Toronto Sports Media Guest Post: When Saturday Comes On Monday by Mark Coale

<span class="entry-title-primary">Toronto Sports Media Guest Post: When Saturday Comes On Monday</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">by Mark Coale</span>

By Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine / Winter Palace Podcast

Thanks to Jonah for letting me pinch hit today. Although I stopped in the comments a while ago, I do still read the columns here. Also, for full disclose, a few people mentioned today have been guests on our podcast: Marek, Wyshynski, Deitsch and and Jonah himself.

Kneel Before Zod

The big story in sports this week was the ongoing issue of athlete protests, be it in the NFL, the NHL, the NBA or other places. I don’t listen to a lot of sports radio anymore, but from what I did hear, I think the best job was done by Jeff Blair and Stephen Brunt on 590. Most days, they had guests exploring the social issues surrounding the protests, from noted cultural critic Dr.Harry Edwards to former Carter speechwriter James Fellows. Maybe the best segment they did was withJeff Marek, talking about the Penguins’ decision to visit the White House in October.

Prime Time also had a good deal of talk about the protests. Who would have thought we would be adding “Martin Luther King” to PTS, but Bob seemed to bring him up almost every day. I’m more pro-Shannon than most here, but I don’t know if it was better or worse for him to be co-host over Cox this week. Also, unless I missed it, I don’t think Bob talked to Deitsch about the odd Sports Illustrated protest-themedcover this week that included Roger Goodall but not Colin Kapernek.

The only show on 1050 I listen to a regular basis is the morning show, but did not hear a lot of it this week. Friday’s show was hosted by Cauz and Arthur, so you can bet there was plenty of politics talk. Arthur wrote a really column this week about black players in the NHL that’s worth reading.

And for sports and politics isn’t just for North America. Due to turmoil over the Catalan independence referendum in Spain today, Barcelona played an empty arena match today due to all the unrest there today.

Bear Down

The best sports media content in Canada this week may have been Toronto Mike’s two-hour podcast with Brunt, going over his whole career with lots of tangents. I didn’t know how he ended up in sports writing instead of music or a lot of his non-590 stuff. The big news may be how he almost was TSN’s multimedia guy after the Vancouver Olympics, scuppered perhaps only by Keith Pelley’s move to Rogers. And yes, lots of talk about Bob and the PTS Break-up. Well worth a listen.

Quick Hits

With Greg Wyshynski leaving Yahoo Sports, what does the future hold for the Marek vs Wyshynski podcast?

With hockey season almost here, are you ready for regular radio guests like Morosi and Davidi to be replaced by Healy, Maclean and Kipper in the weekly rotation on 590? Same for Onley/Hayhurst and Duthie/Maguire at 1050.

New rebranding for the 1:00 show on 590. Don’t know much about the new guy, but never listened to that time slot since Brady was there years ago.

Are you going to miss Baseball Central? Will a Barker still be doing Bundesliga picks every week during the off-season?

Amazing the Blue Jays waited until the last day of the season to escape the basement of the AL East. Will we still be getting Donaldson talk all the time until he resigns or is traded?

Thanks for reading. Our next podcast should be this week with a post-season preview and soccer chat with Awful Announcing/The Comeback baseball guyJoe Lucia.



  • comment-avatar
    Wefewee 3 years ago

    Nice to hear a new voice; thanks for writing!
    We’re in the middle of a move to Nova Scotia and I stopped my Star and Sun subscriptions just after labour day.
    Try to keep up on the websites when I can.
    I did catch Simmons on Sunday and was shocked to hear about Mike Zeisberger’s departure from The Sun.
    BIG loss.

  • comment-avatar

    What no commentary on here from the usual suspects?!?!

  • comment-avatar

    I would also recommend listening to the interview with Brunt on Toronto Mike, it’s absolutely fantastic.

  • comment-avatar
    Maught 3 years ago

    I’d second the recommendation to listen to the Toronto Mike podcast with Stephen Brunt. Well worth a listen.

  • comment-avatar

    Here is something for those of you who think John Shannon isn’t on the air on 590 enough……….apparently Shannon and Jeff Marek will be hosting a 5 hour hockey show on the Sportsnet Radio Network every Saturday starting at 5 PM

  • comment-avatar

    Nice guest post!

    Completely agree regarding Blair and Brunt. I still enjoy PTS, but I think Blair and Brunt are the best thing going on the Fan these days.

    The Brunt episode of Toronto MIke’d was great. I’d love to hear Brunt get his own podcast.

    Also – looks like Sportsnet Radio has a new Saturday night show. Marek and Shannon 5 – 10pm. Two guys I don’t know from 10 to 2:

    Good to see an effort being made on evenings/weekends. I get that national shows won’t work in prime hours, but I think it could be fine in late nights and weekends. A market this size should be able to have something better than CBS sports radio.

  • comment-avatar

    Unrelated here but since another post seems to have been 86ed: What sports TV bubble? Disney able to secure 30% fee increase for ESPN over 4 years, plus carriage for two more channels no one will watch.

  • comment-avatar

    Jokes on all those aspiring broadcasters who thought that J-School or the CSM was the way to go to get ahead in the industry. Apparently all you need to get 2 hours in this city is facepaint and a cigarette.

    I get that it’s on Saturday afternoons for a station that does sub 1 for most of the workweek, but holy hell this has to be demoralizing for anyone on TSN’s bench to watch this be promoted. What’s next, Eklund’s late night pizza party?

  • comment-avatar

    Landsberg definitely made light of that exact point on his show. Todd Shapiro is going to be a co-host though, no? Lends some credibility to the show – TSN’s stab at grabbing some listeners.

