Sid Seixeiro Moving to Breakfast TV

Sid Seixeiro Moving to Breakfast TV

by mike in boston / @mikeinboston / email


A year and a half after having drive time to themselves, the Tim & Sid show is ending.



This concludes an uncomfortable era for Sportsnet in the afternoons. After bringing in Tim & Sid to lead in to McCown and PTS, Scott Moore made the decision to put the two shows head to head. This famously led to the loss of Stephen Brunt as a PTS co-host. As David Shoalts wrote for the Globe at the time:


“McCown, with a well-earned reputation as a curmudgeon, has not hesitated to make it clear he did not like the company’s decision to move Tim & Sid from the afternoon radio slot that led into his own show to directly opposite him on television. Management’s rationale was that Tim & Sid appealed to a younger audience than Prime Time, and boosted television ratings in the supper hour.”


A few years later, McCown would be fired and Tim & Sid would eventually be simulcast on TV and radio. With Sid leaving, Tim will continue with guest hosts, but plans for the long term have not been announced. Here are some further details from the press release:


“I’ve always been curious to explore other areas of the business and this was a unique opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.” – Sid Seixeiro


Question: is this a unique opportunity? I guess if you want to talk about the Bachelor at 6am, then yes? If you are unfamiliar with Breakfast Television, “BT airs live each weekday from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. ET on Citytv and in Ontario, featuring a national hour available in all Citytv markets starting at 9 a.m.”


“As Sid begins his next chapter within the Rogers Sports & Media family, we truly thank him for his dedication as a driving force behind Tim & Sid and his commitment to helping Sportsnet grow to Canada’s #1 sports network.” – Bart Yabsley


Tim & Sid were indeed a big part of helping Sportsnet compete with TSN. They brought a different audience to the radio station, some of whom carried over to the television show. However, we have been hearing that the show was too expensive for the ratings it delivered for many years now. Their production staff was slashed recently. The show will be cheaper still going forward without Sid’s hefty salary.


“While it is one door closing, it is also the opening of a new window of opportunity for myself and the show. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a book overflowing with ideas and I can’t wait to use this fresh start to work on some of them with a bunch of my talented colleagues at Sportsnet.” – Tim Micallef


This quote speaks for itself. A fresh start implies that some ideas weren’t going to work with the old show. It will be interesting to see how the new show differentiates itself from the Tim & Sid that many came to love. In terms of current colleagues, the obvious replacements would be Donnovan Bennett and Arash Madani. Both have guest-hosted in the past and would fit right in.


The main question is whether the show itself has a future. Is Tim & Donnovan the show you want to drive home to on FAN590? Is that show going to do any better in the TV and radio ratings than Tim & Sid?


We had this discussion so many times with the end of PTS: how do you replace that kind of show without inviting unflattering comparisons? The obvious answer is you go in another direction. That is what Jordan Banks & Co will be thinking about over the next month. If you want to cut the cord with the legacy of Tim&Sid, what’s a new idea?


One possibility that is already on the table is the tried and true option of bringing McCown back. There is little reason to think he would return for what they would pay him in these austere times. That said, these are unusual circumstances and a slimmed down PTS could certainly bring a ratings bump to FAN590.


Another option is to elevate Writers Bloc, without Jeff Blair, to the traditional 4-7 slot on radio. Tim would make a great host when paired with more serious co-hosts like Brunt or Deitsch, and this would go a long way toward moving his personal brand away from the comedic set-up role he often occupied on Tim&Sid. Blair could focus more on Blue Jays and soccer, and possibly fill the Wilner gap before and after Jays games.


The question I cannot shake is why SN/590 never managed to give Tim&Sid in the morning a try. Their style is best suited to that time slot, and, as evidenced by Sid’s decision to go to BT, he was willing to move. Compared to the many morning shows FAN590 has trotted out over the last decade, Tim & Sid AM would have been a relatively strong option.



Whatever happens over the next few weeks there will undoubtedly be more changes leading in to Fall 2021. Sportsnet will want to have their best line-ups forward when life and sports are expected to return to normal.


From Jonah (from an airplane)


So, Tim and Sid are no more. At one time over the last couple of years as rumors of McCown getting the boot were swirling there were loud drumbeats that the two were going to be split. Word was then, and maybe it’s not true, that the two were great on air together but that was about it. Not much admiration beyond that, and the worse rumour was that one felt he was pulling more weight than the other. 18 years together and tongues will wag. Tom and Jerry worked well together but away from the both the led different lives.


I’m the first to admit I was never a fan. I didn’t dislike the show and I respected what they did, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. However, I was in the minority as they were very popular. What led to TV? Who pulled them from the McCown lead in??? Well that’s open to debate. I’ll say that was the beginning of the end. The show never made sense to me after that and neither PTS nor T&S ever recovered.


