Saturday Toronto Sports Media Open Forum


Happy Saturday!

I find myself this am in Merritt BC.. I’ve never been here and it’s cool little town. Population 7100!! Little TSM has a hockey tournament here. Stunning scenery and typically warm people. 5 hour drive from Seattle.

We listened to the Raptors game on NBA radio on SiriusXM last night. Interesting thoughts: Not a big deal, but they had the TSN feed on for a good 30 minutes at tip-off. Only problem the game was on the Fan 590. Someone must have called and complained as they switched over eventually.

What was most interesting? The station was on this morning as we shuffled back and forth to the hockey rink. All the talk and all the calls on the same station were Raptors related. Again, SiriusXM NBA radio not a Canadian outlet. Unlike last year, the banter, even from the hosts was very positive.

Riddle me this batman, during the BC Lions/ Edmonton Eskimos game last night the hockey team was watching at a local Boston Pizza. One of the teams was trailing with under 4 minutes left in the game by 10. On first down, they kicked a field goal. I will say it again. On first down, they kicked a field goal. Just one question….why????

Watched a little bit of Tim and Sid yesterday. Remind me again why is this on TV and not radio. That cannot be a cheap show to produce. I just cannot imagine it has a long shelf life. I’d bet it would be a big target for whoever replaces Scott Moore.

I am really curious what becomes of one Stephen Brunt in the post-Moore era. Brunt was at one point the grand poobah of sports media in the country before becoming much less front and center. I doubt a new boss could get more from Brunt, the question is will they even get as much as they currently do.

The most interesting case is that of Bob McCown. McCown the worldwide (ok, Canada) leader of radio ratings is the one that will be worth watching. Contract status notwithstanding what will a new leader want to do. Do they continue to take the ratings and spend the money or do they make the move to try to garner a younger audience? It sounds from various sources while many at Rogers don’t necessarily like all the power McCown yields (yielded) they know very well the dominance he has. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

It is really interesting to follow a couple other items. The way the various outlets have been covering the Nylander stalemate and the Jays managerial search. Interesting stuff to say the least.

Happy weekend!


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