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More to come later, but multiple reports, including Bob McCown reading a statement online have confirmed that Gregg Zaun has been terminated by Rogers for bad behaviour. This is the first major firing to occur in the latest round of bad acts vs. female employees in Canada and in sports in the post Harvey Weinstein era.

Much more to come later



Shi Davidi has a story on firing:

“Zaun is the first person since implicated from a sports world seeking to evolve from the pervasive machismo that has been accepted as part of the culture for decades.”

Steve Buffery took an odd stance on Twitter and was greeted with an appropriate response, in my opinion:

Dean Blundell, former Rogers employee did not hold back:

What I do know is Unofficially several people from Sportsnet have cited Zaun’s inappropriate use of company email as proof of serial sexual misconduct in the workplace. Rogers investigated and fuck you very much. Doneski.

If you’ve met Greg you probably wouldn’t want him helping your kids with their homework and I don’t expect him to split the atom in forced retirement. He’s EXACTLY the kind meatball that would be thick enough to use his Sportsnet account to tell chicks about his throbbing desire to swing the big stick. I have no Idea what was in the emails btw but you get the point.”

Others are chiming in with more personal experiences.

and yet more, inclduing from south of the border


Mike: Jonah is on West Coast time so I’ll take the morning update shift. Here are a couple more tweets of note, first from Kayla Grey of TSN, the only woman in Toronto sports to speak up:



In addition to the tweet cited above, Steve Buffery also took a crack at the argument that social media should use the same standards as courts of law:



Marcus Stroman has been quiet so far but JP Arencibia is enjoying his time in the spotlight:



Sports Illustrated picked up the story and tweeted it out to their 1.7 million followers


The only Sportsnet employee I can find with anything to say on the matter is this:


Former employee Dean Blundell has some insight into why things have been quiet:


As for the papers, The Star has a brief summary with no additional information. The Sun story includes the infamous 2012 tweet as well as some interesting comments from readers, such as “That’s ridiculous. He didn’t grope anyone, touch or name anyone in person. In this overly politically correct fishbowl world of ours, no one is safe from the predatory whims of the gentried elites who want to tell us how to live our lives, think and act.”


The most comprehensive report comes from Canadian Press, which includes the news that Zaun has been pulled as a speaker from a charity event in February.


More as the rest of the story unfolds …




Mike: This adds one more negative PR log to the smouldering fire that has been the Jays’ off-season. The new Fan Engagement department has its work cut out.






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