Seen & Heard – Weekend Edition

Seen & Heard – Weekend Edition

by mike in boston / @mikeinbostonemail


Good morning sports media fans. Last post of the summer so I’ll be clearing out a bunch of things that are clogging up my notepad. I’m on a tablet so please forgive the mountain of typos and mistakes. Corrections welcome.


Next up for TSM is our annual Fall Report Card where we size up the radio line-ups and assign meaningless grades that hurt people’s feelings. I can’t write about all the things I am told, but when you dig into things a little it becomes clear that some of the shows were hastily made plan Bs by management to compensate for unexpected turns of fate. Both lineups are the product of circumstance rather than design. My prediction: look for significant changes at both shops by Fall 2018.


Give some thought to your own listening habits over the last year, check out the 2016 report card (which burnt a thousand bridges) and get ready to vote in polls about where you spend most of your listening hours.


5 Questions with … Andrew Walker (FAN590 SN650)


With SN650 launching this brings an end to the speculation regarding which Toronto radio talent would be leaving for wetter pastures. Despite sources within The FAN saying that John Shannon was lobbying hard for a move to Vancouver, it was plucky upstart Andrew Walker who got the tap.


Walker has made Seen & Heard numerous times, as he has been at the centre of many of the big moves at the FAN over the last few years. He was brought in to replace Lang as Brady’s co-host. Then, he was told he would be joining Halina Balka as a member of Dean Blundell’s company. He balked at that move and opted to stay with Brady in the deadzone from 1-4, only to become the leading man when his partner was laid off as part of the sweeping HNIC ratings cuts. 


After a year or so going solo, Ben Ennis was unexpectedly brought in as a co-host with the show being renamed The Andrew Walker Show (withbenennis). Now Ben has moved into the A-Chair and Andrew is days away from hosting PTS-West. I reached out to ask some questions about all the changes, what it takes to get ahead, and more. Here is our conversation:


Q: You are about to start in your 3rd market in the last 6 years. What kind of research do you do when changing markets? What stays the same no matter what market you’re in?


AW: I think good smart informed experienced thoughtful radio never goes out of style, but you have to give the listeners the respect of making sure you know their teams, players, and history. Seems like a common sense thing to say, but if I can’t recall who the Canucks drafted in 2012, that’s not a great look.


Q: You’re going from a city with 3 major sports teams to a town with only 1 major sports team. What is that going to require of you as a broadcaster?


AW: The content doesn’t write itself as much, so building 3 hours of compelling must listen radio takes some creativity. If you rely on “see the games, react to the games” type of radio only … you’re in trouble. Localize big stories and make them interesting. I’m not the guy that wants to devote 20 minutes to a 4th line conversation … we can all be better than that.


Q: SN650 enters the ratings battle as the upstart. What’s the station’s strategy to take listeners away from TSN1040?


AW: If you look up and down our lineup, its obvious.  We’ve gone young, we’ve made most of the hires based on ceiling I think.


The talk radio world isn’t littered with a plethora of prospects, yet we’ve put together about a half dozen guys 35 and under. It’s going to be a different sounding option for listeners here. The Canucks rights are massive, obviously, and will at least guarantee some sampling, then its up to our guys. Pleased to say the 650 signal is a strong one too. If you can’t hear the station, you’re set up for failure from the start.


Q: During your FAN time you have seen lots of young people/interns try to break into the business. Looking back on your own start, what do you think made you stand out as a kid in the industry, and what has made you successful at a young age as a radio host? 


AW: Simple answer. I moved around and lived on the air. I went wherever I got the most air time. 


You have no idea of how talented you are or polished you can become unless you log thousands of hours. Money and content are irrelevant when you’re trying to get to a baseline of development. I’ve been ” in the gym” so to speak for a long long time.  What we do is really hard, and even harder to make it look easy.  You need some talent … but experience is just as important.


Q: It seems that radio hiring in sports is skewing younger. Do you have a theory as to why that would be?


AW: Adapt or die. When your demo is 25-54, it seems irresponsible to have too much invested in hosts outside of your own demo, does it not? 


The immortals like McCown don’t grow on trees. With everyone else … the clock is ticking. You have to keep an eye on what the industry and demos look like in a year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years. 10 years ago nobody is worried about a 15 year old listener.  Well now that kid is 25. It’s simple math. How do you reach him?


Q: The FAN gave you lots of opportunities. One opportunity they gave you was to be Dean Blundell’s co-host. Can you explain why you declined? 


AW: A number of reasons. I just didn’t feel it would be the right fit for anybody. 


I had a good thing going with my current partner.  At the time, Blundell and co. was marketed as a bit more risqué, which was off brand for me, and Dean was coming off a highly public dismissal and was associated with some pretty intense labels.  As a young guy in the market, I guess I didn’t feel it should be on me to say “I want everyone to know that I’m ok with this”  it wasn’t some huge public human rights statement, I was just looking out for my own career.


Q: Coming to Toronto from Calgary, what was one stereotype that turned out NOT to be true about Torontonians, Leafs fans, etc.?


AW: People are at the core, decent.  Torontonians have a bad rep, but can be just as friendly as anybody else when given a chance.  You don’t have to be scared of people in the big smoke, they wont bite.


Q: What was one stereotype that DID turn out to be true?


AW: The centre of the hockey universe doesn’t care about hockey. Not like the rest of the country does.


Toronto is a world class, major market sports town, and should have an NFL team. They love the leafs, and don’t care about anything outside of that in the sport.  It’s a Lebron and Jeter town, it’s not a Monohan and Schiefele town. Toronto won’t support junior hockey, can’t sell out non-Canadian international games.  I would suggest that even most of the radio hosts in the market don’t really have a deep hockey knowledge.  It’s become way more Americanized from a major sports standpoint.  It feels at times like a big soulless US city.



Thanks to Andrew for taking the time to answer my questions. If you have questions for him please leave them in the comments below. If he has answers I will post them.


CBC has a story on the radio battle between TSN and SN and the generational gap between those who like Seinfeld and those who like Game of Thrones.


CFL Blows it; TSN Loses It


Full disclosure: I only pay attention to the CFL when something newsworthy happens outside the lines. I could not name 5 players in the league. 


The Art Briles story shot the CFL to the front of the line as far as sports stories go this week. Hours of radio and thousands of printed words were devoted to unpacking how something like this could happen, who knew what when, and whose decision it was to rescind the contract offer to the disgraced coach.


Just so we are all clear about the topic, here is how described Briles’ tenure at Baylor:


“At least 52 acts of rape committed by 31 different players between 2011 and ’14, including five gang rapes, according to a lawsuit filed earlier this year by a former Baylor student. Multiple instances of Briles and his staff either ignoring or covering up reports of assault and interfering with police investigations. Players not disciplined while victims were encouraged to keep quiet or leave the university. A blind eye toward accepting players with a history of violence toward women. Recruits enticed with alcohol and drugs at off-campus parties, with the coaching staff allegedly paying for women to have sex with them.”


