Sports Media Stories to Watch in 2019: Damien Cox

Sports Media Stories to Watch in 2019: Damien Cox

by mike in boston / @mikeinbostonemail


Good morning sports media fans. Happy New Year to all our readers.


I’d like to extend a special thanks to those of you who take the time to contribute to the discussion in the comments section. The best part about writing for TSM is being able to dig into sports media topics with likeminded folks. Thanks as well to the people in the industry who reach out via email, DM, and text to provide feedback and background. I am very grateful to those who maintain professional working standards with me despite differences of opinion, occasional disagreements, and the odd error on my part.


Over the next few posts I’ll be discussing some stories to watch in 2019. This is part one.


The Curious Case of Damien Cox


News broke late in 2018 that Cox and Sportsnet have parted ways.



This is not a surprise to anyone who has followed Damo’s career at Sportsnet over the last few years. He was part of Scott Moore’s original hiring spree when Rogers locked down national TV rights for the NHL. This was a time of unbridled enthusiasm at Sportnset, and Cox decided to leave The Star for a full-time gig with Rogers. If you want to see what that looked like, here is a clip from May of 2014. You could also read Damo’s goodbye piece on his Star blog (edit: link deleted by The Star).


The piece begins with this gem:


It wasn’t that Sportsnet necessarily outbid TSN, more that Rogers executives did a brilliant job of convincing Bettman that they offered more in other ways for the next 12 years.”


I’ll leave it to you to decide what those “other ways” are. Here is one possibility:



Cox continues:


[TSN] have not been particularly gracious losers in all of this and signed off their final broadcast earlier this week without wishing their successors good luck in the usual tradition. That’s their choice. Everyone likes the series-ending handshake line a different way.”


Recall that Cox was courted for a full-time position at TSN but he spurned them at the last minute to join SN’s hockey coverage. Cox continues:


“Rogers has a big hockey job ahead of it, led by Messrs. Pelley, Scott Moore and Gord Cutler, but these are people who have taken on big jobs like this before and succeeded. They have vast experience in hockey and broadcasting all sports […] We’re all excited and intrigued to see how the unique, skilfull George Stromboulopolous leads the parade.”


Two years in to the deal Cutler and Strombo would be fired by Moore, with Pelley also leaving for greener pastures. Cox would also be part of that cull.


Cox continues:


“Those of us involved in the project know there will be early criticism next fall no matter what – heck, it’s already started before a single light has been turned on – and that’s part of how things work. Those with a stake in this will wax poetically about how good things used to be while pretending to be neutral. […] People can try to create an atmosphere of panic, or that some great disaster is at hand, or that TSN has some sort of birthright to broadcast hockey in this country that somehow been unreasonably extinguished. That’s unfortunate.”


Panic is exactly what would characterize the response to the ratings after two years, with many people at SN losing their jobs.


After publishing the piece on The Star site, Damo added the following notice:


” (CONFLICT ALERT: After working with TSN for many years, I moved to Sportsnet three years ago. At the end of next month, I will be leaving The Star as a full-time employee after 29 years (!!) to take up a role with Rogers and their new hockey enterprise. In the fall, I will return to write a once-a-week column for this fine newspaper, still the country’s best daily and by a fair bit. There, it’s all on the table. Now hopefully others commenting on this subject will also declare their conflicts.)”


As you can see, Cox was very concerned about the lack of neutrality by others, and saw jealousy as the reason for all the negativity surrounding Rogers’ coverage of the NHL. Eventually Moore made the decision that Cox was not part of the solution and shifted him over to PTS on 590 for a while. When PTS’ ratings started to sag Cox was eventually given an Andrew Krystal “special projects” role, covering tennis and other sports for Now, a little less than 5 years after his big moved to SN began, it is over. (SN has not yet updated their talent bios website)


Since getting Krystalled at SN Cox has picked up an extra column with the Star and has been writing twice a week for the last couple of years. One interesting story to watch is what happens next. It is unlikely that TSN will offer him a hockey role at the television network. They have a limited number of games and panel shows. TSN’s big name hockey stars are locked up for a while and someone would need to leave to create an opening for Cox to slide into. They have also been investing in homegrown younger personalities such as O’Neill, Mike Johnson, Frank Seravalli and others.


