Happy Bob Cole Day

by TSM

If you either visit this site, or follow me on Twitter you know the sun rises and sets with Bob Cole in my world as it relates to hockey play by play. It would be easy to say it’s the voice I was raised to love the game on therefore it’s just familiar. I think it’s more than just that. Two men have called the most magical moments in my hockey life and on TV it’s Bob Cole. (On radio it’s Joe Bowen).

By far one of the best Cole moments

My favorite game has to be this one:

..I still refer to Detroit as DEE Troy IT. Hearing the game winner still brings chills. This one brings only smiles:

Yes, if you grew up in the Bob Cole area, he soundtracked the game for you. It’s truly a tribute to Bob reading and watching all over the media today the tributes. Glen Healy said it well, “he is the Sinatra of hockey” But Mike Babcock said it best, “He is a gentleman”

Bob on hockey? “I love the game”

Bob, for all that you have given so many of us, THANK YOU. You have enriched our lives and brought countless memories to so many that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Thanks to social media they will live on in sports history forever. Ohhhhh Baby.. A Beauty…

Finally here’s a good tribute.

Happy Saturday,


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