On Monday Ti-Cats CEO Scott Mitchell did an interview with 3DownNation — in which the word rape is never used — and said the following:


“Art Briles is a good person who deserves the opportunity to be a coach. Clearly, some serious mistakes were made along the way but we feel strongly that people deserve second chances and that’s what we’ve decided to do with Art Briles.” […] “Art was exonerated by his own university, he certainly had nothing to do with no criminal discussions or proceedings. That doesn’t excuse what went on there by any stretch or the horrific experiences that some young women went through. But as an organization we have to decide whether we’re going to give people a second chance and judge them for their own character, morality, and ethics. I can tell you there wasn’t one single person that we spoke to who knows Art Briles that didn’t think he deserved an opportunity to work in football.”


“It’s my hope that fans get as accurate a portrayal of exactly what happened as possible, I hope they understand that there’s the world we live in with the quick rush to judgment – which again, is not to diminish a very, very serious issue – but at the end of the day I think people would agree that people deserve second chances. We’ve proven our track record is taking subjects seriously and doing our due diligence. It’s a terribly unfortunate background to it but that doesn’t take away that people feel strongly that Art Briles is a good person who deserves the opportunity to be a coach.”


If you want to read more about Briles a new book called Violated is being released soon. The job offer, supposedly bathed in due diligence and general consultation, was rescinded a day later. Owner Bob Young had this to say, again to 3DownNation, about his involvement in the decision to hire someone who comes with “baggage”:


“So I Googled him and didn’t like what I found but I did not stop it and that was my mistake for which I am responsible for which I have been appropriately flogged, as has the organization.”


The rest of the interview is worth a read and less tone-deaf than the above quote. Everyone needs to draw their own moral lines in the sand. On the topic of the NCAA, I can’t in good faith support an organization that has done very little to clean up its culture of sexual assault. This is not to mention the fact that they don’t pay their players while making billions for the very same people who end up being fired when the cover ups of gang rapes are discovered. If you can say Go Irish! or Roll Tide!, that’s your business. It is noteworthy how many parents don’t seem to care too much about how other people’s children are treated by the NCAA. 


Lots of Toronto media checked in to weigh in on the decision to hire Briles, the defence of the decision, and the subsequent change of course. I read most of them and the one that resonated most was this from Jeff Blair (SN):


“I want to know who first thought that a guy like Briles, who lost his job because he was either too incompetent to realize his program had fostered a climate of sexual assault or – worse – thought it was one of those “boys being boys things”, deserved to be put in a leadership position. That person has no business being in this league, let alone my community.”


On first reading I thought the “not in my town” line was a silly attempt to establish a personal connection to the story, but on reflection that was the wrong reaction. More than any other league the CFL has the ability embed itself into the local community. This is one of the major failures in Toronto. The Argos should be in all grade schools in the city, establishing connections with future fans. A decent amount of football is played at the high school level here but the Argos don’t have very much to do with it. Their Huddle Up program seems like the right idea, but the website lists two posts in all of 2016. That’s not going to cut it.


Blair is exactly right to be pressing the local angle. As a tiny league with few binding agreements with the NFL, the CFL could be a leader on so many of the issues where the former fails. Sadly the league has not made player safety, ethics, technological and coaching innovation, or rule creativity leading priorities. It would be hard to find anything the CFL stands for that makes it distinctive. Again, I’m not a knowledgeable fan of the league. I’m the kind of person they need to convince to care about anything they do on the field. Right now, I’m with Damien.



The story led to some memorable twitter outbursts. As per usual, Arash Madani was all over the league in real time. This has become an enjoyable spectator sport whenever CFL news happens.



As much as I enjoy the passion with which Arash pursues all things CFL, it’s easy for him to take shots while others wait for the story’s concretization before weighing in. Sportsnet won’t promote a competitor’s product no matter what, so bad news is always good news.


Beyond the league of extraordinarily inept gentlemen who run the TiCats, Arash also had condemnatory words for the female execs at the CFL:



They are guilty of what exactly? Not quitting on principle? Not calling out their own bosses? I agree that the league did the bare minimum to take responsibility for the decision, but specifically calling out women for the sins of their bosses is way out of bounds. I don’t blame the women at Sportsnet for Scott Moore’s strip club tweets.



On the Bell side, most people stayed quiet, however some decided it is never too early to make moral comparisons:



In case you’re not paying attention Arash and many of Sportsnet’s top paid talent were partying it up in Vegas for the circus fight last weekend. This is a horrible opinion by Naylor. There’s simply no reason to make this comparison other than out of anger. Naylor is a journalist and has to know that this compromises his credibility covering a league in which his bosses have a huge financial stake. 


The point about the league’s finances was not lost on a man who refers to himself in the third person AND by his initials. Derek Taylor — DT — opened the 2nd hour of Overdrive on August 29th with this:


“I am getting angrier and angrier with the Ti-Cats as this day goes on […] This is self-serving and I will admit that […] you have a radio station in your town that broadcasts your games and you are intentionally bypassing them to give your people to do interviews in Toronto. And you have a TV radio network in Toronto that broadcasts every game and saved this bleeping league in the 90s. And you’re not giving interviews with your people to them; you’re very intentionally giving those people to the competition. Are you kidding me! Do you know what the CFL owes to TSN? […] They are very intentionally punishing TSN and I don’t get it […] He who pays the piper calls the tunes. You owe it to the people who pay you money.”


MiB can understand why DT is upset. The CFL should have tried to work with its media partner to manage the story. And if TSN were thinking clearly they should have insisted on putting their top people on it and covering it journalistically. 


The above monologue on money gives one a pretty good insight into how the relationship between leagues and rights-holders works, at both places. Many people made similar comments when Rogers and Bell bought MLSE.


This is the strange state of media in 2017. When Chris Colabello tests positive for PEDs Sportsnet airs an interview with Jamie Campbell. They employ about a half dozen people with serious journalistic heft yet they go with Jamie for the interview? (I know … the player would not have done the interview with anyone else … don’t buy it). Shortly after TSN enters into a new licensed jersey deal they air a report on counterfeit merchandise from China. Nothing wrong with the original reporting, but the connection makes you wonder if the story would matter absent the business incentive.


Every time I make this point I hear from people in the business that I am being naïve. Ok, but it is becoming incredibly hard to be a consumer of sports media. This leads to some fans writing off “the media” as bought and paid for by the two big companies. Here’s a fun game: name sports people whose names you know who don’t collect some portion of their income from an outlet that owns a local sports team. I can count them on two hands if I try hard, and one hand if I don’t.


Quick Hits – Future Stories


Here’s some stuff I am working on:



The internet and forums are synonymous. Since the major outlets have entered this space, comments sections have been disappearing. How important to you are discussion forums? I want to know specifically for those of you who are serious sports fans, does the ability to debate and discuss enhance your sports enjoyment? A glance at twitter would say yes. But is that enough or do you also want something more than 140 characters? Where do you go for that discussion? Would you care if discussion boards were entirely disconnected from sport outlets?



