Sportsnet Revamps Entire 590 Line-Up

Sportsnet Revamps Entire 590 Line-Up

by mike in boston / @mikeinboston / email


Hi everyone – Jonah and I are trying to collect as much information as possible but also want to give people a place to react to the big news of the day. This post will be updated by both of us as news comes in.


FAN590 Blows It Up


Jonah had the news late last night that changes were being announced today:



The Sportsnet press release came this morning, announcing a top to bottom revamp of the radio line-up. Next week FAN590 will consist of the following shows (names TBA):


  • 5:30-6am: Hugh Burrill
  • 6-9am: Scott MacArthur, Mike Zigomanis, Ashley Docking
  • 9-noon: Good Show
  • 12-2pm: Hockey Central hosted by Jeff Marek (M-F) or David Amber (Wednesday) + Anthony Stewart
  • 2-5pm: “PTS” hosted by Jeff Blair with either Deitsch or Brunt
  • 5-7pm: Tim and Sid


Of note, these changes reflect exactly what TSM readers asked for in our polls about the morning and afternoon drive slots.


This means that, for the second time in the last four years, Greg Brady is no longer with Sportsnet. Brady posted a long note to this followers explaining his side of this decision:



TSN1050’s Michael Landsberg provided a classy reply:



Dave Cadeau appeared on Sportsnet Today and thanked “great friend” Greg Brady for his service while unveiling the new lineup, and explaining that Tim & Sid will be a “multi-platform show”:



Tim and Sid chimed in to tell everyone that nothing was going to change about their TV show, confirming that the plan is to simply peel off the audio for broadcast on the FAN.



With this revamped line-up some of the battleground between TSN and SN is clearer while most of it is now murkier. The two lunchtime hockey shows will now go head to head but that is the only place where the two stations offer parallel programming.


Mornings will feature a show-down between two ex-athletes, with TSN’s offering airing until 10am rather than 9. Good Show is uncontested, as TSN opts for American syndicated radio 10-12. Things get really weird in the afternoon as TSN airs a generic local show called Game Day from 2-4. “PTS”/The Lede should defeat that handily before having to compete with Overdrive from 4-5. Then from 5-7 listeners have a choice between The Brazzers Bros and the audio from the Tim & Sid TV show.


Speaking of The O-Dog, he was kind of enough to take time out his schedule to reach out, five days later, to let us know what he thinks of the site:



Winners and Losers




  • Biggest winner is Overdrive. Firing Bob was an odd move. Dumping PTS entirely is the FAN waving the white flag.


  • Biggest loser is FAN590: if you want to transition away from Bob and PTS then you don’t fire him mid-week in June, run Jeff Blair out there all summer and then three weeks into ratings period decide to abandon 4-7pm in favour of a TV show on radio.


  • Winner: Andrew Walker. Moving to YVR for their drive home show looks smart in retrospect. Let the dust settle here and then plot a return if a good opening presents itself.


  • Loser: Richard Deitsch. You sign up to join the most powerful brand in Canadian sports radio and then within a year Bob is gone and you’re in a sub-par timeslot. Deitsch is far too talented for this and I hope he finds a better fit, either at SN or at TSN.


  • Push: Scott MacArthur is in a major timeslot on the heritage station rather than wasting away doing 1-4 on TSN1050. But, if his goal was to be broadcasting Jays games then this has not worked out as planned.


  • Loser: Dave Cadeau. None of his moves since getting promoted have worked out. Rehiring Brady and hiring Price were both his decisions. Having to let them both go two years later is not a good look.




  • Thanks, Mike for posting this as I was stuck at the airport and then on an airplane.


  • The Tim and Sid to PTS has been rumored for ages; all the drumbeats of McCown getting canned always came with the story that Tim and Sid were taking the slot. In fact, it was a surprise when they didn’t get named when McCown was let go before the summer. At numerous points, over the summer I was told that Tim and Sid would be broken up and only one was going to PTS.


  • The Fan morning show has been a lost soul for some time. While there have been peaks and valleys for sure, in its latest iteration it had no flow, no feel, and no vibe. There wasn’t anything against any of the personalities but it was a mixture of butter and chocolate that didn’t make cup; the end result was bad. So the fact that a change was made is not surprising.


  • The timing of this makes little sense. Once again, they have chosen to let bad news (and this is not good news) drip out piece by painful piece instead of at one time. Furthermore, we are now in the prized fall book. So instead of coming into the book with a new look, it’s dropped in the middle.


  • I have to think that the biggest winner here is TSN. It is very ironic that several Rogers employees and on-air personalities predicted and even cheered the death of TSN when the NHL deal was announced. Many of those folks are pounding the proverbial pavement looking for work. Beating the competition is natural. Openly cheering or predicting their demise in this business is foolish especially at the employee level where there are only so many jobs. I had that argument with many staffers and I was always told I was full of shit.


  • TSN lost out of the NHL ratings but seemed to have won the war.


  • The perfect storm of the Canadian NHL teams not advancing in the playoffs (if they even made it), the oversaturation of content on a bevy of different platforms, the demise of the Blue Jays windfall, cord-cutting and a devalued Canadian dollar at the same time as the NHL deal getting more and more expensive have decimated Rogers media.


  • I’ll add Greg Brady to the list of losers in this. He will not be hired at TSN and he has now completed a second tour at Rogers. So if he wants to stay in sports he needs to find a new market. Perhaps Rogers finds him a gig on another Rogers station in the news side of things.


  • I think Ennis and Bunkis are winners here. I have no idea why, but I believe that the mid-morning show is less of a graveyard than the mid-afternoon show. Blair did very well in that slot before so the possibility is there.


More to come.


  • comment-avatar

    So,I will be the one to say…Is this not just re-arranging the deck chairs on a sinking ship?
    The music stopped and they were one chair short,toot-a-loo Brady.
    How could this move increase ratings ?
    Is that not the goal?

  • comment-avatar

    There is nothing “Prime Time” about a 2-5 slot.

    I feel bad for Deitsch. He came up here to work with McCown in a major drive time slot in the Country’s largest market. After taking the job, Bob is fired and he is demoted to an afternoon show.

    I wonder how happy Blair and Brunt are with this? I’m not a Blair fan but it will interesting to see how he handles this. As for Brunt…more time off in Nfld?

    After all these moves, SN is only showing its propensity for self-destruction.

  • comment-avatar
    Mario 2 years ago

    What a difference a couple of years make at the Fan, major changes all over the map. TSN sat on it’s hands for years and basically did nothing and got alot of grief here especially. Two changes that made the biggest impact were at noon and at 4-7 not sure if it was just luck or the Fan just lost it way. I still believe the Fan can recover if these moves work out . Ratings are still in there favor but the hill just got larger.

