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So the Fall book is busily being written as listeners either are or are not tuning in, so let’s take a minute to review the end of May- end of August book that just got reported.

The overall trend?


In the critical Males 25-54 every single show took it on the chin. Not surprisingly, the graveyard shift 1-4pm both stations suffered the least.

The Fan morning show went from a 7.6 to a 4.9. TSN lost half its audience going from a 1.4 to a .7

Blair went from an impressive 9.4 to a very average 6.0 (for him in this time frame). TSN dropped from a .8 to a .6

McCown went from a firm 8.5 to 6.4 while TSN’s afternoon drive went from a 2.4 to a 1.5.

Now, we assume a drop at TSN simply because they are not bought and paid for by the Jays. As long as the Jays appear on Rogers TSN will take the hit. The bigger thing to pay attention to then is the Fan numbers. No one can be surprised that a lousy Jay season equals a similar fate on the radio.

I haven’t seen the latest but I expect the same story on Sportsnet with Jays TV numbers.

What does it mean?


The next book is the one to watch. Leafs training camp, Raptors return, NFL is back. This is the time careers are saved and sealed. I’d look for all numbers to bounce back to at least the Feb-May numbers. Let’s see what happens.

Here’s the #s:

% Share of Hrs. Tuned% Share of Hrs. Tuned% Share of Hrs. Tuned% Share of Hrs. Tuned
May 29-Aug. 27Feb.27-May28May 29-Aug. 27Feb.27-May28
M-Fr. 6a-9a
FAN 5904.97.68.912.3
TSN 10500.
M-Fr. 9a-12a
FAN 5906.09.411.212.4
TSN 10500.
M-Fr. 12p-1p
FAN 5906.
TSN 10500.
M-Fr. 1p-4p
FAN 5903.
TSN 10500.
M-Fr. 4p-7p
FAN 5906.48.58.510.5
TSN 10501.

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