  • comment-avatar

    Todd is the biggest POS in Toronto Media. Happy to see he’s been on air for this long and is playing second fiddle to “Dart Guy”. Dart Guy isn’t a good talker and neither is Todd. Should be awful. What were they thinking?

  • comment-avatar
    Anthony 3 years ago

    Answer: Things that common fans don’t care about for $100 Alex

    Question: Media guys crying about PR guys getting fired.

  • comment-avatar

    I don’t know if Todd Shapiro has much credibility, really! Sort of a level below Blundell maybe.

    I like it when stations try something different or weird, and it’s nice to see TSN actually put on a show on a weekend. But yeah, I could imagine it would be frustrating if you’re an aspiring broadcaster, and there’s only like 5 shows on TSN radio and one of them is hosted by the Dart Guy.

  • comment-avatar
    Anthony 3 years ago


    If you can deliver ratings, thats what matters. Dart Guy found a niche, its up to the kids in school to get their own niche. Ive mentioned Steve Dangle in the past in reference to podcasts, but his youtube feed gets more hits then guys like Mike Richards, so should he get a gig or a kid out of school who has zero following?

    You can be bitter, or you can be better, Ive always prefered the ‘better’ part of that.

  • comment-avatar
    Tighthead 3 years ago

    Is Dart Guy actual TSN content or have they just sold the airtime?

  • comment-avatar

    @tighthead – It’s actual TSNR content. That’s where they are now. How pathetic.

  • comment-avatar

    After playing the theme song from Star Wars, non-smoking Dart Guy opened up his first broadcast with an impassiomed defense of why he belongs on the air.

  • comment-avatar

    His “impassioned defense”? Sounds like that last post was written by Todd, guarding his last meal ticket in this town.

    The show was as good as it could be, which is still pretty bad. Dart Guy would be better off with a different co host. One that doesn’t freak out when management names the show “The Dart Guy Show” and demands a new name the day before the show airs.

    There’s a reason why “The Dart Guy Show” was announced and quickly changed to the awfully named, “The Dart Guy and Todd Shapiro Show”…

    Todd freaked out at management and at Dart Guy and demanded changes after the deal was made.

    They are already having problems, and they shouldn’t be on air in the first place.

    Grab the popcorn

  • comment-avatar

    Most people here would probably agree I am not Todd. Never heard of him really. ‘Impassioned’ was just an objective description of what he said. I offer no opinion on the merit/lack of merit of what he said. I agree on your opinion of how the name of the show quickly changed. Will probably run the hockey season and then fade away.

  • comment-avatar
    Poker Guy 3 years ago

    I have to say I am really enjoying SC With Jay & Dan. Very entertaining.

  • comment-avatar
    Cirroc 3 years ago

    @ Anthony

    Excellent comment. I’m neither a Dangle fan nor a dart guy fan per se, and I don’t necessarily agree with what constitutes “fame” or “followers” these days, but you can’t argue that they have made names for themselves.

  • comment-avatar
    Mario 3 years ago

    Did I miss it or is there a reason why TSN is not doing That’s Hockey 2 Tonight anymore? Would it be cost cutting or a viewer ship issue?

  • comment-avatar
    Pants Go Brown 3 years ago

    Did you catch the prank caller on PTS tonight? Started what sounded like a legit question about the Leafs and then asked Bob why he has stupid hair and wears stupid sunglasses in the studio.

    It was a classic. Almost as funny as when Bob got pissy and hung up on Lorne Rubenstein.

  • comment-avatar
    Anthony 3 years ago


    It’s all about $$$. If you have a big enough following, you can prove you can bring $$. If any journalist is pissed, get a bigger following. Those guys did, one by fluke, the other by grinding away a social media presence.

  • comment-avatar

    Did they though? Let’s be honest, the host was a flash in the pan internet meme five months ago and the sidekick is Blundell’s from a decade ago – we’ve been through that experiment on sports radio already and it’s not good. There’s not really anything that shows either of these people have a following and that’s besides the point, not everyone who is good at Twitter will be good on a radio show or draw that following over mediums.

    So yeah, I don’t blame young sports broadcasters for being pissed at this while they aren’t given opportunities . This isn’t a lesson in “grinding” or TSN folllowing proven money, this is a lesson in a PD being so over his head that he’s desperate/foolish enough to try stunts over building a credible station to challenge the FAN.

  • comment-avatar

    Today’s Jeff Blair show is an absolute MUST listen even if you weren’t a Hip fan.

  • comment-avatar
    Anthony 3 years ago


    The ‘grinding’ comment was more so for Steve Dangle. I don’t listen, but he has developed a following and has gotten himself a show and a job by grinding and creating an audience. He could have bitched, but he tried to create something.

    You can be bitter, or you can be better. I prefer the better part of that.

  • comment-avatar
    Original Mitch 3 years ago

    Jackie Redmond won a contest, the guy hosting the amazing race is an Olympian. There’s lots of ways to get into the industry but at the end of the day it’s the same for most businesses: it’s who you know not what you know
    Dart guy struck a friendship with Todd who obviously had ties with TSN radio.
    All those kids who pay Jim van Horn thousands and thousands a year are paying to get connections, not to learn how to operate a consol or “how to tweet”. It’s the same game except under the guise of an “education”. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that “school” not even recognized as educational institution and diplomas are actually meaningless?
    Boohoo to those who cry foul, it’s how this industry works. If dart guy (or anyone else) isn’t connecting with audience he’ll be gone and next man (or woman, but in Toronto it’s likely man) up.

  • comment-avatar

    Warning: tonight’s PTS Roundtable guests are Shannon AND Ken Reid!