PointsBet Announces Partnership With Curling Canada

Since the Canadian government enacted Bill C-218, which legalized single-game sports betting, the sports betting market in Canada has begun to heat up. Arguably one of the most important developments to date has been the announcement of PointsBet’s official partnership with Curling Canada. 

The partnership is a reflection of the evolving sports betting landscape in Canada. Effective immediately, PointsBet will work to bring “exciting and innovative” ways for curling fans to engage with Curling Canada events. 

In addition, PointsBet will provide sportsbook and online casino services along with Curling Canada and their events. Plus, PointsBet Canada will be an official sponsor of the Curling Canada Season of Champions event, which begins in the 2022-23 season. 

PointsBet Sportsbook in Canada

The Australian-based sportsbook is making an aggressive push towards capturing the lion’s share of the sports betting market in Canada. In addition to its partnership with Curling Canada, the company will be working hard to develop a Canadian-based division led by their recent new hire, CEO Scott Vanderwal

“We’re going to build a modern, responsible, distinctly Canadian operation and I can’t wait to get started,” Vanderwal said shortly after joining the PointsBet team.

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When will PointsBet Canada be available?

It’s clear and evident that PointsBet is building a strong foundation in Canada, which should further its chances of receiving an official license to operate within the country’s provinces. 

Currently, PointsBet’s mobile sportsbook is not available to residents. Bill C-218 stated that each Canadian province is responsible for approving and regulating sports betting in their respective province. As such, PointsBet, like its competitors, will need to wait for official approval from each province, which could still take place before the end of 2021 but more likely will take place sometime in 2022. 

Other PointsBet Canada Partnerships

Dailyfaceoff.com and The Nation Network

PointsBets’ partnership with Curling Canada isn’t the only major partnership announcement the company has made recently. In September, PointsBet Canada formalized a partnership with Dailyfaceoff.com and The Nation Network

Dailyfaceoff.com is an established outlet that provides fantasy statistics, information related to sports betting, and daily hockey news to millions of fans across the country. The Nation Network is a curator of hockey content, ranging from podcasts, video content, and more. 

The partnership is an important step in PointsBet’s quest to attract Canadian sports bettors and fans. Fans of both the Dailyfaceoff and The Nation Network should expect to see more PointsBet branding, odds integration, and more sports betting analysis in conjunction with PointsBet. 

Curling Canada National Champions

In addition to its partnership with the sanctioning body of curling in Canada, PointsBet also recently secured partnership deals with two national champions of the sport — Kerri Einarson and Kevin Koe. 

Einarson is the two-time reigning women’s national champion, and Koe is a two-time world champion and four-time Canadian champion. 

Specifics of the partnership have yet to be announced but Vanderwal stated that the company is invested in building a truly Canadian experience. 

“We are uniquely Canadian and want to support athletes and teams that embody our love for sport and the maple leaf,” Vanderwal said. 

The partnership is expected to help grow the sport of curling, the profiles of Team Einarson and Team Koe, as well as build PointsBet’s profile in Canada as it marches towards officially launching its product in Canada.

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