  • comment-avatar

    First, the good news – Scott MacArthur is uber-talented, a great fit for the morning slot, and is well-deserving of the promotion. His star will continue to rise.

    Now the bad part. Will Tim & Sid be a TV show on radio or a radio show on TV? They can’t be both, it’ll be forced and unnatural on one of the two platforms. How do the suits not know this? And are they seriously going to let an iconic PTS brand die out without even a whimper? I’m shocked by it. This decision smacks of cost-cutting rather than a genuine attempt to serve up quality programming to listeners.

    In a time where a) the podcast market is saturated with TOO MANY good offerings to listen to and b) Overdrive is rapidly gaining in popularity, you’d think 590 would wake up and up their game. Instead, the station continues to be run into the ground. What a joke.

  • comment-avatar
    Steph 2 years ago

    This is I think great news for Fan listeners. It is time for the full rebuild. PTS will be missed, as I’ve listened to it for decades, but it had become dull. Very happy for Scotty Mac, he is a joy to listen to.

  • comment-avatar

    When the McCown departure was announced the OverDrive guys talked about it on 1050 at the end of their show that day……………..they said a lot of nice things about McCown and then Hayes said “we’ll take it from here”………..… the time I thought it was a bold thing to say on the air……..….but based on the dubious decisions made by 590 since then those words are becoming more and more prophetic

  • comment-avatar

    I still can’t believe The Fan took its biggest asset – it’s only star with his own brand, who kept people tuning in to 590 out of habit if anything – and tossed it away. I’ve said this on here a few times, but I’ve been listening to Bob on 590 since I was a kid in the 90s, and just kind of stuck with 590 because of that. After he was fired I don’t really feel a connection to it anymore. Surely I’m not the only one.
    As for the new line up – Seems kind of strange, but I like all the hosts. I like MacArthur. Good Show has improved a lot. I think Blair isn’t a strong enough broadcaster to helm PTS, but him with Deitsch/Brunt is good, smart sports radio. It seems like a pricey show to air from 2-5? I hope the timeslot demotion isn’t a prelude to it being axed, as I enjoy the intelligent sports talk with those guys. I guess many stations/markets have their drive home show go 2-6 so maybe there’s still a decent audience at that time? I think Tim and Sid could work if it sounds like a radio show. If it sounds like they’re airing the audio of something that is meant to be on TV, that will be a true disappointment, and surely a failure. As for a two hour hockey show – instant tune out for me. Please somebody counter program something that isn’t hockey jock talk in the noon slot.

  • comment-avatar

    @ Mike S…I have listened to Hayes a few times after others on this Board wrote highly of him; and I agree with their positive sentiments.

    Going back to the Fan, I also enjoy Tim Micallef’s work.

    My problems lie with their respective co–hosts. O’Dog for me is another Sid. They are both adult men who act like immature frat guys at times.

  • comment-avatar
    Bingo Bango Bongo 2 years ago

    It’s actually a sad day for both TSN and the Fan. Competition is a good thing, it makes everybody better. I think it’s good that there are big fans of either station or any particular show. I feel bad for Brady. If TSN didn’t go after him the last time he was let go, it’s highly unlikely they will do it now ( unless they really lowball him ).The Fan morning show just got worse. McArthur is pretty vanilla for me. I don’t ever remember an original opinion of his. And Zigomanis has been a tough listen on Hockey Central. He may loosen up but he has a long way to go. I really believe TSN may still beat Good Show because, well, it isn’t and like it or not Dan Patrick is very good. The heavy American content is a problem though.The hockey shows will be an interesting battle. Sportsnet tends to be pan-NHL while TSN is all Leafs. The only issue with the Fan from 2-5 is the cost. That’s a lot of money for a mid-afternoon show so I expect there will be some changes sooner rather than later. It will be interesting to see if Tim & Sid changes. As it is now, success on radio will be difficult. The big loser to me was mentioned by Mike. Cadeau has to hit a home run soon; so far, he’s only been bunting.

  • comment-avatar
    Bingo Bango Bongo 2 years ago

    It’s actually a sad day for both TSN and the Fan. Competition is a good thing, it makes everybody better. I think it’s good that there are big fans of either station or any particular show. I feel bad for Brady. If TSN didn’t go after him the last time he was let go, it’s highly unlikely they will do it now ( unless they really lowball him ).The Fan morning show just got worse. McArthur is pretty vanilla for me. I don’t ever remember an original opinion of his. And Zigomanis has been a tough listen on Hockey Central. He may loosen up but he has a long way to go. I really believe TSN may still beat Good Show because, well, it isn’t and ,like it or not, Dan Patrick is very good. The heavy American content is a problem though.The hockey shows will be an interesting battle. Sportsnet tends to be pan-NHL while TSN is all Leafs. The only issue with the Fan from 2-5 is the cost. That’s a lot of money for a mid-afternoon show so I expect there will be some changes sooner rather than later. It will be interesting to see if Tim & Sid changes. As it is now, success on radio will be difficult. The big loser to me was mentioned by Mike. Cadeau has to hit a home run soon; so far, he’s only been bunting.

  • comment-avatar

    Good Show is putrid. Said it before. Should rename it “J D Bunkis Show” who hijacks the show everytime. Cannot accept anyone else’s opinion. Why not put Blair back on 9-12?

    Will not listen 9-12 but during 10-12 will listen to WGRZ The Instigators for hockey. Pretty bad that I have to listen to Barfalo radio station because Fan timeslot now is so bad.

    @Bingo Bango Bongo

    Zigomanis is more then fine. The tough listen is when TSN has Mathew Cauz on. So you fire him when you had him 10-12 but have him fill in on other shows? Hmmm. He is horrible.

    Not a fan of Andi Petrilo but would rather listen to Leaf talk not what is going on in Nashville or Dallas. Said it before and I will say it again Andi stop with the Italian references. Nobody cares.

    I’m sure McArthur will be fine. Went from 1-4 timeslot on TSN to morning show on Fan. Higher profile more money. Why would you want to be post game host for Jays? Horrible team horrible hours. Sitting there midnight watching 14 inning game then taking calls? Though morning show hours can be tough. Still why do anything Jays related?

    I agree with others if Sid would stop being dumbass most times he would be fine but I guess it is his schtick.

    Now that Sportsnet has got rid of high price talent BRING BACK BOB. Not happening which is too bad. Nobody on either station holds candle to him.


