On Bob McCown, Tim & Sid, Mark Shapiro and Roy Halladay

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Greetings and salutations (are you a Heather?)

Little TSM is at driving school, which means I am up early(ish) and I have some free time to type away. BTW, I am sitting in front of our very old desktop computer, and I have to admit, despite being a gadget geek with enough devices to keep a small country connected, I still love doing this on a desktop computer.


A ton of stuff to go over and not that much time to do it in, so here we go:

Maybe you follow me on Twitter, maybe not, I will say it’s the easiest way to get in touch with me and good, bad or indifferent it’s where you certainly get my up to the moment thoughts and I guess where you get to learn more about me and the twisted way I think.

A friend who I met on Twitter once said to me, “why do you reply to people who tweet to you when they only have like 3 followers?” The reason, to be honest, is that I’ve always felt like it’s no different then someone stopping me on the street. If someone reaches out I respond. I’ve never looked first to see how many followers they have.

Why do I bring this up?

Well, I tweet about a lot of topics, mostly sports related and there are those out there who think I have a slant or bias in my tweeting. Clearly, it is those who don’t follow me regularly or read this site. This comes up a lot when it comes to the Toronto Blue Jays most (and why I bring it up here).

Winning cures all.

That is a fact.

All is forgiven when a team wins. Dumb signings, bad trades, stupid comments all don’t matter when a team wins. By the way, we live, more than ever in a results-oriented world where winning means the whole thing. The Championship. That doesn’t mean anything short of that, at least in my mind.

Until the team wins, all moves can and should be questioned.

You are entitled to your opinion on that and I presume you will grant me mine.

So when I look at the recent moves, comments etc by the Blue Jays brass and speak out against them, I am not implying I am no longer a fan of the Blue Jays, but rather voicing frustrations with the item du jour. Should they win the World Series all is forgotten.

No, I do not subscribe to the fact that a true fan supports their team no matter what. Once, and only once in my life have I cheered for a team I call my own to lose games, and that was the Leafs brutal season prior to their drafting Matthews. I hated the players on that team and wanted them to bottom out.

There is a difference between vocalizing disdain and throwing in the towel, in my opinion.

Since taking the reins of the Toronto Blue Jays, it appears that Mark Shapiro has done everything he possibly can do to alienate himself from the fan base.

Winning cures all.

If he wins a World Series all will be forgiven.

In the interim the debate rages.

To me, the sad passing of Roy Halladay was a silver platter moment for Shapiro and Atkins.The playbook says, like 30 minutes after the news was released, you get in front of cameras (your owner happens to be the largest media company in Canada) and say something like the following: The Toronto Blue jays, the city of Toronto, the country of Canada and the entire Rogers family are saddened at the tragic loss of Roy Hallad. Our prayers and thoughts go out to his family. Rest assured we will be coming back to you soon with our plans to pay tribute to one of the best players to ever wear our uniform as soon as we have finalized them.

That’s it.

Not hard right?



How flipping hard would that have been?????

Consider this, Bob Elliott, the grandaddy of baseball writers in Canada released a story that Shapiro not only made Halladay apply for a job but also turned him down! Shapiro came out after the fact and denied that story. That’s pathetic. The fact it ever got to that point is beyond bizarre. It’s sad.

There were a ton of tear jerking, quality pieces written about Roy Halladay and I urge you to watch the tribtue to him online when you have time.

John Lott‘s piece in the Athletic ( subcription required) is, in my opinon the best piece Lott’s ever written & without question the best story to ever appear on the site.

Richard Griffin, Steve Simmons and Bruce Arthur all hit the right tone too.

The Aforementioned Bob Elliott wrote as only Bob can. Beautiful.

The story was everywhere. Literally.

The Atlantic, The New York Times, The Today Show, SI, People Magazine, FiveThirtyEight, and yes, even Rolling Stone

Every paper in Toronto had a piece, they are all wonderful tributes to, in my opinion, the best player to play for a Toronto team who started their career with the Toronto team and achieved greatness with the Toronto team during my lifetime. No Raptor, Maple Leaf, or Blue Jay who played game 1 of their career did more as a Toronto playing team then Roy did, at least not since 1972.

While on the topic of the Blue Jays, the Blue Jay Hunter has an interesting read on the organization I thought you’d enjoy.

I will say it again, hiring certain people, firing others, breaking with tradition, making comments, staying silent all may lead to a World Series. Until they do, the manner in which business is conducted is fair game.

“There’s a significant chunk of the media that wants you to fail.”

Brian Burke on the Toronto Sports Media.

The Toronto sports media group is a funny bunch. Maybe it’s because the Leafs sucked for so long, and the rare moments of hope were pre-social media but it really wasn’t until the arrival of the current brass and 34 that this reader would see “cheering” for the team on social media and positive coverage of the Leafs that we’ve seen of the Raptors and Jays over the years.

