Maple Leafs, Habs – Always EH Beauty, Blue Jays Radio & Grange and the King


Quick Saturday post. I am working on something more spectacular so here’s a quick hits roundup from the last couple of weeks..

While Richard Dietsch made his splash announcement joining the Fan 590 along with Brunt and McCown on PTS, his move over to The Athletic is, in my mind a bigger story. The Athletic, specifically in the USA has made a significant dent in the sportswriting market. They now practically own the baseball world from a writers perspective bringing serious heavyweights. Yanking Dietsch away from SI to cover the media beat if not brilliant is seriously telling of the world we live in.

This week, both the Denver Post and the Chicago Tribune announced their next rounds of layoffs”

“The Chicago Tribune is reshaping its newsroom and making important steps in our ongoing effort to become more a digital enterprise. Excellence in journalism remains our top priority. The newsroom is redefining jobs and structure so that people are in the best position to create and deliver news content for the rapidly changing demands of our audience.”

Meanwhile, north of the border?

“Competition Bureau officials searched the Toronto offices of Postmedia Network Canada Corp. and Torstar Corp. on Monday as part of its investigation into their November deal to swap and close down dozens of community newspapers. The bureau is investigating “alleged anti-competitive conduct contrary to the conspiracy provisions” of the Competition Act, said Commissioner of Competition John Pecman in a statement Monday, the first time the bureau has spelled out the focus of its investigation.”

And prior to that?

“Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly has said that the government does not want to “bail out” media companies that are no longer viable.”

Trying, troubling times indeed.

Well, the Blue Jays are limping towards opening day (March 29th) and still no official announcement on who will be calling the games on the radio. While many were clamoring for Elliott Price to get the gig, I am told he wasn’t asked to call even one game. The other fan favorite Rob Fai announced via Twitter that he had been told he is no longer in the running. That leaves Ben Wagner and Former Blue Jays pitcher Scott Richmond along with Mike Wilner amongst the obvious possibilities. Could they add Shulman to the radio? Or someone else? Nine days and they play in Montreal… I’d look for an official announcement this week.

I’ve been watching live sports via numerous different “vehicles” and platforms of late. Without question, the best experience is the NBA’s League Pass on Apple TV. I bought the NHL Center Ice package on Comcast and while it’s nice to get the games, the fidelity is awful. Does anyone have the NHL package on a NON-traditional media outlet? The fact that in the NBA product I can pick the home feed in true HD every game is awesome. Also, I can buy just the Raptors package which saves some $.

Still, with the media, Peter King, still of SI and his MMQB remains my go-to for NFL news and more importantly analysis. This article about his arrival in San Francisco is amongst the best he’s ever written.

Locally, there is no better writer these days than Michael Grange. This story on the Raptors reminds me of why I love sports. Grange owns the art of storytelling in Canada right now. Hands down.

So, have you heard the new PTS? Any thoughts?

With Brunt going, going, gone from the Blair show are your listening habits going to change?

The Fan and TSN split radio rights for the Raptors. Which station does a better job covering the team?

Two potential GM candidates pulled out of the GM hunt in Carolina. With, um, only soon to be 32 of these jobs in the world, that’s a very telling piece of information. I guess people respect Ron Francis a lot more than perhaps the new owner does.

Roy Pejcinovski, his mother, and his 13-year sister were the subjects of a god awful incident this week in Toronto, each losing their life. Roy was a player in the GTHL and attended little TSM’s last school in Toronto. By all social media accounts, he was a great kid. Survived by his father and an older sister the family are the benefactors of a Gofundme drive. I am hoping that on this night when the Leafs play the Habs, MLSE will pay tribute and encourage donations. You can donate here.

I am not sure when the two franchises last played a meaningful game, yet still there remains something magical when the two teams meet face to face.

Lastly, the Toronto Star has at least temporarily grounded all their sports writers with respect to road games. Do you notice a difference?

and finally, you know I love me a good Twitter episode, and one that involves Rosie is always epic, but this, ladies and gentlemen may knock Nick Kypreos out of the Twitter hall of fame…

Till next time.


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Johnny C
Johnny C
March 17, 2018 4:10 pm

Always thought part of the allure of B. McCown was the 
Guest segments with a refreshing array of opinion,
Insight ; industry people who made few public
Appearances. This was diminished by Fan insiders
Which were infomercial ‘s for the stations properties.
Bob’s interest seems to have perked with Deitsch,Brunt.
Leiweke, Peddie were excellent for those who Like
The biz of sports. A great start.

March 17, 2018 5:15 pm

I really like the new programing setup on PTS , Richard Deitsch is in my opinion a game changer, and looking forward to the weekly Mondays guests. The interview this past week with Tim Leiweke was Bob along with Richard at there best. Raptors on the radio I very seldom listen to form any kind of opinion either way, I did catch Blair a few times since , seems to have a couple of female co hosts(sorry no names) which wasn’t bad.

Paul G.
Paul G.
March 17, 2018 6:21 pm

The new Monday 4.00 hour shows add an in-depth segment that has all too often been missing in recent years. Have to agree that the new cohosts have increased Bob’s level of engagement; which is always a good thing.

Gary M
Gary M
March 17, 2018 6:25 pm

There is no doubt in my mind that Ben Wagner is the new lead radio voice of Blue Jays baseball.

March 17, 2018 7:38 pm

Can’t stand Peddie for his branding of the Raps and Leafs as losers for years but that was a good interview for those interested in the history of the Raps and ACC.  Also, it shed some lightt on the Vince Carter departure I hadn’t heard before. The long format interviews are a good addition. Wonder if Deitsch had anything to do with it. It is kind of like a live Podcast and I often listen to long Pod interviews with people I either don’t really like or have never heard of before; sports or non-sports. Bob is more engaged and it is good radio. I always found Deitsch to have a nice tone and measured cadence to his voice and he always seems to deliver something meamingful and well thought out which obviously is not easy to do in real time. Imagine if PTS bludgeoned listeners with daft reading of scores like Starting Lineup does twice a damn hour. Show killer. Needs to be rethought. 

March 21, 2018 3:55 pm

I’d also be ok with Wagner as playxplay guy for Jays, really anyone other than Wilner. Also think getting Deitsch is a score for PTS, maybe he and Brunt will force McCown to actually follow sports or end up looking foolish beside them. Just worried that Deitsch is starting to look bored when the topic is something like the Leafs 4th line or the Jays bullpen,etc.I think his forte is the bigger stories of the sportsworld. He seems to perk up when the guest is Bob Ryan or some other big American media personality, understandable I guess since that was his thing at SI. Just afraid he might be regretting this move.

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