What’s Your Beef?

What’s Your Beef?


As we prepare for NHL and NBA playoffs, the start of the MLB season is here, let stake a deep breath, be thankful our two teams are headed for the post season.

So, my question to you is, what’s your sports beef right now? It can be media or non-media related. What’s pissing you off, what do you wish would change.



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    Pete 1 year ago

    Blue Jay baseball,Not at all on opening day 40,000 + bums in the seats but,since then all the camera shots seem to be very tight.Foul balls into seats are not shown.Blue Jay home run and cheering fans are shown in a very very tight shot.
    Would it be Robbers does not want to show the public all those in attendance are disguised as empty seats? I cannot comment on if the announcers say anything as I watch with the sound on Mute,Buck & Pat (no explanation needed).
    It must be only me seeing this as I am sure Robbers never ever try to device the public or do they ??

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    The elimination of email notifications that this site used to offer.

    Not only are there now no email notifications of new postings my TSM/Mike; but also the elimination of opting for notifications when followers of this publication post new comments.

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    Wade Maclean 1 year ago

    I would like to see the fan590 also offer their shows in hour by hour in podcast
    Form along with their all in one tidy package.This is the way espn does their 
    Podcasts and it works very well they release the podcasts shortly after each
    Hour which keeps the news more current if you could reach out to the 
    Program director and see if there is any plan to bring this format back it
    Would be appreciated.

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    First thing that comes to mind is Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson. I’ve been saying for a long time now that HNIC needs to give a blank cheque to Miller/Cuthbert and Ray Ferraro. Hughson is insufferable and Simpson is fine, but the standard for the #1 team in the sport should be better than just fine. Look around to other sports: Nantz/Romo, Michaels/Collinsworth, Breen/Van Gundy, Buck/Aikman & Buck/Smoltz – it’s an impressive list. The lead commentators for hockey in this country pale in comparison. I know to expect Hughson and Simpson on Saturday nights, but the worst is when I turn on a midweek game and hear them unexpectedly. Such a let down every time.

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    TorontoNotTheCentre 1 year ago

    Hughson isn’t that bad, it is just that he is no Bob Cole. Hockey a tough game to be a great announcer at.

    My Beefs, Gabe Morency and Mark Hebsher aren’t employed by the big 2. Those guys have more talent than a lot of the boring guys at TSN and Sportsnet and are the closest things to us – real fans that have a lot of knowledge or entertainment value. During March Madness, the TSN Direct Multiplex would switch focus to a different TSN channel to a game I wasn’t watching. For example, I am watching game A on TSN 2, then in the middle of it, the Multiplex would switch it to game B on TSN 3. When streaming from my computer to my wired Chromecast, it was getting very annoying having to get off the coach and switch it back to the game I was watching. I complained and didn’t receive a response. A straight up, up yours TSN for that.

    I get why Sportsnet does it, but these annoying puff pieces on the team prior to the season add no value to the hardcore sports fan. All I need is for the games to be shown and I am good.

    I looked at the Rogers Hometown Hockey lineup for next season, not one visit to the Territories. Shameful.

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    I hate the fact that some of the Raptors Playoff games will be aired on Sportsnet One this spring. Sportsnet already has exclusive rights to the NHL and the Blue Jays. If they can’t place the Raptors on the main Sportsnet feed then negotiate a deal with TSN and offer more playoff games on basic packages. Viewership for the Raptors can’t grow if you keep hiding important playoff games at premium costs on SN1.

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    Steve 1 year ago

    ^^^ couldn’t agree more, I’ll watch a game Ferraro is doing just because they are so good at it.

    Also,the big deal people make about NCAA sports,I like the basketball for the most part but if it’s 2 teams with no “future pros” it’s usually not good basketball and they are air mailing 3’s. It’s more on the TV networks for hyping it so much ( like tsn with the world Jr’s.) Because at the end of the day they are just kids.

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    Gary M 1 year ago

    The strike zone graphic on Sportsnet. Seems to cross a line in terms of obstructing our view of the pitch.

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    Wefewee 12 months ago

    Retired to Nova Scotia two years ago and I’m pissed at the regional hockey packages and restrictions. Totally understand if Montreal or Ottawa are playing for the East coverage but if either of those teams aren’t playing and the Leafs are, I can’t watch.
    Hell, back in February the Leafs played an afternoon game and I couldn’t see it. What were they trying to protect there?

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    Let me roll up my sleeves and toss a brickbat or two, and thanks for the opportunity, Jonas.

    Seems every week the the vast majority that comprises the lame sports media in this city, unable to think independently, glom onto the latest buzz word or phrase and beat it to death. The current misguided and less than meaningless phrase being uttered is ‘The Leafs are saying all the right things’. Say what? It’s the National Hockey League, not The National Talkie League!

    This just in: Leafs filibuster their way past Boston to win series! What deft articulation, amazing retorts rarely heard, incredible use of exhibits! Uh-huh.

    To avoid the drivel that now precedes every game, I tune in around 7 minutes after the broadcast starts. No muss no fuss and mercifully no talking heads telling each other how great they are.Example: ‘The great Chris Cuthbert’. Because he is still around? Certainly nothing else could possibly be referenced here. Jeez. Hey, lame-oids, we the viewer will decide for ourselves without your input who is and is not great, all on our very own-I’m talking to you, James Duthie.