I’ve written this before, but the relationship between media and Raptors has a certain us vs. the world mentality. The Raptors aren’t the Leafs in a Leafs market and they don’t have the championship feather in their cap as the Jays do. The team and the media to a certain extent jointly fight the second class citizen coverage in a very positive way. The media aren’t homers, but they do understand the fight the team and their coverage has for eyeballs.

The Jays “beat” is somewhat similar and was certainly upbeat during their most recent upswing.

I think that Burke is right if read literally.

There is no question in my mind that certain members of the media had it out for him and, he for them too. If the team’s failing reflected poorly on him, I think certain media members took pride and joy in that.

Put another way, it was, and it can be personal.

With Burke it was.

I had Brian in one of my Pressbox interviews and I read him a dandy of a quote by a certain former Leaf beat guy, asking Brian for a response:

“Who wrote it?” Burke asked me

Howard Berger” I told him.

“Next question!” Burke replied.

So, yes the media wouldn’t dare take on Shanahan et all right now. Things are going very well. It feels more Raptors/Jays esque at present. At least at most, it isn’t personal with the current brass.

Ok, you all are asking me to comment on the most bizarre article I’ve ever read by Mr. Berger.(I refuse to link to it).

My response to everyone is the same.


Not that you care, but the Seattle city council is set to vote on Tim Leiweke’s proposal to renovate Key Arena the former home of the Seattle Supersonics. By all accounts, the city won’t screw this one up, and Leiweke’s group will start renovating the arena in January of 2018 with an eye to a 2020 opening. Behind the bid sits a hungry, experienced group of investors dying to bring the NHL to Seattle first, with hope of an NBA team to follow. (If you are interested in this stuff, Geoff Baker, former Toronto Sports Media member is on the beat and a good read/follow).

So, as we sit here today the NHL has significant interest in Quebec, Kansas City, Houston and perhaps, finally in Seattle.

Seems like a good start to me!

Word on the street is that despite telling David Shoalts that he doesn’t want to do this anymore, the allure, or need for the mighty dollar is going to land Bob McCown a shiny new 3-year deal continuing his gig at The Fan 590. Close, but not yet signed is what I am told from multiple people in the know. Details, of course, are not clear, but it sounds like McCown will be in the same slot for approximately the same number of weeks for at least the next three years. All of this could change until the ink is dry on both sides.

Let’s face it when Bob is on he’s as good as it gets (on both sides of the border by the way). When he’s not interested he’s as bad they get too.

For now, both sides need each other. There is no heir apparent for the drive home slot at the fan and the numbers are strong.

While they may not like each other all that much, it is a mutually beneficial relationship for both.

I still look for Dan Shulman to play a bigger role at 590.

Mike and Mike officially broke up this week. We’ve survived Jerry without Tom. We have Curb Your Enthusiasm on hand and Seinfeld on the other.

Could we be headed for another split?

Word is that all is not rosy in the world of Tim and Sid.

It appears that Sid’s deal is near expiry and neither party is all that cozy with the idea of a new deal. Is a divorce inevitable? I don’t know. Is this a grand game of chicken? Maybe. Can one exist without the other? Of course. Can they both succeed without the other? That, my friends, is the question.

It could be a fascinating couple of weeks to be sure.

I don’t have the data to back this up, but several bird dogs tell me that the Blue Jays lack of success has been a boon for the folks over at Bell. TSN is apparently supreme once again on the TV side with the Jays last season demise.

Still, with Bell, they gonged what’s left of their local sports crews this week.

Joe Tilley and Lance Brown are among those laid off in a series of job cuts. As many as 50 jobs have been cut at 15 television stations across Canada.” More apparently followed on radio too

I know local sports is dead. It is really sad to me that guys who I grew up watching are on the outside looking in. I hope all of those laid off find meaningful things to do and quickly.

I’ve been listening to Howard Stern’s interviews while in the car recently. The podcast downloads are limited so I went hunting for full downloads of the interviews. Personally, I love his interviews. The bits in between not so much.I was told that the interviews are available in full via the Sirius/XM mobile application. I downloaded it and have to tell you it’s the worst, most amateur app I’ve ever seen. I mean really! It’s embarassing how bad it is.

Finally, many people ask me why I don’t post clips or comments on Sportsnet TV highlights. The reason is simple. They are geo-blocked here in the USA.

Happy reading.

You can tweet me or email me.


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Paul G.
Paul G.
November 18, 2017 3:16 pm

I am never happy to see anyone lose their jobs, but the CTV Sports layoffs have been in the works for a long time. The Bell Media brass have wanted the TSN staff take over all local operations, since the sports network was relocated to the Agincourt studios years ago. That it took this long is a credit to the efforts of the Toronto sports producers and directors.

