BC Tops $25 Million In Sports Betting With NFL, NHL Boost

How popular is single-event sports betting in British Columbia? In the first two months since it’s been legal, bettors have placed more than $25 million in single-event sports bets on PlayNow.com in that Canadian province, according to data from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC).

Canada legalized single-event sports betting in August after a long debate and legislative process that stretched over years. Each Canadian province is authorized to regulate and license its market, and BCLC chose to launch with a government-backed sportsbook at PlayNow.com. Users can get odds on sporting events in Canada and the United States on this platform.

Canadian citizens have a strong attraction to the National Football League, placing most bets on football. This is the first season that fans can bet on individual games. That is in opposition to the previous parlay-only laws in the country. Sports fans are expected to increase activity now that the National Hockey League season is underway.

How much more does single-game betting add to the bottom line? PlayNow.com says they have seen a 71% increase in betting activity in the first three weeks of the NHL season compared to last year at the same time when fans could only place parlay wagers.

Tax revenue from single-event sports betting in British Columbia helps fund public healthcare and education programs.

Other Canadian Sports Betting News

Ontario, a populous province that would be the fifth-largest state if it was in the U.S., is preparing to launch its public sportsbook market with regulation by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Platforms such as DraftKings and PointsBet expect to open up in the coming months. On October 27, the Ontario lottery corporation launched live casino games months after going live with their own mobile sportsbook.

Outside of Ontario, not much has been changing in the sports wagering landscape. Many provinces are sticking with their lottery organizations to set up and run single-event sports betting in their area. Saskatchewan has awarded these rights to the Indian Gaming Authority.

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