Lots Going To Change In Toronto Sports Media World

Lots Going To Change In Toronto Sports Media World

It’s been too long.

I could tell you why, but let’s just say it’s been an adventure and a personal struggle but I am happy to report it looks like there will be a happy ending.

Enough about me.

There is so much to talk about.

So, without further discussion here goes, and in no order:

The media consumption landscape is every changing but I think things in Toronto and Canada for that matter are evolving more rapidly than before.

The Globe and Mail is officially dead as a sports outlet. With all due respect to those who write for the paper, it’s gone, over, kaput. The Star and Sun remain, audiences are flat at best and the Athletic is dominating from a content perspective. I am not talking about business model the best damn content available to the sports fan on a regular basis online (text only) is on the Athletic (not including “blogs”). Where they go from here is anyone’s guess but I can tell you I visit the site several times per day.

Sportsnet has Michael Grange, in my opinion currently the country’s best writer. There are a handful of excellent other content creators there, Chris Johnston, Shi Davidi, Ben Nicholson Smith, Arden Zwelling, Gare Joyce, to name but a few. There are a handful of scribes at the Sun and the Star and literally no one writes at TSN.ca.

I have no clue how much money The Athletic is making, (or losing) but they have completely changed how I consume sports opinion. As the old guard gets older, no one new is getting hired at the traditional papers… it’s only a matter of time.

Huge congrats to Richard Griffin who is going to help eviscerate the notion that you can’t go home again as he returns to the world of team PR. Yes Griffin has pulled the chute on life at The Star joining the Blue Jays as head of Public Relations.

This is massive news kids. The Jays have been leaning more corporate lately, less baseball and more suit-like in all ways including PR. Hiring Griffin is a huge shift. While typically the who leads PR has little effect on the fans, I am holding out hope that maybe, just maybe, someone at Ted Rogers Way is getting the point that, perhaps baseball is best left to those who either know the game or maybe even like it. Based on the expert analysis on the roster as it stands right now this is a team that is going to be dying for good news this season. Let’s hope this is a great start of things to come.

Still with the Jays, TSN lost their mid-day host Scott MacArthur a few weeks back. TSN’s loss is a Blue Jay fan’s gain as MacArthur will be the new voice of the Blue Jays post-game call-in show once his non-compete clause expires. MacArthur will replace Mike Wilner who has been answering calls for eons now. Wilner has moved into the radio booth doing play by play. There is no more patient human being then Wilner, given the number of years he did the gig. I am curious to see how MacArthur who has a totally different style than Wilner handles the endless calls of insane trade ideas that are coming his way. This is a coup for those who handle things for the Jays media side of things. The bench is now Dan Shulman and then Scott MacArthur. As the team rebuilds on the field they massively need help on radio and tv too. Just my opinion.

Elliott Price didn’t last very long with the Fan 590 morning show did he? Two years and we hardly knew ya. I can’t say I am surprised. I have no doubt that Price is good at his trade. He was a complete mismatch in this role (this is NOT a new theme with the Fan btw (see Blundell and Krystal) where someone has been hired who is completely unsuited for the role they are asked to play. Brady and Price had zero on air chemistry. Like none. The fact they lasted two years is a testament to someone’s patience. The show actually made no progress from day one to day end.

The problem was, on a show filled almost entirely with old(er) men Price seemed to be the eldest. If the station had any interest in skewing younger he was the complete opposite of what a younger crowd would be interested in. He was, or seemed OLD. I also thing the audience resented the fact that in city the size of Toronto the largest sports station in the country had to look to another city for talent and in so doing didn’t even bring in the best and brightest from that market.

Radio is about relationships. We listen to those we can relate to. We like the banter, we want the questions insight and we laugh at the same things. Price never got there in Toronto. So while very accomplished, he was set up to fail. A poor hire on the part of management, they not he owns this.

So, where do they go from here?

