Best & Worst of 2017

by mike in boston / @mikeinbostonemail


As we come to the end of 2017 I am curious about which changes in the world of Toronto sports media will have the biggest impact on your life. Here are a few things that happened this year that made a mark in the market:


  • No more Gregg Zaun on Sportsnet’s TV and radio channels


  • Rogers and Bell enlarge their sports partnership by adding the Argos to MLSE’s roster


  • Dave Hodge ends his run hosting The Reporters, cites TSN cost-cutting as reason


  • The FAN590 continues their decade long policy of not hiring anyone other than white men as hosts


  • Bob McCown renews with Sportsnet, PTS continues to rotate (non-Cox) co-hosts


  • TSN1050 cuts costs by reducing number of local hosts, fails to show any ratings success vs FAN for 6th straight year


  • TheAthletic publicly states they want the newspaper industry to die so they can hire their writers


  • Postmedia, The Star, and the Globe all report significant financial losses, job cuts


  • Bell and Rogers cut jobs in media


  • The Jays are for sale, sort of


  • Dan Shulman returns to Toronto/Sportsnet


  • Jay & Dan return to Toronto/TSN


  • TSN heavyweight hockey personalities start standalone podcasts


  • Rogers and Bell continue to go back and forth for the #1 TV sports channel spot


  • Dean Blundell exits sports, starts website, publishes Jackie Redmond rumours


  • Mike Richards shows some success with his online radio show


Add your thoughts on which of these stories will make a difference to your own consumption habits, or other notable items from 2017. If you want to look backwards, here is our post on the biggest stories of 2016.



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