Single-Event Betting Brings Over $1 Million Worth Of Bets In Ontario

Residents in Ontario are taking full advantage of being able to place single-event wagers. In just six days after the PROLINE+ sportsbook went live on August 27, the platform has already accepted over $1 million in bets. Nearly three-fourths of those bets were on single bets for traditional North American sports and soccer events.

In a press release on September 1, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) released early statistics on how PROLINE+ has been utilized. 74 percent of all bets were on single events, an activity that was legalized less than a week ago. For many years, Canadian residents were restricted to parlay betting, which requires at least two or three events to be selected before submitting the wager.

Exceeding the $1 million mark just days after launching demonstrates how much the public has wanted to partake in single-event betting. This even comes at a traditionally slower time on the sports calendar with the dog days of summer and American football just kicking into gear. 82 percent of all bets have been early action on football, baseball, and the beginning of many international soccer leagues.

Analyzing Ontario’s Early Single-Event Betting Success

There’s a lot to unpack from OLG’s early figures on their PROLINE+ platform. On an obvious note, things will only ramp up heading into the fall. Canadian football is well underway with a quarter of the season completed. College football in the United States begins in full swing this weekend and the NFL follows next week. The pennant race is on for MLB and its playoffs will certainly see additional action throughout October. Two more professional sports leagues, the NHL and NBA, also kick things off around the corner.

With a large amount of early action, this bodes well for future commercial sportsbooks that enter Canada. Ontario is already planning for an open market for sports betting at the beginning of next year. Provinces that are currently sticking to the lottery corporation model may be implementing their own approval processes sooner than later.

Another interesting aspect in the press release was 37 percent of the action going toward live bets. With the evolution of online gambling, this has been a newer trend that adds a variety of markets to the experience. Not only do bettors clearly enjoy the new single-event wagering options, but they are also taking advantage of betting as the game unfolds.

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