TSN’s website has steadily devalued its written content since the redesign so that doesn’t seem like a place for Cox either. They recently let go the talented Scott Cullen, who was promptly scooped up as a contributor by The Athletic.


TSN radio, on the other hand, is still searching for any traction and Cox could be a fit somewhere there. However, if Greg Brady’s case is any indication, TSN seems to remember those who rip them publicly.


The most logical place for Cox to grow in 2019 is back at The Star but this presents a bit of a logjam. Feschuk and Arthur already step on each other’s toes to an extent when the playoffs roll around for Leafs and Raps. Rosie and Cox also take up columnist mindshare at the moment. It’s not clear if there is room for even more Cox, or if The Star is in a position to offer him any more salary. Maybe The Athletic will swoop in and hire Cox to their team of hockey writers …


I’ll confess to an unpopular opinion: I think there is room in the market for agitators like Cox. SN employs so many interchangeable hockey personalities that having someone with different opinions can be a good thing. I’d argue that Cox brings more value than someone like Shannon, for example. Cox was a disaster on his last tour on PTS but that doesn’t mean he’s terrible on the radio. I think SN could have found room for him somewhere else in the line-up or on Leafs pre and post game shows.


2019 will likely be the first year in a long time with this little Cox content. Given the kinds of contracts he has commanded over the last decade he can probably afford to sit out for a while and wait for new opportunities. He could also take the Mike Richards and Dean Blundell route and go out on his own. It’s also possible that new Scott Moore will want Cox back at the network.


Over to you: where does Cox fit in the 2019 sports media landscape?


thanks for reading and commenting,

until next time …

mike (not really in boston)

photo credit: Sportsnet PR


  • comment-avatar

    I’m glad Cox is gone and I hope I never have to see or hear him on my TV or radio again. He is the worst of the worst.

    Seriously…how in the world did Moore think it was a good idea to give him a huge role on Hockey Night in Canada once they got the rights? It would have been like TSN promoting Steve Simmons to become one of the faces of their coverage had they won the rights (and I actually find Simmons tolerable unlike most, and definitely moreso than Cox). Made no sense whatsoever.

    As to where he fits? TSN could consider him for a radio role considering their inability to make any massive inroads in the market, but he won’t move the needle. If I had to venture a guess, he’ll take on a bigger role at The Star full-time, even with Feschuk and Arthur (blech! to both) carrying the load. He’ll continue to contribute mainly on hockey and baseball, and I can see him pumping out more tennis content now that the Grand Slam season is set to start.

  • comment-avatar
    Mario 2 weeks ago

    Thanks for hard work MIB. Damon Cox can be a polarizing figure with his comments on sports or politics. I might be I the minority but I enjoyed his work on Sportsnet.
    Changes are a good thing sometimes maybe his time was just up but I’m sure at some point he could be back as a guest just like displaced Glen Healy.
    I suspect he will still do this writing with the Star maybe a few more times a month but as far as TSN I think he burned those bridges as well.

  • comment-avatar

    The issue I find with Damien Cox is that much of his “outrage” is fake and designed for the sole purpose of generating controversy about him not the issue that he is discussing. I follow him on Twitter and it’s the same formula.

    Talk about issue and be extremely negative 
    His opinion is is the only one that matters
    Disagree and you’re either belittled or ignored after a brief exchange 

    It’s one thing to act like you are the smartest person in the room. But even if you are (which of course is never guaranteed) that position earns you a healthy amount of distain (and schadenfruede when it eventually blows up in your face)

    It will be interesting to see if he can rebuild a bridge anywhere in the Toronto market. His career has many examples of charred timber that make me think it will be difficult. 

  • comment-avatar

    I think we need more writers who will actually postulate a clear opinion – however controversial it may be. We have a shortage of such sports journalist generalists who do so. Steve Simmons is one other who comes to mind.

    I am surprised how many use such descriptors: “I’m glad Cox is gone and I hope I never have to see or hear him on my TV or radio again. He is the worst of the worst.” I for one find him aggravating at times and smug at times but am glad he’s out there stirring things up.

    And Mario: “I might be I the minority but I enjoyed his work on Sportsnet.” I personally don’t think you are in the minority, rather the silent majority.

