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Rick Westhead has had an atypical career as a journalist. Many say they have done it all, when in fact he has. Rick worked in sports, covering games days, press conferences, etc early in his career but got the unique opportunity to head over-seas covering major news stories. He then returned to Toronto and is now a senior correspondent for TSN and a contributor to CTV National News and W5.

Today, Rick covers some of the most important topics in sports today. Concussion, violence, drugs, pain, and more. He has a unique style of journalism bringing more of a news feel to sports which is a welcome change in me too copycat world of sports media these days.

Rick has a book coming out this week which fits perfectly into his genre of coverage dealing with the post-career sad story of NHL player Joe Murphy. Murphy, a former first overall pick in the NHL life has spiraled in the saddest way imaginable. Rick tells his story here

Jonah and Rick talk about Rick’s career, his unique style, and the oddity of covering sports issues during a pandemic.

If you haven’t heard Rick narrate the Durbano podcast series, it too is a must listen here

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