BetRegal’s Partnerhip With The CFL Could Lead To New Exposure

The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced a partnership with BetRegal, pairing Canadian football with a Canadian company that’s soon able to come home. Although BetRegal has Canadian founders, it has been operating in Europe where single-event sports betting has been legal. Since Canadian law is about to change to accommodate single-event sports betting, BetRegal is preparing to compete in Canada.

BetRegal will do a marketing push for CFL, which will include initiatives that appeal to fans and CFL community members. Fans will get a few different types of games in addition to the sportsbook. BetRegal will also find ways to give back to people who’ve helped their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a wide-ranging partnership that BetRegal seems to be using as its major PR push.

How CFL Compares To The NFL

Canadian football is one of the few major Canadian sports that doesn’t have an integrated Canadian and United States league. The NHL and MLB have Canadian and American teams in their leagues. However, the rules to Canadian football are a little different than American football:

  • The Canadian football field is longer and wider than the American football field.
  • Canadian football teams have 12 people instead of 11.
  • Canadian football games have three downs instead of four.
  • The distance between the opposing team and the scrimmage zone is one yard in Canadian football and 11 inches in American football.

These aren’t the only differences, but they’re major structural differences that keep Canadian and American football teams from playing in the same league. However, CFL could reap a major benefit from its partnership with BetRegal: potential inspiration for a combined league.

How CFL Could Benefit From Sports Betting Publicity

BetRegal’s marketing push could expand CFL’s reach into the United States. When BetRegal and other sportsbooks arrive in Canada, CFL lines will feature prominently in those sportsbooks. It’s a professional league, so it’ll form one of the cornerstones of Canada’s sportsbooks. The exposure in the Canadian market and promotions pushing CFL could increase CFL’s popularity over time. It won’t be the only thing that unites the American and Canadian football leagues. But it could help CFL reach new bettors and find a new fan base. That could plant the seeds for an integrated football league one day.

But in the meantime, CFL and BetRegal will leverage their new partnership.

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