Tim will be just fine without Sid. He is a thoughtful and intelligent observer who communicates his insights well. If anything, he will have better opportunities to grow without Sid’s over the top juvenile antics.

Finally, I will always take the word of a Hall of Fame journalist (Bob Elliott) over that of Shapiro!

November 18, 2017 3:23 pm

Thanks for the interesting read TSM insightful as usual. Rogers and the Jays totally blew it on the Roy Halladay passing, I for one sure hope they have something real special planned at one of there home games this year as well. The TIM and Sid experiment is over as well , why would they put them up against PTS is still a head shaker both were very good on radio it just didn’t carry to the TV side. If Bell did take over on the TV rating side you wouldn’t know it Rogers is still saying they are the number watched sports channel. I guess its on how one can interpret the numbers, they both seem to fudge their numbers to suit them.

November 18, 2017 3:42 pm

Dare I say this: I think Tim could take over PTS when Bob is done.

Original Mitch
Original Mitch
November 18, 2017 5:01 pm

Whether the Jays sucked or not I don’t see how TSN can have better ratings than Sportsnet considering all the live sports Rogers has bought in the last few years. On any given night in October you’ll have the 4 major sports on the SN family channels while TSN will counter with CFL sounds of the week. I realize that sports centre is 100 times better than connected but live events drive ratings and Rogers wins that. Which also goes to your last point in this article: geoblocked or not, who watches Connected anymore? Lol
I don’t believe the Tim and Sid thing. I believe Sid will sign another contract and the two will continue to pretend they remain relevant for years to come.

November 18, 2017 7:51 pm

Hopefully Bob’s new deal will be a catalyst for the FAN to re-invigorate PTS. This Friday’s roundtable was Caroline Cameron, Eric Thomas, and John Shhhhhhanon. No disrespect to any of them, but are you kidding me? The FAN couldn’t get anyone better than sportsnet promotional faces? The roundtable is at its best when real journalists are sitting in – guys like Perkins, Zeisberger, or Madani. Throwing in a random cabal of Sportsnet promo faces to be on the show seems like mailing it in – part and parcel of a bigger problem with PTS. Like you said, too often Bob seems bored or un-engaged. The decline of PTS combined with Overdrive being the most entertaining show on Toronto radio period is why I listen to Overdrive 95% of the time during that 4-7 time slot.

The one thing PTS has going for it? For whatever reason when big news breaks – really big news like the Halladay tragedy – there’s only one person I want to hear talk about it. Bob.

November 18, 2017 9:29 pm

Original Mitch, it’s easy for TSN to best Sportsnet when all they show is Leaf repeats on all 4 channels.

Daniel D.
Daniel D.
November 19, 2017 12:02 am

Vendetta made that round table unlistenable. Yikes

November 19, 2017 12:22 am

Interesting column with lots of food for thought. Personally, I enjoy McGown – good or bad – and am pleased that he may be back for another 3 years. You’re right, they really don’t appear to have anyone to replace him at this time.

As for Howard Berger, whose blog I also enjoy, my guess is that since he recently started a new career and is, seemingly, doing well at it, he’s just a bit chuffed. Has the ol’ swagger back and thought it would be amusing to post about an impending trade with Austin Matthews. Problem was, it wasn’t funny and then he took it upon himself to insult those who bought his “scoop”.

Sad? Yes, but this isn’t serious journalism. He’s human and he made a mistake. I think he realizes that and is, probably, unlikely to repeat that error.

November 19, 2017 1:42 am

While I would want to give Shapiro the benefit of the doubt (never know the content of a private conversation he might have had with the family), it’s hard to rationalize that he didn’t even make a public statement or two…as the senior most representative of the Blue Jays. The haters are gonna hate regardless of what he would have (or would not have) said, but it is really hard to get over the optics of the clear strength of the response of the Phillies to the tragedy in contrast…hosting the memorial, Chairman speaking, former teammates like Hamels speaking….but no sign of folks like Vernon Wells, Aaron Hill, Hentgen, or other players associated with the Jays during that era. For some reason, it feels like the Jays deliberately went silent in all respects. What a sad loss for all of us but especially his family…somehow even seems petty to be debating something as trivial as this in the first place. Just would have felt a bit appropriate if the Jays were somehow more visibly supportive.

November 19, 2017 2:17 am

Bob can definitely mail it in sometimes now, but a really good PTS segment with Bob is like nothing else in Toronto sports radio. Probably quite unique in all sports radio really. So I’m pleased to hear he’ll be around a while longer. I don’t listen quite as much as I used to, but when I tune in I’m almost surprised that he can still be so good when he wants to.

