Devlin & Grange Get Their Due; Small Change At TSN Radio


So winning extended beyond the court to the pressbox as Matt Devlin & Michael Grange were Sports Media Canada’s 2019 Achievement Award recipients in broadcasting and sportswriting.

I can’t argue with either choice and have to believe that the duo would have won even if the Raptors didn’t do the same.

Hat tip to both guys and to the organization for getting it right.

I will say it again, as of right now the Raptors have the best media group of all the teams in Toronto.

but…..please buy rockem sockem 97 please, pretty please.

Do me a favor if you read this spot regularly, listen to the Fan 590-morning show this week on Monday and Tuesday and then to the TSN 1050 Wed and Thursday and then Friday send me a note with your thoughts on both. Try not to make it personal. I will reprint the best, honest reviews.

One of the more bizarre radio experiments has fizzled out. Yes, the Dart Guy show on TSN 1050 is no more. This is NOT a knock on the guy, but giving him a radio show seemed to be a very strange gimmick that left many in the industry ask the question- why.

TSN radio was gaining some momentum when the show was announced and while they had sponsors it was in a word weird. Some of you may (I said may) say something like but he….. Not really interested. Until he was on TV during that game no one cared.

So, what happened?

Well, this is directly from TSN Radio:

“Nothing more to say than we just decided it was time for a change. Shapiro didn’t want to do it anymore and that broke up the team.”

Shapiro is not Mark btw…

Follow up to the Rosie story…

Hat tip to Kaitlyn McGrath over at the Athletic:

“The stage was set for Guerrero to be the American League’s rookie of the year, and be the reason to watch Blue Jays baseball.

And then, well, it didn’t happen that way.”

No, this is not a dump on Vladdy piece but a recognition by a member of the media who is at least calling it like it was. Unrealistic expectations unrealized is how season 1 should be labeled. Man oh man were people drooling at the Guerrero show as it was announced that he was going to be elevated to the MLB. Hell, people wanted to exercise the Blue Jays brass for keeping in the minors as long as they did (no, this is not a debate on that).

Yes, he may very well live up to the hype, but we can all admit that this was not what the overhype machine had predicted.

“Was Vlad Guerrero Jr’s 2019 season a disappointment? The answer is, for me, almost for sure yes.”

That from Drew Fairservice here . Thanks to Andrew Stoeten for pointing out the newsletter in his Vladdy review here.

Now let’s see what others have to say as the season mercifully ends.

BTW, by all accounts, the blame at least in large part for the mess that was this season is in large part due to the hand tying of Shapiro by Blue Jays ownership who did not let him undertake the teardown how and when he wanted. Shapiro has miserably failed the PR battle but Rogers has some splaining to do themselves. PS they won’t.

Once and for all let me air this opinion because I get asked this all the time: TSN is not going to bail out Rogers by taking on more NHL Games UNLESS Rogers offers up to TSN meaningful playoff games. That my friends is very unlikely to happen and therefore the debate ends.

Finally, thanks to that former radio host who was once on the Fan 590 who finally got it right, this is “a shitty blog”.

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