    The Athletic seems like a logical landing spot for Cox if he was so inclined.

  • comment-avatar
    Rob C 2 weeks ago

    I never was a Cox fan…He comes across as a real jerk most of the time. When combined with McCown, they both can be cranky old geezers and were never a good combo. I can see TSN leaving Cox out to dry after he chose the competition over them. He’ll never do TV work there (he isn’t good enough).

    Perhaps he can fill a role mid-day with TSN Radio? As bad as he was on 590, he’d add some value in a duo with the noon and early afternoon shows (Leafs Lunch or Scott MacArthur, that’s some really bad radio right there)…He’s small potatoes now. But TSN radio is really bad in most slots – and as weak as Cox is, he would be an improvement over what they put on the air at 1050 from 11 to 4. But if none of this happens, I can see Damian Cox’s broadcasting career fading to black in this market. I think he lives in Hamilton, so maybe there is something for him there with TSN 1150.

  • comment-avatar
    Original Mitch 2 weeks ago

    In a few years, I really think we’ll look back on Moore’s tenure and raise eyebrows on many of his decisions (such as hiring Cox). For now people basking in his nhl deal glory but when the dust settles I feel his legacy at SN will be more “huh?” Then anything else.
    As for Damian Cox, why SN thought he would be a good fit in the first place is baffling. I’m sure he’s old chums with Moore and that’s why. He’s a wannabe elitist who has truly been exposed in the social media world. Wasn’t that long ago these hacks were hired as newspaper writers and it was a one way relationship. The public never got to voice their opinions on the writers. Things are different now and Cox is exhibit A of an old timey writer that doesn’t relate to the common sports fan for the most part and that’s why he finds himself without a real gig. 
    If tsn radio (lol) really gives him a shot it’s because he’s buddies with the terrible program director and that’s it. 
    I have trouble believing an outfit like The Athletic would even bother with him. They don’t need more TO writers and what does Cox know exactly? Tennis? 
    He’s had an incredibly fortunate career, classic right place right time, but now it’s time to move on. Those who can’t, teach. So sports media school teaching gig next? 

  • comment-avatar

    I am surprised how many use such descriptors: “I’m glad Cox is gone and I hope I never have to see or hear him on my TV or radio again. He is the worst of the worst.” I for one find him aggravating at times and smug at times but am glad he’s out there stirring things up.

    I found him to be smug all the time. One of his attributes that made him completely deplorable.

    It’s your other point about being glad he’s out there stirring things up that I’ll focus on. Sure, that’s great. But if you do it in an unbiased manner, which I don’t think he does nor has the ability to do (Simmons falls in this category as well). His opinion, both in writing and verbalized, always came across as negativity with a hint of vindictiveness behind it. Just like how people don’t like over-the-top homerism, he was on the end of the spectrum of annoyance with his constant ragging. On top of that, he has this holier-than-thou, I know more than everyone else, what I say is right, aura around him. It’s really tough to enjoy his work because of it.

    Sadly though, it’s not just him. I find practically all of the Toronto media falling in that category nowadays. You can maybe count on one hand those who tell is as it is from both sides. My theory (rightly or wrongly) is that with the two biggest media companies controlling a huge majority of the content, they are tough to find. Heck, I find someone like even Elliotte Friedman having been sucked into this.

  • comment-avatar

    The previous posters have nailed the problem with putting Cox on the air. It’s not taking a critical view of an issue (that is always welcome); but the smug superior attitudes he displays when making his case.

  • comment-avatar

    I don’t see him going back on TV anytime soon. Many, many would be an improvement over what TSN radio is putting on the air and in my view Damien Cox would among them. But like others here, that seems a long shot.

    But his written pieces are better than his TV or radio work. He could be a columnist like Eric Duhatschek of Pierre Lebrun covering the NHL on The Athletic for sure. He has a passion for women’s hockey as well that is under represented in all media.

    I tire of the argument that all of the media is biased in their coverage because they are owned by Media companies. Do I think it has some effect – yes, of course – but it is a way overblown argument here. Cox was tireless (and aggravatingly annoying) in his criticism of the Blue Jays and what he perceived to be their stalled rebuild, to note just one example.

