5 Tips When Betting On The Toronto Maple Leafs

Single-event wagering is legal in Ontario after the passage of bill C-218 earlier this year. For now, the PROLINE+ platform is the sole online gambling option for residents of Ontario, but this will change in the near future. Let’s examine different ways that Toronto Maple Leafs fans can bet when watching their favorite team.

In the coming months, expect to see many new books up and running as the NHL gets into the heart of its 2021-22 schedule. Additionally, the anticipated arrival of many sports betting apps will make it even easier to wager on the Maple Leafs.

Here’s How Typical Wagers Function In The NHL

There are many ways to wager on Toronto or any NHL contest: Moneyline (outright winner), puckline (spread), and total (over/under) are the most popular options for hockey bettors. The moneyline fluctuates wildly for each game. Early on the 2021-22 season, expect the Maple Leafs to be favored as they are an anticipated top team.

If the team is favored by -180 (1.56) on the moneyline, bettors would have to place $180 on them to win $100. The puckline is frequently set at 1.5 goals, meaning a team that’s favored must win by two or more goals. Totals are often set at 5.5 goals, meaning those betting on the over must hit six or more goals in the game to win.

Follow Maple Leafs Betting Trends

Analyzing betting trends can be a good way to make smarter bets for or against Toronto. Trends shouldn’t be treated as a script as there are no guarantees in sports. But teams may struggle at home or on the road. They may also show inconsistency by losing after wins or when they score a certain amount of goals.

Also, look at the schedule teams play. If they are on a long road trip, their offensive production may fall off against the final few teams. There may also be an initial fall-off when a team begins a homestand or a road trip.

Keep A Constant Eye On Injury Reports

With so many options on sportsbooks, it’s easy to rack up bets with little research. Something that bettors often forget is ensuring the team is playing with all of their pieces. Always check the injury report to see who is active, or who may simply be taking a night off. Odds will often reflect if a team is losing significant star players.

Take Advantage Of Team And Player Props

Another way to have action on an NHL game is to bet on the performance of individual players. William Nylander is one of the more productive offensive players on the Toronto Maple Leafs. He has 11 points (5 goals, 6 assists) and 51 shots on goal so far in 2021. DraftKings Sportsbook features props on the number of goals, assists and even shots Nylander will record in a game. 

PROLINE+ does not currently offer player props, but they are available on their traditional platform. This is a more limited approach to betting that has been available in Ontario. Until then, bettors may consider specific game or team bets, such as how many goals Toronto will score or when the first goal of the game is made. Expect to see more player prop opportunities when companies like DraftKings and FanDuel enter the market.

When Should You Gamble On Maple Leafs Futures?

As the name suggests, “futures bets” revolve around future outcomes. One of the most popular future bets is on the eventual Stanley Cup champion. Odds fluctuate over the course of the season based on a team’s performance. Right now, the Toronto Maple Leafs are at +1600 (17.00) odds to win the Stanley Cup on FanDuel Sportsbook.

If the bettor puts $100 on the Toronto Maple Leafs and they win the Stanley Cup, it’d pay out $1,700. Betting the Maple Leafs to win the Atlantic Division or Eastern Conference is also available. When the team hits a losing streak, these odds will increase, providing an opportunity to swoop in and bet on them with higher odds.

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