Putting them on vs Overdrive was the final straw. For the first time ever the timeslot lost, and their show slipped into irrelevancy. The end.


So, as was rumored before Sid wanted out, wanted to do more, show that he could do more and now he gets his wish. Early morning news tv is not sport radio/tv. Will women who typically make up the AM news tv connect with a 40 something guy named Sid? Time will tell. Careful what you wish for. On the flip side Tim will get the newly common “rotating” co-host until we figure something out.


As I wrote on Twitter they have a few options. One: swallow pride, write a big cheque and bring McCown back. That does nothing for a younger demo but at least it brings back an audience. Two: create the baseball equivalent of OverDrive. The Jays are now favoured to be in contention, and the one thing Rogers has on Bell is Blue Jays. Well, own it then. Become the de facto place for Blue Jays commentary. Third: blow it up. Literally take a blow torch to the lineup and start again. Finally: the could spin wheels and move pieces around and add a name here or there. Yawn.


Management has pledged to be data driven and customer obsessed. I’ve lived that after working for Amazon, the owner of those words. It’s hard and takes a lot of discipline. Which of the above sounds like those two things?


It’s notable that pitchers and catchers report in 28 days. What’s the Jays broadcast going to look like? Who goes where ? When will more changes come? Soon I suspect, very soon.


Congrats to the boys, 18 years is something. I don’t know who said or wished you were fired but that’s not cool. Here’s hoping whatever you want to find apart is as successful as what you had together and you are both happy doing whatever the future holds for both of you.




thanks for reading and commenting,

until next time …

mike (not really in boston)


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    In just over 18 months the people at 590 have gone from having McCown with Brunt/Deitsch in the drive home timeslot to Tim Micallef with “a rotating panel of friends of the show”…………yikes……….OverDrive and 1050 must be shaking in their boots

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    Nothing personal against the guys. They were entertaining reading copy and showing highlights. “Back off, get your own sandwich” was a hilarious home run call. But the volume, bluster and shallow takes really never delivered a reason for me to watch their more recent shows. Perhaps I’m outside Rogers desired demo but I’m still younger than both so the move to try and attract a younger demo with two guys who would look right at home in a HairClub commercial was always puzzling. Sincerely hope that Rogers executives acknowledge their colossal stupidity in moving on from McCown and Deitsch and puts the both of them back where they belong. A half-interested McCown is still informative, mildly entertaiing, and perfect radio.

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    Cart St 6 months ago

    The whole thing was messed up so badly. There was no reason to put Tim And Sid against McCown, and now they’ve destroyed both properties. I rarely listen to 590 anymore, when I used to listen almost 3 hours a day, back and forth from work for decades. There are so many others like that as the ratings have shown. Listen to mostly podcasts now, with Le Batard being so daily topical and a ton of Canadian fans, and great stuff on the how to network and on demand popcasts. Once you go podcasts without long commercial breaks, you don’t go back. Only reason to have radio now is traffic, news, or a little music.

    The worst thing this really hurts if not puts a doornail into smart and humorous sports radio in Canada. (Do they not know there are a ton of us, as this is Canada not the US??) Overdrive simply could never be the national forum McCown was, as they can’t reach the funny and intelligent sports fans like Bob could.

    The hope is some young gun can take up the smart and fun topical comedic mantel, but I see nobody for a while. Thank goodness Le Batard has so many hours. Until the next Bob comes along, national sports radio, or even great Toronto sports radio, is dead in Canada as a major entity. Or they have to figure this out quick. Because what’s on now, that ain’t it.

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    Leave it to the SN “brain trust”! First they kill the #1 program in Prime Time and then watch from the sidelines as everything else gradually falls into an ever expanding sinkhole.

    I was never a Tim & Sid fan, but the wholesale elimination of so much on-air talent and programming across the Country over the last couple of years benefits no audience.

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    Species 6 months ago

    Will women who typically make up the am news tv connect with a 40 something guy named Sid? Time will tell.

    He’s going to be the City equivalent to Ben Mulroney at CTV? It amuses me to think of Sid essentially becoming that, and chatting with his co-hosts about Cardi B in between cooking segments and the weather.

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    For the love of God, no more Blair. He’s just now finishing a sentence he started yesterday

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    I do find it ironic that this blog used to take McCown down, and now McCown leaving helped take down sports radio broadcasting in Toronto and Canada as we know it. And of course changed this blog. Just look at the post numbers on the right to show you. God, sports radio in TO and Canada was in a good place for a while.

    Rogers and Sportsnet slayed their own golden goose. And sports radio/broadcasting/podcasting is thriving is so many countries around the world.

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    PS. love Le Batard too by the way. I think someone mentioned it on here a few years ago, and I tried it out. Like McCown’s humour, with him slagging everybody off, and making fun of his own show and himself. Has a very Canadian humor bent to it like that, as it’s so self-deprecating. Le Batard’s fun humor and clever satirical look on sports radio helped fill the McCown gap for me. Thanks if that was you.