Buck’s Get Up Ball signature call has been around for a couple of years now and one thing I have been discussing with various folks is whether this makes it harder for people at Sportsnet to fend off charges of being shills for the company in their coverage of the baseball team. Some people are very insistent that each media member is judged on the merits of his or her own body of work. Others are more dispirited and will say that this drags everyone down. I think there’s a good topic in here somewhere but I don’t quite know how to frame it yet.



Here’s a question I want to dig into further: suppose all outlets were to draw from wire services — CP, AP, Reuters — for the bulk of their sports coverage and then exclusively rely on their own writers for analysis, features, and opinion. No more game stories, no more local coverage of non-local events, etc. What value would be lost? Do you really care that the Leafs story was written by Kevin McGran rather than Jonas Sigel?


I can see many sides to this issue and want to explore the topic with people in the media. Think of how many near identical stories you read from the Sun, Star, Globe, SN, and TSN on something like the Jays game from last night or Kyle Lowry re-signing. It’s amazing to me how outlets compete with each other for generic news at the expense of chasing stories no one else is covering. More on this later.



Another story is just how bad the network websites are, and how the papers have not been able to capitalize on this. Above is Sportnset wedging a feel good piece on Tim Raines (auto-play video) below a headline and the lede of a report on Jays ticket price increases. Horrible layout and user experience. TSN is equivalently bad in different ways.


It’s not just about layout though. I ran a script to count the number of stories at one Saturday over the last few months: 86 different entries. Why would anyone bother to check in with that much disposable content? Papers can do so much better here by having core content from real journalists, and then value-added stuff like blogs and discussion forums. None of them currently offer anything worth paying for.


Low Hanging Fruit


  • It is very hard to find a niche these days. Dan Robson of Sportsnet is doing just that. Here is a great piece on race with Cito Gaston and another one on the CFL’s Diversity is Strength campaign.


  • Speaking of diversity, Sportsnet has a new campaign focusing on unity. 



Mr. Moore declined to comment to TSM on the concept behind the new campaign. Some Rogers employees were quick to endorse the obvious political message:



  • Rather than letting the political message speak for itself, Sportsnet management decided to build a whole campaign focusing on how sports unites us with everything that matters in life. They are running a cringeworthy radio ad that tells us that the jersey is not just a jersey but our skin, and the crest/logo is our heart, and the Skydome is home. Hokey. 



  • Morgan Campbell of the Star (business? I must have missed him moving off sports …) did a stint with Greg Brady this week. It mainly reinforced how hard radio is. As a listener I want professional broadcasters not just guys talking sports. It’s a subtle difference but makes all the difference to me.


  • Good on the FAN for trying out people who are not already part of the bench crew. Between Campbell and Sheri Forde they are going far outside their comfort zone.


  • Congratulations to Dan Riccio on the promotion. His exact role has not been announced but presumably he isn’t moving unless it’s a bump along some dimension. He had the good fortune to be in the announcer chair as TFC grabbed the local attention and made the most of it. 



  • With Riccio off the FAN590 roster this prompts more questions about what to do with The Andrew Walker Show (now with more Ben Ennis). I beat the drum for Ben to get a full-time gig and am happy Dave Cadeau rewarded him for the 10 years spent grinding away. That said, the worst thing for him will be if they either let him go solo or continue using the slot as The Bullpen (for people who are not ready to be starters). Find him a straight-man/woman. The zanier the show gets the worse it is.


  • Another option is to rebrand it as DriveNation with Joey Vendetta. He can interview stars and celebrities. Do they know things? Let’s find out! Plus, think of the promotions. Listen in to hear Coldplay talk about how much they love playing Toronto and you could win tickets to see them play at Ontario Place.


  • “If you took offence to my comment about MMA, that’s why I made them. Please call in!” Blair has talents as a sports media member. Talk radio is not one of them.


  • Another topic for discussion is this one:



  • A story with no local connection involving a farce of a fight and all the papers say to themselves “we have to be there”.  One of the biggest open secrets in the industry is how much sports departments spend on travel. This is seen as a basic perk of the job, and the more famous you are the bigger the expense account and the more comfortably you travel. This is fiddling while Rome burns.




thanks for reading and commenting,

until next time …

mike (not really in boston)

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  • comment-avatar

    As for basic game coverage, I have no real preference. I will usually turn to the Sun or Sportsnet for a summary but would have no problem if it was sourced from a wire service; (as many publications do already) especially for road trips.

    What I really look for however, is the analysis and feature articles written by those who cover the teams. If the price of keeping this, is wire service filings for a “bare bones summary” so be it.

  • comment-avatar
    WestDale Rocks 3 years ago

    Good comments from Walker on turning down the Blundell gig. It took some courage to say no to the role with Blundell. Think about what the refusal said: Scott Moore made a big, splashy hire of a really controversial guy, but who he obviously believes in. Walker turning down the gig suggests that he disagrees with his boss and his boss’ judgement. That’s a big call. We all knew at the time that it was the right call, but being right or wrong often has nothing to do with how it plays out—especially in radio and TV. We’ll never know how Walker’s career would have gone had he taken the gig—my guess is that he wouldn’t have played the fawn-eyed sycophant that George Rusic became….a persona that has basically ruined his career.

  • comment-avatar

    Here are MY thoughts. Nothing to do with anyone else, so all you media people who get hurt can blame me and only me!

    1) I won’t miss Walker. Pure short-man complex. Bye!
    2) Why doesn’t the media talk about how Eric Tillman is running the Ti-Cats. They say 10’s hang with 10’s, does that mean that those who have pled guilty to sexual assault (Eric) want to bring others on who are seemingly okay with it into the fold too?
    3) I will miss Dan Riccio. I find him very talented and I quite enjoyed his work.
    4) Glad the summer holiday season is ending. No more Mike Hogan or Matt Cauz (both are painful)

    Here’s the thing. Why do these guys who have lost their slots and roles multiple times stick with the business? Obviously it’s been proven that they aren’t good at what they do, so why not find a career that they’re good at?

    If I was a sales guy and always got fired, maybe I’d realize sales isn’t for me. Why is radio any different?

    Anyway, off to the beach down here in Los Angeles. Enjoy the snow up there everyone!

  • comment-avatar

    Great piece, Mike.

    It’s so strange to see Walker getting slammed on twitter here and there for being a ‘Toronto guy’ because he worked here for a few years. Did anyone here care at all that Price was from Montreal? Or Walker from Calgary? Don’t think so. It’s like Toronto has a bit of an inferiority complex about being ‘world class’, and the rest of Canada has an inferiority complex about Toronto. Weird. And funny that nobody here seems to really notice.

    I found it a bit odd that the new Sportsnet Vancouver doesn’t seem to have Prime Time Sports in the lineup. The Calgary Fan station has PTS on at 6. Guess God forbid their air a show that was recorded in Toronto?

  • comment-avatar

    Wong & Riccio on 590 was actually a pretty solid duo on the air even if they were “no-names”. Better than most of the guys who get recycled 10x over.

