Is Dave Cadeau Out At Rogers Sportsnet Fan 590? Changes continue on the Sports side of things at Rogers Sports Media

<span class="entry-title-primary">Is Dave Cadeau Out At Rogers Sportsnet Fan 590?</span> <span class="entry-subtitle">Changes continue on the Sports side of things at Rogers Sports Media</span>



UPDATE: Confirmed by Sportsnet. Cadeau has been let go. His twitter handle has also been revised to omit “Director of Programming, Sports Radio – Sportsnet Program Director – Sportsnet 590 The FAN @sportsnet650 @sportsnet960 @fan590”


When the last round of changes in org structure was announced it seemed like only a matter of time before long time Rogers Sportsnet Fan 590 Program Director would ultimately get shown the door as Greg Sansone would either be doing the job himself or want his own person. That day has apparently come.


Nelson Millman, Don Kollins, Nelson Millman, and Dave Cadeau are the main folks who have ever held the job title of PD for The Fan 590. Is it now Greg Sansone or a player to be named?


With the end of Tim and Sid almost upon us, one would have to think that Sansone will widdle away at the lineup with few if any sacred cows at the station right now. Honestly, can you look at their lineup and say ok, but for that host, or that show, what goes where?


I don’t think anyone can look at the current station and say we can’t move that show, or we can’t do without that person.


I guess that’s a long-winded way of saying I think this is just the start of personnel changes at the station.


More to follow as more details coming.


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    Sansone will be the “last one left who turns out the lights”!

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    Jeff Blair being shown the door would not be a bad thing.

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    James 4 months ago

    Let face it All media is DEAD! The language police have put an end to anyone saying or doing everything interesting or entertaining. That’s why Radio is dying along with Newspapers, TV, Movies. This is why no one reads a newspaper or tunes into AM radio.

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    Kimia 4 months ago

    Radio is DEAD!!!

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    Dave Cadeau inherited a station that had a massive lead over the competition in the AM and PM drive slots. He leaves with a weak AM show with listeners fatigued by constant changes and an absolute mess in PM drive. I’m not sure the extent to which he is involved in the Blue Jays radio booth decision-making but that has also been a bit of a fiasco.

    The next PD has a lot of work ahead. The FAN has tanked completely. Over the last 5 years I went from a daily listener, to a sometimes listener, to a non-listener.

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    blockquote>Over the last 5 years I went from a daily listener, to a sometimes listener, to a non-listener.

    I get it. Going back to the pre 590 years, I too was a daily listener. The “Powers That Be” have done far more damage to the FAN, far more than their competitors could ever have hoped to achieve!

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    Most of the hosts care more about virtue signaling then good sports talk

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    Drumanchor 4 months ago

    @Justin – I have done exactly the same thing. Daily, occasional, meh.
    @James – What a pleasant individual you seem to be.

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    Jack Borenstein 4 months ago

    agree with most of the posters about state of affairs at FAN690 at present time

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    Original Mitch 4 months ago

    Cadeau had no power whatsoever. He was simply a stooge who obeyed orders from up above. It’s not like the old days when there was a separation between tv and radio. The same guys who messed up the tv side of things have been messing up the fan for a while now. Whoever replaces cadeau will just be another pawn. It’s so sad that in order to keep your job you need to simply tow the company line. There are no opinions or no takes that haven’t been pre-approved by some higher up at Rogers. It’s truly a sad time for the Fan which is too bad because if they weren’t so darn pre-occupied with selling their tv products, they could have an excellent must listen to station.

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    I definitely echo what everyone else has been saying about The Fan. Rogers had a pretty decent sports radio station, that was wiping the floor with TSN, that had at least a couple stand out sports media stars on it … and ruined it.
    I genuinely wonder what the future for sports radio is at this point, seeing how bad things have been at The Fan, and seeing what Bell did out west. But even if AM Radio listening is down, there definitely is a big appetite out there for sports podcasts. If Rogers/Bell are no longer willing to invest properly in good sports radio, I hope they at least consider investing heavily in podcasts. I don’t see why they couldn’t develop a Sportsnet or TSN podcast network that could be something like a Canadian version of The Ringer. I mean they OWN all the professional sports franchises in this city and have all this essentially free content. You’d think they’d want to invest in good, healthy sports media departments. Alternatively, maybe podcasts keep being an independent thing (which probably would create better content anyway, to be honest). Dan Lebatard just left ESPN Radio on the power of his podcast numbers.

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    Portal 3 months ago

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