Well, they have Brady. They have Hugh Burrill on the updates. Personally, I think they need to blow up the model. They need to do radio in the am differently and take chances. I’d go more in the way of a panel then necessarily finding a co-host. Let Brady drive and have several groups of Rogers insiders appear multiple times a week to discuss the topics of the day. Stop doing radio the old way and try to invigorate a newer, younger, social media consuming audience. No traditional updates, no morning show “bits”.. do sports radio differently.

What do they have to lose. The industry is so stuck in the dark ages with regards to ratings who cares. They have an enormous lead on the competition why not be a leader and re-invent the model. What do you have to lose?

No matter what they do it can’t be worse than what they have.

On the topic of radio, the best radio show in Canada right now is, without question Overdrive.

The end.

For what it’s worth, ESPN has some 38 million unique global streams of it’s 64 shows that are podcasted. While that number in the USA extrapolates to 4.8m streams in the USA, on an annual basis Overdrive is not that far off! Yes, sources tell me that Overdrive had over 35 million streams last year or just about 2-3 million per month. Those are serious numbers.

While McCown and Brunt/Deitsch are must listen to when a big story breaks the rest of the time….. If you are not listening to OverDrive you are missing out big time.

The reality is, you can now listen to a ton of great content all available on the radio and never turn the radio on. So while the geniuses at Numeris are trying to figure out their technology (think Mr. Mcgoo meets dilbert) the entire world is passing them bye and they have literally no answer.

Quick hits:

Elliotte Friedman’s features on HNIC are must see. The HNIC intros? Awful.

No, you don’t care but there is serious NHL buzz in Seattle these days. I see more NHL jerseys on the streets than Mariners.

I was a huge Roy Halladay fan. I can’t think of a more defeating result to the Canadian sports fan than Roy going in to the hall of fame sans Blue Jays logo. For whatever reason Canadians seem preoccupied with the notion, “did they like us” more than anything, and Halladay not self associating with the Jays (completely within his family rights) feeds that insecurity bigly.

In the same spirit many are already preparing the Raptor faithful for the possibility that Kawhi Leonard doesn’t really like us all that much after all by telling us not take it personally should he leave.

I loved the stories this week that Leonard bought a house in Los Angeles ergo he is leaving the Raptors. Right, because no athlete has an offseason mansion. I am not suggesting he is staying but the purchase of a home means little to me.

Curious, which team makes you more nervous into the playoffs, the Raptors or the Leafs? While Leonard is the bomb, personally as I see them right now they are not built to go any further than they have in the past. With the Leafs, if they meet Tampa or the Boston early, it’s over. Put another way, this deadline season should be most telling in both teams recent histories.

I love certain media types ripping the Leafs for signing Patrick Marleau. Money cannot buy what he brings to the younger Buds. Those suggesting otherwise are looking for faults.

There is no better personality on TV these days than Brian Burke. As he was always a great interview he is a great studio presence.

Don’t be surprised if the Blue Jays start tinkering more with their radio and tv crews during these predicted down seasons. They want a well oiled machine when the team is firing on full cylinders. I don’t believe the radio or TV crew will look much like they do now when that time comes.

Happy to be back



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    Great pick-up by Rogers to get MacArthur to take over the post-game show. He’s been a baseball guy through and through, and him being taken away from covering the Jays and put on radio screamed as something that was obviously not his choice. He gets what he deserves, and we listeners get what we deserve and that is less Wilner.

    Price being let go is no surprise. He just wasn’t good. He brought nothing of value and the raspy voice and his tendency to say “right” to end every sentence made him unlistenable. However, how Brady is Mr. Teflon over and over again is beyond me. His sarcastic know-it-all demeanour too is unlistenable. Oh well, I gave up on the morning shows a while now and I don’t feel like I’ve missed a thing.

    Still don’t see the fascination with Overdrive. If I wanted to listen to a couple of morons talk about the most menial things about the a Leafs for a couple of hours on a constant basis, I’d go out for beers with my buddies.

