consoling this child (13 years old) and telling her that “she was ROBBED”. The grandmother told the crying player that “the other team cheated” and the father chimed in again “that the scorekeeper must have been realted to someone on the other team”.

This my friends is exactly what’s wrong with sports and society today.
I was so stunned at what I was watching over a rec league volleyball game.

In any event…

Speaking of shocked. Did you happen to catch NBA Commissioner Adam Silver on the NBA Championship halftime show?

Here it is in case you did:

Excuse me????

That’s it??????

We give a lot of crap to Rogers and the NHL for the Bettman interviews, but at least they are longer than that!!
Seriously, that is SO LAME…

Can you imagine what NBA charged Amercian Express for that????/

The Blue Jays are in Seattle this weekend. It really is quite something to watch. My son and I went to grab a mid game snack yesterday during the first game and he said to me when we reached the concourse if you told me we were in the Blue Jays stadium I would believe you. Everyone in and around us was wearing something Blue Jays.

Most fascinating part of the game?

We were two rows behind the Jays dugout. The dugout has seating outside the interior portion and the entire Jays team sat outside to watch the game. They were all stunned at the home crowd support they were getting in Seattle.

Anyways, towards the 7th inning, Jose Bautista was sitting next to Justin Smoak, watching the game with their backs to the fans.

A Mariners fan started ripping into Smoak. He wasn’t having a stellar night at the plate and the fan was telling Smoak, in so many words, that it looked like Smoak when he played for the Mariners. To be honest, it was in good fun, and Smoak didn’t appear to be hearing the guy.(he had to have as the guys was no more than 10 feet away). All of the sudden Jose Bautista turned around and started to go after the fan. Not in a bad way, but he really started chirping back at the fan. He was hilarious, for every line the guy had for Smoak, Jose had one for the fan.

I don’t go to many games, to begin with. I don’t usually sit that close to a dugout where the players are that accessible. But the thing that stunned me the most was Jose jumping in for Smoak. I didn’t expect anyone to defend him and I certainly would not have bet on Jose being the one to do it.

Color me impressed.

The NHL playoffs started April 12th. Just about two months ago. Similar story in the NBA.

If your team didn’t make the playoffs you’ve been uninterested in your team for two months with a little more than two weeks to go before the draft and longer for free agency.

Forgot markets like Toronto.

If these leagues want to continue to capture the minds of the younger generation they are going to need to find ways to relevant and not have these forever dead times.

If you are 14 and your team was out of the hunt months ago you have totally forgotten about them.

That, is not how you grow the game.

So, without further rambling, here are the most recent radio ratings.

My takeaways:

The Fan morning show is working.

Improvements in both demos to a strong, very strong number.
6.3 to 7.6 in the older is BIG. The 12+ in the younger is impressive.

TSN morning show inched up in both demos. Is this a Maple Leaf bump? Is this sustainable? Let’s see.

I’m not sure why TSN saw such a bump in the mid-morning with the younger demo but that is something to keep an eye on.

Leafs Lunch on TSN has something going on with the younger demo..Very interesting.

Ben Ennis eroded what Andrew Walker had going with the younger demo. Not surprising.

And the biggest news?

McCown lost a big chunk of his audience in both demos as the Blue Jays stunk out of the gate.

TSN afternoon Drive improved in both, seeing a decent number with the younger demo.

So there you have it. We will address this more in the coming days I am sure.

Here are the latest PPM ratings via David Bray who is is President of Bray & Partners Communications.
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StationM25-54M25-54 M18-34M18-34
 % Share of Hrs. Tuned% Share of Hrs. Tuned % Share of Hrs. Tuned% Share of Hrs. Tuned
 Feb.27-May28Nov.28-Feb.26 Feb.27-May28Nov.28-Feb.26
M-Fr. 6a-9a     
FAN 5907.66.3 12.39.9
TSN 10501.41.1 1.10.6
M-Fr. 9a-12pm     
FAN 5909.47.3 12.410.5
TSN 10500.80.5 3.30.9
M-Fr. 12p-1p     
FAN 5906.74.4 4.44.8
TSN 10501.10.9 7.93.6
M-Fr. 1p-4p     
FAN 5904.43.6 3.74.4
TSN 10500.80.7 2.51.2
M-Fr. 4p-7p     
FAN 5908.58.7 10.513.6
TSN 10502.42.0 6.43.8
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