Totally agree on the poor quality of roundtable guests. I didn’t even bother downloading this weeks show. Vendetta should not be hosting at The Fan. Go with guys like Grange, Blair, Perkins, Madani, Friedman. Please, like posters on this board has been saying for years – less Shannon, Reid, Fay and Vendetta.

Matty Zero
Matty Zero
November 19, 2017 4:33 am

If the Jays were serious about winning this year, Donaldson would already be re-signed and we would hear about interest in Otani and Stanton, since they really only have one outfielder. However, none of those things have taken place which leads me to believe that the rebuild those 2 so desperately wanted to start 2 years ago, is now in full effect. I’ll be curious to see what kind of haul they get for Josh and then Stroman. Sanchez will have to wait a year to be dealt, so he can regain value after a lost season. Don’t want to see this happen, but I’m afraid it is.

November 19, 2017 10:22 am

If this news is true, I’m happy to see Bob back. He has taken fewer shots at Rogers lately. I don’t think he’s ready to vanish just yet. He’s likely seen others his age retire only to become bored and useless. This market has lots of older guys still working: John (Hayes) Derringer, Ken Shaw, and Gord Martineau was in his 70s when he opted out. Bob likely gets close to $1M/year to work maybe 36 weeks. You’d be stupid to turn that down.

Sid? I don’t think he spends much time working on his craft even though he’s not really all that established. His schtick is thin at best and you have to reinvent yourself over time. Sid tries to be what he was, which is almost always a recipe for failure.

The roundtable… Worst PTS roundtable in some time. The problem is that with two newbies on the show (Caroline Cameron, Eric Thomas) John Shannon dominated. And that means jumping in on EVERY question posed by Vendetta, often repeating his feeble points, doubling down on his feeble points, schilling for the NHL and talking down to everyone. This man was rejected by the programming director for the new sports station in Vancouver. How is it that the programming director in Toronto over exposes us to Shannon? He’s hands down the worst thing about the Fan 590.

Meanwhile, Vendetta cut off Cameron at least a dozen times. He must speak. But hosts are supposed to listen. He’s grating.

And Shatkins? Last off season we were told the Jays would get younger and more athletic. Their two big signings were Morales and Pearce, both aged 34, and no one would consider either athletic. So, basically, they lied. So why should we believe them now? It’s time to show us. It’s time to make the kind of trade that Shapiro is supposedly known for. Donaldson will be gone. Maybe Sanchez too. Jays ticket prices are going up 17% across the board. I think the days of sub-20,000 crowds at the Rogers Centre are set to return. And Rogers can thank Shatkins for that.

Steve Jones
Steve Jones
November 19, 2017 12:45 pm

Pet peeve of the day. Sports guys trying to talk business. I note today’s column by Simmons on the topic of Goodells salary demands. Simmons seems to think the commish runs all 32 teams. Which is ridiculous. But my real issue is his apparent total lack of understanding of business finance. Let’s start with the NFL is about a $13B business. It’s tiny in the world of US corporations. Goodell apparently wants $49M a year which would have made him #3 on the highest paid CEO list in 2016. The NFL is hardly as difficult a business to run as a major corporation. I won’t even bother to try to break down the comment that the NFL is 32 billion dollar businesses. By value? OK. By revenue, not one is. And if you looked at team value to earnings they are in most cases overpriced with EV/EBITDA ratios that are silly. But yes owners don’t care too much about making money. It’s about being an owner. Rant over. Stick to sports Simmons

Brent In LA
Brent In LA
November 19, 2017 3:47 pm

Wonderful as always. Here are my personal thoughts for the week.

1) Doug Smith going after Jay and Dan on twitter is pathetic. I tweeted to Doug after he said “Jay and Dan never go to live events” some proof of Jay and Dan at a live sporting event. No response. I’m sure Doug is talented, but one can’t help but think he has some resentment towards two guys who make a ton more money than he did and are actually relevant. Doug does work on the FAN which is partial to geriatric white guys. Looks like Doug fits in just fine with them.

2) Overdrive. Best show on the radio and it’s not even close.

3) I see Howard Berger is now a funeral director. He knows how to have his own career die, so one could say he has some experience in his new profession.

4) How is John Shannon employed?

5) Question. Do Tim and Sid no longer get along, or does Sportsnet just not want Sid around anymore? I’ve never watched their show because I think their entire “act” is terrible (I did like their radio show though).

November 19, 2017 6:32 pm


The Jays HAVE expressed interest in Otani. ON MULTIPLE OCCASIONS AND SCOUTED HIM EXTENSIVELY. They have had at least one scout at each of his starts over the last two years.

As for Donaldson, he’s over 30. Teams do not splurge on guys over 30 anymore, not if you want to win. He’s not a free agent until NEXT offseason, they don’t need to do anything right now.

Regarding Stanton, he has a no-trade clause. He’s gonna go where he wants to go, which sure as hell sounds like to a west coast team.