  • comment-avatar

    The issue with Cox on the radio is that he inhibits other people, like Daniel indicates, by not placing any value on the opinions of others, and by not having an open mind. On radio, you want someone who’s curious and who asks questions. He doesn’t do those things naturally.

    I’ve heard him actually mock the opinions of fellow hosts/panelists before, and not in a jokey just havin’ fun kind of way. That inhibits people, makes them want to voice their opinions less.

  • comment-avatar

    Daniel mentioned schadenfruede as a typical reaction to the Cox news and I think that is quite apt. I don’t know where he lands, but in a shrinking journalism/media landscape and many other capable and underemployed people, I would think his days are done. That said, we live in a troll world so perhaps he can find work on a farm in Moscow.

  • comment-avatar

    It should be worth noting that James Mirtle is the editor at The Athletic and Damien Cox and him have had numerous public tumbles with each other on Twitter. Cox absolutely despises Mirtle for all the reasons most people love him – he’s young, smart, insightful and was way ahead of the curve with his championing of the Athletic (and advanced stats in general). Cox treated Mirtle’s opinions (and rapidly increasing influence over hockey fans and his own readers in general) with utter and complete disdain and did so openly.  In retrospect, burning that bridge before knowing if it would lead anywhere was probably the single dumbest thing Cox has ever done in his career. He’d be chewing on his own foot to even be considering asking for a job there. And working with Mirtle as his boss? Highly unlikely. They have a great writing staff already at The Athletic and no shortage of their choice of top writing talent to choose from if they want to expand, Cox shit the bed with them and with TSN. 

  • comment-avatar

    I have always enjoyed hearing the contrarian views voiced by Damien Cox. I hope he finds a new gig somewhere.

    If you are positive you’re considered too much of a homer, beholden to your employer. On the other hand if you voice something critical you are then labelled as negative. These guys can’t win.

  • comment-avatar
    Mike V 2 weeks ago

    Wow, it’s going to be a very slow year if a big story is “Does Damien Cox go back to TSN or slide into more DMs?” I just don’t see him as that important to any outlet now as there’s no shortage of replacement level, late-50s pundits around. He’ll likely just fade into retirement in the next few years. 

  • comment-avatar


    Are you sure Damien Cox had numerous Twitter battles with James Mirtle? I recall Twitter clashes between Mirtle and Steve Simmons. Mirtle addressed his relationship with Simmons on an episode of Toronto Mike; I don’t remember Mirtle mentioning Cox.

  • comment-avatar

    Well written and intelligent discussion guys! (A relief when reading blog posts). I see the parallels to Steve Simmons and have disliked his work since I was reading the Calgary Herald back in the 1980s. Exactly the same with Damien Cox when I moved back to Toronto in 1987. I would argue that both are polarizing and talented newspaper columnists but that neither successfully made the transition to TV and radio.

  • comment-avatar
    Original Mitch 2 weeks ago

    As someone pointed out, Damian didn’t translate well to radio and tv. Not a likeable, knowledgeable enough personality to make it. Being a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian is the most vapid and transparent form of opinion. You can spew your “controversial” opinions on paper when you don’t have to back them up through debate and discussion. Lol imagine if Sid has a partner who challenged him on all his so-called rants. He’d be exposed. Damian was exposed the moment he simply condescends those who think differ. Doesn’t make for good tv or radio. 
    Always felt like when Bob does it, it’s more wink wink to his listeners and in good spirit. Cox doesn’t have the smarts to do it that way and his ego is too inflated after years of being bulletproof in print media. 

  • comment-avatar

    I agree with most of these comments. Smug, petulant and conceited are words I’d use for him. Hes not very likable. It’s ok if you know more than the average fan. (You’re supposed to when it’s your job). You just dont need to act like it. My pet peeve is when any Toronto sports media person takes a few Twitter comments and uses them as a gauge on what EVERY Toronto sports fan thinks. “Leaf fans are in panic mode” “Leaf fans will be planning the parade” when it’s actually the media driving the narrative. Cox was the worst when it came to this