    Not sure why Overdrive is gaining in popularity? Overly opinionated host, a clown who sits in the middle and a guy who knows nothing but hockey and barely participates on any interview not related to hockey. Very discombobulated. Not good mix. I do not get them. All over the map. Guess I will listen to Tom and Sam.

  • comment-avatar

    First off, glad to be rid of Brady. An air hog who dominates whomever he’s on air with, way too much football talk, too much “I was at that NFL game”.

    No idea who Mike Zigomanis is. They’re putting an ex-athlete in the prime morning show spot? Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    Two hours of hockey central? That’s two hours I won’t even have to think about tuning in now.

    Is it only two of the three hosts on the 2-5 show at any time? Brunt is fabulous–I can never get enough of him. I’d always liked Blair (in part of his connection to the Expos), but I’m starting to catch on to the talk of his negativity that I’ve seen mentioned. I’ve enjoyed Dietsch also–have to see how the combination of the three of them works out.

    Surprised they didn’t change the time of the drive time slot more. I think it was suggested here somewhere that Prime Time Sports (or now it would be Tim and Sid) would be curtailed to end at 6:30, allowing for a proper pre-game show for Blue Jays/Raptors/Leafs games.

    What happens after 7:00 p.m.? I’m not sure who actually has Raptors and Leafs broadcast rights, but there’s not a game every night. Are the open nights just going to be taken by the random fill-in guys at the station? And then there’s still the gravel-voiced American guy on after 11:00–they used to have original programming (Richards and Rumack) in the late slot.

  • comment-avatar
    Alex from Hamilton 2 years ago

    God what an odd set of decisions by Sportsnet. I don’t know why you’d promote Tim and Sid over Jeff Blair. Contractual obligations and trying to avoid head to head competition with your own product?? RIP PTS — I won’t be listening to the Fan on my drive home. Hopefully the podcast of their afternoon show with Brunt will be released daily before I get into my car so I don’t have to listen The the nitwits Tim and Sid.

  • comment-avatar
    Steve in Waterloo 2 years ago

    I think that I as the listener, slot in on the loser side.
    I really don’t even know who most of that line up is, and while it may be a great opportunity for the “up and comers”, it seems like the Toronto market deserves the cream of the crop. Oh well. I will listen to Brunt and Deuch at work in the PM’s, and I guess I will go back to watching/listening to the news around 6:00.

  • comment-avatar

    According to a MIB tweet, Sid has confirmed that their show “will remain an unchanged TV broadcast with radio simulcasting”.

    PTS and Overdrive are formatted as radio broadcasts with cameras providing a TV simulcast. The radio product is different with longer uninterrupted segments. Bob always said that when cameras were first proposed for PTS, he insisted that the radio format be maintained. He had done TV sports in the past and knew a change to the latter would alter the finished product.

    Although not a Sid fan (I like Tim), when watch their show occasionally I found the TV format not as enjoyable. It will be interesting to see how it plays over radio on the drive time slot.

  • comment-avatar

    should read …when watching…

  • comment-avatar
    Steve 2 years ago

    There’s nearly nothing as worse as a tv show being broadcast on radio. But I guess SN would rather just save the money from not paying for a proper radio show.

  • comment-avatar

    Good riddance to Greg Brady. He obviously knows his sports, but boy did his ego and holier-than-thou personality ooze through the radio.

    Is MacArthur a winner or loser in this all? Can’t tell. Is this what he envisioned when he came over from TSN? It seemed like he jumped at the gig with Rogers so he can cover the Blue Jays primarily again. Now he has to wake up at 3:30 am to do a radio show? It’s a drive spot, and he is good at it, but this didn’t seem like the path he was going to take at the Fan.

    Blair, Deitsch and Brunt from 2 to 5 is a waste of three very good talents, especially when the first two hours are generally “no-man’s land” hours. These guys are the only ones who could deliver a PTS 2.0 type show for the afternoon drive, and the Fan completely butchered it. Letting McCown go was a disastrous decision, yet it is surprising how quickly they are finding that out.

    Tim & Sid have always seemed to be Bobcat’s successors, so to me, this is of no surprise. It was eventually going to happen. And give me these two over the OverDrive clown show trio all day long. Are they just as goofy? Yes. But at least they can talk about a range of topics beyond the Maple Leafs and strip clubs.

  • comment-avatar

    Yikes. Guess the next salary savings will be Cadeau’s, because this is a disaster. Even though the show was going through the motions for awhile, I can see them throwing up a hail mary and bringing Bob back for the third time. Funny thing is, I like Jeff Blair, but he is better suited to his old slot and Baseball Central. Seems as though the only way Scotty Mac was getting a starting gig (deservedly) was by pushing a talent out the door, so Morning Show it is, because Brady made more dough.

  • comment-avatar

    Rogers really seem to have lost the plot. PTS is a train wreck with Blair – honestly, how a media company could listen to a man struggle to put a sentence together and think he could ever replace an icon (whatever you may have thought about latter-day Bob) is beyond me. So now they’ve run an institutional program into the ground. Good job. They simply could have given the job to Scott MacArthur (even on a temporary basis) and see how he does with two very good co-hosts. But no, they stick with Jeff Blair, who I’m sorry, is just shocking as a radio host, and ensure that PTS dies. What a sad state of affairs at sportsnet.

  • comment-avatar

    Way, way too early to call Overdrive a winner, IMO. For all the talk about how they were challenging McCown, their ratings were never above a low-3 for a full book in 25-54 and without a pulse in the younger demo. They are also on the secondary station that provides no support in schedule around them. Not optimistic on the Tim & Sid TV show audio but I think its likely just as many listeners abandon sports than make the switch.

    Honest question, how bad does Good Show have to get before it’s no more? It was getting a 1 share in the spring and is the only show to remain intact since then. This should be at the top of a list of Cadeau’s bad decisions.

  • comment-avatar

    TSN lost out of the NHL ratings but seemed to have won the war.

    Mainly because they respect the fan more than Sportsnet does.

    Good for Scotty Mac. I miss him on TSN afternoons. Hopefully he has some chemistry with his new broadcast partners.

    But really radio is small potatoes. When is SN fixing TV. It’s an absolute mess. Do they get any viewers to their pregame or post game shows. Is there any audience spillover to other TV properties?

