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Ummmmm, excuse me! Where the @!#[email protected]#[email protected] did Septemeber go???

I mean really, from a sports perspective always happy this time of year, and yes the fall TV season is upon us too but wow has time just flown by.

Been a while since we did a rapid-fire issue and comment post, so here we go, things that make me go hmmm:

So much typed and said about the Steve Simmons article a few backs back regarding the Scott Moore memo re Atkin and Shapiro. Here’s my take: Having worked and currently working in big corporate “America” the memo in question is very common. Executives at companies like Rogers write them regularly as much as a rah-rah thing and a dissemination of information thing too.

Moore’s memo was very typical of the memo’s I get every Friday.

In fairness, I have never seen any other ones that Moore has sent but I will assume they look a lot like this one.

The fact of the matter is, that anyone who read the Simmons article in question could not infer any wrongdoing by Moore after reading the actual memo. So the question is if Simmons was confident enough to write about it, he had to have seen the memo in question right? If he saw it how could he end up at the conclusion he did?

If Simmons didn’t actually see it, how did it get written? Should he not trust his sources? I mean this was a big miss. I didn’t see a retraction or even a correction but it, in my mind leaves a stench.

Speaking of stench, John Gibbons is now officially out (again) as Blue Jays manager. The announcement made earlier this week that Gibbons wouldn’t be back set off a fire of reaction from fans and media alike.

I have no clue whether or not he was a good x’s and o’s manager but he was certainly well liked by those who covered the team and by fans alike. The outpouring of love for Gbbons was nothing short of amazing.

Almost universally articles and tales told on the radio were exceptionally positive! Everyone loved covering Gibbons the person. I am not sure we will see someone universally described as a nice guy in a power tole with a local sports team.

My question for you is, should one’s likeability have an effect on the way in which he is evaluated/covered. Dwayne Casey seemed to be equally as well-liked, he got incredibly good coverage and got entirely favorable comments upon his termination. Was that fair?

We often complain about personality being judged in the negative, does the same argument hold with respect to Gibbons. Was he such a nice guy that those who wrote about him couldn’t actually critique him?

Interesting debate.

Still, with the Blue Jays and back to Simmons, he had a great article recently on who is the voice of the Blue Jays.

Truth is: Right now, there is no voice of the Blue Jays, which may be appropriate considering the state of the team and the face of the franchise won’t be here until April.:

Without question the prevailing comments I heard on the Jays this season has been, who the hell is calling the game and why don’t they just go with him or them?

As Simmons points out the franchise, it would seem from a play by play perspective has no identity. Maybe that’ good, maybe few cares but it is apparent to those of us who do care. I agree Shulman could be the guy, the rest of the group clearly aren’t in my mind.

Have to admit, I literally smiled when I turned on my tv yesterday and caught the Raptors pre-season game. Yes, me and pre-season NBA. There is just something fun to watching a game called by Matt Devlin, Jack Armstrong and the rest of the Raptors media crew.

Was that really a sports reporter asking Leaf fans to place the John Tavares opening exhibition game as a Maple Leaf memory of all time???

One word,


Things have been stable over at the Fan 590 for a long time from an on-air talent perspective. I am told that could be changing soon. Let’s keep an eye and ear on that one, shall we?

Serious question for you, if you aren’t paying for the Athletic right now what sports news do you read? It is without question the only must read in the sports world on a daily basis. On each and every day I find at least 2-3 well written, exceptionally interesting articles to read.

Is this the year one of the Toronto dailies entirely ditches sports altogether? Don’t bet against it. Yes, they all still do report sports.

Answer honestly, would you rather ditch Rogers as the Jays owners or Atkins/Shapiro as a management team? Both is not an acceptable answer.

Which Toronto MSM will miss Gibbons the most, and why?

Hat tip to Lance Hornby on this Gibbons moment: “During a lull in pre-game questions, looked around the room and tried to place which media members most resembled famous U.S. Civil War generals. Pegged the Star’s Rich Griffin as Robert E. Lee”

Anyone want to place a bet on whether Gibbons ever manages a big league team again?

Happy Monday!

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