Dallas Cowboys Vs Kansas City Chiefs Odds And Betting Preview For NFL Week 11

The Kansas City Chiefs (6-4 SU, 3-7 ATS) will get a great chance to prove they are still one of the best teams in the NFL with a win over the visiting Dallas Cowboys (7-2 SU, 8-1 ATS) this week. Both teams are coming off big wins. But with how the season has unfolded for each, it is a little surprising the Chiefs are 2.5-point favorites (at DraftKings and BetMGM).

Toronto Sports Media offers a betting preview for one of the best matchups in NFL Week 11, Cowboys vs. Chiefs. It is going to be a prove-it game for someone, but who?

Sportsbook Comparison For Cowboys vs Chiefs

(American / Decimal)
DAL SpreadKC SpreadDAL MoneylineKC MoneylineTotal
DraftKings+2.5 (-105 / 1.95)-2.5 (-115 / 1.87)+120 / 2.20-140 / 1.7156.5
BetMGM+2.5 (-105 / 1.95)-2.5 (-115 / 1.87)+130 / 2.30-160 / 1.6355.5
PROLINE++1.5 (-120 / 1.83)-1.5 (-125/ 1.80)+120 / 2.20-157 / 1.6456.5

Cowboys Rebound In Falcons Blowout

The Cowboys have been generating some incredible stats on the offensive side of the ball this season (first in total yards, fourth in passing and rushing, and first in scoring). But it has still been hard for some pundits to get behind Dallas as a legitimate threat in the NFC.

Yes, the offense is incredible, but can the defense be counted on?

Dan Quinn has certainly worked wonders with the Dallas D, a unit that was dreadful in 2020. A solid coach like him can work wonders with any defense. But can he turn a defense that was in dire need of talent into one that can help a team win the Super Bowl?

Prior to the Denver game, the answer would have been a definite “maybe.” But after that debacle against the subpar Broncos? Eh…

Seeing the offense and defense bounce back against Atlanta had to be comforting to many fans. But the Falcons are not a formidable team. If the Cowboys’ defense brings anything other than its “A” game, Mahomes could tear it to shreds.

However, it is even easier to see Dak Prescott doing as much or more damage to the Chiefs’ defense.

Which Patrick Mahomes Will Show Up For The Chiefs?

The Kansas City Chiefs just haven’t looked right this season. It is not unusual to see their defense struggle; it’s a perk that comes with having the ability to outscore anyone.

They have played better in recent weeks, but the Giants, the Aaron Rodgers-less Packers, and Raiders are not stiff competition. Having good games against those three isn’t saying much.

The Chiefs have lived and died by how well Mahomes has played since making him the starter. When he struggles, the team struggles. But he is averaging close to 300 yards a game this season. That does not sound like someone who is struggling – but he has.

One week he is throwing for close to 400 yards against Washington. The next week, he struggles to hit 200 against Tennessee. In the past, he has been as clutch as they come. This season, he’s been turnover-prone.

Patrick Mahomes is still one of the best young quarterbacks in the game, but he’s been making more mistakes than usual. He threw 11 interceptions over the last two seasons. But he already has ten; zero in the last two games, but at least one in the previous seven.

Interceptions have not been the only problem. The team has come down with a bad case of fumble-itis this season. Kansas City turnovers have led to eight touchdowns and two field goals for the opposition.

Sports Betting Analysis

Kansas City fans are probably hoping last week’s dominant performance against the Raiders was a sign of things getting back to normal for the Chiefs, and it might be. But they are facing a Dallas team this week that is playing exceptionally well on offense. While the Dallas defense surrenders a lot of yards, it also creates a lot of turnovers (17 total including 14 interceptions).

If there is an over/under on the number of punts, take the under. It would not be shocking if neither punter saw the field Sunday. But the Cowboys will force a couple of turnovers, and they will be the difference in the game.

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