    Surprised no mention of Richards and Bastl’s new morning show on AM 960. You can tell Richards is relishing building that station’s time slot from ground up. And he has the ability to deviate from the corporate structure of the big two stations. Was never a big fan of theirs, but I’m giving them a chance in this newer setting where it doesn’t have to be Leafs/Raptors/Jays practically all the time. Negatives are the poor signal if you are on the 404 let’s say, and the traffic updates every 10 minutes is absolute overkill, but I’m giving them a chance to draw me back to morning listenership as I’ve completely abandoned the other two.

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    Mario 2 years ago

    I agree Price was not a good fit in this market but I didn’t mind for the most part. But I couldn’t be happier now that MacArthur will joining the Fan soon as part of it’s baseball coverage. Bell on the other hand still is no where on the sports radio radar, other than Overdrive which is just ok for me.

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    ShayeSaintJohn 2 years ago

    I like Tim and Sid personally, Sid isn’t afraid to call out the Blue Jays on their various issues. It’s refreshing for a change.

    I remember Brady and Price had a show on the score too, that replaced Tim and Sid. That was short lived too.. Shame the way the papers are going now, I’ve always read the Sun Sports section but I did like Richard Griffins articles in The Star from time to time. Glad to see him land a new gig.

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    Drumanchor 2 years ago

    As for “literally no writers at TSN”, I would say that Kristen Shilton is an excellent writer. I know it is not opinion pieces, per se, but she’s a great beat reporter who articulates her thoughts as good as anyone. Should be a rising star at that network.

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    Scotty Mac is a fantastic addition to the Fan’s already good Jays coverage. I’m hopeful they’ll do more with his talents than just have him host Blue Jays talk after ball games and make appearances on PTS. I know Wilner takes a lot of shit for the way he handles some of the callers, but quite honestly, a lot of the time you can’t blame the guy. There’s only so many times you can have a caller ask “why can’t the Jays trade a hurt Tulo, and a bag of balls for so-and-so’s #1 prospect” without having your head blow up. Perhaps Scott will have them screen callers better, because if they don’t, he’ll be ripping on some of the callers, too.

    I’m curious as to when his no-compete with Bell ends. 90 days would take him past opening day.

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    Still don’t see the fascination with Overdrive. If I wanted to listen to a couple of morons talk about the most menial things about the a Leafs for a couple of hours on a constant basis, I’d go out for beers with my buddies.

    This! This! This!

    And once the summer rolls around, it’s not even a show.

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    Chance Vought 2 years ago

    “There is no better personality on TV these days than Brian Burke. As he was always a great interview he is a great studio presence.”

    The guy that wants more concussions in hockey? The guy that thinks taxpayers should give billions to teams already worth billions and owned by billionaires? The guy that wants to eliminate female events from the Olympics to save money?

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    Overdrive for me – the Ferraro segments are must listen. The rest of it I could take or leave.

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    Scooter 2 years ago

    Against the grain here, but I like both Price and Brady, and liked them together. Compared to most sports radio, IMHO they were usually a little more informed and thoughtful. Listened to the show regularly (if in short 10-15 minute bursts) and while not perfect, it was 100% better than the shameless and endless pimping of Carlo Colaiacovo’s Leaf past on TSN. At least Cauz is an actual personality who balanced and reacted to Landsberg during this past summer’s interregnum; Carlo is being carried.

    Overdrive is fun in spurts when I want to listen to Leafs stuff, but it devolves into meathead territory way too quickly, and it’s useless for any other sport. Do the guys have that “hanging out with my buddies” vibe? Absolutely, and they’re really good at that. Best radio show in Canada? No.

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    Burke defended the Taylor Hall trade and Chiarelli. It’s some of the worst analysis possible, and shows the classic “hockey man” reflex to never criticize. Burke just seems cooked, almost too tired to even pretend to be tough anymore. If Elliot Price seems too old, Burke must seem embalmed.

    I’ll still take Melnick’s show over Overdrive. More consistent, more varied. Frankly there aren’t many sports radio shows above marginal coast to coast.