  • comment-avatar
    Original Mitch 2 years ago

    Lol, Cadeau and Rogers really have no idea how to run a radio station or maybe don’t even care that much? The timing of these moves makes no sense as indicated in article. 2 hours for a hockey show? Do they not realize that having too much hockey has actually hurt their business? I get to listen to Tim and Sid explain all the visual gags they have going on because it’s still a tv show? Yeah that sounds great! Your highest paid guys have 2 hours of what is called the graveyard slot ? Yeah that makes a lot of sense. These changes show a remarkable lack of imagination or market knowledge. It’s baffling.

  • comment-avatar
    Cirroc 2 years ago

    @Paul G. The difference between O Dog and SIDS is that O comes by his opinions honestly while the other is a no talent ass clown who was probably never allowed inside a rink or on a field as a kid.

  • comment-avatar
    Steve E 2 years ago

    They let Daren Millard walk, they get rid of the two most interesting guys on the show in Nick Kypreos and Doug McLean and now they’ve got two hours to fill on Hockey Central (because sports radio needs more hockey talk). Good luck with that. The worst shows were the ones without Kypreos and McLean. “Good Show” [spits] with Smirk and Holler (I’ll let you guess which one is which) is, as Bobby says above, “Putrid.” Happy with the time slot move though because I can’t listen between 9 and noon. Listening to Blair has become a grind. He’s getting whiny and negative. I don’t mind Ashley Docking except when she starts going on about “old guys” forgetting how much of her audience is made up of same. If they’re going to put the tv guys on radio, why not give us Evanka Osmak? The show could be called Talking Smack with Osmak. She at least brings a broader view across multiple sports than the Hockey and Baseball guys that make up most of the lineup.

  • comment-avatar

    @Cirroc…At no time have I ever submitted a post that questioned or even commented on O’Dog’s background. His history in the game speaks for itself and I would never denigrate his achievements. Making the NHL is no small accomplishment.

    My problem is the juvenile antics and frat like behaviour displayed at times; that Sid also practices. It is these “qualities” that just don’t work for me.

    Having said that, I do not deny his appeal to a segment of the sports radio audience.
    Since I am not part of this listener group however, both stations are now of no interest to me during the 5-7 hours.

  • comment-avatar
    Poker Guy 2 years ago

    This is long overdue, but in my mind, they did not do enough.
    MacArthur posted his new gig earlier. His ascension to the morning show, comes at the cost of someone else losing their job. I am not a Brady fan, however it’s tough to see someone lose a job. I hope that as he continues to promote his new role, he remembers that it was at the cost of someone else, losing theirs.

  • comment-avatar

    The only thing missing from THEFAN’s new horrible line-up is Ken Reid.

  • comment-avatar

    @ Slim Whitman…Don’t give them any ideas!

  • comment-avatar

    So Hugh is being paid to work 30 minutes each day???

  • comment-avatar

    As I have mentioned before, but ‘Good Show’ is putrid. That JD Bunkis is just the worst. Steals every show. He has a guests on for 12 minutes and spends 9 of those 12 minutes talking himself and asking 90 seconds questions, trying to make himself look smart.
    The Fan 590 is just nickel and diming listeners now at the expense of good radio. If they weren’t then how did Good Show even stay on the air. 9 out of 10 people have no use for them. They are just cheap bum boys for Sportsnet and that’s why they still have their show, albeit it on a different time slot. Out of all the shows I have listened to over the years, this is down near the bottom. Obviously Andrew Krystal is down there and the Dean Blundell time too, but Bunkis and Ennis are just so irritating. Been a listener to 590/1430 for 30 years give or take and right now, I would rather listen to paint dry or the grass grow over what is happening here. Used to listen to the Fan for 3-6 hours every day. Since Bob has left its been no more then 30 minutes a day and that number is still in decline. I am really pissed and am taking this personal. Screw you Rogers and Screw you Dave Cadeau. Glad I am not a paying Rogers customer any more and haven’t been for about 1 year.

  • comment-avatar
    Matlewy 2 years ago

    I’m really not a fan of Overdrive – it’s just a bunch of hockey guys trying to talk about all sports, but then ultimately bringing it back to hockey. I prefer journalists or professional broadcasters, not retired players (and especially not puckheads). And Tim and Sid have turned into more of a morning zoo-type of show, complete with the same old yuks and tropes.

    For the life of me I don’t understand why Bruce Arthur isn’t a staple on some station. He was great on TSN, but I haven’t heard much from him lately.

  • comment-avatar

    I think Cadeau’s sales pitch to Deitsch 18 months ago went something like this……………”We would like you to move your family to another country. You will be a major part of the most successful sports radio show in Canadian history. You will get to work side by side with a legend of the industry. You will be on national television and you will be in a vital timeslot on radio. You will be working for a show that has several quality weekly guests that are paid for their appearances. And even though the show is three hours long you will only be asked to work the last two hours”……………yikes

  • comment-avatar

    […] Sportsnet’s Fan 590 in Toronto has shuffled its lineup. In place of Prime Time Sports will be Tim and Sid, taking the audio from their TV show. Greg Brady is the main casualty. […]

  • comment-avatar

    I mentioned a couple posts ago that I thought Brady and MacArthur would be a terrific synergistic duo bringing Brady back too life. My first instinct was that Cadeau offered Brady a pairing with MacArthur but Brady threw up his hands and said enough already. Maybe someone here can enlighten us. Brady climbs out of that moribund and stupefying combination of a plodding Burrill and fumbling Docking like escaping a burning car wreck. Perhaps the wounds run too deep to see himself getting back in the chair with a new and capable co-pilot.

    Brady had a solid show going with Walker until Scott Moore’s Blundell bollix crushed Brady’s spirit. Brady was banished to paid purgatory while Blundell’s aural gonorrhea expectorated over the air for 23 months. Then Price was brought in and quickly bailed without any explanation. ( can someone here now please leak what happened there?? ) This is all the kind of dunderheaded obtusity you would expect from the listner-less 1050 down the dial. ( though I am one of them, First-Up became my go to after Price left 590. There is just a faster pace from 6-10 on 1050 and more engagement. Landsberg will stay on one topic all morning if the news demands it as it did the other day with the unfortunate Matthews incident. He stays where the heat is. And I’ve always been loyal to Overdrive ). Best of luck to Brady. I always have respect for someone who basically says if I’m going to go down in flames I’m going to be in the Captain’s seat.

    Is Docking now going to be the new Burrill-esque show stopper with endless lowlights from the previous night’s game? ( hey, listen to this, here’s a clip of Guerrero’s home run last night, crack, yippee ). And the fresh new ex-player to inspire Rogers sports media students, Mike Zigomanis, should ask Landsberg to send some free 5 Hour energy down the dial to perk up his soporific delivery. I had to switch my Podcasts to the Breaker app so I could get 3x speed. At 3x, Zig is still slower than MacArthur. Scott will have to engage with Zig in some pre-season one on one coaching before they start the show because right now ol’ Zigster sounds like a disengaged caller that a host is trying to politely hang up on.