  • comment-avatar
    mario 3 years ago

    Thanks for another great read. I personally can not wait for this summers radio line up to get back to normal next week, enough of the fill in’s .

  • comment-avatar

    Still way off topic Mike But still crickets out there about the status of dear Chris Shultz of TSN . Like him or hate him there is no word of the Big Man on the panel onTSN CFL coverage. I hope he is ok

  • comment-avatar
    Dogpouder 3 years ago

    Riccio leaving reminded me of the first time I heard him on-air. Post-game game 2 2015 ALDS. Zwelling was a complete ass to him, and I thought he handled it quite well. Best of luck, Mr. Riccio.

  • comment-avatar

    Marshall Ferguson of TSN 1150 had some good thoughts on the near hiring. I’d say it was a mixed bag of responses on TSN though Naylor would be the most prominent of them all. I can never tell if he’s going SAS in TV hot take mode or is serious. Ferguson is a great follow on Twotter. It’s why I stay engaged with the CFL still. Hope he gets some TV time. TSN needs to give him some time.

  • comment-avatar

    Once again, Dave Naylor lets poor phasing and terrible timing get in the way of what could have been a notable point. What he wanted to point out is the selective nature at which many apply their moral outrage. This was certainly noticeable within the media industry, where you have figures like Arash who could not be more dismayed and unforgiving of the CFL, yet could barely muster one note of criticism over Floyd Mayweather’s despicable history of domestic violence as he gleefully covered his fight. Dave Naylor’s stance certainly robs him of credibility as a media member. I fail to see how Madani’s comments don’t have the same effect.

    In fact, just as bad as Naylor’s initial comments was Madani outing several female CFL executives for apparently not speaking out against the hiring of Briles. Madani cannot possibly know what these executives were trying to do during this ordeal. He had no place whatsoever to dictate their actions and frankly, his comments came across as shamefully sexist. He absolutely owes those women an apology.

  • comment-avatar
    old watcher 3 years ago

    Shapo out!! Rogers and Bell in full panic mode!! Must cancel flighs,cars,rooms, per diem and expense accounts for “schills” to be in New York!! At least the money can be used to buy more sports rights! Why again is the “same” program ever on more then 1 channel? Waste of money sending panels or crews to big events!Ie Super Bowl. Just show ESPN or FS1 pool coverage and let your Rogers or Bell experts(lol) talk in studio for 2 minutes! Great read again! Oh yea, “reliever of the year”just blew his 9th save! Haven’t heard Campbell mention that it is a “Jays” record!!

  • comment-avatar
    MattK 3 years ago

    I wish the Vuelta a Espana got more coverage, last year Sportsnet showed it but not this year. So many channels but can’t find room for it… Paid $12usd to stream it, Canadian Michael Woods is a great story this year and making a big name for himself.

  • comment-avatar

    “One of the biggest open secrets in the industry is how much sports departments spend on travel. This is seen as a basic perk of the job, and the more famous you are the bigger the expense account and the more comfortably you travel. This is fiddling while Rome burns.”

    So what is the alternative? Stop travelling with local teams? Leave it all to news agencies? If you do that, you are certain to miss stories and drive readers elsewhere. The news agencies do a good job with game coverage and off-day stuff when the teams are at home, but don’t travel with them. If a big Leafs story breaks while the team is in St. Louis, say, do you really want to count on The AP’s Missouri sports reporter (who covers baseball and university sports as well as the Blues) to provide everything you need?

    As for how comfortably journalists travel, I’d be shocked if anyone working for a paper (big name or not) is travelling business class. They certainly weren’t doing that at the paper where I worked until recently. In fact, reporters and the primary columnist were ordered to travel together in a rental car to Cleveland for Raptors playoff series — by far the cheapest way to get them there.

  • comment-avatar
    Steve Jones 3 years ago

    Seems the common thread today is sports personalities and their brand. Now more than ever the story is at some level about who’s telling the story. Walker didn’t do the morning show because it was off brand. Media members work at establishing their brand. It’s necessary if you want to have a cross platform presence. Used to be media members were known for their work not who they were. Except of course for the very top tier who got there through there work.

    Today the work is about useless stuff like breaking a story on Twitter minutes before someone else. Or tweeting edgy comments. Or taking weak shots at the competition. Even though yes Greg it’s true not everyone can work at 590. Some are relegated to 1050. Personally I have lost interest. At least McCown got big through some solid work. Today we have yelly Ben Ennis. Hot take!! And a series of others at both radio outlets that just parrot the days talking points. I’d like a count of how many days over the past 60 the Jays were out or maybe in. I’d bet the count for most hosts would be pretty close.

    As for the hollowing out of the sports media field it’s just business. If people consumed the old guard media the jobs would be there. Fact is people don’t and jobs go by the wayside. Just like every industry that becomes less relevant. Let’s see if the Athletic survives. If it does then the market is oversold. If it doesn’t then it’s not. Pretty simple.

  • comment-avatar
    Gary Middleton 3 years ago

    “Today the work is about useless stuff like breaking a story on Twitter minutes before someone else.”

    Great point, Steve. Somewhere along the way, people in the business forgot there’s a difference between ‘breaking’ a story that was about to be announced anyway (like a sports trade) and breaking a story like Watergate details which might otherwise not have come out.

  • comment-avatar

    I hope Jay and dan’s podcast being sponsored on the title by Tim Hortons is not a harbinger of things to come.

  • comment-avatar

    It seems McCown gets back to his show tomorrow – I can’t wait – Though the fill in was competent and Cox would toss in his off hand horse sh*t comments at least we didn’t have super ego Joey Vendetta – Most of it was for some reason plain vanilla – However this afternoon at around 4:33 they had the insufferable know it all Wilner on – That was enough for me – As has been said Bob never has him on PTS and that makes it good listening in my books – I would like to know the reason because it seems to me you don’t get in the PTS ‘blackbook’for no reason – Anybody have any insights on this – I hope to hear more of Perkins now that summer is winding down – Once every week or two give him and Bob an hour to tell stories(that can be told on air!) – I find that to be a winning combo –

  • comment-avatar

    I tuned out in the first half hour because of Shannon, so I missed the Wilner piece (bonus).

    Like Mont, I enjoy Perkins appearances although as a 59 year old listener; I acknowledge that some will call for more younger guests on the show.

    As a long time McCown fan going back to his Global days, I too look forward to his return; but cannot disagree that when he is not interested in a topic/guest he does indeed just “mail it in”. Here’s hoping for more of the “old Bobcat” in the weeks to come.

  • comment-avatar
    çhiming in from the '6' 3 years ago

    Won’t miss Riccio or Walker, though I give Walker lot of credit for turning down Cadeau re some sorg of hosting gig on Blundell showm which turned out disasterous for all concerned –especially George aka ‘George who’ Rusic relegated to weekend sportx updates.