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    Yeah, I don’t really get Overdrive. Bit too meathead/bro talk for me? But also I’m not very interested in hockey, so I’m sure that’s part of it. At least TSN has finally come up with one radio property in 5 (?) years that people are clicking with though. Genuinely I think it’s great to have choice.

    Yeah I think TSM is right on Elliot Price. He seems like a good broadcaster/host, but it was an odd choice not to go young in mornings? I think he did an OK job but did kind of seem doomed from the start. When Adam Wylde and Ashley Docking filled in in the summer, I thought that would have made a good morning show. But he’s at Virgin now I believe. I agree with TSM they should try something different and creative – especially since it’s doubtful TSN will post much of a threat any time soon.

    As someone who likes listening to baseball on the radio, I love the Macarthur move. Great choice for 3rd man in the booth. I think Wilner and Wagner had good chemistry on play by play and I could see MacArthur fitting in.

    Last though – anyone tried listening to the Tim and Sid podcast? It’s just the audio of their TV show, and it doesn’t really work audio only. Sounds bad too. Would be nice to resurrect a real Tim and Sid podcast. Just don’t really catch them on TV.

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    Darrell 2 years ago

    I used to listen to the FAN 590 religiously, from high school days until 2010 when the station went on an axing tirade firing the half dozen all in one swoop. I am not sure there is one single listenable program on the FAN these days? Even their night programming – the FAN seem content with the CBS Overnight programming (I don’t understand that at all).

    I got blasted on Twitter for suggesting this, by Greg Brady. However, Mike Farwell, Jim Lang, Andrew Walker and now Elliott Price have all either moved onto other roles or pushed out the door and yet Greg Brady remains the morning show constant. The guy likes to hear himself speak and never let’s his co-hosts get a word of insight out there. Why is there never any thought of moving Brady out of that host hair and maybe put Tim + Sid in the morning show slot? I would find them a lot more entertaining – if I have to barrel through Toronto rush hour traffic vs. Brady’s Detroit team stories.

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    Glad you’re back!

  • comment-avatar

    Gotta be honest, when the FAN 590 Morning Show was named “The Starting Lineup with…” I found myself saying “Yeah, they have no confidence in this setup”

    But I have to disagree with the idea of a “panel” for the morning show. If you listen to the Friday Round Table on the FAN, you’ll notice that it can break down into nothing more than people trying to talk over one another, not something I want to hear first thing in the morning TBH. I think the trick is either tame Brady so that his next co-host isn’t lost under him or admit defeat with Brady as a morning host and try a new duo. As to who they could try, at this pont I don’t think the answer is “skewing younger”, look at the content, you need experienced voices who know enough about sports (or who know enough to ask the important questions) to not come across like hapless fans.

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    With respect to Overdrive I maintain that Sportsnet should poach Brian Hayes as McCown’s successor. He has connections there given his dad’s and uncle’s respective tenures there. Beyond this, I find Jeff O’Neil’s frequent referencing of porn stars and his love of strip clubs pretty embarrassing for a man in his forties. This kind of misogynistic on air conduct is usually more befitting of American sports radio where Doofus and the Mad Dog types usually hang out.

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    All very interesting and I mostly agree. I think that score updates are a total waste of time and the idea of a panel or rotating guests on the morning drive is great. However, disagree hugely about Brian Burke: I always change channels or go snack hunting when he’s on either TV or radio.

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    Going with the generic ‘Starting Lineup’ is a mistake that was likely the result of some outside consultant a-hole trying to prove his/her worth re ‘branding’. Name your damn show. Just don’t name it ‘Brady & Burrill’. ‘Good morning everyb..’

    And, re Overdrive – going for a beer with your buddies is the point. And that is why it is successful. Not everybody’s cup of beer, I agree. But who gaf. The best way to drive the most people away from radio is to make every show the god damn same.

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    I am also sutprised there was no mention of Richards and Bastl on Sauga 960. Yes the station is small and the signal is poor. But Richards is a established name in this market and they beung back on air is atleast worth mention. I can tell Jonah has never been a Richards fan but based on what he is up against on the other 2 stations you should atleast see him as a factor in the morning.

