Could This Be A Sports Media Rebirth?


Some random summer thouhts from 30,000 feet….

It was a year ago this past month that Rogers Sportsnet had its last bloodletting. With Darren Millard exiting in August are we at the start of more changes ???

I think we are.

Rob Kerr just announced his departure from 960 and Sportsnet after over 15 years.

I asked Rogers poobah Scott Moore about one individual who I kept hearing had been dismissed and was met with a “no comment”. A few days later those rumors were confirmed, as John Bartlett (the voice of the Habs) replaced Paul Romanuk as the TV voice of the Maple Leafs.

Still with the Leafs…

Anyone else see this?

Could more changes be coming? Details at 11.

I wonder, how much the Blue Jay’s swoon has killed the media buzz at Rogers. I know the box office has been slaughtered but what’s happened to ad revenue?

Here is what I have to believe, not that anyone at Bell or TSN actually cheers against the Jay’s, but this downturn is might good for business.

Having said that how F’N crazy is the sports world going to be in Toronto come September? Seriously with the Leafs adding Tavares and the Raptors dealing DeRozen and picking up Kawhi Leonard, we are in for a crazy crazy sports season.

Could this be the kick in the ass the outlets need to jump-start their audiences? With the Leafs alone the coverage will be endless. Literally.

I mean young and old are going to be tied to the Leafs around the clock. If you are a media outlet and you cannot generate an audience now… shut er down.

This could be a rare opportunity for the outlets to actually grow their respective audience. When the Jays went on their run the #’s were off the charts. I can’t imagine what happens when it’s the Maple Leafs. The Raptors won’t garner that type of excitement until the playoffs but overall sports should be top of mind for many and with the teams expected to be winners…

A couple of other things…

If you have been considering the Athletic and haven’t yet, articles like this one written by John Lott are reason enough to pay. There are several great writers at the Athletic, but guys like Lott bring their A game often and bring content you simply cannot get elsewhere.

Lott’s coverage here on the Josh Donaldson trade is good too. It’s not as good as the work done by the new leader in the Blue Jays media clubhouse, Rob Longley who snagged the only Donaldson interview. Say what you want about the Toronto Sun or other traditional outlets, that good old-fashioned reporting right there. Good on Longley for snagging it.

Still the Blue Jays. Is head honcho Mark Shapiro gone? Lots of rumors swirling lately that indeed he is. Here’s one thought…

Remember the name Sebastian Gatica? Well, last year he escaped as the lone wolf after Rogers cleaned house in the media department with the Blue Jays.


Remember Patrick O’Sullivan? At one point he looked like he could be a new shinning broadcast light on TSN and that ended. O’Sullivan announced on Twitter recently that a new gig will remove him from Twitter. We hardly knew ya.

Is there a better kickoff than the combined NFL/NCAA college football season??????

Could TSN radio finally be ready to add another voice to its morning show? Let’s hope.

Curious if you listen to sports radio on a regular basis, do you like or even listen to the non-sports bits that some shows feature a lot? I get that there’s too much time to fill then there is material but as I age the bits are getting like SNL skits- too long and too unfunny.

Not sure you saw my post on Twitter but we’ve confirmed that Joe Bowen and Jim Ralph each got new 5-year deals to call Leaf games on the radio. Congrats.

Rumour that won’t go away, Buck and Tabler are both dead men walking on the Jays TV side. All, apparently Dan Shulman has to do is wink and the gig is his. Question is will he wink. Last season we told you Jerry wouldn’t return this season and got raked over the coals in so writing… let’s see where this goes.

I can tell you exactly where I was for all the playoff wins the Blue Jays had during their two world series wins. I knew each player and remember those years fondly. However, man do the Jays/Rogers oversell those teams to their fans. This article was the cover story on this week!

I have no issue with honoring and remembering but wow is it time to give those two teams a rest. We fans get them jammed down our throats all the time. It’s time to sing a different song for a few years, please.

Number one complaint about Jays games this year on air? People aren’t sure who’s calling the games and/or when.

I saw the movie Mile 22. If you like violence it has it. Never before has the box office been so bland with titles even the least bit interesting to consider seeing. I saw the new Mission Impossible flick, slept through 2/3.

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