    Riccio another example of someone behind the scenes working the boards, who felt like he could be on air announcer. Did ok job announcing FC playoff gāmes but he won’t be able to handle a show on his own on weekday basis.

    I remember during Jays playoff run being on midnight radio and asking what Ezekiel Carrera nickname should be. He came with Zekd attack practically linking it to Zeka virus. Good riddance DR,

    Saw premiere of Jay and Dan return to TSN at midnight last night. Very funny prologue of both wandering on a road looking for a ride back to Canada. Then crossing a field to TSN building and couldn’t work automated entry building doors.

    Their broadcast was snappy and naturally humorous on highlights, plus the familiar
    between Jay and Dan that I enjoyed for years. Less juvenile with loud horns seemingly every few minutes going on with Tim and Sid, the latter in promos claiming to be ‘serious’ journalists. Pleeeze !!!

  • comment-avatar

    Sounds like Mike Johnson is going to be a regular on Leafs Lunch on 1050 this hockey season…………does this mean the Patrick O’Sullivan experiment has officially come to an end?

  • comment-avatar

    “CFL Blows It” has been the permanent running headline for years now. It baffles me why this league can’t get it together and make strides in a positive direction.

    Discussion forums are important. Sure there are trolls and others who fail to add to the conversation but more often than not the comments & discussion sections are as, if not more, interesting than the original piece. I find it very difficult to read a piece on tsn or sportsnet or one of the news rags and not be able to reply/leave my 2cents. Especially nowadays with the absolute rubbish some of these ‘reporters/journalists’ are throwing out there…if I can’t give my opinion or discuss with others…why even read a piece that will simply infuriate me (either due to content or crummy writing) if I can’t respond, question or support?

    Anyone still listening to the Raw Mike Richard’s podcast? (I guess not based on his youtube views/subscriptions) bu I thought I’d ask? Gave it a go but after all his bluster and build up…I didn’t really feel like he delivered.

  • comment-avatar

    Has anyone else noticed that Blair has not been assigned to fill in for McCown in a very long time?………..he used to be the main guy when McCown was away…………they have gone through a revolving door of PTS guest hosts this spring/summer (Fay, Madani, Reid, Stellick, Vendetta, Faulds, Walker, E. Smith, etc) but Blair has not been one of them………I find that interesting

    I think Matt Cauz has been on TSN Radio more since he got let go by 1050 earlier this year than he was before………..he was a frequent fill-in host on 1050 this summer and I think I heard him as co-host on the 1150 morning show today……….good for him……….seems like a good guy and he does a solid job as a fill-in host

  • comment-avatar
    chiming in from the '6' 3 years ago

    Another blown save this morning by Osuna — 10th overall and I th since All Star break with subsequent ERA being 6.00 — and almosy everyone associated with Sportsnet except Cox and surprisingly yesterday Ennis — saying Osuna basically doing well this season and to appreciate his 35 saves, especially Jays mouthpiece of team always doing well from Wilnet.

    Take away half a dozen of his blown saves and Jays are in wild card playoff race, even with injuries and poor hitting efforts.Riccio’s goodbye 590 appearance and he was still opining that Osuna was having a good if not great season. You can have him, Vancouver.

  • comment-avatar
    Mario 3 years ago

    Happy the see Mike Johnston back on tv. Just can’t figure why him Sportsnet last year cut him last year to save money. Always enjoyed his work , one of the best new faces covering hockey .

  • comment-avatar
    Anthony 3 years ago


    Really? His failings have been a pretty heavy topic

  • comment-avatar
    Anthony 3 years ago

    Canadaland did a nice open dialog about sports media with a few familiar names. Good listen.

  • comment-avatar

    I was so looking forward to having Bob back on PTS but I had to turn off the first five o’clock segment today – Both Bob and Cox fawning over that smug pompous overpaid CBC hack Peter Mansbridge was enough to bring on a diabetes rush – I thought for a moment I was listening to the old 100 Huntley Street it was so syrupy – What in the world that clown has to do with sports is beyond me – As I suspected Mansbridge can’t get his nose out of the public trough and will be double dipping with some kind of CBC ‘specials’ and upon hearing that I couldn’t take anymore and shut it down – Bob has got to do better then that – It is a sports show and that was beyond a doubt Bob at his a– kissing worst – Cox I get but Bob – Wow!

  • comment-avatar
    Stephen in Niagara 3 years ago

    Solid read, Mike.

    Anthony – thanks for sharing canadalandshow – well worth the time.

    McCown was once the best, but his best before date expired sometime back in the 1990’s.
    If someone would pay me to go through the motions, I’d also be laughing all the way to the bank.

    I have little use for either of Canada’s largest media market sports radio stations.

    I’m pretty much listening to out of market stations – WGR from Buffalo, 850 from Cleveland, and SiriusXM – because there, I can listen to something other than hockey. i can hear diverse opinions, and enjoy the personality of the hosts.

    Toronto’s options are terrible, each show is predictable, content is tame and tempered, hosts are excessively dull and too tedious to listen to, and most are very vanilla.

    Both stations are also littered with hosts that are unlikable, can’t make a point, carry a conversation, or ask a concise question without rambling on.

    The redundancy of topics from one show to the next, is mind-numbing.

    Not a single show on either station has proven to be capable of consistently booking interesting guests. It’s always the same incestuous group of insiders, who mostly happen to work for the same company, and as such, fail to provide critical, honest or even interesting content.

    On the upside, when I did tune in to 590 last week, it was refreshing to hear Sherri Forde. She made her points quickly, asked good questions, her comments made sense and she didn’t interrupt others, she let the guests talk. Pretty sure Blair was oblivious to all of that.

    This week, I’ve yet to tune in to either of 590 or 1050.

  • comment-avatar
    Pants Go Brown 3 years ago

    Did anyone happen to catch Blair and Brunt interviewing Atkins this morning on The Fan? Brune-nosing in the extreme by the hosts. Long, plodding, unfocused questions. At one point Blair even apologized for asking a question to Atkins.

    And is it just me or is Brunt now just mailing it in with Blair? He has become Ed McMahon to Blair’s version of Carson

  • comment-avatar
    Deleted 3 years ago


  • comment-avatar
    Original Mitch 3 years ago

    Toronto sports radio is dead. It’s been destroyed by the two giant conglomerates who insist on playing it safe and use those platforms as promotional tools for their various products. Not one single iota of thought toward the listener goes into their minds when making programming decisions. It is ALL for the bosses upstairs. Cadeau is a puppet to Moore who in turn is a puppet to his boss who in turn is a puppet to the bottom line.
    Oh sure, we get daily programs with hosts, topics and guests. But don’t let that facade fool you into thinking it’s good content and not merely a regiment where toe-ing the company line is mandatory and original thoughts that fall outside the company’s MO is punishable by termination.
    i truly wish as listeners we would simply cease listening and send them a message. But alas, our choices are limited between the two, we are sheep as a society generally speaking and any 3rd party alternative that comes in can’t compete with their funds or will simply get bought out (see Rogers and… well whoever has put a dent to their “ratings” lol)
    it’s so transparent that it has gotten out of hand. You can be critical.. as long as it’s within the lines of our company motto. You can mention Osuna’s struggle, but you’d better damn mention his past success and his all star appearance and his young age. You can be critical of the blue jays but you’d better damn talk about Vlad and Shapiro being executive of the year. You can be critical of the CFL but you better remind listeners of the diversity thing they are doing. It’s pathetic, robotic and frightening to a certain extent because they are just trying to program us a certain way in order to sell their product. Hosts are mouthpieces to Bell and Rogers and that truly sucks.
    Rant over lol

  • comment-avatar
    Louis 3 years ago

    The more I heard Riccio on air, the more I liked him. He would have been great in the afternoon slot. He’ll be missed. Really enjoy listening to on-air and off-air personalities reminisce about the early days of the FAN590.

