2021 Grey Cup Futures: Latest CFL Odds for October

Nine weeks into the Canadian Football League season, and we clearly have a top team in position to win it all. The latest Grey Cup future odds show Winnipeg at the top and are approaching even money on the list. Saskatchewan still retains second place, while Hamilton and Toronto take the next two spots and continue to battle it out for the East Division title.

Winnipeg has rattled off five straight wins, are 5-0 against other West Division opponents, and are in the top half of the league in most statistical categories. They eclipsed Saskatchewan after beating them by a combined 56-17 margin across two games in early September.


Here’s a comparison of CFL future odds at DraftKings, BetMGM, and the PROLINE+ sportsbook in Ontario. BetMGM offers a better value for the top teams favored to win the Grey Cup. Each of the top teams has an extra 50 cents to the dollar in their odds. PROLINE+ favors Montreal over BC compared to the other two sportsbooks, and they offer less value for the long shots.

Should you place your bets on Winnipeg now despite them being the hottest team in the CFL? Are there any teams to really consider past the Blue Bombers? Here are the best sports betting recommendations for betting Grey Cup futures odds.

If You Like Winnipeg, Bet Them Now

The Blue Bombers are the significant favorite, but they are still offered at plus money. That’s probably not going to be the case for long. First, let’s take a look at the remainder of the schedule. Winnipeg plays Edmonton twice, Montreal twice, BC, and Calgary. They will likely be a favorite in each of these games and win the majority of them.

After the first nine weeks of the year, there isn’t a consistent second-best team. Toronto, Hamilton, BC, and Saskatchewan have had great performances this season. None of them have been able to achieve consistent results. The Roughriders have been the closest team, but those two blowouts against Winnipeg continue to sting and they most recently suffered a very disappointing loss at Calgary.

If all these mixed results continue and Winnipeg rattles off win after win, don’t be surprised to see their odds go negative. It’ll be too hard to consider any other team as a true contender at that point.

Best Value After Winnipeg?

There’s a few ways to consider if you’re looking to bet someone outside of Winnipeg. The East Division eliminates the potential of seeing Winnipeg until the Grey Cup itself, which already has some good value baked in it. Hamilton has higher odds than Toronto, but they feel like the best team in the division right now.

The Tiger-Cats have come a long way from their first two blowout defeats this season. They’ve gone 4-2 since then, lost by one point to Toronto on the road, and fell by a field goal to Montreal in overtime. The offense may be lacking, but the defense will continue to keep them in each contest.

For those looking in the West Division at Saskatchewan or BC, it’s probably better to take the former. The Lions may have recently lost to the Roughriders, but they still feel like the superior team. However, an issue with siding toward BC is the upcoming schedule. After Calgary, they have three straight road games against Winnipeg, Toronto, and Hamilton.

Compare that to Saskatchewan’s upcoming schedule: Calgary twice, Montreal, Edmonton twice, Hamilton. There’s a chance the odds will get lower for the Roughriders, so the best value on them may be right now.

Consider Any Of The Long Shots?

We’ll reserve the “long shot” status to the bottom three teams with over +1000 odds. Ottawa and Edmonton have the worst record currently at 2-5, so they would have to rattle off wins to just get into the playoffs. Calgary is undoubtedly the best option with a better quarterback and defensive unit. But it’s probably not worth considering with how inconsistent they’ve been in all aspects of the game.

If there’s any team to completely write off, it’s probably Edmonton over Ottawa. The Elks have an incredibly tough second half of the schedule. They play Winnipeg back-to-back over the new few weeks. They also have to play three road games in nine days to end the season, which consists of traveling back-and-forth across the country.

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