Why Auston Matthews Has Great Value In NHL Top Goal Scorer Odds

The Toronto Maple Leafs are coming off a 5-4 victory from Tuesday night against Columbus. Auston Matthews scored two goals in the contest, extending his streak to seven straight games with at least a goal. 10 of his 17 total goals this season have come in this recent stretch, which opens up potentially good value in the betting market.

As of Dec. 8, there are four players that sportsbooks are strongly considering as the NHL’s top goal scorer this season. Predictably, two of them are the tandem of Connor McDavid (16) and Leon Draisaitl (21) with Edmonton. Alexander Ovechkin (20) has had an impressive start to his age 36 season with Washington. And then there’s Matthews with 17 goals of his own.

Sportsbook Comparison Of Top Goal Scorer Odds

Leon Draisaitl+175+140
Alex Ovechkin+350+275
Connor McDavid+500+250
Auston Matthews+500+600

DraftKings Sportsbook and PlayNow.com are two platforms that offer action on the top goal scorer. DraftKings has it under their “Awards” section in the NHL category. PlayNow lists it under the official award name, the outright winner of the Rocket Richard Trophy. That is a trophy handed out to the top goal scorer of each season.

Over the past decade, Ovechkin has dominated the award. He’s won it nine times since it was started back in the 1998-99 season. Even with 16 seasons under his belt, he’s still vying for another chance at the trophy.

Why Consider Betting On Auston Matthews?

Matthews broke through and took the trophy last season with 41 total goals in a shortened season. Nearing a third of the way through this year, he’s now on pace to score close to 50 goals. Toronto is also playing well, winning six of their last eight games and sitting at the top of the Atlantic Division.

He’s listed as fourth on both DraftKings and PlayNow with +500 (6.00) and +600 (7.00) odds, respectively. Those are tremendous odds for a player that’s won the trophy a season ago and is really heating up on the offensive end. 

Matthews will continue shooting at will within a good offense that ranks in the top five in shots overall and converting power plays. There’s additional potential with the injury to his frequent wingman, Mitchell Marner. He’s expected to be out until the end of the month at the earliest.

Is It Worth Waiting For Better Odds On Auston Matthews?

Outside of the beginning of the season, these are probably the worst odds for Matthews to win the top goal scorer award. He’s trending in a great direction, but the schedule does get a little tough. Highlight opponents for the rest of the month are Tampa Bay, Edmonton, Calgary, St. Louis, Columbus, and Pittsburgh.

All of these teams have had success over the early part of the season. A handful of them feature great overall defenses or solid power play-killing ability that can limit Toronto’s offense. However, don’t let that delay what’s currently available on the table. Marner’s injury could lead to additional goals for Matthews despite the competition.

It may be worth waiting until after their big game against Toronto, but a lot of goals could be on the table during their three-game road stretch against Canadian teams. St. Louis and Columbus have been shaky on defense, and Toronto scored five goals against each in their previous meetings.

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