  • comment-avatar

    I have to agree that both Toronto Sports radio options seem to be on a bit of a downturn quality wise these days. I thought The Fan was onto something in the Brady&Walker/Blair/Tim&Sid/McCown&Brunt days, but it feels like it’s dipped a bit since.

    As it it I think when Blair and Brunt are on together it’s probably the best sports radio in Toronto. McCown can still be great, but only when he’s engaged and the cohost is good. I have trouble listening to the Shannon hours. I find it disappointing that neither station seems to offer much in the way of evening/late night or weekend local stuff anymore.

    No clue what TSN is doing. The lineup seems like everything is an afterthought. TSM tweeted that they had a 0.7 in the latest ratings book. They must be the least listened to station in Toronto. I know TSN doesn’t seem all that interested in investing in radio, but imagine they had convinced Jay and Dan to do, say, a one hour 6pm show in addition to SportsCentre? That would at least be something.

  • comment-avatar

    Good discussion. As always, radio is by far the topic that brings out the most responses from the readership.

    I’m really curious about the Athletic’s hiring spree. Perhaps this was always the plan or perhaps this is a crime of opportunity. There’s definitely an SN Nation feel to it …. bringing existing content under their umbrella. I wonder if there’s a plan for them to be bought out by a bigger network eventually. Fun story to watch.

  • comment-avatar

    Absolutely horrible start for DAZN’s NFL rights. Game has been plagued by buffering and audio problems. When the game does stream, it’s very choppy during action shots and nothing close to the 1080p they claim to provide. Far inferior to the quality I get with Sportsnet Now – in both cases I’m streaming to Chromecast via the iOS app. Such a shame too, because the service has a lot of promise (teaming up with BEIN for the European soccer rights was a good addition) but they are ruining it by offering the same sub-par shit we in Canada usually get.

    Jonah is reporting that Dave Naylor is getting axed from radio to be a full-time CFL mouthpiece, so I guess that means 1050’s PD woke up from their 3 year coma because that’s when this move should have been made. But why on earth would they still keep Landsberg around? I know it’s been mentioned that TSN is only keeping him there to get any value out of his TV contract but a) it’s a sunk cost and b) surely that has run out by now hasn’t it.

  • comment-avatar
    Liberty Village Bob 3 years ago

    You can tell that Mirtle is sensitive about being called out for hiring all his buddies. One thing The Athletic may not have known when they hired him is how much he rubs people the wrong way. Just ask his former colleagues and the people who have to sit next to him in the pressbox.

  • comment-avatar
    Drumanchor 3 years ago

    Very interesting post by Original Mitch. Hard not to see truth in what he is saying.

  • comment-avatar

    I see several problems with the Toronto stations.

    The term “on-air” personalities implies to me that they should have and show personality however very few do. Most are stamped from the same mold of trying to sound “professional” whatever that means. However to me they are dull and monotonous. Say what you will about the Overdrive trio but at least they have personality and it makes them interesting. Most of the rest can’t provide enough entertainment for me to tune in.

    For me a bit of conflict and outrageousness is what entertains and makes it worth discussing with others. Howard Stern is likely the most successful radio personality ever and he sure didn’t do it by being boring. Maybe it’s Canadian radio trying to live up to the Canadian stereotype of being dull. American sports radio seems to embrace big personality types.

    For me the tipping point was TSN removing Patrick O’Sullivan from the station. He was one of very few who spoke fresh air. I stopped listening to Leaf Lunch shortly after. Very few of the replacements provided entertainment and apart from Poulin and Button, didn’t really have true hockey knowledge. It might be “free radio” but it still costs my time and their shows aren’t valuable enough to spend my time. So instead I have subscribed to Sirius. I will pay both my time and money to listen to Patrick and the other personalities on their NHL show.

    Another problem is what I call the “circle jerk of radio”. This is the growing trend of one radio show interviewing host of another show. I rembember when McCown’s round table had mostly non-Fan590 people. Been a long time since I’ve listened to it but it seemed to become nothing but Fan590 people. I look at it as cheap programming since the stations are already paying the people so why not work them some more.

    In short, it’s time for entertaining radio.

  • comment-avatar

    Another problem is what I call the “circle jerk of radio”. This is the growing trend of one radio show interviewing host of another show.

    Great point Orson. Both networks have a terrible habit of interviewing the same cadre of their own insiders on every show. Like, how often do you need to hear Shi Davidi take questions or Buck Martinez take questions about the Jays? I wish both networks took this part of their content management more seriously. It devalues their talent but also their radio shows. Better off having no guest than the same guests over and over. they should also keep low value guests off high value shows.

  • comment-avatar

    Two questions:
    1) TSN1050, based on the Sept Toronto radio ratings, is in last place in almost every category; how long will Bell put up with such continued poor performance?

    2) Can The Athletic’s business model be successful if it tries to be a user pay version of the free ad supported broad based SB Nation or the Bleacher report services? Paid services tend to be very specific in their target markets eg. motorsports. I concur with Mike in Boston’s musing that the Athletic might be ramping up for a sale (to Toronto Sun group, Verizon??). The owners of the Athletic could plan to dump it before it bleeds too much money.

  • comment-avatar
    Original Mitch 3 years ago

    ”Circle jerk” ” no personalities” all stems back to Rogers and Bell using radio platform to promote products and outlets and nothing else. Can you imagine someone at the Fan actually talking realistically about the disaster season the jays have had? I picture Detroit radio guys who must be (rightfully) destroying the Tigers for their season. They aren’t radio personalities anymore, they are sales and marketing hosts. Let’s call them for what they are: salesmen

  • comment-avatar

    Original Mitch certainly has nailed it in his last couple of posts – Even in my local where I am one of the few non Jays fans if I mention that Osuna is done and is leading the league in blown saves the ‘fans’ jump on me and mention ‘he is only 22’ ‘look at his year up to whenever!’

  • comment-avatar

    More detailed radio ratings found here. This may be the worst 1050 has ever been. Certainly the worst I can see on the site but it only goes back to 2015. Amazingly, the 40% drop in M25-54 demo from spring might be the bright spot because it’s showing the total audience collapsed 70%.

