What Bettors Need To Know About NHL Hockey Postponements

Hockey bettors have had to deal with numerous postponements during the 2021-22 National Hockey League season due to COVID. A handful of teams had to deal with outbreaks of a new variant, and some Canadian cities have set indoor restrictions. We’ll explain how these postponements and other situations can affect sports bettors as they’ll likely deal with these issues over the next few weeks.

What Happens When An NHL Game Is Postponed After Placing A Bet?

In many cases, postponements for games will be known prior to the contest being available to bet on. However, in the event that bettors place a wager on a game that’s later postponed, that will likely become void. Some sportsbooks do have different rules on this; PROLINE+ will void the market if a game doesn’t take place or resume 36 hours from when it was scheduled or abandoned.

The NHL is not rescheduling games near the original timeframe these markets opened up. That means no sportsbooks would carry those wagers over to the much later rescheduled time. They can simply bet on the games again when the odds are available.

Late Scratches For Players With COVID

Many games will still go on, but players may end up testing positive for COVID and won’t be able to play. A handful of situations have occurred when players are scratched just hours before a contest starts. Luckily, sportsbooks have a general rule where if a player does not participate in the contest, their player prop bets are void.

As all players have to go through health protocols, there won’t be a situation where a player is pulled during a game because of a positive COVID test. You can safely bet on players at DraftKings or BetMGM knowing that the bet will simply not count if they aren’t eligible to play.

How Are Futures Bets Impacted With NHL Postponements?

The NHL is going to do its best to complete a full regular season for the fairness of the sport and to fulfill various marketing obligations. With players no longer going to the Winter Olympics this year, that opens up a lot of time to make up games. There’s also the possibility that the regular season will be extended.

For now, there shouldn’t be much concern about how NHL futures bets are impacted. As long as the regular season and/or playoffs are completed, all bets will count. The most common sportsbook rule for a season that could be shortened is all impacted futures bets will be canceled. So if a season is shortened but still features a Stanley Cup winner, then futures bets on win totals would be void, but the outright winner would still count.

Again, some sportsbooks may have different rules on futures bets. It’s best to review their house rules if the NHL does end up having to shorten its season.

Canadian NHL Postponements Due To Capacity Restrictions

One change that’s contributing to additional postponements is capacity restrictions. When many sporting events first returned, players would often perform in front of an empty stadium or arena. This was in large part due to temporary restrictions put in place by various cities and states.

A number of Canadian locations have put in place indoor restrictions once again. That has led to the NHL postponing those games instead of playing them in empty arenas. This won’t impact Canadian teams traveling to the United States for games as there are no indoor capacity restrictions.

List Of NHL Games Currently Postponed

As of December 30, 80 total NHL games have been postponed. While all games are still scheduled for Thursday, here are all the games that are moved to a later date beginning on New Year’s Eve. Home games for the Toronto Maple Leafs have been affected.

For an updated list of NHL postponements, check out the odds page.

  • Friday, Dec. 31
    • Penguins at Senators
    • Avalanche at Stars
    • Jets at Flames
  • Monday, Jan. 3
    • Hurricanes at Maple Leafs
  • Tuesday, Jan. 4
  • Wednesday, Jan. 5
    • Maple Leafs at Canadiens
  • Saturday, Jan. 8
    • Kraken at Jets
    • Sabres at Canadiens
  • Monday, Jan. 10
    • Blue Jackets at Canadiens
    • Wild at Jets
  • Wednesday, Jan. 12
    • Bruins at Canadiens
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