  • comment-avatar

    In the pre-Rogers days, when Mr. Cox had a weekly column with the Star, I tried never to miss his articles. His thoughts seemed to be well researched and innovative…..Found him interesting and compelling.
    Once he joined SN, it seemed to change. He was everywhere….on PTS, commentating on hockey, jr hockey reporter. He was overstretched…his articles seemed to have less depth. I remember in particular one article on the top prospects for the upcoming draft. It had no hts/weight, no scoring stats…and no links to that info…just a brief paragraph on each prospect. Any serious fan could have read the web and come up with the same info.
    The lack of homework was glaring at times….he and McCowan just seemed to wing it. TV was not kind to Mr. Cox…he was not good at filling empty air time…his inane prattle and forced laughter never made him look comfortable.
    And then he turned on the fan base, accusing fans of being erratic, over the top. Smugness has been mentioned a number of times but it seems to fit or at least a condescending attitude. This was the last straw for me and I no longer read his articles and would change channels when he came on.
    It was sad to watch the slow downhill slide of a columnist who started with such promise.

  • comment-avatar
    James 2 weeks ago

    Sportsnet if you are going to put radio hosts on television you could at least make sure they dont look like a homeless drunk. Unshaven greasy haired Blair is a look that makes you change the channel for good.

  • comment-avatar

    The juice for Mohmmed and Pelley was getting the deal done, then they fled rather than be stewards of their creation. Well, Nadir was on the way out regardless. I said at the time, big egos were going to take a beatng in year two. It took a little longer and the casualties were a bit different than I expected, but Cox and Millard slowly got shunted to the side ( the moment Millard appeared rinkside on HNIC years into the deal, I knew he was done, that was his moment he wanted before exiting. And Strombo and Healy were meat fed to the social media wolves to placate them.) Now here we are with the same damn HNIC that preceded Rogers – with the additiion of Kypreos and the dampening of the NHLPA, CBA gobblygook that comprised most of the ‘Hot Stove banter. Wgaf about the second period intermission and what goes on there anyway, other than Bettman. TSN is still number one and becaise ot the Rogers deal, most of their personalities leveraged massive increases in their salary on long term deals.  

  • comment-avatar

    @ James At many times I think sportsnet tries to set a look on TV with some of their host /guests that your sitting in a bar talkin sports. Well If I wanted that I would actually go to a bar and do that.
    I don’t want to see a slob,
    a guy who studders or someone looking at their phone on TV talking sports. In that aspect they have failed miserably but then again failure from rogerz is very common now.

  • comment-avatar
    Liberty Village Bob 1 week ago

    The Athletic could definitely use Cox. He would add a different perspective. Lots of big names joined American Athletic sites. Cox is bigger than anyone they currently have in Toronto.

  • comment-avatar
    Steve 1 week ago

    I’m sorry, but who is Toronto Mike? Has anyone else (SN or Cox himself) mentioned he is no longer at SN or is this local blogger the only one reporting this news? Just a comment I wanted to make considering we are talking journalism after all and everyone knows you should have a second source.

    The reason Cox, Simmons, Arthur and co. have all been terrible at radio and television is because they spent their whole lives writing, a medium that allows you time to think and research. Radio & TV requires much more on-the-spot knowledge and the ability to put together sentences in your head.

    The Athletic could definitely use Cox. He would add a different perspective. Lots of big names joined American Athletic sites. Cox is bigger than anyone they currently have in Toronto.

    This is almost laughable. The Athletic’s Toronto/Canada department is already huge and while I’m sure they could use Cox, they certainly have no need for him. And Cox being the biggest writer they have? HA! The Athletic’s demographic are younger people who don’t read newspapers or watch studio panel shows. I guarantee you their subscribers are much more familiar with James Mirtle or Eric Koreen are than Cox.

  • comment-avatar
    Gary M 1 week ago

    Original Mitch nailed it: “He’s had an incredibly fortunate career, classic right place right time”.

    If you’re a white guy trying to hang on in a tough business that has now been opened up to everyone, it’s more important than ever to be really good. At something. Guys like Brunt and Friedman are a cut above and I think most recognize that. If you’re just there because you’re in the club and you’ve always been there, it’s a dicey situation. If Jeff Blair was starting out today, there’s no way he could get a job hosting a radio or TV broadcast. Because why wouldn’t you go with someone who can transition from one thought to another without a 10 second struggle? Personally I don’t mind Damien Cox. But that’s not always enough anymore.