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    James in Hamilton 6 months ago

    Never really enjoyed Tim and Sid. I’d be ok with McCown coming back, but only if his heart was in it. It’s less fun when he’s mailing it in, and doesn’t have a co-host that keeps him honest.

    But the more likely scenario is that the Fan will just become a 24 hour infomercial for their television content — notably the Blue Jays, Leafs and the NHL. No depth of coverage, just essentially lead in content for their nightly live sportscast.

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    “Not much admiration beyond that and the worse rumor was that one felt he was pulling more weight than the other.”

    Don’t know…this surprises me…I never saw it or ever felt there was a rift between the two. They legitimately look and sound like two guys who not only work well together, but seem like best buds away from work. Would love this to be expanded and elaborated on if possible.

    All in all though, didn’t think there’d ever be a time when Tim & Sid weren’t a pairing. From 20 year old pups to now. But life happens. I actually believe this will be a refreshing move for Sid, and he’ll do really well with it.

    If Rogers at all wants to compete with OverDrive, the obvious choice would be to swallow their pride, open up the chequebook, and bring Bobcat back. It’s their only (last) choice to competing (and me not being an OverDrive fan one iota, last chance of saving sports radio in this city, period). Don’t see it happening though in a pandemic world. Pretty amazing how Rogers sunk what was the best and highest rated show and ended up here in a mere 18 months. Incompetency at its finest.

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    The CITY tv morning show has been totally un-watchable these past 2-3 years. If the suits think plopping SS in a chair for 4 hours will bring eyes back well, good luck with that idea.

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    I want to hear more from people who have opinions about how Sid will fit in with BT. I have never seen the show outside of my dentist’s office but my impression is that this is a pretty insipid form of entertainment. I can’t imagine wanting to transition to that kind of broadcasting unless you were already working in celebrity gossip or traffic/weather.

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    Tim&Sid really became unwatchable the moment they got moved into “primetime” and became over-scripted and overproduced and turned into essentially a 2hr promo for whatever Rogers/Sportsnet property was following them. A real shame because when they were the lead in for PTS they were very much more relaxed and seem to have more fun being able to discuss whatever sports related activity was happening that day.

    Here’s an thought: with all the talk of bringing Bob back but why not try him as the co-host/colour man for Tim? Bob can then just react to everything and doesn’t have to be the “lead” and worry about showing if he is actually interested in everything. Don’t know if Bob’s ego would allow it but it would be an interesting experiment to try and do something to get listeners/viewers back while also trying to show you’re not solely aiming at the “boomer crowd”.

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    Steve in Waterloo 6 months ago

    I’ve never watched much more than 5 min of BT, but it is very light. Not really news. Variety type show. Sid might do well. Depends if his humour can translate to 40 year old women.
    I never loved the T&S clown stuff, but I had come to respect the sports content that they offered. Question for those in the know, do “guests” get paid for “hopping on” a show for a 10 minute spot? I don’t mean the Sportsnet salaried staff, but JP Morosi types. What kind of $$ do they make for “hopping on”? Just wondering…

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    Carl – I totally agree. I also used to listen to 590 regularly, but now I get my sports radio fix from the Lebatard show. I’ll download some Toronto sports radio podcasts if something is going on locally I want to hear about, but it’s much less of a habit than it used to be. It’s sort of sad to see that Tim and Sid is over, but it really wasn’t the same once they moved to TV. They were great when they were on 1-4. I think some of the best Fan moments ever where when Tim and Sid would joke around with Bob and appear on each other’s shows. As for pairing Tim with Donovan Bennet – I think it’s important for the Fan to showcase more diverse voices, but I don’t think Donovan has the personality for a drive home show yet. The Fan has become such a shadow of its former self I think they need to rethink the whole day. I enjoy Writer’s Bloc, I’d like that to stick around in some form, but otherwise, have at it. I’m on the fence with Good Show. Ben is entertaining and JD really knows his stuff, but I don’t think JD’s on air persona necessarily works. Maybe he can get there with experience though. Scott MacArthur is great, I think he’s wasted being paired with Zigomanis. Speaking of the morning show, does it not seem like their testing out potential new cohosts with Scott? He’s done a week with Arash (which was actually great I thought), a week with Hazel (which I didn’t get a chance to listen to), and next week is doing two shows with Blair apparently. TSM – do you get the sense these are trial runs?