    I know Bell has pulled through with it so far and still outwardly acts committed but the station should be on perpetual reformat-watch (personally see June 2018 as a key moment).

  • comment-avatar
    Cirroc 3 years ago

    @Original Mitch

    You’re bang on. It’s laughable how Rogers employees have been selling a wire to wire last place team as “in the wild card hunt” all season long. Obviously it’s a huge conflict of interest and I’ve pretty much tuned out the Fan for this reason.

  • comment-avatar

    The Blue Jays were three games out of a playoff spot in August. It hasn’t been a good year but claiming the team was never in a race at all and using that statement to attack media personalities is a misrepresentation of the AL Wild Card chase. It’s also the EXACT same thing that was written here at various points of the last two seasons when the team went to the ALCS.

    Same thing with Osuna. Arbitrary endpoints sure, but he was unhittable for half the season. It’s unreasonable to entirely ignore that and focus on his blown saves, which is as dumb a stat as saves are.

  • comment-avatar

    Jonah has you covered for the next little while.

    This was a very disappointing Jays off-season and regular season. Talking about games-back without mentioning how many teams they would have to jump over is misleading. This is a team that has not been above .500 and has not put together any significant win streaks. We can argue about how to measure success, but there has been more bad than good this year. The team lacks talent and many players have taken steps back.

    I agree with those who say that Sportsnet’s coverage has not reflected the facts about the team’s performance. As mentioned on Twitter, the 2nd wild card is partly to blame because almost every team is in it until September. There’s always a chance that a 10-game winstreak puts you back in it. One thing to keep in mind is that the players have been driving the “we believe in ourselves” line and so naturally some media are going to be influenced by that.

    If you want to test out the theory about the tone of coverage, line up everything written by Blair, Zwelling, BNS, Davidi, Brunt, Wilmer etc over the last 2 months. The proof is in the pudding.

  • comment-avatar

    Here is Shi’s perspective today, describing people who hold different opinions as hysterical and asinine. Right out of the usual media playbook:

    “That bit of perspective is worth remembering given the overwrought hysteria and ridiculous hot takes that followed the closer’s two blown saves, Nos. 9 and 10 of the season, this past week. Without doubt Osuna is in the first extended period of struggle in his young career, with six blown saves and an 8.10 earned-run average in 17 appearances since July 29. And since the Blue Jays lost each of those six games, naturally the mind wonders what might have been had he converted them all.

    Some concern is definitely warranted.

    But the talk of shutting Osuna down for the season? Of giving him a break? Of experimenting with other relievers to close out games before the year ends, you know, just in case? Each is more asinine than the idea before it, especially when he’s determined to finish the year on a high note.”

  • comment-avatar

    Lastly, after I pointed out a broken author RSS feed, Sportsnet decided to kill all their RSS feeds meaning you can’t follow an author (or several) easily any more. Nice work folks. All this means is I will read fewer articles on your site.

  • comment-avatar
    Jamally 3 years ago

    Listened to the PTS roundtable today and there was a point when they said Elliott Friedman was suspended for 5 days for having an on-air fight with a “high maintenance” radio guy at the Fan. This happened a while back – over a decade or so. Can someone remember this story? Who was the other guy?

  • comment-avatar
    Big G 3 years ago

    Sounds like Bob didn’t have a script last night when he was in the booth with Tabler and Martinez. Bob went off when describing the jays state. He outright said that Jose was done amoung other objective takes on the state of the team and players. Bob was going to keep going however Buck was probable happy the final out was made and ended up cutting off Bob. When McCowan was talking Buck was probably privately kicking him to stop. Buck forgot to give Bob some pom poms. Good on McCowan

  • comment-avatar

    Listened to the PTS roundtable today and there was a point when they said Elliott Friedman was suspended for 5 days for having an on-air fight with a “high maintenance” radio guy at the Fan. This happened a while back – over a decade or so. Can someone remember this story? Who was the other guy?

    I was wondering that too. Friedman comes across as one of the least combative personalities out there, so this was quite surprising to hear.

    On another hand, Cox continues to show why he is so smug and unlikeable. They are all reminiscing about the past, and Stellick brings up Jim “Shaky” Hunt and talks a few things about him. Then shortly thereafter, Stellick continues with, “Pat Marsden…God rest his soul…another great one…” At which point Cox chimes back, “Do we have to mention everyone?” I thought that was a pretty tasteless comment.

  • comment-avatar
    Steve Jones 3 years ago

    Hit the elliptical for my cardio at 5 yesterday. Thought I’d throw on PTS to see what going on because Friedman was on and I like his work. Spent an hour listening to old school stories. I kept listening because I was sure they would actually flip over to something relevant. But no. Maybe the most tone deaf display I have experienced. Does anyone really care they have been on air for 25 years? Does this matter in anyway to the listener community? I care about today. But not what they are doing today, it’s mostly just bad radio.

    I also have to say the part where Cox chimed in to say every outlet is owned by rights holders and they have to toe the line, except for the Fan, was hilarious. The Fab is t a rights holder? They don’t have a bunch of cheerleaders? How can anyone be so out of touch with reality?

  • comment-avatar
    Jerry portu 3 years ago

    Lol. “I listened for an hour” an HOUR! If all of the country was a third as invested as you, everyone on the fan would be millionaires. Your passionate criticisms are entirely pointless when you listen for an HOUR , and probably have been for 35 years. You are called a P1

  • comment-avatar
    Big G 3 years ago

    Where are all the Jays should not blow it up people, after a loss to a triple a team despite the jays having their big bats in the lineup in addition to their best pitcher on the mound. The fact remains, a large number of players on this team have hit their ceiling and are on the way down. Just as the jays are losing now and are still getting fan support it’s clear it will be no different in a rebuild especially on radio and tv.

    The Blue Jays were three games out of a playoff spot in August. It hasn’t been a good year but claiming the team was never in a race at all and using that statement to attack media personalities is a misrepresentation of the AL Wild Card chase. It’s also the EXACT same thing that was written here at various points of the last two seasons when the team went to the ALCS.

    Same thing with Osuna. Arbitrary endpoints sure, but he was unhittable for half the season. It’s unreasonable to entirely ignore that and focus on his blown saves, which is as dumb a stat as saves are.

    It’s funny how people especially Jays/590 people jumped when the jays were three games out in the second wild card, but conveniently don’t mention how much teams where between them and the second wild card. Jays tried about ten times to get to .500 and failed miserably furthermore three games out with multiple teams ahead of you means you probably have to win 8 to ten in in a row to gain ground if you can’t get to .500 how is it that you are taken seriously. Off all the teams in front of the jays even the team just a game back of the second wild card has been trying to catch the front running twins for more than a mouth and failed imagine the jays at three game back with multiple teams ahead. Mlb really has fans duped with this second wild card, it’s created these so called probabilities. Just what the Wilners of the world ordered, now he’s taken this “it’s early” thing to a new level. In regards to Osuna baseball is all about what have you done for me lately if that wasn’t the case Jays would have backed up the truck for Bautista.