    Can’t wait for the Podcast of Hugh Burill’s 5:30-6 AM show ( here’s ten highlights you don’t gaf about, and now, here’s traffic ). Noon-ish slots on both stations are a steaming mess. Hockey/baseball central starting at 11 or 12, who knows. That offensive American excrement from 9-12 on 1050 or is it 9-11 or 10-11 or is Leafs Brunch on at ten – who cares.

    And now 5-7 it’ll be bro-fest vs bro-fest. Probably a lot of crossover in the fans of Overdrive and Tim and Sid. First book will be interesting. Tim and Sid will fail, then Brady and Walker will host PTS after Cadeau is given his walking papers. I’d say Brady and Walker right now on 650 but Brady isn’t moving his family across the country to a smaller market. Montreal maybe.

    2-5 pm is ‘Prime Time Sports’ ?? Give me a break. Most disappointed is Dietsch who is most likely actively looking for his next move. His contract may be renewed but not at the salary they used to bait him to move his family to another country. Blair probably not disappointed as much as he likely saw this coming though probably didn’t expect to lose the 9-12 shift. Driving to Hamilton at 5 PM will be a big change to whatever his family routine has been for some time. Triumphant year for MacArthur who is now on an A station in an A time slot. He isn’t making the big money now but if he gets some decent books, will garner a substantial raise.

    Will be interesting to see how all of the above stumbles into 2020. Cadeau needs to change his credo from ‘If you can’t convince them, confuse them.’

  • comment-avatar

    Don’t mind MacArthur in the a.m. (Docking though is not a broadcaster) but considering the rest of the lineup, I guess this now ends my decades long listenership to the fan590.

    Years from now we will regale our friends and family with tales of Prime Time Sports and sports radio long gone.

    Thanks for nothing Cadeau.

  • comment-avatar

    Oh, and one more thing….someone tell Cadeau that 2pm isn’t prime time for anything; it’s radio purgatory.

  • comment-avatar
    Raimee 2 years ago

    Not the same without The Bobcat. Nobody is even close. Rarely listen anymore. Not impressed. Idiot producer!

  • comment-avatar

    Lol-PTS switching to Tim and Sid is like turning the channel from the Super Bowl to a CFL exhibition game!
    I cringed when I saw that Blair was hosting PTS after McCown was canned.He is horrible and tries too hard to imitate Bob’s cranky radio host schtick.I like Brunt and RD.
    The best radio shows are the ones where you feel like you are eavesdropping on a great conversation.One of the best was Shulman,Stellick,Barb and Damien Cox in the 90’s on the Fan.OverDrive has some of that going for them.
    I miss Bob but I don’t miss the same damn 40 oldies rock songs played over and over again coming back from a commercial and then hearing him tell the listeners how he saw the Beatles in concert for the hundredth time.
    How long before Cherry gets canned and they replace Coach’s Corner with Brian Burke?

  • comment-avatar
    Mike C 2 years ago

    Deitsch and Brunt are wasted in the 2-5 slot. Two of the more insightful and eloquent sports broadcasters around. Unlike the frat boys which, to be fair, can be found on both stations.

    Hopefully the PTS podcast will drop before I head home on the commute. I rarely leave the office before 5pm, and I can’t stand Tim and Sid.

  • comment-avatar

    I don’t know what the FAN is thinking. It’s mind-boggling. Look at the comments on this post – 99% are negative.

    This is what happens when you make programming decisions based on dollars rather than the listeners. In fact, these moves (especially the jettisoning of Mccown) indicate contempt for the listeners. It’s a mockery, and it’s pathetic. I pretty much stopped listening to 590 after Mccown left and now I have no reason left to listen at all. What a god-awful company Rogers is.

  • comment-avatar
    Myfro 2 years ago

    Maybe after the baseball season 590 will deal with Wilner and the other losers calling the Jays

  • comment-avatar
    chiming in from the '6' 2 years ago

    Never liked the Did portion of TIM AND SID. Now back to their radio roots which will be simulcast ad extension of their TV show which I’ve barely watched, will prove disastrous.

    Bunks and Ennis disaster ratings in early P.M. will prove to be just ad disastrous mid mornings.

    Agree with others who have said Deutsch is left in the lurch no longer on PTS or with Bobcat, which is why he moved his family to T.O.Lot of money to pay Blairm Brunt and R.D.for unimportant mid aft.shift.

    Very happy for ScottyMac getting prime early morning shift while Ash and Ziggy will prove to very solid broadcasters.

  • comment-avatar

    I was never a great fan of Greg Brady. I always felt like I was listening to some college radio show, and his habit of asking extremely long-winded questions of guests was super annoying and took away air time from the actual guests. I didn’t think things could be worse, but this week here we are. Honestly, The FAN morning show has been rudderless for a decade now. I think back wistfully to the heady days of McCown, or even Derringer and Marsden!

  • comment-avatar

    Cadeau is not the gift that keeps on giving. This version of the Fan is doomed. It feels like an experiment that will have the plug pulled within 12 months. The fact that no big name was hired for the morning show and repurposing another show speaks to Cadeau’s limited budget (not his fault but he hasn’t developed talent in quiet slots like Saturday or evenings).

    MacArthur would not have left TSN unless more money was offered. So he’s not cheap but you can bet he’s making a lot less than Landsberg. Hopefully, this is Cadeau’s last shot at revamping the FAN.

    TSN could end this radio battle overnight if they were to put the station on FM, like sports stations in the US. 1050 is the worst signal I listen to. It’s not close.

    I think they could have passed the Tim and Sid TV show off to other folks (like they do for most of the summer) and it would have drawn roughly the same audience. This half-assed approach makes no one happy. Make Tim and Sid a radio show. Make Brunt a regular. Say goodbye to RD or put him exclusively on the TV side of the show or have him write.

    I agree that Docking is not ready for this slot. It’s cool that the FAN is putting women into roles on sports radio but AD adds little to broadcasts I’ve listened to. In fact, she’s often a channel changer. That said, many men are too. Steve Kouleas on sat radio is GRATING. Landsberg also GRATING.

    Overdrive and Hockey Central and sometimes Leafs Lunch. The biggest sports radio market in Canada and those three show are all that’s worth listening to. Shame on both FAN and 1050 program directors.