“Consider this, Bob Elliott, the grandaddy of baseball writers in Canada released a story that Shapiro not only made Halladay apply for a job but also turned him down! Shapiro came out after the fact and denied that story. That’s pathetic. The fact it ever got to that point is beyond bizarre. It’s sad.”

Elliott’s story has been confirmed to be bogus. Stop talking about it like it’s gospel when it is not. You are promoting crony journalism.

Also, why is nepotism okay in sports? If Halladay’s approach doesn’t fit with the team’s approach, why should they have hired him? Are you seriously suggesting they should hire someone that they don’t think is right for the team just because he used to play for them? That’s insane. That’s not how you build a winning team, which you say is the most important thing.

Let’s all be honest with ourselves. Why are sportswriters sharply criticizing Shapiro? Two main reasons: First, he meant no more Beeston, who was so behind the times about a team should be run that’s sad he was allowed to last as long as he did. But sportswriters are equally so far behind the times that they just don’t recognize that. Look at how many of them still cling to ridiculous stats like pitcher wins, RBIs, and batting average. He was a TERRIBLE team president. He never got improvements to the spring training complex. Shapiro has done that. He never pushed for improvements to Skydome (don’t give me that real grass BS, that was never happening). Shapiro has done that.

Second, because Shapiro got rid of people that were their main sources for inside info. Simple as that. Anyone that knows even one writer covering the Jays know it. God knows I’ve had to hear an earful about it from my writer friend. “I have to develop whole new sources, woe is me my life is so hard! Damn that man from Cleveland!”

Paul G.
Paul G.
November 19, 2017 6:47 pm

@ McIvor

“Elliott’s story has been confirmed to be bogus”

Could you please expand on this statement as I am (sincerely) not aware of such confirmation. I am more than willing to acknowledge my error in supporting Elliott’s claim if in fact such “confirmation” has been established.

Steve in Waterloo
Steve in Waterloo
November 20, 2017 10:31 am

I was hoping for PTS Version 2 as McCowan seems to mail it in more than not. But, someone’s comments above made me realize that he is the first go to when something major is going down – so maybe I am not as anxious as I thought.

I too was/am hoping for more Shulman.

I most certainly don’t miss Burke’s bluster, and I think it is personal with the media and Shapero. Its up to Shapero to prove them wrong.

Carl A
Carl A
November 20, 2017 12:08 pm

The Blue Jays could improve their TV ratings by having Shulman in the broadcast booth more often and it should be a two man booth. I’m hoping that Buck and Pat watched the World Series broadcast to learn how do a professional broadcast. If you are forced to watch their work it’s like watching a small town regional production.

Simulcast in Mississauga
Simulcast in Mississauga
November 20, 2017 12:12 pm

About six weeks ago as I mentioned in this blog, I stopped listening entirely to Prime Time Sports primarily due to Bob injecting too much politics into his show. Also, the opinions of the various cohosts are so repetitive that you know what they are going to say on any topic in advance.

I thought that I might miss PTS but surprisingly did not. In retrospect, perhaps listening to PTS was more a habit than anything.

There were some good memories while tuning into the show, such as several years ago driving to the rink with my son for multiple hockey games and practices each week. We would listen to and then discuss Bob’s insightful point of view.

Most athletes whose time has passed don’t realize it. Same with sportscasters and of course most of us in the work force. Bob McCown, now at retirement age, is well past his prime as a broadcaster and he should move onto enjoying his multitude of other activities while he can instead of mailing it in most days. Thanks Bob but don’t embarrass yourself by hanging on.

No longer willing to accept mediocre hosts or put up with masses of commercials, I have nearly said goodbye to live sports radio except for the occasional Leafs Lunch with Andi Petrillo, perhaps a bit of Hockey Central as Noon if a big story is happening, and lots of Jeff Blair during the baseball season. A guilty pleasure is the Mike Wilner podcasts from Jays talk just to see how much he goes over the top with his on air character.

As for Shapyro and his gang of Clevelandites, they likely won’t last in the team’s plunge to the bottom of the standings but Shapyro’s tone deafness for Canadians and Jays fans will be long remembered with disgust.

November 20, 2017 1:19 pm

@Carl A

Buck wasn’t able to watch the WS broadcast because he was PART of it on the international feed doing colour. A pleasant surprise.

Original Mitch
Original Mitch
November 20, 2017 1:20 pm

Maybe sports journalists and fans alike don’t care for Shapiro or Atkins because the team has been on a rapid decline since they took over completely and haven’t addressed it at all. Maybe we are upset that they let the top 5 slugger in Jays history walk for nothing and failed to appropriately mourn and respect the sudden and tragic loss of the greatest pitcher in club history. Maybe we don’t like them because they have failed utterly in embracing the teams canadian roots and instead have brought in suits from their old administration. Maybe we don’t like them because this team was in LAST place for 161 games last year and so far this offseason? Crickets. Transparency is important and if they are rebuilding, then come out and say it like the Leafs did and admit winning isn’t in the interest of your plans and for heavens sakes stop signing plugs like Morales!