    Like Pete I have conpletely abondoned the other 2 morning shows. Richards and Bastl are so far ahead of Landsberg and Carlo as well as Brady and Burhel it’s not even funny.

    I agree with Pete that the traffic updates are overkill though. It kills the momentum of a very entertaining show. As Jonah mentioned the fan needs to kill the updates, the same goes for the traffic on Sauga. Feels very much the same.

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    Drumanchor 2 years ago

    Also wanted to add that I, also, believe Bryan Hayes would be a very good McCown successor.As for Overdrive, too many “one time me and my buddies” references. Moronic American talk radio doesn’t generally work in this market.

    As for The Athletic, I, too, subscribe, but can’t imagine visiting the site as many times a day as Jonah suggests he does. The seems to be no breaking news stories and too much of the writing is based on analytical analysis – which I find mind numbing very quickly.

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    Have been saying since the Leafs lunch days that Hayes, O’Dog, and Noodles are the best radio show in Toronto. I listen to it via podcast pretty much every night. The best part of the show for me isn’t so much the sports analysis as it is the back-and-forth banter. The chemistry they share is unparalleled on Toronto sports talk radio. And FWIW, I’m in my 20’s and Overdrive the ONLY radio show I know that anyone around my age listens to regularly.

    PTS is still the best when big news breaks because Mccown has that authority where you want to hear what he has to say. For example, when Gibbons was fired and when the baseball HOF nominations were announced, I went straight to PTS and didn’t think twice about it. The only other time I go straight to PTS over Overdrive? When Brian Burke is on every Thursday. Must-listen radio.

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    Chris 2 years ago

    And, re Overdrive – going for a beer with your buddies is the point. And that is why it is successful. Not everybody’s cup of beer, I agree. But who gaf. The best way to drive the most people away from radio is to make every show the god damn same

    Yup Agree 100%. I think the biggest problem in this market is too many shows are too similar. If you look at the comments on here even the ones that just followed yours people seem to fall into 2 camps with Overdrive. You either think they are a bunch of dummies who act like frat boys talking about porn… Or you love the hanging with the boys feel of the show. Both opinions are right it just comes down to personal taste.

    The good news is If you don’t like Overdrive then the Fan has a very different type show with Prime Time Sports. the 2 shows are polar opposites of each other. I wish every time slot gave me this type of variety.

    Atleast now with Mike Richards back in the AM on a new station we have that option for something different.

    I see TSM suggested doing radio different by doing round tables in the morning. How is that different? Didn’t Landsberg already do that? I’m guessing he still does haven’t listened in a long time. The round table is a nice format but hardly new.

    I don’t think you need to reinvent the wheel. I just wish that the programmer directors of each station would try to bring something different than their competitor when choosing a new show.

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    Chance Vought 2 years ago

    “If you listen to the Friday Round Table on the FAN, you’ll notice that it can break down into nothing more than people trying to talk over one another…”

    90% of the time caused by John Shannon or Joey Vendetta.

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    Kawhi Leonard bought a house in Rancho Santa Fe, north of San Diego, not Los Angeles.


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    @Chris – I think it’s a good point that, part of why Overdrive has been good for TSN (even though it’s not to everyone’s taste), is that it’s a VERY different show than PTS. If they tried to do the same thing Bob is doing, it wouldn’t be much of a contest. But they’re getting the people who don’t want to hear the kind of big picture, magazine type show Bob is doing. They’re getting people who want dudes in a locker room talking about the Leafs game kinda thing.

    Makes you think – why hasn’t TSN tried something different at all the other parts of the day? So much of their schedule has just felt like “Fan Lite”. Not saying every show has to be ‘jock talk’ like Overdrive (i don’t really want more of that personally), just give us something different than The Fan is doing.

    Like, instead of running a noon hockey show up against The Fan’s noon hockey show, how about try something else at that time? I don’t listen to HC at noon, so I’d give it a shot. Good Show and Scott MacArthur were pretty much the same show too. As the newer guys, it’s kind of on TSN to try to be creative if they want something to catch on.