  • comment-avatar
    Daniel 2 years ago

    Why is no one talking about two grown men with respectable broadcasting professions calling themselves Noodles and the O-Dog? That alone is enough to keep me from listening. How can I take these guys seriously?

  • comment-avatar
    Shaco 2 years ago

    I, 27M, used to listen to PTS with Bob and always enjoyed it except when John Shannon or Richard Deitsch were guests. Those two seem to despise the common fan, and can not resist taking cheap, often politically charged comments at us as if we are too stupid to understand that they are insulting us. When Deitsch is pared with Blair it becomes a performance in unlikable, closed-minded and alienating toxicity. Blair minus Deitsch is fine. I found Bob’s negativity endearing because he would speak truth to power, and he sees tanking for what it is: a lazy cop out for uncreative and incompetent front offices at the expense of the fan and integrity of the game. Just my 2c.

  • comment-avatar

    wow you know the commentors on this site are olds when someone is sad the Fan moved on from Elliot Price. The culling hasn’t gone far enough imo.

  • comment-avatar
    Bingo Bango Bongo 2 years ago

    @Justin. I had to laugh when you said 99% of the comments about the Fan changes were negative. Everything on this site contains 99% negative comments!

  • comment-avatar

    With all the discussion about the changes to 590’s lineup, I am reminded tonight about yet another loss… the Roundtable!

    Some were great, some were good and to be fair some sucked. It was however (at least for me) a Friday “must-listen”. Holiday Mondays were a bonus; when usually another one was on tap.

    Such two hour sports forums were an exception to the usual radio schedule; and are now removed from the Country’s largest broadcast market.

  • comment-avatar
    John G 2 years ago

    -how ’bout some blame to Bob himself for mailing it in too many times and causing ratings to fall? All who lament his departure and yearn for his return: did you switch to 1050 while he was with 590? Some must have because 1050 ratings rose while 590 lowered. Why did you switch? I turned to fm radio when Shannon was co-hosting, or Bob Ryan was a guest or when it sounded like Bob was annoyed to be there
    -don’t understand the hate for JD Bunkis. He backs up his opinions with solid arguments and is entertaining. Ben seems to be a tag-along on the show though and rarely states an opinion. His faux outrage needs to go but I still download the show every weekday
    -also don’t understand why George Rusic does not have more airtime. He is a talented host who knows sports, never blabbers just to kill air time and is entertaining. I think he has a solid future if given the chance. I listened to every minute of his morning show today and enjoyed it
    -I don’t understand the love for Scott MacArthur. He has a great voice for radio but doesn’t seem to offer much of an opinion on anything
    -Ashley was awesome when she was co-hosting shows before she was hired full time. I turned off tv to listen to her. Since then, it appears she’s trying to create a shtick instead of being herself and talk sports
    -Donovan Bennett also has solid opinions but sometimes takes too long to spew them out but I wish he had a bigger role

  • comment-avatar

    I guess the 5-7 Friday PTS Roundtable will be a thing of the past. Makes no sense to have it from 3-5. RIP.

  • comment-avatar
    Louis 2 years ago

    Some random thoughts:
    –Come back Nelson Millman!!!!
    –Critics have been on 590 for a long time regarding lack of diversity. Well, it’s more diverse…and lower quality.
    –Poor George Rusic, still no room for him.
    –Say what you will about Brady, he knew how to carry a show and add life to it. I liked MacArthur at TSN, but since coming to 590 he’s had longer runs of air time which is not good. He becomes monotone and takes too much time to formulate his thoughts. At times he reminds me of William Shatner.
    –Stewart + Zigomanis = amateur hour(but probably cheap)

  • comment-avatar

    I had stopped listened to PTS in the spring and all together a few weeks ago when I dropped baseball central. Good timing I suppose.

    Good for Marek.

    I have never liked Brady. He even ruins the BBC shows he does.

    I wish Bob had retains the tapes of his shows, like Stern did when he left KRock. A Historical best Of PTS podcast could be fascinating.

  • comment-avatar
    stephen marks 2 years ago

    Well, well, well, it finally happened. The shit hit the Fan590. What a slap in the face to Howard Berger when they hired him back for a day just to transport all the dead bodies in his hearse. Nice to see Scotty Mac as the new face of the morning show. I admire him for his gay pride but I was a little confused by his answer when asked about all the changes, “No comment guys”, he said, “I just want to go straight to work!” Huh? But I thought you…., oh well doesn’t matter.

    The guys at TSM did a great job outlining the winners and losers of all this a lot better than I ever could, but they left out the real loser in all this, Mark Hebscher. Poor Hebsie, passed over more than a pothole on the 401. Mark, you’ve been on the sidelines longer than Tom Brady’s back-up. People in your field keep getting fired and you keep getting not hired. You’re less marketable than a bikini store in Saudi Arabia. Dude you get rejected more than a salad at Mike Wilner’s house. Mark claims Scotty Mac got his new gig because he is gay. What? Hebsie that comment just reeks of someone in an untenable situation desperately trying to get everybody’s attention with lies, innuendo, misstated facts and unsubstantiated information, just like Jim Tatti’s resume. Anybody remember “The Hebsie Awards”? Neither do I! Anyway good luck with that podcast, but dude if you succeed I’ll be more shocked than if I found out Ashley Docking was one of Bob MacKenzie’s inside sources.

  • comment-avatar
    Gary M 2 years ago

    I think most commenters here are analyzing the moves in the context of normal radio programming. I disagree with that framing.

    Today, radio is like what the Yellow Pages was about 15 years ago: still sort of a thing, but clearly and imminently on the way out.

    So what Rogers is really doing is winding these businesses down. In that context, shedding high priced talent and simulcasting others makes sense.

  • comment-avatar
    Gary M 2 years ago

    I don’t think Tim and Sid will have a lot of trouble making their show sufficiently verbal to work on radio. But they could have a lot of trouble keeping it sufficiently local. It’s not unusual for T&S in their mandate as a national TV show to open with 14 minutes about some Calgary Flames controversy that nobody here cares about.

    I bet that’s the dilemma they’re most uneasy about. The many days they have to lead with a Connor Mcdavid while the local competition goes deep on Zach Hyman.

  • comment-avatar

    This lineup feels like a “I guess this could work” situation. It’s all shuffle no hustle. Here is my proposed lineup:

    6-9: Scotty Mac, Ben Ennis and Ruscic. Three strong opinions, with Ruscic as the referee.

    9-12: Bunkis and Docking. Bunkis can lead a show and Docking is better suited to that mid morning feel. They are both younger hosts who might contrast well with 1050’s Dan Patrick and the ex-ESPN Allstars.