  • comment-avatar

    How many changes to the radio lineup will there be by this time next year? I say only one, and not a major one. Likely Good Show gets a new host(s).

  • comment-avatar
    Steve in Waterloo 1 week ago

    Cox’s column in The Star, years ago, was a “go to” for me. As was Simmons and Brunt’s.

    Cox’s was exposed on Sportsnet, then seemed to use Twitter to try and reestablish credibility. His incessant “trolling” and smugness simply stole his credibility. I have no time for what he has to say/write anymore.

    I don’t wish for his demise, but he has pretty much driven his own bus off the cliff.

  • comment-avatar

    For me Simmons use to be ” a must read ”
    Now, he has turned into a ” must I read “

  • comment-avatar

    I remember when after he left Hockey Night in Canada and went back to Prime Time Damien seem to have been humbled and less contrarian like with bob on air. After some time it seem that he slowly and steadily regarded his arrogance and smugness which really soured myself and it appears others here.

    The one I will give him credit for is calling out and exposing John Shannon’s pro-NHL bias on air. Not many people at Sportsnet would have done that to the pal of the NHL Commissioner.

  • comment-avatar
    Liberty Village Bob 6 days ago

    Reading back over some older posts here …. what happened to Rick Westhead? Started out strong with hard hitting journalism. Now he mostly does puff pieces on ex-players and retweets other people’s work. Did TSN shut him down or did he just run out of gas?

  • comment-avatar
    Liberty Village Bob 6 days ago

    yaz 3 days ago

    – How many changes to the radio lineup will there be by this time next year? I say only one, and not a major one. Likely Good Show gets a new host(s).

    that slot has been a shit show since Tim and Sid left. I wish they would come back. Gotta say that Starting Line Up doesn’t seem like a long term solution either. Brady wants his own show.

  • comment-avatar
    Chris 6 days ago

    Here is a change to a radio line up in a way. There is a new (&old) Sports talk radio show in the GTA. Raw Mike Richards debut on Monday on a new station. News Talk Sauga 960. The signal of the station is very weak on the east end. but if you are west of let’s say Bathurst or maybe Dufferin you can get it clear. If you are on the east end and the signal sucks then there is always streaming.

    The station is more of a news talk format than a sports station overall, but the Richards show is sports talk. The show is already sounding like they haven’t missed a beat from the old TSN 1050 show. They Even had Pierre McGuire on the show this morning which was surprising since he is a regular on 1050. They are bringing back old segments like the Sexy picks of gold sex, Bastl’s four play. They have had a really good line up of guests for the first 3 days. I am really impressed.

    What I love the most is how interactive the show is. The show’s regular fan base from 1050 appear to have already jumped aboard and are sending in their tweets which Mike reads on air and it keeps the conversation going. I find the tweets so much better than taking callers who ramble on.

    It’s only been 3 days but other than the signal it’s been a very impressive start. I KNOW I will be sticking with this show rather than the boring garbage on TSN 1050 and the Fan 590 in the morning.

    Fun has returned to my morning drive.

  • comment-avatar
    Drumanchor 6 days ago

    Damien Cox.

    Yes, he can come across as a tad pompous and self-satisfied at times, but that’s what made him unique. Made for good radio. Sure, I didn’t always like it or agree with all of his opinions, but I agreed with most. He is a journalist who morphed into a media personality that had. –  personality. 

    He wasn’t like many of the new, younger crowd on radio that appear to have graduated from whatever “Sportsmedia” program at whatever school and who can’t wait to hear what else they are going to say. Unlike too many hosts on air, he didn’t need 3 minutes to get a question out so he could occupy as much air time as possible. He’s a journalist with, sometimes controversial but strongly innate, views that don’t always mesh with what some people want. And I get that. 

    Personally, I liked his work at The Fan and will try to continue to enjoy his writing and opinions at The Star.

  • comment-avatar
    chiming in from the '6' 5 days ago

    I always enjoyed Mike Richards when he was on TSN 1050 radio in the mornings, and even when he wad transfered to aftetnoons. He knows his sports and asks logical, insightful questions like he did with Pierre McGuire, and glad that he has continued with him now on 960 radio.