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    As for Bob – I was a huge fan right to the end. Even though he lost a step, he’s such a great broadcaster it was such an enjoyable habit to catch his show. In looking at the state of The Fan now, what an absolute disaster that they fired him. Totally inept decision. I would love to hear Bob back. Him being older and a bit out of touch would be somewhat of a concern though. Maybe if they paired him with someone younger who can steer him in right directions? Or if you gave Bob a shorter show where he could just focus on a couple topics that interest him rather than mail in segments on things he doesn’t care about. If The Fan wants to be relevant again it might have to bring Bob back. I’m not sure anyone else at the station is an obvious choice (Tim? Blair? MacArthur?) Unless they wanted to bring in a big star like Adnan Virk or Dan Shulman but that doesn’t feel likely. As a big baseball fan, I love TSM’s idea of a baseball version of Overdrive. A basketball focused show in some slot would be nice too. I’d listen to 1050 a lot more if they seemed less like a one sport station.

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    Listened to Bob’s podcast today (01/22) with Dan Shulman and wow…remember when Bob was on his “A Game” and we had first rate Sports Talk radio?

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    Just an aside but 680 News today referred to Hank Aaron as the Say Hey Kid – I kid you not.

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    Why is there this perception that overdrive is a juggernaut for the FAN to overcome and where does it come from? The last ratings book posted here OD was leading by 4.1-3.4 in 25-54 and that was the first time they ever led. That does not seem insurmountable for any non TV-simulcast show if Sportsnet goes back that way.

    In my mind, bringing back Bob would be like how bringing back Mike Francesca at the other FAN worked out. A desperate move that had short term gains and long term set them back further than they were.

    Wonder if Richard Deitsch is the next to go? It’s coming up on 3yrs since he started with PTS (could be his contract length) and bringing in an American sports media critic to co-host a Toronto radio show never made sense to me. His stand alone podcast is occasionally interesting because of the guests but that’s about it.

    Does Sid do well at BT? Who cares really is my take but Sid gives the impression of an insipid guy so probably? I know he’s been on the show before to talk Raptors or whatever sports topic so the team there has a sense of what they are getting. And if he doesn’t fit it, I see he’s now one of 8 hosts listed in that press release. They will shuffle chairs around and he’ll only be on for 15 minutes a day.

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    Liberty Village Bob 6 months ago

    Dean Blundell has a post about Sid.

    “If sports media personalities have learned anything over the past year, it’s that their jobs are immeasurably more difficult when there are no sports and Sid’s not stupid. Sid has the rare ability to talk about OTHER shit and might not want to ‘Stick To Sports’. I tried to ‘Stick to sports’ and it was fucking miserable.
    That might be part of it, too.
    He might be tired of the scene.
    He might be at odds with management.”

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    Liberty Village Bob 6 months ago

    I don’t know that I agree that Sid can talk about stuff other than sports. The only person who was good at that at Sportsnet was Greg Brady.

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    teflon 6 months ago

    they fired him before and hired him again…they can do it again! bring back Bobcat and admit your mistake!

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    Animal Blundetto 6 months ago

    I like the thought of going in on the Jays like overdrive has with hockey. I find with overdrive you really have to enjoy what they talk about, because as far as a good discussion about sports, it’s incredibly lacking. I’m a fan, but tuning into them the other day when the Jays just made a big move was a waste.

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    The difference between a show like Writers Bloc on 590 (or Prime Time Sports when it existed) and a show like OverDrive on 1050 was never more evident than it was on Friday:

    Baseball icon Hank Aaron passed away earlier in the day……….most people think it was the biggest story in sports that day…………Writers Bloc talked about it extensively………….OverDrive talked about it for 30 seconds near the end of the show

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    The 3 guys on Overdrive were solid when they were hosting Leafs Lunch, but they are completely out of their depth when discussing anything other than hockey. O’Neil does seem to know what he’s talking about when it comes to golf, but who cares about golf talk? They are completely lost when it comes to baseball so that would be ideal for 590 to lean into it. That being said, I would listen to them any & every time over Sam & Ted. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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    Mr Twister 6 months ago

    Local sports radio is dead. They need to realize that they are competing for the same few thousand people in a shrinking pool. Nothing is going to resurrect this genre so might as well kill the format and move 590 in a different direction. Forcing unlikable personalities such as Brady, Blair, etc simply hastened the demise. Like a few others on here have mentioned I also use podcasts for my sports fix. Local hacks and content pale in comparison to LeBatard and others. I made the switch 5-10 years when I was in my 40’s. We can lose the discussion about demographics too. Almost everybody is digital now.

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    Gary M 6 months ago

    That clip of them making the announcement is a reminder to me that they are both extremely excellent broadcasters. This show had run its course. The whole medium has possibly run its course. But I think Sid will be a strong addition to BT.

    The people talking about “writing a big cheque” to Bob McCown are not absorbing what Rogers and Bell are trying to do.

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    Flexb 5 months ago

    They were lost once covid took over it was all they talked about along with sjw and blm shenanigans. Sports fans don’t want to hear that stuff. Check the more recent nba and NFL ratings compared to years ago. I think their ratings tanked but don’t have evidence of that.