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    Chance Vought has nailed not only the situation with many of the current PTS roundtables; but the “wildcard” issue when producing any show of this type… having the right or (too often in this market) wrong participants.

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    @Chris I agree. Three observations about Burke’s foray into sports media. 1. He has a rare and genuine affection for players. Something I don’t glean from any other ex-GM/Coach on any network other than, of course, Don Cherry. 2. He drops really interesting nuggets of information about the Leafs that were never reported: the Leafs choice of hotel in Florida for instance and how he changed it the first time he was on a road trip there. 3. He isn’t a replacement for Cherry. They’ve tried to pep him up. Look at Burke in commercials when he’s talking to the camera. He appears uncomfortable doing it and it is uncomfortable to watch.

    It is curious that a man in his mid-sixties with a HLS degree speaks with a slower cadence and less conviction than a high school dropout in his mid-eighties. Burke incomprehensibly refuses to talk law. All I can think is that he hasn’t kept up on it and doesn’t want to appear to not know what he is talking about. But he taught law at UBC for ten years so I am not sure what the issue is.

    During that Senators Uber episode he refused to talk about it. He was on Brady and Price and Brady had to treat him like a hostile witness. Burke said ‘I’d give him a smack.’ and ‘Talk about something else.’ which could have been told in a joking and entertaining way but was delivered like Burke was saying ‘One more word and you’ll be arrested for contempt of court.’ Brady should have gone the Tom Cruise ‘I want the truth route.’ but Brady, with a nervous and quivering voice, quickly changed topics. Conversely, Eric Macramella not only spoke about the topic at length, he was the only one who deftly explained that the Senators had a legal case against the Uber driver because he crossed a line by commercializing the video while unanimously, every host across both stations spewed the misinformation that it was legal. The only other one who half got it right was Bob who said ‘I don’t know. I’d be calling my lawyer.’ while Shannon screamed at him that it was legal.

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    MIB, on a separate note, I was putting together a 2018 radio year in review with a detailed analysis of every Toronto and Mississauga show and I just checked and it is at 4,000 words. Will probably end up at about 4500. I can unobjectively say that it is fast paced, informative, and funny, but I don’t want to appear to hijack your blog. Could I post it here? Will be ready later today. As far as I can tell, I’m the only one here who religiously listens to every show 5:30 AM t0 7:00 PM on 590 and 1050.

  • comment-avatar

    sounds great. email me.

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    The loss of Scott MacArthur from TSN got me thinking. Did TSN actually get over losing the national NHL rights? Because they don’t seem to put effort into anything else. Nationally, they’ve got the CFL, the World Juniors, and part of the Raptors. They have MLS, but have lost European soccer. They produce SportsCentre and That’s Hockey. At most, they have two people talking or writing about baseball, one of which they’ve lost. At most,three people covering the NBA. At most a couple people covering the NFL. One person covering combat sports. One person covering golf. Does anyone cover tennis? Motorsports? And all of these are just hits on SC. No panel shows or lead in programs to any of these events. Hey I get it, hockey’s number one in this country. But across TSN/SN there’s an overabundance of people who can talk hockey. How about a little creativity? If we’re running into the problem of all the shows on TV/Radio sounding the same, why not switch up the topics? And just so you know, I live in Vancouver. 1040 talking about something other than the Canucks or Seahawks is rare.

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    @yaz I had thought that Burke was after Cherry’s job, but your comments; “He has a rare and genuine affection for players,” and “a man in his mid-sixties with a HLS degree,” made me think the job he is really after is Donald Fehr’s. Fehr is 70 years old now and I would bet if the League and the PA work out some kind of CBA deal such that neither side invokes the opt-out claise this fall, or that they agree to a revised deal with a new term (as has been sounding more and more likely,) then Fehr will call it a day and retire on a high note. Burke is qualified for that job and it’s a pretty good gig if the players support you (if they don’t, you’re fucked.)