    12-1: HC@Noon. Marek, Chris Jonson and Zigomanis/Stewart rotating. Have Jeff and Chris do the show with Friedman calling in for long segments and Breaking News. 31 Thoughts the podcast is great so why not have samples throughout the week to drive people to the real next revenue stream, the pods. The 2 ex players can then provide colour to help round out the stories

    1-4: The FD. Faizal Khamiza (apologies if I misspelled) and Donovan Bennett. These guys are up and comers, they are both solid contributors and this is a great training ground. Use this slot to highlight other SN talent, and every now and then bring in Tim and Sid to have some fun.

    4-7: The Lede. Jeff Blair, Brunt and Deitsch. PTS is dead. That was McCowan’s show and pale imitations are a futile exercise. Why not do something different? Lean into the things these guys do best: Blair can have a rant/comment off the top. Brunt and Blair can get into the interviews of newsmakers and executives, while Deitsch can talk more about the business of sports. Take a whole hour and come at a story from 2,3,4 different angles and allow for a contrast to the frat house fun over on Overdrive. Have your big guests like Shulman, Friedman and Grange be exclusive to this show. You can tease their appearance all day on the other shows. And yes, have roundtables every Friday to give long time listeners some (pardon the pun) fan service. This seems like a better long term strategy.

  • comment-avatar

    Putting Tim and Sid on during PM drives feels like a major middle finger to the listeners who were loyal to 590 for decades through PTS. Putting aside my actual opinion of Tim and Sid, I am a radio audience. I do not want to listen to the audio of a television show that is being broadcast for a television audience. I feel like I am being fed someone else’s leftovers, or invited to watch a concert through a window of the actual venue. Needless to say, my dial won’t be touching 590 from 5-7.

    Sports broadcasting is also a very hard industry, and it’s disappointing that Cadeau would choose to not give the opportunity of hosting the PM drive to a host that had earned it, whoever you think that may be. Instead he’s just expanding the profile of two guys who have already made it and have a their own big show.

    Also, wouldn’t having the PTS slot on 590 be a more prestigious role than doing that TV show? I don’t know what Tim and Sid’s TV ratings are, but I’ve literally never heard of anyone actually sitting down that show, and as far as live broadcasting goes, I’ve only ever seen it playing muted in bars.

    I get cuts and needing to reduce original programming, but why do it during the two hours when most people are in their cars? Why not simulcast something from the US around midday, or have three four-hour shows (6-10, 10-2, 2-6) like stations in other cities have done?

    I’m not a huge Blair fan tbh, but he and Brunt/Deitsch make good radio, and it seems like a waste having them in that 2-5 slot when the only people listening will be people at their desks. I don’t really have an opinion on the rest of the lineup. I don’t listen in the morning, but the hosts seem like good people so I wish them well. Good Show is not my cup of tea but it’s fine.

  • comment-avatar

    @Daniel: ‘Fadoo Bobcat’

  • comment-avatar
    TCORB 2 years ago

    I was a longtime listener of the Fan590, as I am a huge fan of sports. I can’t say I was ever a “fan” of Bob McCowan and his ego, but he did a decent job with Prime Time. The morning show had its up and downs but started its descent after Landry left/fired. The fan began a steep decline for me about two years ago, and I am sorry it has become unlistenable present-day…all shows. The morning show is a mess, time to scrap the hosts and begin again. Hockey Central was decent listening, but again, it too became more about the personalities than the actual sport. For now, I have moved to TSN (issues but at least listenable) and various podcasts to get the insight into the sports I follow. Rogers, it might be time to invest/reset or scrap the programming altogether. I am afraid it went from circling the drain to finding the sewer.

  • comment-avatar
    Mike in Hamilton 2 years ago

    Sadly, 590 or SN or whatever they’re called can move the deck chairs around as much as they want, but I moved on to other stations, shows and podcasts years ago, and none of these new shows or hosts or lineups entices me in the slightest to try them again.

  • comment-avatar

    The SN memo states that the new lineup would be launched on September 30th; however today it was business as usual with PTS occupying the 4-7 slot. At the end of the broadcast there was no mention of any changes tomorrow.

    Does anyone know why the changeover didn’t occur and when it is now supposed to happen?

  • comment-avatar

    @Paul G……………..when the changes were announced last week they said Tim & Sid on radio doesn’t start until October 14………………I’m not sure why

  • comment-avatar

    Thanks Mike S.

    Only Sportsnet could blow up its broadcast schedule and not even correctly handle the announcement and implementation. Community Cable 10 stations are better run!

  • comment-avatar

    Mea Culpa, this one’s on me.

    I opened the link to the memo again and it does in fact mention that the PTS and T&S changes don’t occur until the 14th of next month. I still think its a mess, but to be fair I misread the memo.

  • comment-avatar

    A few days after the announcement has been made, and listening to Blair and Deitsch the last few days during the drive home, and continue to think that the Fan completely botched moving their most knowledgable trio to wasteland hours. Maybe I’m just an old soul, but I actually want some intriguing, informative, hard hitting discussion in prime hours than three guys fumbling over a conversation than any one of us can have.

    Also, I don’t see why it’s a slam dunk that OverDrive is going to bury Tim & Sid in the ratings. Tim & Sid can by just as goofy, but with an infinitely greater spectrum of sports knowledge.

  • comment-avatar

    Generally I like Deitsch. But sometimes he goes over the top in complimenting people. Like he used to get Bob a bit worked up by complimenting the producers. Well yesterday he was practically full eating Amy Trask it was ridiculous. Please Richard just ask your questions.

  • comment-avatar
    Kazoo 2 years ago

    This appears to be a station in crisis. Elliot Price in and out just like that. The best sports broadcaster in the country (Bob McCowan) pushed out the door. A man with Stephen Brunt’s talent banished to the 2 PM slot. Richard Deitsch banished to same slot not long after being brought in from the USA to work in top slot with Bobcat. Hugh Burrill brought in and not long after banished to 30 minutes before most roll out of bed.

    If it was $ saving they are after then why go to three people in AM drive? I am confused by alot of the moves in past year and have cut back on my listening–and will likely cut back even more going forward. Too bad, it used to be great entertainment at one point in time.