We tend to forget that Bob has no control anymore in his guest and it’s all Sportsnet decisions hence that pathetic and god awful round table. You think we hated it? I can only imagine what Bob thought when he was told who would be on. Lol

November 20, 2017 2:09 pm

If you like Petrillo, listen to Monday’s Leaf Lunch. She’s just not that bright (and I’d say that about a male host, too).
Gord Miller suggested a “skill testing question” in order for the listeners to win a contest. The question: “Which two Maple Leafs have scored 100 goals at the ACC?” He offered one name, Mats Sundin, and listeners had to determine the other.
The 6th caller got it right: Phil Kessel. But Petrillo said several listeners suggested others like Doug Gilmour, for which she admonished her listeners. She said Gilmour could not have scored 100 there because he didn’t play long enough in Toronto. Well, that and he never played for the Leafs at the ACC. Someone with so little market knowledge shouldn’t host a show like this.

November 20, 2017 2:55 pm

I was shocked when I read all the Halladay news the afternoon and evening that he passed away. The Phillies press release was the only one the various articles referred to. At first, I thought it was typical US media. Then, I looked at the Jays twitter account, their website, etc. and noticed it was silent for a few hours. It’s almost like a release had to be drafted and then go up the Rogers PR chain taking lots of time. Very corporate like – maybe a sign of the change to a new media relations head and more departmental involvement from Rogers corp communications (or maybe Shapiro did not grasp the importance of this person in Blue Jays history (or, maybe both)).

@McIvor – Either you are Blue Jays insider posting to defend your management or you are simply drawing your own conclusions from multiple articles that you read. How do you know that Beeston had no desire to update the Rogers Centre? Beeston had been on record multiple time indicating that it could use $200 to $400 million worth of upgrades. However, as you may recall Rogers was in a “we only spend if you come to the game and spend” mode (which was ironically changed by Anthopoulos). Like any building, the new management would have inherited the old management’s list of capital improvements projects/budgets/surveys. Etc. Likewise, the Dunedin project was a multi-year affair. It was one of the main items that was part of the handoff from Beaston to Shapiro. Yes – Consensus in media reports was that the front office need some modernizing but that does not = everything he did was crappy.

The Jays have no chance at Otani.

November 20, 2017 5:20 pm


I’m neither a blue jays defender or an insider (although a Marty York sycophant accused me of being Mike Wilber 😛).

To my knowledge the first mention of the grass at Skydome was mentioned at a fan event and Beaston said they where looking into it. He also said they where looking into Darvish st al. Beaston has a bit of a history of saying things that the fans want to hear (Andrew Stoeton broke it down beautifully on a podcast 3/4 months ago), without knowledge of the actual logistics. There’s a reward in Beaston kept saying they where looking into it and never actually produced any documents or progress. It’s easy to say, very hard to do.

November 20, 2017 5:21 pm

Reward should be reason, apologies, typing on a phone.

November 20, 2017 7:44 pm

Re the recently announced firings at Bell media – It is a good thing UNIFOR is representing them or they would really be up the creek –

November 20, 2017 7:48 pm

“Maybe we don’t like them because they have failed utterly in embracing the teams canadian roots and instead have brought in suits from their old administration”

Their old team, which their fingerprints are all over still, has gone to the World Series and the ALCS the last two years.

But, I forgot, that facts stopped mattering on this blog long ago. All that matters now is “feelings” and “seems like to me” This place has become like the Trump white house and I am done with it.

November 20, 2017 7:52 pm

The Jays have no chance at Otani.”

I was responding to Matty Zero that claimed the Jays had expressed zero interest in him. Despite the numerous times that they done just that. Which was clearly obvious in my post, but instead you decide to suggest that I was saying they have a good chance.

Again, facts apparently don’t matter on this blog. It’s disgusting.

Paul G.
Paul G.
November 20, 2017 9:21 pm

@ McIvor

You are quick to reference “facts” when dismissing other posters; yet refuse to provide any when requested. Rhetoric and insults do not hide this.

bobby j
bobby j
November 20, 2017 10:26 pm

Ahh i appreciate the laugh, “you guys are like trump” also “thats fake news” with no sources. Id be curious as well about the elliott story if it has indeed been debunked im unaware and would be open to reconsideration on the subject. Perception is reality and I as well feel like the current jays are tone deaf to the history and canadian identity of the team. Count me as one who didnt attend a game this past season due to that fact.

