fuboTV Gets TV Rights For Serie A, Coppa Italia Soccer In Canada

fuboTV has agreed to an exclusive distribution deal for the top Italian soccer league and cup competition in Canada. The television streaming platform will show Serie A and Coppa Italia matches throughout the country beginning this month. It’s a move that comes as sports continue to transition toward video streaming services.

“With Canadians cutting the cord at an increasing pace comparable to the U.S. market, according to a report by Boon Dog Professional Services, we see a tremendous growth opportunity for fuboTV,” David Gandler, co-founder and CEO of fuboTV, said in a press release. “Today’s agreements for Serie A and Coppa Italia bring two of the most prestigious international soccer brands to fuboTV.”

Matches for the league and tournament will be shown on the fubo Sports Network, available in the fuboTV Canada plan. Further details are not available for the deal. This addition joins the Guadalajara (Chivas) home matches in Liga MX shown on the network.

Looking Into Serie A, Coppa Italia, And FuboTV

Serie A is Italy’s top-flight soccer league, featuring popular clubs such as Juventus, AC Milan, Roma, and Internazionale. Top recognized athlete Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Juventus. 380 matches are part of Serie A across 20 clubs.

Coppa Italia, translating to Italy Cup, is an annual knockout tournament that runs parallel to the Serie A season. The bottom 12 teams in Serie A begin in the first round while the top 8 teams join in the Round of 16. At least 41 matches will air on the fuboTV platform.

fuboTV is a leader for international soccer match distribution. The company has been aggressively pursuing other avenues beyond streaming television. Embracing being a heavy distributor in sports, the company looks to launch a new sportsbook in the last quarter of this year. Aptly named Fubo Sportsbook, there’s a probable chance the service may reach Canada.

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Nicola Sparano
Nicola Sparano
August 20, 2021 7:24 pm

Where is the schedule of seria a games week by week?

August 21, 2021 11:45 am

There is a lot of discussion online suggesting only Coppa Italia games will be broadcast and not regular season. WTF is that?

August 23, 2021 12:18 am

This is a topic that many people are passionate about and constantly frustrated over but have nowhere to vent these frustrations or feel heard. Perhaps, this platform (and Twitter of course) is a start. Serie A has historically found new ways to alienate their soccer fans in Canada (with one of the largest Italian communities outside of Italy) and this recent deal with FuboTV is more evidence. Italian soccer fans have been left confused and puzzled this weekend with the news about the rights going to an unfamiliar product in FuboTV. Serie A has once again chased the $$ with no regard for the fan and has therefore lost eyeballs, exposure a potential increase in audiences with this move. People will resort to using VPNs, streams and other methods as the $15/month is just way too steep on top of other subscriptions. I am just scratching the surface here with how I feel about this topic, I have so much to share. I’m not exactly sure what this TSM site is but I am glad you’re giving me the platform to share my opinion on this.

What can Serie A fans in Canada do to reach the powers that be and help them understand our frustrations? To be honest, I don’t even think they care and that is one of many reasons why Serie A has fallen so far down the ladder from the EPL, Bundesliga and other European leagues. It’s quite sad but predictable.

August 23, 2021 12:31 am

Hmmm… this is obviously a site geared towards gambling and by the looks of it FuboTV is in the gambling business so this site is just being used as a propaganda tool for Fubo and doesn’t give a crap about “the Italian Soccer fan”. Perhaps they have a vested interest in this site? Got it.

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