  • comment-avatar

    I’m confused by the idea that Overdive/TSN are big winners here. Certainly in straight radio-v-radio comparison this is an admission of defeat by Rogers/FAN. Although I like Tim&Sid it will be difficult to appeal to TV and radio audiences simultaneously and giving up on the PTS brand by relegating it from the drive-home slot reeks of desperation. But big picture… Overdrive will undoubtedly spend much of their Oct. 2 show previewing Leafs-Sens with TSN’s hockey analysts only for viewers to tune in to Sportsnet for the game itself while TSN TV channels show Rugby replays and Sunday’s TFC game. Rogers massively overpaid for NHL rights but it seems to hurt both Sportsnet (huge layoffs) and TSN (employing a lot of hockey analysts for a few games). And no one with a brain would tune in to Overdrive for analysis of the NL Wild Card game. Outside of puck talk and banter they are uninformed and unbearable.

  • comment-avatar

    I listened to the new Hockey Central on Monday and Tuesday and while I wish Anthony Stewart well – holy smokes, the show doesn’t have a quarter of the energy that it did with Maclean, Kypreos, and even Shannon. It was a tough two-hour slog and I like Jeff Marek.

    Too bad they couldn’t devote a single minute at the beginning or end to say thanks to Maclean and Kypreos for all their years of service to Hockey Central in the same way that Jeff Blair and even Brian Burke paid tribute to Bob McCown on PTS.

  • comment-avatar
    Derek 2 years ago

    Lunch: Hockeycentral is 1 hour longer with far less content. Nick Kypreos (not my favorite) with Doug Maclean worked so well; chemistry was amazing and entertaining. Now, both HC and Leafs Lunch are about the same except TSN has better hockey guests, and better substitute hosts. I have no idea what HC will do since their main hosts are poor.
    PTS: Change in timeslot should have ended the show. Bob McCown was very good but became a bit tiring so transitioning was understandable. However, they should have had him help groom a successor. PTS is an institution. What I miss most about Bob is not what he said but the people he knew; he seemed to be a buddy buddy to so many “insider” guests. Jeff Blair is not suitable for entertaining radio; he is much better on Baseball Central. I am not fond of Deitsch; he may be good host, but his lack of knowledge about Toronto or the Canadian market leaves him mainly guessing in his opinions. Brunt is solid but he needs someone else. PTS now will be dry with less good interviews.
    Overdrive: Brian Hayes has improved but is stuck jocks with no knowledge about any sports. Even as former hockey players, their opinions are just not valuable. The show has diversified away from hockey and introduced more guests from other sports, which is great, except in that situation, only Brian can speak.
    Tim & Sid: I can’t get into this show. It is more host focused than interview focus by two people who know very little about sports.
    Overall: Changes at SN mean that for the noon and drive-in slots, SN is certainly no better than TSN. If the audience is focused on hockey, TSN is much better because of their hockey experts who sometimes sub-in as hosts. SN hockey experts not as good as TSN before, now they basically have nobody except Friedman. To focus on baseball, SN has most of the experts. For other sports, there is little difference

  • comment-avatar

    I dare the producer of Prime Time Sports to play Cher’s “If I could turn back time,” on day 1 of the new 2-5 pm show.

  • comment-avatar

    If only!

  • comment-avatar

    I think the best lineup either station has had by FAR was when The Fan rolled out: Brady/Walker, Blair, Tim/Sid, McCown for a couple years there (other than the fact that it could have been a lot more diverse). That was pretty high quality stuff all day with a decent mix of smart sports journalism and funny goofiness. Then they screwed it up by hiring Blundell and putting Tim & Sid on tv (at a time I highly doubt many are watching sports TV?). One other thought – I heard Blair and Deitsch on PTS the other day – Deitsch was joking about how Blair made an incredibly deflating, downer comment just before they came back to air. Blair laughed and said something ‘going to 2-5 can’t come soon enough’. No idea what the joke was about, but I wonder if those guys view being moved to the 2-5 slot as waisting away their time till their contract is up? I hope not – I don’t think Blair should helm a drive home show, but I do think he’s smart and have really enjoyed him 9 – 12. It would be a shame if this was a Greg Brady/Mike Richards situation where getting moved to afternoons felt like a mailed in last stop to run out a contract.

  • comment-avatar

    SN has the national hockey rights and has recently let a ton of well-known personalities go. Conversely TSN does not have the national hockey rights and has re-upped Bob Mackenzie for 5 more years. Both networks have to have a hard conversation internally on just how valuable the national NHL rights are. Because while hockey is number 1, there HAS to be a maximum dollar figure. The network that has had those rights the past several years has seen several rounds of layoffs and anyone associated with signing that deal has departed, so you can’t tell me there is no upper bound to this. You have to have a cold hard discussion free of romanticism.

    When the Blue Jays were hot, their playoff ratings beat anything hockey related those years. Their success on-and-off the field 2015 through 2017 was great enough to offset much of the damage done by the NHL deal and lack of Canadian teams in the playoffs. At the end of 2019 I’m willing to bet that the Raptors playoff ratings, as well as ratings for Bianca Andrescu’s US Open final will be greater than anything NHL-related. You might say, ‘Ok, but the Blue Jays making the playoffs, the Raptors winning the NBA title, a Canadian winning a major…those are once-in-a-generation things”. Yes, and remind me again when the last Canadian Stanley Cup winner was? Are you really paying billions to bet that an over two decade drought gets broken soon? TSN now is what I wish they were even when they had the national rights…they have hockey personalities I like to watch and listen to, but they have spread themselves out more so it isn’t just “all hockey, all the time!”

  • comment-avatar

    Round tables will continue in the new 2-5 slot. 1 hour each, Monday and Friday, per PTS on Friday.

  • comment-avatar

    @ Sam…Time will tell. I heard the announcement too; but am dubious as to the quality of the future product. I haven’t found the recent Roundtables to be all that great and now we are looking at 2 one hour versions.

    Simply keeping the name “Prime Time Sports” accomplishes nothing. The current product is a shadow of its former self and now it is being moved to a timeslot that is anything but “prime time”.

  • comment-avatar
    Gary M 2 years ago

    Donny, agree entirely except to throw in that a Leafs run to the finals generating insane profits in 2020 is a very realistic possibility. Doesn’t negate anything you’re saying but obviously would dramatically change the tone of this conversation next summer.

  • comment-avatar

    According to Blair, P.T.S. will be renamed (not revealed) when it moves to the 2-5 slot.

    P.T.S.: R.I.P.

  • comment-avatar

    Call it “The Mush Hour before Rush Hour” show.

  • comment-avatar
    Mike Brown 1 year ago

    Another ‘swing and a Miss’by the Fan590 decision makers.
    Excluding Tim and Sid, your best barely equals some of the worst from TSN. It’s becoming really hard to stay loyal. I find myself turning the dial more and more these days.
    Can someone please go and find Kipper? He’ll sort this crap out!!