Rogers Hometown Hockey Co-Host & Singer Extraordinaire Tara Slone In the Pressrow by Bleav with Jonah SigelRogers Hometown Hockey Host and Joydrop lead singer joins Jonah in the Pressrow talking about her background, life during the Corona, the Canadian Heritage Act and much much more.

<span class="entry-title-primary">Rogers Hometown Hockey Co-Host & Singer Extraordinaire Tara Slone In the Pressrow by Bleav with Jonah Sigel</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Rogers Hometown Hockey Host and Joydrop lead singer joins Jonah in the Pressrow talking about her background, life during the Corona, the Canadian Heritage Act and much much more.</span>


Going to try to mix it up for you a bit. Let me know if this works: adding in some content to a podcast post; read if you like, listen if that’s your thing, I hope you will do both 🙂

Curious, does the notion of games being played in the NBA and NHL excite you right now?

Don’t get me wrong, I rented the new Scooby Doo movie last week simply because it was fresh content. I think the Tiger Woods golf game tomorrow is going to crush the numbers for that same reason. So, I get it we are craving fresh content and sports is such a huge part of what we love and do.

I think you will admit, that the idea of hockey or basketball on tv only in the last summer early fall would not be something we typically would aspire to have. Yes, maybe that’s because we are creatures of habit and we in Canada especially enjoy our summers.

So, maybe it’s just me but I am having a tough time warming to the idea of either sport resuming any time soon. I am finding it hard to even read the countless articles about either league starting up.

Maybe it’s because I just don’t think we are that close to it being a reality. I mean it sounds to me like late July would be optimistic with more like Labor Day being the target. Seems to me we are wishing away summer. I don’t know, but right now I am enjoying articles like Mirtle’s interview with Jeff Finger more enjoyable then WOJO on a call between the NBA and the NBAPA.

Baseball? Aside from the loathing I have for both the owners and the players right now, I’d love to watch a game. I’d love to go to a game even more. One of my favorite things to do is sit outside, smell the grass, the peanuts the beer and the hot-dogs, and catch a game. To me, the love of the game is the ambiance. It’s a great way to spend an evening or day. I like going to games and to be honest the play on the field is really timeless and secondary; yes, I’d prefer my team wins but I am good sitting with friends or family for a few hours escaping.

Right now that escape even on TV would fantastic.

Maybe, it’s just the right, normal passage of time. Spring has come (and gone) and my mind is in baseball mode.

I guess to a certain degree it’s like quit talking about what’s might look like IF they come back and wake me when they come back.

I asked this on Twitter, curious your take. Should the NHL and NBA come back for this season, will your team losing be less painful because of the situation. If the Leafs play the Bruins in the playoffs, round two, and lose is it strike three or asterisk one? My son says strike three, blow up the team. I am leaning the other way.

Speaking of the Blue Jays, hat tip to Rogers for keeping full-time employees on through October. Classy and the right thing to do.

My eyes are on all the sports teams right now as it comes to season ticket holders. Will the NHL, NBA, and NFL teams keep trying to collect money for the “next” season? OR will they do the right thing and keep punting one month at a time. Will teams who announced ticket increases re-think that decision?

My favorite local coffee shop is “open” again. No plexiglass at the door- no curbside ordering; you can actually walk in, get in a long winding line, 6 feet apart, look at a display case, and order food. WOW does that feel good! You can’t eat it, but you can order and interact. Who would have thought this would be such a big deal but to me it is.

Shitty- Summer sleepover camps are canceled and that’s just shitty. Don’t get me wrong, I get it. I understand it but it’s shitty. It’s shitty for the kids who don’t get to escape the city and their parents. It’s shitty that they don’t get their breaks from city life and technology. It’s shitty for the older ones who were going to work at camps and learn responsibility at a new level. It’s shitty for the parents who could use a break too and it’s shitty for those who own and run camps. I went to overnight camp for 12 years. Both my kids go to, we trek back to Algonquin Park for them every year from Seattle so they can go. When we announced we were moving here that was their only question. “can we keep going to camp”. Tamakwa is my kids’ happy place. They, as I did before them learned more in 8 weeks at camp than in 10 months in school. Yes, it is a privilege to go to camp and not of critical importance right now. I get that too. However, while I agree with safety first and while I don’t argue the point. It’s shitty.

Are you watching or have you watched Ozark? Is it me or is it just a little bit of Breaking Bad?

No one out there does a good job curating tv streaming content. Spotify nails it for music. Their recommendation engine is as good as I’ve seen.

Have you tried and Instapot or an air fryer while couped up? Both are awesome and I can say that I have mastered both in 12 weeks 🙂

Silver linings: As a road warrior I’ve spent more time with my kids over the last 12 weeks then at any time I can remember. Laughing, crying, and just being. How refreshing. I have sibling in CA, I am in Seattle. My parents and other siblings are in Toronto. I have cousins there and in Montreal and a nephew in New York. Every Friday we have been jumping on a Zoom call at 4pm PST just to say hi. Maybe have a drink, show a smile, share a story but really it’s just about feeling normal. NEVER did we do it before. Technology isn’t all things, but it’s brought a large group divided by 1000s of miles and varying priorities back in time to a place where once we could gather regularly. That’s been the benefit of Corona. I am not a preacher, but if you are alone or missing friends or loved ones set it up. it’s fun, new and something to look forward to. Not everyone makes it each week and that’s okay too. Yes, there is usually tequila involved.

How’s that??

Ok- On to the Podcast.

Born in Montreal and raised in Halifax, Tara Slone lived an impressive life journeying to her current post as the Co-Host of Rogers Hometown Hockey, part of the Hockey Night in Canada Family.

Tara tells her musical career story, from lead singer with Joy Ride to a Canadian participant on the hit TV Show Rockstar INXS where getting booted off the show led to a career change on TV.

Tara graduated from Breakfast TV in Calgary all the back to Toronto where she works alongside Ron Maclean as they navigate the country broadcasting from non-NHL markets sharing the best of Canada as part of a sports broadcast.

This is Tara Slone, on a Saturday afternoon Corona style.

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    Thanks for the read and interview with Tara Sloane. I was always a fan of her music and a great addition to Home town hockey.

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    Chance Vought9 months ago

    Anyone else think the pandemic has exposed just how much of a corporate shill Stephen Brunt has turned into since joining Sportsnet? He’s gone fully pro-ownership when talking about leagues reopening and making it sound like players are morally obligated to take excess risks for the benefit of fans and to due so with significant paycuts. And just today, he’s arguing that MLB players are being greedy while the owners should be taken at face value and are being honest about the financial losses they are facing. Truly a sickening display. Oh well, one less podcast to listen.

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    Chance Vought9 months ago

    Brunt today when discussing people who don’t want to waive 14-day quarantine for NHL players: “Science has turned into ideology.”

    So, I think it’s safe to say Sportsnet and the NHL are definitely going to try to make it a political scandal if the federal government won’t waive the quarantine rules. This should be fun.

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    The decline of Brunt is sad to behold. Years ago I thought he was the best sports columnist in Canada, unrivalled once Farber went to SI.

    I wouldn’t know who to put in that discussion today, but I could make a deep roster of who is excluded.

    Anyone have any thoughts on McCown’s return?

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    @Zebb…No argument here concerning Brunt. That quote of his in Chance Vought’s post says it all.

    After watching the latest episode (4) of McCown’s new YouTube show, it sounds like he has something in mind; but not on the public airwaves.

    After listening to one of his new shows yesterday, I tuned in to Blair on 590 and boy the contrast really hit you. Rogers threw the listeners under the bus with all the bloodletting!