Julie Stewart-Binks Joins Jonah Sigel in Bleav In The Pressrow Talking Drinks With Binks, Her Days in London, Regina & LA from Maple Leafs to MLS & MOREDrinks with Binks Host Julie Stewart-Binks takes a break from packing her home to talk about her career, Don Cherry, the importance of paying your dues and how she ended up in a sauna with Dan Patrick and Chris Chelios.


Julie Stewart-Binks is an inspiration to many in the media world, not just sports. From growing up in Toronto and heading to London where she met Wikki-Leaks founder Julian Assange, she worked with Peter Mansbridge and a gig with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Julie took the leap and headed to Winnipeg and then Regina Saskatchewan where she paid her broadcast dues which led her to an exceptional career at Fox Sports, ESPN, Barstool and Fubo Sports Network. Julie has covered NHL games, MLS championships, Olympic games and NCAA Football as well.

She is well versed in all things sports and has a unique style with a keen ability to get the best out of her guests.

Described as “a party favor”, Drinks With Binks is a great show you should be watching. Her interviews have a unique style that puts her guests at ease that bring out the best content in an interview style.

On this episode Jonah and Julie talk about her experience, the important of putting in your time, how missteps are part of the maturing process and how everything happens for a reason. So listen in and hear why Sean Avery thinks he is the only person who can replace Don Cherry and how Chris Chelios, Michelle Kwan, Dan Patrick and Julie all shared a sauna together!

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