November 21, 2017 10:24 am

@ McIvor

there alot of things in this world that are truly ‘disgusting’- but this is just a sports blog. Chill bro. No one is dying on here today; its really not worth throwing a little online temper tantrum. You offer some good insights and comments to the dialogue…soyez calme man. cheers

Big G
Big G
November 21, 2017 10:26 am

Let’s all be honest with ourselves. Why are sportswriters sharply criticizing Shapiro? Two main reasons: First, he meant no more Beeston, who was so behind the times about a team should be run that’s sad he was allowed to last as long as he did



Let’s not forget Beeston is the man Linked to the clubs best days by taking a chance on a very young Alex Anthoupolous and also hiring one of the best GM’s baseball has ever had in Pat Gillick. Oh ya he has back to back titles.

Your not honestly comparing Shapairo to Beeston??????????

Original Mitch
Original Mitch
November 21, 2017 12:37 pm

Yes! @mcIvor you are definitely a Rogers employee after that post! Clinging to Cleveland’s legacy since Shap absent is an amazing argument that all Rogers employees are mandated to spew in order to defend their precious Shap. Love it. Your next argument will be 2 time executive of the year I assume.

But seriously It’s a shame to take the momentum of 2015 and flush it down the toilet like this management team has.

Brent In LA
Brent In LA
November 21, 2017 1:27 pm

The Scotty Mac show has become must listen for me. I think he’s extremely intelligent. It’s a great afternoon lineup on TSN1050.

November 21, 2017 2:16 pm

Shapiro’s tenure has been a PR disaster from the beginning. After the total mishandling by Eddy Rogers of finding Beeston’s replacement, Shapiro was brought in under dubious pretenses. Not his fault. The fact that his hiring effectively ran the beloved AA out of town was also not his fault. But he’s dug himself an even bigger hole from the poor hand he was dealt.

-Failure to ingratiate himself with the fans? Check.
-Failure to embrace the local community like Masai clearly has? Check.
-Failure to communicate effectively with the fans by doing his best Gary Bettman corporate-speak impersonation? Check.
-As was pointed out earlier, failure to embrace the team’s Canadian roots? Check.
-Most importantly…failure to put a winning product on the field? CHECK.

But hey, I’m sure Roger$ loves him because he’s clearly closer to ownership than Beeston was and he ribbed Florida taxpayers out of $ for a new ST facility. And despite the embarassing lack of results on the injury and rehabilitation front, the new HIGH PERFORMANCE department sure sounds good!

Until Shapiro has proven otherwise, his tenure hasn’t been up to par thus far. We should give him time to see his vision through. He deserves that. But I’m not too optimistic. Might be time for the suits to walk out Stephen Brunt for another pro-management Shatkins puff-piece.

November 21, 2017 3:01 pm

So I left two comments here and both have been deleted. Anyone else experiencing this?

Mike V
Mike V
November 21, 2017 4:31 pm

Who really cares HOW an executive speaks in public or who is or isn’t working in the PR department at a team for said executive? It’s really is a non-story being driven by the typical media disturbers writing inflammatory articles meant to rile up the most-reactionary part of the fanbase. Mainly because they have some personal beef with the target of their derision. None of this is new, it’s played out mulitple times in Toronto now I’d hope we’d see this coming.

On Bob/PTS: I guess Cadeau is content with squeezing every last drop out of an uninterested host. You could argue it’s the safe choice, more so since the only timeslot that is truly his creation (1-4) is by far the worst performing one on the schedule. But it’s also complete complacency, I believe at some point ratings will have to follow the quality downward.

November 22, 2017 7:47 am

@Mike V

You can be an asshole to people and if you win, you will be just fine. Just ask Bill Belichick

But being likable can buy you at least an extra year in the Presidents chair, just because you’re likable. He has 0 room for error now, because the fans already want him out of town

Also being likable is pretty easy. Fans are dumb. Just say the right things, even if you don’t mean them, treat them with respect and be genuine.

November 22, 2017 9:45 am

Haven’t listened to PTS in at least a year. Just couldn’t stand tuning in to listen to Ken Reid co-host or the same old mind numbing guest he constantly recycles Bob Ryan, Rovell, Don Banks etc. Its dull all around. Especially when you’ve heard bobs stories 10 times each.

With the exception of Overdrive on 1050, I mainly listen to podcasts now. Those guys genuinely seem to enjoy working together and I’m entertained every evening, I laugh out loud frequently when I listen. It feels like talking sports with friends. Personally, I can’t ask for much more.

Mike V
Mike V
November 22, 2017 4:27 pm

He hasn’t even really been a huge asshole in my opinion, that’s the thing. Certainly nowhere close to where JP was at times. I agree that some fans are dumb, but the dumb fans only want him out of town because terrible sports writers have been feeding them that narrative for over a year now. And it’s obvious to see it playing out yet it goes unspoken mostly.