  • comment-avatar

    @steve jones – I actually really enjoyed the reminicising about the early Fan days this week. But I fondly remember those early days, maybe less interesting if you don’t.

  • comment-avatar

    Personally, I haven’t minded the reminiscing, as it brought back some fond memories of earlier years.

    I have also been trying to remember the incident Elliotte was referring to and like yourself Pete, I cannot recall what happened.

    My reaction to Cox’ comment following the Marsden reference was the same as yours. Yet another example of Damien’s lack of respect for anyone other than himself.

  • comment-avatar

    Noticed the TSN Reporters will be broadcast on 1050. Good news for cord cutters like me!

  • comment-avatar
    billyjoejimbob 3 years ago

    I don’t think the details of the Friedman thing were exactly right.

    It was with Derringer.

    Friedman was hosting after the morning show and was late. Derringer ripped him on air and Friedman gave it to him off air. It was a nasty battle, because Derringer had been pulled off a sponsored appearance the week before…for reasons I’m not getting into here. I think Friedman brought that up in their “conversation.” It was really ugly.

    Management sided with Derringer and Friedman got suspended.

  • comment-avatar
    McIvor 3 years ago will be shutting down at the end of the regular season. Another victim of the Jays 2017 failure.

  • comment-avatar
    Cirroc 3 years ago

    Off topic but can we discuss how horrible DAZN NFL Sunday Ticket has been so far?

  • comment-avatar

    If I recall correctly both Marsden and Derringer took shots at Friedman on air for being late….nothing terrible just sarcasm.

  • comment-avatar

    Wow, I can’t believe this but I actually remember that Derrigner/Friedman incident. I didn’t realize that’s what he was talking about. Why it stuck in my memory after 20 years I couldn’t tell you. But I believe Derringer was on with Mike Richards. I remember him saying something like ‘let’s say you’re a young broadcaster, what’s a great way to impress your bosses and move up in the business? How about being late?” Just kind of ripped into him and made fun of him.

  • comment-avatar
    Pedro 3 years ago

    @McIvor – who cares?

  • comment-avatar

    While they may have been telling the truth (or the truth as they see it) on the Friday PTS round-table about not being told what they should and should not say what the crew were leaving out is that when one does speak out of turn regarding anything within the Rogers empire then you’re find yourself “given the weekend off” a-la the times it happened to Willner and Zaun after they spoke out against the Blue Jays.

    I’m sure in this case they are all fully aware of the unofficial rules at Rogers even if they’re claiming none exist.

  • comment-avatar

    Naylor Tweeting this morning this is his last show. (Monday, Sept. 11) He is headed over to the TSN TV side and will be focusing on the CFL. No announcement yet as to who Lansberg’s new co-hort, will be. Cauz would be a good match but it will probably be Scrizz.

  • comment-avatar

    Dear lord, and I apologise profoundly for my language in advance, but that Friday roundtable was a boring circle jerk of epic proportions. Oh, and Damian Cox saying they have a free hand at the FAN to speak their minds? I’ve never heard a more obtuse observation in all my 50 odd years of living on this planet! I literally stood there in my kitchen silence (was listening to the podcast), with my jaw dropped, for about 60 seconds after hearing that.

  • comment-avatar
    Original Mitch 3 years ago

    When someone tell you they aren’t something, usually it means they are. Cox and other numerous Rogers employee constantly telling us or tweeting us they have “free reign” and don’t have to wear Pom poms for the Jays means the opposite. Listeners know this, hosts know this. I don’t know why they are so stubborn about it. It’s business, we all get it. If I work for Apple I won’t tweet about how crappy my new IPod is. If they were honest with listeners and said “listen, this is my career and my bosses remind me every spring that the blue Jays are my colleagues or that we are the home of the NHL for the next decade” I’d actually have more respect as opposed to this combative “I can say what I want about Blue Jays and I think they are great!” Nonsense.
    Or ” the hockey World Cup was a resounding success,” lol

  • comment-avatar

    Problem is that some people don’t want a media member to actually speak their mind if that means having a nuanced take which could be seen as positive. They demand abject negativity and piling on inline with the most reactionary part of the fan base as some sort of over-corrective sacrifice to prove your “unbiasness” from the corporate overlords. Cox at times (caveat: I haven’t listened to him at all this year so I can’t comment on recent takes) is a prime example of someone who takes this approach and yet he still gets painted with the shill brush. Go figure.

    Cirroc, DAZN is atrocious so far. I can’t believe a new entrant to the market who wants to make a splash would cheap out on bandwidth like they have after promising so much. Also why I don’t think we’re quite at the point where a major rights package is exclusively sold online (besides $s still favouring cable), it’s not reliable enough to handle millions of potential streamers in HD quality.

  • comment-avatar

    It has been confirmed that Naylor will no longer be on the 1050 morning show because he is moving back to TV……….but of course we already knew that because TSM reported it last week on Twitter………..the morning show at 1150 is also changing because Jamie Thomas took a job in Winnipeg and it sounds like the other guy is switching places with Tatti’s afternoon partner

    I’m trying to think of other local examples where a radio station made significant changes like that to their morning show right in the middle of what is apparently the most important ratings period of the year………..but in the case of 1050 I guess it doesn’t really matter all that much because their ratings for most timeslots are already incredibly low

  • comment-avatar

    Changes at 1150 Hamilton take effect immed- as of Mon, Marshall Ferguson moves to mornings. He is a good young broadcaster and is the PBP guy for Ticats as well. Does a really good job, brings a younger take to things, and is an avid supporter of all things football, esp. Cdn football
    No, I am not Marshall nor a family member 🙂

  • comment-avatar
    chiming in from the '6' 3 years ago

    The fact on Naylor’s last day on TSN 1050 that Naylor thanked Landsberg for his help and assistance over their 18 months on air, while Landsberg thanked his technical and production people but not Landberg by name.

    Naylor really not good fit in afternoon or morning radio, and wondering if he was just firedm tired of Landzberg’s smart alecky remarks or genuinely wanted to spend more family time as single parent with his mentally challenged son.

    As for Landsberg — agree with whoever posted that TSN wanted to burn off remainder of Landsberg’s OTR contract they owe him so gave him the TSN radio show.

    Speaking of — toturously listened to Landsberg and Derrick Taylor this A.M. with Taylor pontificating about wanting Matthews as Leafs captain. When he mentioned this to play by play Leafs announcer Joe Bowen, Bowen quickly shot his comment down in polite, curteous manner when he probably wanted to tell him how silly idea was,

    After interview, Taylor basically stated he erred when saying Matthews would be youngest NHL captain, when he would be 2nd youngest captain by appx. 100 days to Connor McDavid.

    Anothet example of wondering how Taylor has a job at TSN 1050,

    Couldn’t agree more with Mitch and others that FAN 590 announcers have no spine or gumption in defending Jays 2017 season and not critiquin Osuna’ss numerous blown saves especially in 2nd half of this season.