What Ontario Online Casinos Are Coming To Canada?

Residents of Ontario will be able to access and play at online casinos that have been licensed and regulated in the province starting on April 4, 2022. For casino fans and newbies, this news means a safer, legal market opens up. It will be possible to play and keep revenue inside the province for the first time in history. A number of online casinos could be coming in just a matter of weeks.

Online Casinos Launch Date In Ontario: April 2022

Based on our information and recent developments in the industry, here are the casinos that may be coming to Ontario in April 2022.

Online Casino Licenses In Ontario

Ontario is Canada’s most populous province and one of the biggest potential online casino markets. Therefore, many of the more established online casino brands in North America are already planning to launch as soon as possible. One of the first to succeed in the first stage of the process was PointsBet.

In early February PointsBet announced it had completed the licensing process and been approved. The approval was given by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). A contract agreement will be next through its subsidiary, iGaming Ontario. The PointsBet brand covers both a sportsbook and casino in key US states where gaming is legal, such as New Jersey and Michigan.

The CEO of PointsBet Canada, Scott Vanderwel, called the approval “A momentous step in unveiling our authentically Canadian gaming experience to the province.”

PointsBet is one example of the huge international names that have placed their “bets” in Ontario, so to speak. The company operates in multiple countries already, including the United States, Ireland, and Australia. To further create buzz, PointsBet partnered with the producers and cast of the Canadian show, Trailer Park Boys.

What Changes In April 2022?

Come April 4, 2022, any private operator that has completed the process outlined by AGCO will be eligible to launch its online casino (and/or its online sportsbook). This was the end of a long journey that started with gambling online being legalized in the Canadian Senate. After that, provinces were free to regulate their own gambling within their borders.

Ontario is the first out of the gate and this means other provincial authorities will probably be looking to see what they can learn and follow suit to launch across Canada. Since it is the first regulated market, there is no blueprint. However, there have been several legal changes south of the border in the US recently surrounding online gambling. If Ontario follows a similar path, there are some basics to expect.

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What Legal Online Casinos Mean For Gambling Fans

Many of the positive aspects of legalization in Ontario will benefit anyone who plays casino games online for real money. Right now, Ontario residents can only legally gamble at the province-owned PlayOLG site. This lack of competition and restricted selection of games has led to frustration for many, sending them to play with illegal offshore sites instead.

The oversight that legalization brings means that games with licensed legal online casinos will be fair, not rigged. Any money deposited will be protected by law. The companies running the casino will be scrutinized, even before they launch. Anyone who has an issue with an Ontario online casino will be able to have a legal solution and peace of mind. For Ontarians, that means it’s a good time to bring your play back home.

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