Toronto Sports Media Summer Update

Is it true that as we get older summers seem to fly by faster or is it just the calendar is so full that we blink and it’s gone?

This is going to be rapid-fire with no real theme but rather a list of things that I’ve been thinking about and heard over the last couple of weeks. This is being written at 30k feet so pardon any unusual amount of typos (more than you are used to with me!)

First, on the serious side, it is really sad to have read the passing of NFL writer Don Banks. “Hello Banks”, as McCown used to great him weekly on PTS was always a solid guest. He was an exceptional writer and by all accounts a great guy too. He died way too young. Thoughts and well wishes to his friends and family.

Let’s stay with McCown. The rumor that won’t go away, Bob is working with others on a new radio station. I hear something once or twice as nuts as this and I dismiss it. I am hearing it from too many people to ignore it but not enough from the right people to give it much credibility.

Bob seems to be tweeting a lot more including inviting people to come to say hi to him in places. That is not the Bob we grew up loving.

I loved his tweet about websites that mistreated him. We, here, have been accused of many things over the years- without question, the number one claim, too Bob friendly…

My bet remains a podcast of some sort or XM radio.

Wherever he shows up (get it show?) which of your favorite fan advertisers will be first to join him? Sauuuuuul Korman???

Best idea I have heard with regards to radio, by the way, is a mid-day or late morning EST nationwide Canada all sports radio show. Think PTS at noon EST, 9 am PST. The timing isn’t all that important but I LOVE the idea. Anyone have the stones to try it?

The Rogers Cup in Toronto is the best live sporting event in the city. If you haven’t been before, go this year.

I see that MLSE is fixing up the ACC. Will one half of the majority of that group actually step and fix the dome too?

Thank you all for the input on how to fix the dome. Much more to come.

The TSM Pressbox is coming back this fall!

The problem with the Blue Jays front office in my opinion if optics. The 12-15k die-hards who show up and know the ins and outs are a given. The rest of the crowd need the warm cuddly management style that this group clearly is devoid of. Check out Arash’s interview with Atkins post-deadline deals. It’s like Atkins and Shapiro go out of their way to say the wrong things all the time. They have zero empathy for the fan base at all.

All they have to say is this is going to be painful, we know it’s going to be hard, but we are going to focus our energy on stockpiling young talent to ensure that we have the players and budget to spend when the team is close to contending. Then cut prices and increase promotions to try to appease people while the product is uncompetitive. It’s all in the messaging and these two guys don’t get.

Either the times they are a-changing OR things really are bad. I don’t recall a management team getting slaughtered by the media then the Jays FO has recently. That Rogers bias crap can finally get taken out back and shot. Blair and Brady have been all over Atkins and Shapiro to name but two front of the line Fan folk. Blair’s guests, especially JJ Cooper literally took a flame thrower to some of the deals. With the exception of Richard Peddie’s greatest hits (Me, I, Rob and JFJ) I don’t remember a front office this hated by a fan base and local media as Atkins and Shapiro- EVER. Even Ballard was loveable in his little bunker.

The Blue Jays are coming to Seattle. It’s usually a home game of sorts for the Jays. I wonder how many will make the trip with the game being played by two teams whose marketing tagline is waiting until 2025. I was offered free tickets to games and have politely declined.

Right now, for my money, your best reads on a regular basis in baseball in town, Stoten, and Longley with Davidi a close third.

You know this right, just because you don’t like something someone writes or says from time to time doesn’t make them an idiot.

While the Globe and Mail decimated its sports section, the Toronto Sun keeps pumping out content. The paper business may be in full decline but the sun’s dedication to sports is impressive.

It seemed to me that there was no offseason in the NBA. I mean literally no time to actually exhale and enjoy the fact the Raptors won the title. The league runs 12 months a year.

Ray Ferraro and James Cybulski are your new voices on EA Sports NHL franchise. Am I the only one who thinks that’s awesome. Could Cybulski move over to the TV side of play by play too? Excited to hear him on the game.

Despite his tweets to the contrary and the number of people tweeting on his behalf, I have no official comment on whether or not Mike in Boston will be here for another season. Until Rogers actually confirms that Don Cherry will be back for another season I will continue to give a lot of credibility to those in the know who keep suggesting Don will NOT be back full time.

Is Dave Cadeau about to take his radio lineup, put it in a bag and then pull the names out of the hat to rebuild it? Many in the sales sides of things in the GTA believe that to be the case and are happy to hear it.

McCown is gone, the Jays blow can we hear silent cheers coming from the TSN crew????

Richard Deitsch is a damn good interviewer. Not sure if it’s the new co-host but his game has gone up considerably since he’s moved in with Blair.

Ashley Docking, right person, wrong show.

Carlo Colaiacovo, best fill in on Overdrive. Gord Miller the worst.

This is not a knock on the CFL or any of you who love it. Toronto is no longer a CFL town. It’s just not. I know, I know, I know, those corporations who support the league demand a franchise in Toronto. It’s not going to work in Toronto. I grew up going to games, I watched them all on tv. I knew every player. The landscape has totally changed. I have no hate for the game, I have no hate for the league and I admire those who love it. Move the Argos NSEW out of the GTA and fill a stadium of 20-25k.

About all those offer sheets. Nevermind.

I love the Maple Leafs can’t let the Marner thing drag on commentary. Really? So they are better to sign a bad deal then let things drag on. I know you know this, but it does take two to make a deal and neither side is close to that. Horseshoes and hand grenades, only time close counts. The only sign that tells me the Leafs can’t let this drag on is they trade his rights. Otherwise, it’s a negotiation. All those who were all over Dubas on Nylander for not calling more often, keep this in mind you can call every day, twice a day and it’s not going to get you to force a signature. If you think Lou would have gotten him signed sooner you believe that either Lou would have met his demands OR he would have been prepared to trade him by now by threatening to do so.

If something breaks with Marner do all those vacationing talking heads re-appear?

Rogers has a new head of media, which includes the Jays and Sportsnet. This is great news for fans. Someone who understands the modern landscape, the importance of engagement and the younger demographic. The playbook in corporate America, 90 days to make assessments then 90 days to implement changes and assemble the new team. The clock starts after labor day.

Many scribes are no longer writing for their bark of choice anymore. I miss you already.

Is this the last year for Buck and Pat? I am told it may very well be. Who replaces them? Hmmmmmm….

Going to TRY to keep the content a little fresher as we get out of the summer days- shorter and more frequent posts. If you could have me host one person on the pressbox who would it be and why?


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