Ontario Casino Games vs. Sports Betting: Best Odds, Biggest Wins, And More

Most of the upcoming legal Ontario online sportsbooks will also include online casino games, such as slots, blackjack, and roulette. But are they worth playing? And how do the casino game odds and win potential compare to sports betting? Here’s a breakdown of casino games vs. sports betting to give you the best chance of making the most of your bankroll.

Quick Look: Casino Games Vs. Sports Betting

Betting FeatureBest Option
Fastest GameplayCasino Games
Best OddsSports Betting
24/7 AccessibilityCasino Games
Canada-Specific FunSports Betting
Easiest To PlayCasino Games
Biggest Win PotentialTie — Both Offer Big Payouts
Earning Loyalty PointsTie — Slots And Parlays Earn Big

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Fastest Gameplay: Casino Games

This may seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. If you’re looking for the most opportunities to go for a win, you can’t beat the fast-paced action of casino games. By far the fastest game is online slots, but table games like blackjack and video poker can also be quick with enough practice.

With sports betting, you usually have to wait for the game to end to know if you won. Of course, there’s also live in-game betting, but that still isn’t going to get you the kind of constant action that a slot provides.

In terms of the fastest gameplay, casino games beat sports betting.

Best Odds: Sports Betting

Casino games never have a better than 50% chance of winning. Even when a slot pays out less than your bet (for example, a $1.00 slot spin could pay out $0.50), that’s not really a win. When you win any sports bet, you get your wager back, plus the winnings. So, even if you win less than your wager, you’re still coming out ahead.

For example, a $10 sports bet on odds of -200 would pay out $15 ($10 wager + $5 winnings). The implied odds of a -200 bet is 66.67%, which is far better than a 50% chance of winning. In fact, casino games always have a less than 50% chance of winning, with blackjack falling at about 49.5% and slots falling at about 45% per round.

If you’re looking for the best chance of winning, sports betting, at least in theory, beats out casino games. However, there’s no guarantee one way or the other, as there’s still a good chance of a loss no matter what casino game you play or sports bet you place.

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24/7 Accessibility: Casino Games

Most sports bettors aren’t willing to bet on any and all games happening anywhere on earth. While sportsbooks in Ontario will offer 24/7 sports betting, it’s not a realistic option for 99% of bettors.

However, casino games are the same no matter what time you’re playing them, be at noon or 2 in the morning. That makes the accessibility of casino games truly unmatched compared to sports, which are dictated by seasons, scheduled games, and potential cancellations. 

Canada-Specific Fun: Sports Betting

If you’re trying to immerse yourself in the action of Canadian sports, then casino games aren’t going to scratch the itch. You may find some locally-themed games, such as Toronto Raptors Blackjack, but nothing compares to betting on the Raptors themselves. And no one gets more into a sports bet than a fan of the team they’re betting on. Casino games just can’t compete with that kind of immersive thrill.

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Easiest To Play: Casino Games

The sharpest sports bettors know what they’re betting on inside and out. It takes knowledge of both the games and players as well as sports betting itself. Meanwhile, all you need in order to play slots is a deposit in your online casino account. Blackjack and roulette are also extremely easy to learn how to play, and there are even blackjack strategy charts that tell you exactly what move to make based on your cards and the dealer’s card. It truly doesn’t get easier than playing a casino game. The same can certainly not be said for sports betting.

Biggest Win Potential: Tie — Both Offer Big Payouts

Progressive jackpot slots may seem like the biggest possible win potential on an online gambling app, but that’s not necessarily true. Some sports bettors in Canada will win enormous sums by placing successful long-shot parlays. The more legs you add to a parlay and the longer the odds of each leg, the big the potential win becomes.

Plus, the size of the sports wager corresponds directly to the overall win, whereas the progressive jackpot on a slot has a fixed value. So, if you bet $100 on a parlay with +10000 odds, you’d win $100,000, which is as big as (or bigger than) many progressive jackpots you’ll find at an online casino.

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Earning Loyalty Points: Tie — Slots And Parlays Earn Big

Speaking of slots vs. parlays, they’re both the best way to earn loyalty points at an online casino. Almost without exception, betting on the slots will earn the most points for casino gaming, and parlays earn the most at the sportsbook. Beyond those two, though, online casino games typically earn more loyalty points than sports bets. Plus, in some cases, they earn about the same, as it’s based on total money bet rather than the odds.

Most Budget-Friendly: Tie — Both Take Tiny Bets

You can sometimes find bets as low as $0.01 on the slots, but most games have a $0.10 minimum. This is true for both slots and table games, although blackjack may be closer to $0.50 or $1.00 depending on the version. Most of the upcoming Ontario online sportsbooks will also take bets as low as $0.10, including DraftKings, Caesars, BetMGM, and FanDuel. That means up to 10 different bets for every $1.00 in your account, which is pretty incredible.

So, whether you like to bet on casino games, sports, or both, there will be plenty of budget-friendly options available.

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