Happy Thanksgiving Turkey

by TSM

Greetings and salutations from The Land! Brought the boy here to see the Seahawks take on the Brownies. Impressed again by the city and especially the people. People literally could not be any nicer.

Sorry, I don’t buy it. I am not saying they aren’t going to re-sign him but why now and why is this story our there now, there is NO way Rogers would leak this if they wanted him signed they would have done it. Would Shapiro leak it? Hmmmmmm

Congrats to twitter blocker Steve Simmons for his induction into the CFL hall of fame on the media side. Few in Toronto are as loyal to the CFL as Steve is.

Speaking of the CFL, the Argo’s made some big news this week when they brought back Pinball to run the team. You didn’t hear about it? You must only listen and watch Rogers sports properties. Despite Rogers owning the team with Bell, they practically ignored the Argo news.

What should be done with the Argos? The CFL draws well on TV in Canada, in many cases, it outdraws the Raptors on TV (regular season). Not only is attendance non -existant in Toronto there is literally no interest in the team at all. I’ve lobbied for years to move the team to London or Barrie but I know the league sponsors demand a team in Toronto. I don’t think winning changes anything, by the way, kids aren’t interested, parents don’t care. It’s apathy 101.

I tweeted this week about rumblings of changes in Blue Jays management. I heard from more MSMers about how unfairly the Jays make their personnel available to non-Rogers outlets than on any other topic I have tweeted about other than the McCown ending. I had no idea rogers vs non rogers was an issue with the Jays. Shame on me.

The Maple Leafs are off to an unimpressive start. The fans are restless despite the fact the season is merely 5 games old. I can’t imagine things don’t turn around and no, there is no reason to panic yet or at all. If however, average performance continues, look out. It won’t be pretty anywhere.

Dan Robson is on a roll, here, yet another amazing read.

I had a chance to chat with Barry Davis on his podcast this week. It’s worth a listen to IMHO- no, not just this week! but in general..

As you know we almost lost our son to the Flu this year. Please do yourself a favor and get the flu shot for yourself and your loved ones this year. The flu is a serious illness and while not 100% effective getting the shot dramatically cuts down on your chances of getting it or reduces the severity. Don’t forget the time to do it is now. The image of my kid in the ICU on breathing and feeding tubes is something I won’t forget for a long time so, this Thanksgiving please be healthy and get the flu shot.

I’ve listened now to the new Fan radio show. It’s vastly improved. There is a natural flow to the show and there doesn’t appear to be one dominant voice. I think both stations are OK in the mornings. The battle is in the afternoon and it’s going to be fascinating to see where things head from a rating perspective. Remember, PTS was the dominant ratings getting for years, yes years! Should that change…

These are the numbers to remember:



Fall 2018 – 5.3
Winter – 4.7
Spring – 5.3

Spring 2017 8.6


Fall 2018 – 5.8
Winter – 4.8
Spring – 5.0

spring 2017 was 8.5

Don Cherry is back on HNIC. Just one question, why?

Tim Thompson is not. Just one question, why not?

Interesting that MLSE airs his work in the arena, but…

The Maple Leafs Forever… from Films by Tim Thompson on Vimeo.

Happy Thanksgiving from my house to yours.


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