Former Fan 590 Program Director Don Kollins Joins Jonah Sigel in the Pressrow, by Bleav


Don Kollins has spent his entire life in radio from Saskatchewan to Ottawa and back, then to Kitchener and Toronto and then to San Fransisco.

As Program Director for the Fan 590, Toronto’s original all-sports radio station he led the programming changes that saw some of the biggest names in Canadian broadcasting come and go, leading the station to some of the largest ratings the station ever had.

Don brought Greg Brady, Andrew Walker, Andrew Krystal, Dean Blundell, Jeff Blair, Jim Lang and others into the station that had been the home to Mike Hogan, Gord Stellick, Don Landry, Mike Toth, Howard Berger, Norm Rumack (and more) prior to his arrival.

Why did the Fan bring in Dean Blundell?

Who led to Dean’s departure??

Do Tim and Sid work on TV and radio?

Who should replace Bob McCown when the time is right?

Does Rogers exercise editorial control over its hosts?

What happened with Mike Wilner “vacation” ?

In this episode, Don shares his story, what life at Rogers and the Fan 590 was like and why Bob McCown remains number one. Who does Don listen to on Toronto sports radio from San Fransisco?

Listen here to Don Kollins – unplugged

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