Fixes For Ontario Sportsbook And Casino Customer Service Issues

Sportsbook customer service issues are common in any new market, and Ontario is no different. The most common issues involve deposits, welcome offers, and leaving gray market sportsbooks. During launches, sportsbook customer service lines are often busy, leaving bettors waiting for answers instead of betting on games. Here are the most common online casino and online sportsbook customer service issues bettors face in new markets and how to fix them. 

Summary: Online Casino And Sportsbook Customer Service Issues

Private online gaming operators such as BetMGM, BetRivers, and Caesars have launched in Ontario. Many new players may have run into various issues when setting up an account. Here’s a summary of the most common casino and sportsbook customer service issues and their solutions:

Customer Service IssuePotential Solutions
I can't make a deposit.Double-check bank's policy on online gambling.
Try new deposit method, like online wallets.
Check other online sportsbooks/casinos.
Bonus credits aren't showing up in my account.Double-check bonus terms before contacting sportsbook customer service.
I can't withdraw my bonus funds.Bonus credits can't be withdrawn.
Bettors can only withdraw winnings from wagers.
A new legal sportsbook voided some of the wagers I placed before it became legal.Cash out of any remaining gray market sportsbooks or casinos.
Limit wagering to legal online gambling sites.
Avoid black market online gambling sites.

There are also technical glitches that can happen, especially when a platform first launches. Stress tests are performed to handle large volumes and diagnose potential problems. However, there’s only so much they can pick up compared to a large number of actual people looking to set up their accounts.

Here’s a few examples of Ontarians running into technical problems during the legal online launch:

While some issues require customer service, there are a few issues that bettors can solve on their own. Hopefully, bettors can save themselves some time and find answers here instead of waiting two hours on a customer service call to hear the same thing.

Why Can’t I Deposit Money Into My New Sportsbook Or Casino Account?

There are a few reasons bettors can’t make deposits into their sportsbook accounts. The most common reason is a bettor’s bank. Some banks prohibit online gambling transactions, which means online gambling deposits. 

Historically, Canadian and Ontario banks have been permissive about allowing online gambling deposits. However, American banks, like Bank of America, forbid them. So, bettors may need to consult their bank’s policy about online gambling before using them to deposit. 

If a bettor’s bank forbids online gambling deposits, bettors can use online wallets, like PayPal or Skrill. If bettors require this option, then they must ensure that their online wallet accounts have the necessary funds to make these deposits. 

Bettors must also ensure that their bank accounts are not directly tied to those online wallets. PayPal checks bank balances and reveals where the money will go in doing so. That can lead banks to block those transactions even if they’re made through a middleman, like PayPal. So, bettors must tie a credit or debit card to the account instead to avoid that issue.  

If bettors still can’t make deposits, then they should try multiple sportsbooks. Some sportsbook brands may pass Ontario’s technical requirements for launch, but may still experience technical issues. So, bettors should try multiple brands to determine whether their deposit issue comes from them or the sportsbook.   

Why Isn’t My Ontario Sportsbook Or Casino Welcome Offer Working?

There are a few ways that sportsbook welcome offers can go wrong. Bettors can run into issues trying to redeem offers. They may not see the credits in their accounts when they think they should. Bettors may also face withdrawal issues after credits appear in their accounts. If bettors run into either of these issues, they may have recourse, but they also may be stuck. 

Why Haven’t I Gotten My Welcome Credits?

If bettors have made deposits and bet some money, they may wonder why they’ve gotten fewer credits than expected — or none at all. Sportsbook and online casino offers trigger at different times. For example, certain terms of deposit match trigger upon a bettor’s first deposit. In contrast, many bet insurance offers trigger on a first wager. To further complicate terms, a bettor’s first deposit and first wager may play a role in how much site credit bettors can earn.     

If bettors aren’t getting the credits they think they’re owed, then they should double-check the offer terms. The relevant terms for bettors are near the top of the terms and conditions sections. They’ll tell bettors whether they: 

  • Deposited enough money to qualify for site credit
  • Bet on the minimum odds required to qualify for credits 
  • Satisfied a high playthrough requirement  

Before Ontario bettors waste time on a customer service line, they should ensure that they followed the fine print. Sometimes, it’ll be too late for a bettor to adjust their betting to cash in on an offer. Other times, bettors will still be able to course-correct. But there will always be new offers, even if they’re not as large or flashy as a welcome offer. 

Why Can’t I Withdraw My Casino Or Sportsbook Welcome Offer Credits

Winnings and credits are not the same things. Winnings are funds that a sportsbook or casino must pay out to bettors. That’s the money that bettors can withdraw. 

Welcome offer credits, site credits, and “free” spins — almost without exception — must be used for betting. That means bettors can’t withdraw credits. 

If bettors win money with their credits, those winnings will be fair game for withdrawals. But credits aren’t free money. So, trying to withdraw site credits will be fruitless. Bettors won’t get out of risking those credits. 

Why Did My Gray Market Sportsbook Cancel My Bet?

Before April 4, offshore sportsbooks operated in a gray market. These offshore books were unregulated, but not explicitly illegal. It was a nuisance tolerated by Ontario, and much of Canada, for decades. But now that Ontario has legalized private sportsbooks and online casinos in its province, these gray market operators are now part of the black market. 

Some of these gray market sportsbooks will remain on the black market. But with competitive legal alternatives available in Ontario, bettors shouldn’t continue betting at these books. 

Other gray market operators either already have or will soon secure Ontario igaming licenses. That means they’ll have to cease illegal operations in Ontario. To make that transition, some gray market sportsbooks are voiding bets placed while they were gray market operators that would have to be settled when they became legal. 

For example, bet365 users who placed futures bets may find their wagers voided and refunded when it goes live as a legal Ontario sportsbook. The same could go for Betway, 888, and Sports Interaction when they go live as legal Ontario books. Former gray market operators who become legitimate 

These are the kinds of customer service issues bettors can face when they bet at gray or black market sportsbooks. Changing regulations add to the risks of using sportsbooks that previously faced no regulations. New legal rules may require solutions like voiding illegal bets that would be settled after a bet became legal. 

If bettors have money at a gray market operator, they should get their money out before April 4. It’s time to switch to Ontario’s legal sportsbooks and online casinos.  

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