Leafs Lunch Host & Broadcaster Andi Petrillo In The Pressrow by Bleav with Jonah Sigel The first woman to host Hockey Night in Canada and to have her own daily radio show on an all-sports radio station joins Jonah talking about York Region restaurants, tattoos in the workplace, Jeff O'Neil and more.

<span class="entry-title-primary">Leafs Lunch Host & Broadcaster Andi Petrillo In The Pressrow by Bleav with Jonah Sigel</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">The first woman to host Hockey Night in Canada and to have her own daily radio show on an all-sports radio station joins Jonah talking about York Region restaurants, tattoos in the workplace, Jeff O'Neil and more.</span>


The current host of the daily radio show, Leafs Lunch on TSN1050 in Toronto Andi Petrillo joins Jonah Sigel in the Pressrow. Andi got her start in regional cable tv and worked her way up, way, way up to eventually becoming the first-ever female desk host of Hockey Night In Canada, one of the most recognizable brands in sports.

Andi shares her story, growing up in the GTA, how she had to patiently endure the gender gap to become a host before hosting HNIC and then becoming the first woman ever to have her own daily sports radio show in Canada.

Tune in to hear some great stories about her days as a restaurant reviewer, to a nerve-racking flight to Afghanistan, pre-game jitters before an event to dealing with rabid Maple Leaf fans.

Andi shares stories from Hockey Night in Canada, Leafs TV and TSN 1050 including the odd situation surrounding the exit of Patrick O’Sullivan.

Should the NHL and or Washington Capitals punish Brendan Leipsic? Andi shares her thoughts on that too.

Personally, I am a huge fan of Andi’s and think she does an amazing job as a host, finding that delicate balance between driving a show, setting up “experts” and mixing in her own opinion (Which we talk about a lot).


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    Poker Guy 11 months ago

    No thanks

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    Blackjack Man 11 months ago

    Oh Poker Man it’s so funny that you’ve had to resort to your anti-female views on a site almost no one really visits….guess you’ve been run out from the rest of the internet.  I don’t blame you though, sadly for Jonah and Mike this site has become the last stand for the pathetic privileged to attempt to cling on to the ‘good ole days’.  Soon you’ll just be yelling at the sky….pathetic 

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    Cirroc 11 months ago

    @Poker Guy

    Hard agree

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    I don’t know if these podcasts get many downloads, but I know they have killed the comments and discussion. 

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    @ Zebb agreed the podcast has sunk this site.

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    Agreed. At least post a transcript along with the Pod, especially a Pod that doesn’t provide the ability to increase the speed 2x. 

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    A couple of things. Email and websites aren’t great for communication as they are tone-deaf. So, I want to emphasize that there is no anger in this comment at all but I wanted to reach out to respond to the above comments.

    First, Mike and I do this purely for fun. We do not make a penny off this site. The podcast has started to generate a few dollars, however, thus far that hasn’t come close to covering the hosting costs (let alone Mike’s wardrobe requirements).

    We are both really lucky I that neither of us reports to anyone on this website. There is no editor there is no boss. We work well together in large part because, i think uniquely, both of us actually write for ourselves- simply because we enjoy it.

    When I started the site 12 years ago I did so to blow off steam. At the end of a long day with a job and two kids, it allowed me to take my mind of life and write about my thoughts on sports media.

    Why do I say this?

    I think it important to remember in light of the above comments.

    We don’t’ write for an audience. Neither of us writes to appease an audience and we also don’t’ write simply for doing so. We write when we have something to say or something to report.

    Unlike those who cover sports, we cover those who cover sports. That makes it quite a bit harder to write about things happening when no sports are happening. Right now, as you know all the of the outlets are in unchartered territory and I personally don’t count running old games as covering sports and that makes it exceptionally hard to write about.

    The podcasts came by request to try to use my contacts in the business to talk to those who cover sports.

    They are not supposed to replace the content on this site. They are supposed to supplement. As I said, right now its hard to write. I have promised myself to get back to writing on a weekly basis as hard as that may seem but I am going to do it.

    A couple of last points…

    I wrestle with idea of killing comments regularly. I like the idea of open dialogue, but I hate the cesspool they have become. While I don’t want to regulate people’s comments we are forced to when writers cross what we believe is a clear line.

    PokerGuy, I don’t’ mean to pick on you. However, your comment above to me is the type of comment I don’t get. What’s the motivation behind a comment like that? You are 100% entitled to not like Andi or anyone else. I don’t’ think it’s thin-skinned to say its just an annoying comment that’s not creative or really welcome.

    Yaz, and Slim, as I said above. Sorry, you aren’t happy with the content we provide. It’s not our intention to disappoint. We do what we can when can how we can.

    I hope you are all keeping safe and healthy.


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    Poker Guy 11 months ago

    Thank-you for your comment.
    You’re entitled to your opinion, as am I.
    Let’s move forward. This matter is now closed.
    Be well, and stay safe.

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    Billyjoejimbob 11 months ago

    I guess it’s easier to dish out criticism than take it lol

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    Poker Guy 11 months ago

    Apparently. lol
    If there would be no disagreement, or debates, amongst other things, life would be boring.