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    Chris 2 years ago

    Since it’s Bell Let’s Talk day. I thought I would be the dick who tells it like it is. The only reason why Michael Landsberg still has a job on 1050 is because of Bell Let’s Talk day and his mental health problems/ him being the face of the campaign.

    Nobody can convince me other wise. He is awful just awful and his show has been a pure flop since day 1. be it with Naylor, by himself or with Carlo it’s all been bad. And I feel bad for Carlo because from what I can tell in the limited time spent listening to that show, he has actually done a decent job. Landsberg is just unbearable and it doesn’t matter who you pair him with the result is the same. The rating support my opinion.

    Tell me who else could survive this long with rating this bad in the a time slot that important? Nobody that’s who. Bell just doesn’t want to look bad with thier Mental Health stuff otherwise he would be gone long ago.

  • comment-avatar

    @Species 1967

    Burke worked for the NHL for a long time, and mentioned on 590 that he called Garry Bettman to see if they had a job for him before he pivoted to broadcasting. I would think that there’d be a host of both personal and conflict-of-interest issues if he switched to the players’ side, given that he has negotiated a CBA for the owners before.

    Plus – let’s keep him in the media, he’s great at it! I don’t always agree with him (he said Edmonton should hire Dave Nonis!!) but he’s riveting to listen to, especially when he’s talking about inside info from a management perspective. His Thursday segments on PTS have become appointment listening.

  • comment-avatar

    @Species True. Also, Burke is the very level best at delivering meaningful CBA talk and talking about player escrow. A couple of times Brunt can’t get a word in because Burke makes too much sense. Then Brunt tries to make a sweeping global statement and Burke without blinking destroys him in under 12 words. I don’t know anyone else who would be better to represent the NHLPA after Fehr. Also, will make for always engaging CBA talk to grow the game.

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    I know the Pitchtalks and related series have been a topic on this blog. I got an update for upcoming events and its pretty clear that MSM pulling out has had consequences. Usually the top two names are “big”, now, not so much. And that is not a kick in the teeth to the people that are listed, its just that if you can throw out names like Brunt and Grange that tends to more immediately pique my interest than others.

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    Gary M 2 years ago

    “They have an enormous lead on the competition why not be a leader and re-invent the model. What do you have to lose?”

    Their enormous lead on the competition.

  • comment-avatar

    Welcome back Jonah. Great reading as usual.

    For those who love Sports Media caught this on the Toronto Mike podcast. Loved listening to this.


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    I get it. You do not like Michael Landsberg. However, your invented reason as to why Landsberg remains on TSN Radio is disgraceful. To claim that someone’s mental health is a job-protection shield is reprehensible. Not only does Landsberg have to cope with mental health issues, as do countless other people, do they now also have to endure the attempted humiliation that their issues are the only thing that gives them value to their employer?

    I will take liberties with a well-known quote.

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a dick than to comment and remove all doubt”.

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    Chris 2 years ago

    @bob canuck

    I stand by my opinion. I don’t regret anything I said and I believe it to be the truth. PR is very real to piblic companies. They have invested a lot of money into promoting mental health intiatives and have put him at the front of these campains.

    His performance has been brutal and his ratings are near non existant. He isn’t keeping his job based on results.

    For the record I myself have battled mental health issues for over 2 decades including depression and anxiety disorder. So If you believe I am attacking the mentaly ill I’m not or not taking mental health seriously that is not the case. I know all to well ehat it means to struggle with mental illness. That said I still have to perform at my job and produce results.

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    Gary M 2 years ago

    Without speaking directly to the Landsberg thing (would surprise me if someone was kept on just for that reason), Bell Let’s Talk Day is one of the most successful corporate promotions/mass delusions in Canadian history and there’s no telling what Bell would do in the service of that.

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    Jonathan 2 years ago

    Met Scott at the TSN event up close and unfiltered event September 25th at the Hockey Hall of Fame . Great guy , he’ll do very well at the Fan. I’m also a huge fan of the show overdrive as well it was great talking and meeting all three of those guys.