Is Dave Cadeau Out At Rogers Sportsnet Fan 590?



UPDATE: Confirmed by Sportsnet. Cadeau has been let go. His twitter handle has also been revised to omit “Director of Programming, Sports Radio – Sportsnet Program Director – Sportsnet 590 The FAN @sportsnet650 @sportsnet960 @fan590”


When the last round of changes in org structure was announced it seemed like only a matter of time before long time Rogers Sportsnet Fan 590 Program Director would ultimately get shown the door as Greg Sansone would either be doing the job himself or want his own person. That day has apparently come.


Nelson Millman, Don Kollins, Nelson Millman, and Dave Cadeau are the main folks who have ever held the job title of PD for The Fan 590. Is it now Greg Sansone or a player to be named?


With the end of Tim and Sid almost upon us, one would have to think that Sansone will widdle away at the lineup with few if any sacred cows at the station right now. Honestly, can you look at their lineup and say ok, but for that host, or that show, what goes where?


I don’t think anyone can look at the current station and say we can’t move that show, or we can’t do without that person.


I guess that’s a long-winded way of saying I think this is just the start of personnel changes at the station.


More to follow as more details coming.

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