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TSN1050 Shuffles the Deck


Good morning Toronto sports media consumers. The topic this morning is about radio, and morning sports radio in particular. TSN1050 announced that ex-Leaf Carlo Colaiacovo would be joining the team as co-host of the new morning show. His partner would be incumbent Michael Landsberg and the two would bring audiences First Up 6:00 to 10:00 every day. According to the press release, it will be “a fast-paced show filled with the hottest stories happening in Toronto and beyond, all delivered through the duo’s distinctive perspectives.”


Carlo’s radio experience is pretty limited. He filled in at TSN1050 over the summer for a few weeks and that was enough to convince those in charge that he should be a face of the station’s 4th morning show in 7 years.


“When it came to naming a new co-host we wanted to ensure we were bringing our listeners a distinctive voice with a unique insider’s perspective, and Carlo checks those boxes as the perfect pairing alongside Michael. Carlo’s experience in the NHL and with the Leafs allows him to take listeners behind-the-scenes and provide a one-of-a kind take on the sports news of the day.” — Jeff MacDonald, TSN1050 Program Director


Colaiacovo certainly ticks the insider box. He was a 1st round pick of the Leafs in 2001 and spent parts of 6 seasons with the the team. He can definitely speak to the pressures of being a young player in Toronto and that may be a major storyline this season.

The press release also talks up Carlo’s wider sports interests, with Landsberg saying “What surprised me, was his level of interest and knowledge in virtually every other sport.” Carlo gave listeners a taste of that on Twitter recently when he weighed in on the Jays:


FU has been up and running for a couple of weeks now, competing with the FAN590’s 20 month old morning show Starting Line Up featuring Elliott Price, Greg Brady, and Hugh Burrill. Those interested in the opinions of women or people of colour will have to look to other stations. Here’s a taste of what First Up has been serving up since launching:



The decision to hire Carlo can be debated. Given that the radio station features many prominent ex-players already, why add another? Why not reward someone who has been working hard on their radio craft for TSN Radio, either here or in one of their other markets? The FAN took a young Andrew Walker from Calgary and made him a name on their morning show in Toronto and then an even bigger name on their drive home show in Vancouver. Where are the similar success stories for the TSN radio network?


Ranking the Morning Shows


It’s early but we thought it might be worth looking back at the recent history of morning radio in Toronto to see how this show stacks up. This is TSN1050’s 4th morning radio show, 3 of which have featured Michael Landsberg. Are you excited about this one? Here’s a quick poll to gauge where this audience stands on TSN’s latest creation.



Another obvious question is whether this will draw any listeners away from FAN590. For those of you who tune in to Starting Line Up, this question is addressed to you:



Lastly, let’s think about the morning shows over the last 7 years. Which one did you like the most?




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