    And just to show I am not all doom and gloom, here is a positive thought. Overdrive on TSN, which I hoped would get traction in these here parts, seemingly is doing just that. Hooray! You can actually here a tough question asked, not the kind of pandering tripe heard elsewhere.

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    Chance Vought 12 months ago

    Two words: Joey Vendetta.

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    mark coale 12 months ago

    Selfishly, too many segments on 590 about things I dont care, chiefly basketball and football.

    More and more, I end skipping entire show podcasts given the lack of interest in the topics.

    Hopefully better ratio now that baseball is back.

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    Sid Seixeiro
    Marcus Stroman’s antics. Just pitch.
    TSN’s website
    Sid Seixeiro
    When Mike Babcock talks like he invented hockey. If you did, then please change your defensive system.
    Joey Vendetta
    Rogers Centre
    Damien Cox’s smugness
    Sid Seixeiro
    Poker on TV
    Cost of Leafs tickets
    And lastly…Sid Seixeiro

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    Steve Cook 12 months ago

    The Globe and Mail “Sports” section

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    I realize somebody has to pay the freight but my number one beef is the amount of advertising during PTS and the ball games – I actually started to reduce my listening time to PTS because Bob got way to political for me with his constant Trump bashing and then adding a phone in segment(I really don’t care what Jarvis in East Jesus thinks about anything) but the repetitive ads were the main reason for my decision to completely tune out – While I don’t mind John Shannon I absolutely abhor Joey ‘the King of all Name droppers’ Vendetta – I get all the play by play MLB I need by having gameday running in the background – I absolutely refuse to listen to Wilner doing PbP – He is simply brutal – I also realize that any grousing falls on deaf ears as no one gives a rats clacker what I think – Nothing will change but I do thank this site for giving people achance to vent!

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    Wefewee: Rogers and the league want you to buy Centre Ice or Gamecentre. TSN and Sportsnet are prohibited by the by the league from making regional games national ones, because the league wants you to pay $200 a season or whatever, to Rogers to buy Centre Ice or Gamecentre.

    They’re trying to protect a revenue stream.

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    I hear they want to put a clock on the pitchers. They should include a clock on the career of any exec supporting it. They’ll only need a minute hand.

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    Poker Guy 12 months ago

    Andi Pestinko on Leafs Lunch & Greg Brady..
    See ya later

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    Daniel 12 months ago

    @Josh and then they wonder why people turn to illegal streaming of games

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    Poker Guy 12 months ago

    Andi Petrillo & Greg Brady…

    See ya

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    Terry Douglas 12 months ago

    Let me add one to Steve’s list. John Shannon !!! …………..and Sid Seixeiro.

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    Gary M 12 months ago

    During the off-season, someone taught Pat Tabler the phrase “that’s where he lives”. As in “You’ll see him throw a lot of high strikes. That’s where he lives.”

    This is an unfortunate development.

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    The endless repetition of the same shitty commercials on TSN 1150 CKOC! They repeat the same PSA’s and commercials over and over and over and over every single night, it almost makes the entire station unlistenable.

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    Muskokaboy 12 months ago

    I wish that Bell/Rogers (MLSE) would sit down in the summer and design a LEAF broadcast team. Regardless of which company the announcers work for, let’s get some consistency to the broadcast. I know it would be tough because the Rogers guys work for Rogers and the TSN guys also work calling a ton of games for NBC but, if we could get Cuthbert, Ferraro (tough as he lives in Vancouver) maybe McLennan (haven’t heard enough of his work with OTT/WPG). They somehow agreed on Radio with Bowan and Ralph. 

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    Steve in Waterloo 12 months ago

    Read this last week, decided, at the time, not to complain.
    A week later, after listening to Blue Jays broadcasts, I have to whine. Pat Tabler is increasingly driving me crazy. Almost everything he says is simply inane. Do some homework, add something to the broadcast. Geez! Oh, and while I’m at it, The Globe sports sections basically sucks.

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    Bob Cole still has the best voice in hockey, and HNIC is weak with Hughson as lead voice and an array of colour commentators who tend to be dull at best, annoying at worst. 

    That being said, it’s time for him to go. He can’t keep up. I understand the voices saying he should go out in his own terms, but the quid pro quo for that privilege is a graceful and timely exit. Every indication from Cole is that he basically wants to die with his boots on, which is admirable. However, that means he doesn’t ever see himself stepping aside. Nobody wants to see Bob Cole fired.  Sportsnet execs, who aren’t the easiest group to credit, have been respectful and indulgent. In my opinion, they have handled it well. 

    Perhaps now they can turn their attention to why Garry Galley has a job. 

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    Why do Leaf games have Craig Simpson as their analyst? When it was his draft year he told us “don’t draft me I won’t come!”

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    Jonah, my thanks to you and Mike for fixing my posting problems and restoring the notifications.

    Also, great to read on your Twitter feed that your son is doing well.

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    My biggest sports beef these days is over the top homer local broadcasts………..I am a Boston Bruins fan but I think Jack Edwards is an embarrassment…………it’s pretty sad that many local sports broadcasters feel the need to be a shill while calling a game

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    Michael Buffery 10 months ago

    So happy I have a mute button on my TV, so I do not have to listen to Pat Tabler go on and on and on about nothing. The broadcast would be so much better if they just let Buck do it alone.