Cabbie Richards Unplugged In The Pressrow on Kobe, Iron Mike, Jordan, The Raptors and More


Today you can see and hear him on B/R Betting the Bleacher Report show, but before that he was amongst one of the most popular and most recognizable personalities in sports in Canada. That’s not to say he only did work with Canadians, no, he is well known for interviewing global talent, athletes, and entertainers from the NBA, MLB, NFL and more.

Cabral Richards or Cabbie as we all know him, along with a team built a brand unlike any other in the world of sports. For the Score network and later TSN, Cabbie created some of the funniest, most engaging content just as we were entering the Instagram nation.

He has the unique ability to get close, like physically close to his subjects, shines a light on their non-professional sides that we crave seeing and does so in an amazingly personal, warm manner. It is impossible not to like him.

In this episode, Cabbie talks about his career, his aspirations to act, his pivot to sports, and how he ended up in the USA with the Bleacher Report.

Cabbie shares exclusive stories of his classic interviews with Mike Tyson, at his house, breaking bread and flying in a helicopter with Kobe Bryant (who he interviewed over 20 times) and some of his most difficult interview subjects.

Additionally, Cabbie talks about where we are in the world of sports and journalism today; the racial/sexual issues that have plagued us for years, and why he is hopeful that this time will be different.

Finally, Cabbie has to answer the rapid-fire questions he is so used to asking, who’s on his playlist, how many free throws he could and his love for Bob McKenzie.

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