    Richard’s I personations especially of Victor Newman of Y and R, who he got to interview live as actor Eric Braeden, was priceless.

    Dave Bastls an acquired taste who I don’t usually enjoy, but obviously he and Richards have a long broadcast history together so it makes sense they’re reunited on 960 AM.

    Will they make in road on TSN 1050 ratingd ? Landsberg very fortunate that Carlo V. has fit in so nicely ad co-host since joining morning show, because he had shown knowledge and solid opinions on othet sports beyond his long time playing career in NHL

    Who survives being no.2 morning radio sports show between 1050 AM and 960 AM in 2019.

  • comment-avatar
    Doug from Markham 5 days ago

    I am also pretty excited about Mike Richards on 960AM in Mississauga. Its about time Mike and Dave are back togehter on regular radio. I’m actually shocked it took this long. I am surprised that the two of them didn’t land at the Fan, but they don’t seem to have any fun on that station, so maybe it wasn’t a fit.

    I hope Mike actually does some new comedy segments. Alot of his stuff is very old and dated. I’m guessing its a crutch for him. How many times do we have to hear Meg Ryan, Tim Tebow with the Jets, Peyton Manning etc etc… some of his material is 15 + years old. His strength is comedy, definitely not sports. Dave is very good on everything that’s going on, seems organized, and brings all sports knowledge to the show.

    Not a big fan of the show name, makes it seem like its just one person involved.

  • comment-avatar

    I always enjoyed Mike Richards when he was on TSN 1050 radio in the mornings, and even when he wad transfered to aftetnoons. He knows his sports and asks logical, insightful questions like he did with Pierre McGuire, and glad that he has continued with him now on 960 radio.

    Richard’s I personations especially of Victor Newman of Y and R, who he got to interview live as actor Eric Braeden, was priceless.

    Dave Bastls an acquired taste who I don’t usually enjoy, but obviously he and Richards have a long broadcast history together so it makes sense they’re reunited on 960 AM.

    See I feel the opposite. I do like Richards at times but he was the acquired taste for me. At first I wasn’t a fan of his sleezy old man pervert degenerate gambler shtick. I still don’t care for it today. I do enjoy his impressions for the most part, although some of them are a little played out. Like I don’t care about Victor Newman. Your a sports show most sports fan’s don’t watch soap operas. Give me Babcock or Manning any day that’s good stuff. Over all with Richards I take the good with the bad. He doesn’t seem to really know his current sports either. I mean he knows the games from a I grew up playing it sort of way. But I don’t feel like he is up on today’s leagues or the players in it. He seems out of touch.

    David Bastl on the other hand Is the guy that makes me tune in. He is kind of the straight man to Richard’s cartoonish ways. He is the balance that keeps it fun but at the same times gives the show credibility on a sports perspective. If you listen to them talk NFL, NHL, MLB or NBA it’s always Bastl that breaks down the games, the injuries, who’s on what streak. When they do interviews with a Pierre McGuire Dave is the one that asks things like Watching Nashville and how they play a defensive heavy game. How can the Leafs compete in the playoffs, what do you believe they need to add be it more size or just a shut down kind of guy?” Where as Mike asks a couple of Gambling questions about college Ball and usually something about Rock music.

    In the end of the day I feel like Bastl works hard on show prep watching all the games. Mike maybe watches Sports Centre for 15 minutes.. maybe.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • comment-avatar
    chillin' in the '905' 4 days ago

    I’m happy that the Richards bunch is back on the air. It’s a pretty decent show, especially considering the other options in the morning. I’ve listened twice this week going to work.

    The one thing I don’t recommend is following Richards on twitter. The guy has the etiguette of a bull in a china shop when it comes to social media. I unfollowed him about 6 months ago when I got tired of seeing my entire timeline full of him littering his promotions/garbage all over the place. Dude is like a 4 year old kid tugging at his mothers dress, “watch me, watch me” – he has no chill. The more he tweets the more desperate he looks, I think he probably is. He’s a social media dinosaur, maybe he belongs in a museum? LMAO

    AND then he tags 10 other people on every tweet, including his old work place that canned him, he looks like a moron.