November 22, 2017 5:14 pm

Bobcat is still cool imo
Tim & Sid are still the most unlikeable duo on Sports TV. Can’t reach the remote fast enough.

Original Mitch
Original Mitch
November 23, 2017 12:40 am

Like it or not every town in North America at some point fall in love with a sports figure for one of their teams. Fans love him and media buys into it based on reaction and come to like him as well. In our case, yes AA was much beloved by the media. He was honest, forthright, likeable, Canadian, great back story, young and motivated and most importantly wasn’t afraid to pull the trigger on trades. And he famously walked away from a lucrative offer because he would lack control of team. So yeah, it’s gonna take us all a while to get past AA after he delivered the single most exciting 3 months in Toronto sports history.
At the same time, the new boss have done everything they can to be the polar opposite on and off the field.

November 23, 2017 10:08 am

Original Mitch

Correct me if I’m wrong, but TSM and MIB have eplicidy asked all of us to refrain from the silly ‘your a rogers employee’ crap. It’s pointless. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them an employee. I disagree with. Much of both sides, does that make me someone who was fired by both sides?

What happened to the civil discussion on this place? We’ve forgotten how to disagree

Original Mitch
Original Mitch
November 24, 2017 1:06 pm

Sorry I can’t see you Anthony you are too high on your horse.

The Rogers employee is a classic joke in these parts and all in good fun. Lord knows I would think actual Rogers employees would use this site to vent their frustrations with SN through a fake handle. Same with Bell employees for that matter.
I do find it funny that the “you work for Bell” rarely comes up compared to the other. Is it because we generally prefer TSN to SN? Is there more to it than that since we know SN tries to control the message more? Very interesting to me.

November 24, 2017 6:50 pm


Did you EVER listen to an AA interview while he was here? He was never forthright, are you kidding me with this nonsense? The personalities on 590 would joke about him talking a lot but actually saying nothing at all.

So many of you say the only thing that matters is hiring the best people while also saying the Jays MUST hire Canadians. Basically, whatever Shapiro does you will complain because you miss a GM that gave away top prospects for little return. The Jays had a farm system under AA that was leading to a team like the Astros or Cubs currently have and what did he do? He gave it all away for practically nothing because he and the joker Beeston were impatient. He is argubably the worst GM of the 21st century.

November 24, 2017 8:11 pm


If I’m on a high horse, I’m simply fallowing the lead of the owners of the site. If you have an issue with what they have said, I’m surprised you haven’t taken it up with them?

Mike S
Mike S
November 24, 2017 10:49 pm

Shannon’s streak of being on the Friday PTS roundtable ends at ten consecutive weeks………all it took was an Edmonton Oilers game within a two hour drive

How do we lobby the NHL to have Western Canadian teams play in Buffalo on Friday nights more often in the future?

Big G
Big G
November 25, 2017 2:35 pm


What Did Anthopolus give up Besides Noah Syndaguard that is taring up the league right now and has Anthoopolus Kicking himself.

What has AA given up that has helped anther team to back to back division championships.

AA kept his moves close to the vest and that’s bad????????

The idiot media tries to pry answers out of a GM that a GM should generally not reveal and that made AA a terrible GM.

What does Shapario say that makes him so much more revealing?????????

Shapario will be living off the excitement of Alex picks or pickups for a very long time. Stroman, Sanchez, Osuna, Donaldson,

Wow!!!!!! a total fleecing of Oakland by giving them Lawrie a guy no longer in the league for an MVP in Josh Donaldson yet AA is called the worst GM of the 21st Century, Unbelievable!!!!!! I would say AA made the most lobsided trade in the 21st century maybe in baseball history. A guess I see why your called a Rogers employee.

Brent In LA
Brent In LA
November 25, 2017 6:54 pm

Why do guys like Roger Lajoie and Mike Hogan still toil along as fill-in hosts?

I’m sure they were moderately successful in their primes, but the second I hear either of them I turn it off.

Hogan is the most boring human being I’ve ever heard. Lajoie takes 10 hours to ask a question. It’s unbearable.

Somewhat related…why does ANYONE on either radio network in Toronto talk about the CFL? Unless you’re over 60 or uneducated does anyone care?

Original Mitch
Original Mitch
November 26, 2017 1:49 pm

At mcivor

What Big G said.

November 28, 2017 11:30 pm

@Brent. I hear you. I live in Toronto and I didn’t know the Argos won the Cup until today (Tuesday) .

November 29, 2017 7:51 am

It’s funny how cronyism is great when AA does it in Atlanta, but when Shapiro does it in Toronto it is somehow the most evil thing to ever happen to a sports franchise and proof that the team is now soulless. Funny that…

Leonila Goslin
September 2, 2020 3:46 am

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